Sunday, April 01, 2007

No Foolin' Around

For the past couple of years I have been able to concoct somewhat believable April Fool's Jokes for the blog (last year's Scientology joke turned out to be a pretty good one) but this year I've decided not to. It's always so difficult to come up with something that could be feasibly believed and yet "funny" enough to be entertaining ... I kicked around the idea of "quitting the blog" or announcing a break-up with David -- but with him being in Thailand and out of phone's reach, well, I thought better of that bad idea. The truth is, today I'm not feeling too hot, I'm nursing a nasty sore throat and all I really want to do is go back to bed. Blah.

But, there is marginal goss to be had to day so let's get to it ... Pretty much the only news going around today have to deal with the 20th annual Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards which were held in LA yesterday afternoon. Here are some pictures from the Kids' Choice Orange Carpet:

Photo credit: Splash News

Photo credit: Splash News

Yeah, pretty much everyone showed up for the Kid's Choice Awards yesterday ... which is actually a really cool thing, I think. This is pretty much the only awards show that is geared solely towards kids. Winners at this year's awards show include Dakota Fanning as Favorite Female Movie Star, Happy Feet as Favorite Animated Movie, Irreplaceable as Favorite Song and the Harry Potter book series as Favorite Book. Click HERE for a full list of this year's Kids' Choice winners. [Source]

Justin Timberlake played host at this year's awards show and he managed to pull out all the stops just for the occasion:

Yeah, Justin knows that his likeness hangs in millions of bedrooms around the country (and world, for that matter) so he was really preachin' to the choir last night. The folks at Nickelodeon really knew what they were doing by signing him as this year's host. Justin even walked away with a Kids' Choice award of his own -- Favorite Male Singer -- natch. [Source]

A staple of the Kids' Choice Awards, and of Nickelodeon in general, is the sliming of folks who say the wrong thing (this practice goes all the way back to the kid's show You Can't Do That On Television in the 1980s) ... this year, Tobey Maguire and Steve Carell were among the slimees at this year's awards show:

Hey, I don't make the news, I only report it. It's prolly not very appropriate for me to note that slime makes t-shirts cling to taught bodies thereby defining things like pecs and abs, right? Yeah, I thought so ... let's move on ... [Source]

Amber Benson, who played one of my absolute favorite Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters ever (Tara, good witch and girlfriend to Willow), was on hand for the Here Films premiere of her new movie Race You to the Bottom in LA yesterday ... here are a couple of pics:

The official movie website describes the film as: A heated love affair between two lascivious 20-somethings: a straight woman and her randy counterpart, a gay man ... [who], propelled by the exhilaration of their six-month secret affair, embark on a sun-drenched road trip through Napa Valley wine country, all the while leaving their respective boyfriends behind. The lovers try to define their relationship on their own terms: sensual, liberating and rebellious, but also one fraught with complications that they might not have the maturity to overcome. Basically, it sounds like the tale of a girl and her gay BFF gettin' freaky together ... which, I might add, is an interesting storyline. I'm sure there are a great many female friends of gay men who have fantasized about having a romantic relationship with their main gays. It thrills me to no end that Amber Benson is starring in this film. She really is a talented actress and I'm very glad to know that she is still getting work. [Source]

Speaking of girls and their gay BFFs, Kylie Minogue is back in London after spending some time in Stockholm, Sweden this week (working with producers Bloodshy & Avant on her new album) and has immediately hooked up with her #1 main gay -- her stylist and friend William Baker:

Photo credit: Splash News

Who needs a real boyfriend when you can have a gay boyfriend? I was previously unaware of William's Jewishness ... and I can attest, a gay Jewish boyfriend is quite a catch ;) [Source]

While I chose not to play an April Fool's Joke on my site today the same cannot be said for Bjork -- she loves posting April Fool's Jokes on her site and this year was no exception. Click HERE to see what this year's joke entails -- but essentially, she was pretending to abandon her new release because someone was leaking bits of the album on their My Space profile. She's played better jokes in years past. But, she has provided our first look at the cover artwork for her new album Volta as a treat for playing along with her joke:

But see ... I don't know if this cover artwork is real or just part of the joke. I was under the impression that THIS was going to be the album artwork. The truth is, Bjork is so weird regardless of whether or not she's playing a joke that either cover could be the real cover. [Source]

Jennifer TillyDita Von Teese graces the cover and is featured in the nude within the pages of the new issue of Penthouse magazine:

While it should come as no big shock that a burlesque dancer would choose to pose in the nude in a men's magazine, I am a bit surprised that she decided to pose in Penthouse magazine. Dita has always struck me as a very classy lady, Penthouse doesn't strike me as a classy magazine ... but nekkid is nekkid, I suppose. Click HERE to see the NSFW images from the magazine if you so desire. [Source -- NSFW]

Madonna is appearing in video and print ads for the Brillia Mare Ariake campaign shot by Steven Klein:

From what I gather about the campaign, Madonna is promoting a set of apartments in a new Tokyo high rise. Both the print ads and the video ad show nothing of the high rise building ... just Madonna in her blonde wig. Hmm ... this ad campaign seems a bit odd ... but I'm sure Madge made a nice sum of cash for her trouble. [Source]

And now it's time for the Hot Dude of the Week ... let's say hello to Chad:

Photo credit: All American Guys

With all the Sanjaya Malakar craziness going around on American Idol, I figured Chad and his shaggy hair would be a nice homage. See not all Hot Dudes of the Week have to be posing in their underwear (or less) just to be featured ... they can wear clothes and still be hot. Tho, if we do get to see Chad around here again ... I'm pretty sure he'll be wearing less clothing next time ;) [Source]

And finally, since my David is off on holiday in Thailand this week there was no Jossip TV report on this week ... BUT, HERE is David's report from the week of February 9th that I did not post on my blog previously and that features David wearing a tux in the report. Sure the goss may be a bit out of date but can you blame me for wanting to show off my hot boyfriend wearing a tuxedo?

Les News:
Boo. As I mentioned above, I managed to catch a sore throat while I was out Friday night and it grew more painful all day long yesterday. I had plans to party with my friend Ryan for his birthday last night but I just wasn't feeling well enough to attend. I am sending him all my Birthday Lurve nonetheless.

I am feeling a bit better today ... but not much. I'm prolly gonna just stay in again today. I may go out and try and enjoy the sunshine for a bit ... but one thing is for sure, I am really just gonna lie low.

I hope ya'll are having a much nicer weekend ... I am out.