Thursday, April 05, 2007

Girls Behaving Badly

GRRRR ... Britney Spears is off the blog for one day and she goes and makes a mess of herself! Miss Spears was out on the town last night where she met up with her little sister Jamie Lynn Spears to help her celebrate her super sweet 16th birthday ... but not before starting out the night having dinner at Ruth's Chris Steak House in Beverly Hills ...

... and not before spilling a whole lotta something on her blouse in the process. It's bad enough that Our Dear Britney is going around town in a white see-thru top while braless ... but what's with all the stains Britney? I mean, c'mon. Blah ... well, it doesn't really matter ... whether she's stained, drained or totally insane -- I can't help but heart the poor girl. [Source]


I think it's about time this season was over. I do not say this merely because I've been overwhelmingly disappointed all year long but because I'm just ready to see how this season will end. True, I have not been happy with the way the story has been told but there have been enough intriguing aspects from this season that have managed to keep me interested. I don't know that last night's ep was one of these intriguing eps but it was good enough to keep my attention:

Screencaptures courtesy of Lost Media

I suppose I shouldn't be surprised by the relationship revelations that come out in the flashbacks ... but I was pretty surprised that Kate and Cassidy (Sawyer's old lady) not only crossed paths but worked together on a criminal project. I don't know that I loved the Thelma & Louiseness of the episode but it was a good bit of info to assimilate. From what I gathered (from what little was said about it last night), Nikki and Paulo are both really dead and buried -- which is a huge relief (not because I hated the characters [which I kinda did, btw] but because last week's ep was so solid that allowing the characters to survive their live burial would've ruined it). It was nice of Cassidy to help Kate out with her problem ... it was also nice of Kate to suggest to Cassidy that she call the cops on her deadbeat babydaddy, which in turn leads to his imprisonment -- and who turns out to be Sawyer. Locke is really starting to bug me ... he has jumped ship and joined The Others which is really irritating but I guess not all that surprising. He told Kate that he couldn't convince The Others that she was a "good person" which would explain why she was left behind. You may also recall that Kate described the step father she murdered as a "bad person". I don't trust Juliet for one second -- the problem is that I don't know if that mistrust comes from a genuine understanding of her nature or if I'm being manipulated by the show to mistrust her. It's obvious that we're supposed to see her as a viper in the nest (esp. after Ben's performance last season) but then again, it could turn out that we're being misled. I cannot believe that Juliet has never seen the smoke monster before ... and while it was cool to see the monster again it was stupid to think that the smoke monster couldn't breach the barrier. How is it that Kate, Sayid and Locke could climb over the invisible fence but the smoke monster could not? Dumb. All in all, I'm still on board with the show ... there are only a few eps left in the season, I need to know how it all ends -- that way I can be relieved that I didn't waste my time with this show ... or I can be really super pissed off. Next week's ep looks good ... Sayid vs. Juliet. Something tells me that she can take whatever he throws at her. [Source]

Woot! Tuesday I blogged about the incredible night I had at The Abbey for Hilary Duff's cd release party, where Hilary and Lindsay Lohan buried the hatchet and partied together ... and I mentioned that at least one pic was taken of the two of them together -- and here is that picture:

Hilary and Haylie Duff extended the invite for Lindsay to come to their party and she accepted. The girls posed with Hilary's friend Troy who is on her management team and who used to work for Lindsay previously. This pic comes from a private My Space profile (I have no idea who's profile) and was posted at There is some discussion that the picture is fake or Photoshopped but I can assure you that it is not. It was taken at Hilary's cd release party and the girls were very cool, very civil with one another. I'm still not sure they're gonna start hanging out like new BFFs but the fact that they're cool with one another is totally awesome. [Source]

It won't be long now ... the final divorce between Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown has been approved by the court and will be finally final on April 24th ... and it's about damn time:

The divorce of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown was approved on Wednesday and will become final on April 24, PEOPLE has learned. In addition, Orange County, Calif., Judge Franz E. Miller awarded custody of the couple's 14-year-old daughter, Bobbi Christina Brown, to Houston. Brown, 40, and Houston, 43, were married for 14 years. At times dabbing her eyes with a tissue during the court session, Houston testified that she did not require spousal or child support and that Bobbi Kristina could not depend on her father. "He's unreliable," Houston said of Brown, according to the Associated Press. "If he says he's going to come, sometimes he does. Usually he doesn't." Houston declined to comment to reporters after the hearing. Attorney Ram Cogan, representing Brown (who did not attend the hearing), said he will file a petition on behalf of his client to overturn the judge's decision. Well, good riddance to bad rubbish, I say. I'm actually very surprised that Whitney and Bobby lasted as long as they did. It's sad to hear that Bobby can't be trusted enough that his family can rely on him. It makes sense that Whitney would choose not to seek spousal support from Bobby ... he can't even pay the money owed to his other children's babymamas ... he'd just end up in jail again. I'm sure this is a very sad time for Whitney but she's strong and she'll be just fine. [Source]

Boo ... the party is over for Victoria Beckham and her kiddies. Posh and the kids have been having a lovely time in France on their skiing vacation this week but, as with all good things, it has finally come to an end. Here are pictures of Posh and Brooklyn making one last fashion statement before they packed their bags and headed home:

Photo credit: Splash News

Those white boots are so hideous that I think I love them. No wait, I hate them ... they look like they were made from a Yeti or for a Muppet. Blech. She looks much better in the black boots ... but then the black shaggy carpet jacket is just fug. [Source]

Aww ... Jessica Simpson and John Mayer have taken their love affair to the land down under ... and onto the beaches for all the world to see. Here are a few cute pictures of Johnica gettin' lovey and gettin' naked yesterday afternoon:

Strangely, they make a cute couple. I'm not exactly sure what the attraction is for either of them on either end but ... it must be working. I can't even imagine what the two of them have to talk about together ... John always struck me as an intelligent man, Jessica has struck me as barely sentient. At least they appear very happy together and that is all that matters. [Source]

Xtina Aguilera welcomed a very special guest on stage at her recent Back 2 Basics tour stop in Philadelphia, PA during her performance of the song Nasty Naughty Boy. Apparently each night she picks a random guy out of the crowd and brings him on stage for a whippin' ... in Philly, she selected David Arquette:

LOL! How completely random! While wifey Courteney and daughter Coco Cox-Arquette are back home in LA, David is off playing "naughty boy" with Xtina Aguilera -- I love it! I'm sure David was just in town for work or something and he just happened to be at the Xtina concert ... right? Whatevs, it's still pretty funny. [Source]


In case some of you have yet to watch the season finale of I Love New York you may want to skip the next part if you don't want to know who she picked to be the love of her life.

Go ahead, cover your eyes now.

SO ... even tho my fave guys were eliminated early on in the competition (Team MR. ROMANCE!) I still enjoyed watching New York whittle down the dudes that were competing for her heart and their 15 minutes of fame. I thought I was sure who she was going to pick ... and I was wrong:

I thought for sure she was gonna go with Chance -- the fact that her crazy-ass mother hated him so much seemed to make him the shoe-in for the win. In the end, New York not only chose Tango to win her heart on the show ... but she also chose him to win her hand in marriage! Well maybe ... Tango proposed but we have to wait until the reunion episode (which is set to air on April 15th) to find out what happened. I never liked Tango for New York and figured he never stood a chance (pardon the pun) but ... I guess all's fair in love and reality TV scripting. [Source]

Speaking of reality TV, my Memphis, TN boys Three 6 Mafia are debuting their new show at 10pm tonight on MTV. What do you get when you mix a few Academy Award winning rappers from Memphis and the concept from the Beverly Hillbillies? You get Adventures in HollyHood:

Set in Los Angeles, Adventures in Hollyhood is a comedic reality series that follows Academy Award winners and rap artists, Three 6 Mafia on their quest to establish themselves as Hollywood players. The series begins as Three 6 Mafia and their entourage pack their bags in their hometown of Memphis, Tennessee, and heads west to Hollywood, California. Along with maintaining their success as multi-platinum hip-hop artists and keeping true to themselves and their southern ways, the group tries to make the most of their fame by pursuing everything that Hollywood has to offer. Brills! I love these guys and I can't wait to watch their misadventures in Hollywood. The show kicks off tonight ... it should be a real hoot. [Source]

And finally, I would be remiss as a Young & the Restless watcher if I didn't mention what happened on the show yesterday afternoon. Now, I had heard that the character of Drucilla Winters (played by Victoria Rowell) was going to be leaving the show but I had no idea that it would be in such a dramatic fashion! Dru was one of my favorite characters ... mostly because the girl was bat-shit crazy ... and I'm sorry to see her go. But I gotta admit, I loved the way they sent her off:

LOL! They threw her ass over a cliff and onto the rocks below -- in slow motion. I laughed so hard I had to watch the shocking ending over and over and over again. Here is a clip that I recorded from my DVR so that you can enjoy it too:

Dru went out of the soap world of Genoa City the way she lived ... butting her nose in other people's business and in fine dramatic fashion -- I'd expect nothing less. The clip is better if you watch it over and over and over again. Well ... I'm sorry to see you go, Drucilla Winters, but you were fun while you lasted. Peace the Spork Out!

Les News:
Today's post is a bit shorter than a normal weekday post because I have to hightail it to the airport and get my butt to NYC to see my boo. Here's hoping I don't have any delays or emergency landings or anything of the sort ... wait, did I just jinx myself? OY!

See y'all on the East side ... I am out.