Sunday, March 11, 2007

Birthday Lurve For The Madden Twins

I have to send LOTS of Birthday LURVE to my boys Joel and Benji Madden who turn 28 years old today:

I hope the guys have an amazing day today. I know that both Benji and Joel are each in a very happy place right now and I couldn't be happier for the both of them. The guys are great friends of mine and I am sending them all my love today. Happy Birthday, guys! XO


Madonna is still in the US (having spent the last couple of weeks in LA) doing a little shopping in New York City ... apparently Maddy is looking to buy some new digs for her family to live in here in the US, once again. Here are a few pics of Madonna checking out her potential new townhouse on the Upper East Side of Manhattan this weekend:

Madonna hits the street on the Upper East Side yesterday during her house-hunting tour. Among the homes that she toured with brokers were these opulent town houses. The Material Mom is said to have her eye on this 14,700- square-foot East 62nd Street mansion, which features grand entertaining rooms with double-height ceilings, and marble floors, staircases and fireplaces. Madonna wants to make New York her playground again! With handlers and brokers in tow, the Material Mom toured four pricey town houses on the Upper East Side yesterday, and is said to have fallen for a Gilded Age mansion on East 62nd Street - with a $35 million price tag. "She's seriously looking to buy," a source said. "She's actually flown here to concentrate on finding a New York home where she'll spend a good deal of time - and perhaps even send her children to school here." "Living in the English countryside must be getting a bit monotonous for her." "She wants big and grand," said another real-estate broker familiar with her search. "She's looking for dramatic ceiling heights, large entertaining spaces and flat-out opulence." The kabbalah queen spent the majority of her time here going through the Beaux Arts-style six-level elevatored limestone home with 14,700 square feet of interior space that includes seven bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, three kitchens, separate servants quarters, a gym with a sauna, billiards room and a garden ... Sources say the 50-year-old singer visited other town houses on East 67th Street, East 69th Street, and East 96th Street - all of which were located between Madison and Fifth avenues. "She's looking for a bigger place where she won't have to go before a co-op board," said one real-estate source with knowledge of the hunt. Yes! I think it would be *amazing* if Madonna moved her family back to the US. She definitely belongs in New York City. I really do hope she's over that "trying to be English" thing and she really does settle back down in the Big Apple. [Source]

Gwen Stefani, hubby Gavin Rossdale and their baby boy Kingston James have been doing a little bit of shopping of their own. The were spotted in West Hollywood picking up a few things for the little prince:

Photo credit: Flynet

Kingston is the cutest thing ... but can we talk about how hot Gavin keeps getting the older he gets? Damn, I don't remember him looking this good back in his Bush days. Some things and people do get better with age and Gavin Rossdale is one of them. Gwen managed to get the good stuff at its prime ... well done :) [Source]

Here are a couple pictures of supermodel Naomi Campbell as she made her way to and from her court-ordered anger management classes in NYC yesterday afternoon. Apparently she managed to get thru the session without whippin' anyone's ass:

Photo credit: Splash News

Naomi Campbell spent five hours in her court-mandated anger management class yesterday - and didn't throw a phone at anyone. Instead the cellphone-slinging supermodel told her dozen temperamental classmates how deeply she regretted her violent fits of rage. Campbell was at the campus of a New York school on the Upper West Side for the first of two temper-tempering classes. Sources said she was fulfilling a Manhattan judge's mandate as part of her sentence for pelting her maid in the head last March with a jewel-encrusted Nokia. Rolling up to school in a black Escalade at 8.53 a.m., flanked by a tall bodyguard in a three-piece suit, the diva kept her lips pursed and her face half-hidden behind enormous red sunglasses. She wore skin-tight blue jeans, black suede boots and an Alexander McQueen silk skull scarf, a far cry from the humble, paint-stained jeans and frayed, baggy sweatshirt get-up of her fellow probies. Sticking out of her large gold Louis Vuitton carry-on bag was a bright purple notebook - possibly the anger journal required for class. Each participant is expected to record their feelings, her classmates said. A 30-year-old Bronx man, who was sentenced to the same class, told the Post the model had the star-struck class in the palm of her hands. "You would never think so, but she was so, so nice," he said. Sitting in a circle with her court-appointed classmates and anger-management teacher Gary, Campbell regaled the room with tales of her bad temper. "No one talked for more than a minute, and it gets to her turn and she talks forever, the whole time," the Bronx man said. "I mean, she did have a lot to talk about. We've all read about what she's done." With head bowed and chin in her hand, Campbell said she planned to mend her ways. "I do honestly feel very sorry. I don't know if people will believe that," she told the class. "I mean I cannot believe I am sitting here. And, I have said it before, but this time I truly mean it. I feel sorry and I am really going to learn from my mistakes." Good for her! I am of the mind that everyone could benefit from therapy but especially in a case like Naomi's. That woman has been beating the hell out of her underlings for years and now, hopefully, she get can get to the root of why she's been so violent in the past. I hope she sticks with the program and successfully gets her shizz straight for her own good. Next up for Naomi, a stint mopping up floors in NYC. Fun times ahead for Naomi Campbell, it seems. [Source]

It looks like Patrick Dempsey is trying to get in on the Lance Armstrong/Jake Gyllenhaal hot celeb bikers trend ... altho, he's about 9 months too late ...

Photo credit: Flynet

... oh well, I guess we'll just have to enjoy these pics of Patrick fillin' out his spandex biking outfit anyways. [Source]

It is my sad duty to report that comedian Richard Jeni has died this weekend, apparently, from a self-inflicted gunshot wound ... he was 45 years old:

Richard Jeni, a standup comedian who played to sold-out crowds and was a "Tonight Show" regular, was found dead in a West Hollywood home. Los Angeles Police said they responded to a call from a woman Saturday morning saying her boyfriend had shot himself. Jeni was taken to a local hospital and died sometime later from his injuries. Sadly, has been blacked out in memoriam. I am not a big comic fan but I have seen Richard perform on TV in the past and I genuinely liked him. It is very sad to know that he was struggling with such an intense sadness that he felt his only recourse was suicide. He will be missed. [Source, thanks MC]

Hilary Duff continues her Dignity promo tour in London this weekend ... last night she performed at the famed nightclub G-A-Y and was looking' pretty damn hot up on that stage:

Tho, Pink reader Molly tells me that her performance left much to be desired: so i just went to hilary duff's concert (if you can call it that) in london at the club g-a-y. she was supposed to come on at 11 pm which is late enough as it is, but then the opening act didn't even come on until 1:30 a.m. hilary finally appeared around 1:45, sang two songs and then disappeared, allegedly to come back on at some point. the dj turns on music, two hours later hilary is still nowhere to be seen. at this point its 3:30 in the morning and i live way out in the east end of london so i had to leave. Boo. I would be irked as well if I expected to see a show and ended up having to wait hours just to hear 2 songs. Hilary may have looked great but she could've given her fans a bit more for their support. [Source]

In other performance news, here are pictures of Jared Leto from 30 Seconds to Mars doing his best Grizzly Adams-in-a-white-suit impersonation at a concert stop in Miami, Florida this weekend:

Photo credit: Splash News

While the shaggy beard makes him look totally insane, I think it's a good look for him. Jared is one of the few celebs who can pull off crazy. [Source]

And finally, it's time for the Hot Dude of the Week ... and this week we've got a stunner. Say hello to Kyle:

Photo credit: All American Guys

Uh ... yeah ... what more can be said? Great eyes, perfectly chiseled body and no undies. I'm sold! Now this is what the Hot Dude of the Week is all about. Enjoy :) [Source]

Les News:
I am having such a great time here at home that I've practically all but forgotten about what I had to go thru to get here. The weather has been pretty good (well, good by Detroit standards) so I can't really complain about anything. Yesterday afternoon, Mark and I hooked up for dinner at Little Tree. We had a great conversation over an amazing meal -- it was perfect. After we walked around downtown Royal Oak (with a bit of shopping at Incognito) for a bit we met up with Mike G. for martinis at the Living Room. After we were finished hanging out there, we made our way to Angi's 30th birthday party and the fun really got going:

Angi showed off her supercute haircut (which I love) and then we got to the serious biznazz of the boozin'. I brought a camera but never got the chance to whip it out ... Mike G. and Sarah were doing all the work. I thank them for sharing their pictures with me. I had so much fun last night that I ended up paying for it this morning ... my headache is just now starting to dissipate ... a small price to pay to the party Gods.

Today I'm meeting up with Tracey and Zakiya for diner and hanging out ... I will be giving them their gifts from Barcelona ... I can't wait to show all ya'll what I got for baby Z :)

That is all ... hope it's sunny wherever you are ... I am out!