Sunday, April 29, 2007

There's No Place Like Home

At last ... the long search has finally ended and an LA home has been found for the Beckhams to live in once they make the move here to the States in a few months. After tireless searching, Posh and Becks have decide to make this monstrous Beverly Hills manse their humble abode:

Photo credit: Mavrix

The multi-million-dollar mansion is "modern, airy, very light and spacious with lots of windows," a source close to the couple tells PEOPLE, adding: "It still needs a bit of work inside." The sale is close to being finalized, says the source: "Victoria will land in L.A. on Saturday to sign the contract. She will meet with interior designers, discuss fixtures and all aspects of the house plan before flying out shortly afterwards." A family friend confirms the deal. "It is done. They've found the perfect property for themselves in Beverly Hills," says the friend. "The house they've chosen is big but not huge," says the source. "That said, it is big enough for them as a family of five, along with additional space for family members that will visit from Britain. They needed a fair amount of extra room for visitors as [guests] will stay a while longer than [they did during] visits to them in Spain" ... Now that they've found the right place, as well as a school for their sons, "It's a massive relief for them. They looked at so many houses," says the family friend. "They have been able to finally sort out the house and school. Now they can rest easy for when they arrive. They will crack open a bottle of Champagne." David, whose deal with the Galaxy is expected to be worth up to $250 million including endorsements, currently plays for the Real Madrid team in Spain. He and Victoria are expected to sell their Spanish home but keep their sprawling mansion – dubbed Beckingham Palace – north of London. "There's no way they will sell that place," says a family friend. "They are part of the community there and it will be their base when they go back to Britain for Christmas and things like that." What a relief! I know I'm relieved as well!! Tho, as I've mentioned before ... I would have had no problem letting Becks crash at my pad if a suitable home couldn't be found in time. Ah well ... Les Beckhams are scheduled to make the move to SoCal sometime in July - which coincides with the debut of Victoria's six-part Simon Fuller produced reality show that will air on NBC. I have a sneaking suspicion that the Beckhams will fit in nicely here in LA. [Source, Source]

So, while Posh jetted off to LA to take care of the house paperwork (wearing way too much stretchy clothing for my taste, might I add), papa Becks stayed back at home with the kiddies. Here is an ADORABLE picture of David and his youngest child Cruz -- who is already walking on his own like a champ:

Photo credit: Big Pictures

I just cannot believe how quickly that little boy grew up! Walking already! He, like Romeo, looks a lot like his mother. Since Becks has signed a 5-year contract with the LA Galaxy that means there will be plenty of time for he and the wifey to work on that other child that they've been hinting at. Posh wants a girl in the worst way so I wouldn't be surprised if they did have another baby ... a Yankee baby :) [Source]

Last night in Australia (which is actually today for us ... er, well let's just say Sunday night in Australia) the land down under celebrated with MTV for their Video Music Awards. While the focus was heavily on Aussie stars (as it should be) there were quite a few US celebs who were in town for the awards show. Here are pics from the red carpet and the show itself:

P!nk looked very lovely on the red carpet in that frilly dress ... my dearest Nicole Richie looked like she was wearing a GLAD ForceFlex trash bag (in black, of course) but I still love her to death anyways :) Fergie Ferg played host of the show (and was dressed to her hoochie best) and peeps like the Benji and Joel Madden, Kristin Cavallari and Teddy Geiger took the stage to hand out awards or perform. Video of the Year went to 30 Seconds to Mars for The Kill, Download of the Year went to P!nk for Who Knew, Best Dance went to Fedde Le Grand for Put Your Hands Up For Detroit (WOOT!) and the Viewers Choice Award (Australia) went to Good Charlotte for Keep Your Hands Off My Girl. Click HERE for a full list of 2007 MTV AVMA winners. [Source]

Sarah Michelle Gellar and her hubby Freddie Prinze, Jr. showed up on the red carpet for the Tribeca Film Festival premiere of her new movie Suburban Girl, here are a couple pics of the lurve birds:

They always make such a cute couple ... FPJ is always there to support SMG with each successful endeavor that she takes on ... and SMG is always there to lend a shoulder to cry on for each unsuccessful endeavor that he takes on -- it's so precious. I love it when Hollywood marriage manages to withstand the test of time. [Source]

Today is the final day of the 2007 Coachella Music Festival that takes place yearly in Indio, CA. Music fans from all over the world stream into the California desert to enjoy live performances from some of their favorite artists ... and Hollywood "It" Girls are no exception. Here are a few pics of a few starlets mingling with the common folk at the festival yesterday afternoon:

In year's past, we've spotted a few celebs getting down at the festival enjoying some herbal refreshment but it looks like the girls are behaving themselves this year ... er, at least in front of the cameras. It should come as no surprise that Tara Reed was spotted with a drink in hand, I think she's had that cup surgically attached to her hand. You gotta love it when celebs deign to come down from on high to party with the common folk. [Source]

Speaking of mingling with the common folk, the newly single Prince William no longer has need to placate his girlfriend by hanging out with her anymore and is now free to explore other possibilities ... here are a couple pictures of Wills hanging out with his guy friend Guy Pelly as they made their way into a London nightclub called Mahiki:

Photo credit: Splash News

I'm sure the buds are having a grand ol' time scopin' out the ladies and mackin' on the chicks in tandem. Guy must be very honored to be the Prince's wing man. I have no idea if these guys got any game at all but something tells me that being a royal is about all the game one needs. [Source]

Gwen Stefani shocked the LA audience at her concert here on Friday night at the Gibson Amphitheater. Shirley Manson of Garbage came out on stage to sing a duet of Wonderful Life ... much to the crowd's surprise and glee:

Click HERE for a short vid of the ladies singing together. I never thought about what a collaboration between Gwen and Shirley would sound like but I think I love the idea. Shirley is currently working on her solo album and perhaps this is a sign of things to come. Don't be surprised if Gwen doesn't return the favor and shows up on Shirley's album. What an amazing surprise ... had I been there, I would've flipped my shizz! [Source via Mike at the No Doubt Community]

Pink reader Alison, who works at Book People book store in Austin, TX, sends in a few really great pictures of Rue McClanahan's recent book signing appearance at their store. Here are the pics:

Alison writes: She was so sweet and gracious.
She read a few passages from her new book My First Five Husbands...And the Ones Who Got Away, including one about auditioning for the Golden Girls. She did the voices for all the characters and it was HYSTERICAL. Then she signed books for fans.
I am so grateful for these pics. I, unfortunately, missed out on Rue's book signing by one day when she was in NYC and I will miss out on the LA singing that she has scheduled for later this week :( I would absolutely LOVE to meet the illustrious Ms. McClanahan (especially since I am enjoying her book so much!) but it looks like it wasn't meant to be. Therefore, I'll have to live vicariously thru others. [thanks Alison]

And finally ... it's time for this week's installment of the Hot Dude of the Week ... let's say hello to Jeremy:

Photo credit: All American Guys

It's obvious that Jeremy likes to work out, hence the bulging biceps, etc. He strikes me as a very sporty guy ... after all, only a sport guy would wear a jock strap underneath his jeans, right? Wee ... let's give it up for hot sporty guys like Jeremy!! Enjoy!! [Source]

I'm bummed to report that, once again, there is no video to share this week. David tells me that they are revamping the format a little bit so ... hopefully there'll be something to share next week.

Les News:
Okay, so I'm not crazy but ... I ended up seeing Wicked again yesterday afternoon. I don't know why I didn't know this but David has never seen the show and I was horrified to find this out. He will be here in LA in a few weeks so I went about trying to find tickets so that he can see the show (and me with him). While I was looking for tickets, I came upon a really amazing single seat front and center -- and I bought it. Then I found out that Jim has never seen the show so at the last minute he decided to come with and he found an equally close center seat and, well, we went off to the land of OZ once again:

I have to say, I really enjoyed myself this second time around. Having really good seats greatly intensifies the experience and since I wasn't trying to pay attention to every single little thing (like I did the first time I saw the show) I was able to just fall into the story ... I ain't gonna lie, I even got a little verklempt this time around. Eden Espinosa and Megan Hilty just stole my heart ... they are really both so magnificent in this show. They will forever be Elphaba and Glinda for me (tho much love and props to Idina Menzel who orginated Elphaba on Broadway). After the show Jim wanted to hang out by the stage door to meet Jenna Leigh Green (who played NessaRose) because he was a fan of her when she appeared on Sabrina the Teenage Witch (and he also wanted to meet the lead hot Winged Monkey guy but we missed him) and I got to chat a bit with Eden Espinosa who recognized me from the blog and thanked me for making the show "the talk of the town" after I wrote about it earlier in the week. She told me that she received a ton of emails and phone calls telling her she made the site. I honestly had no idea that she was even familiar with the blog but I am very happy to know that she does .. or at least now she's familiar with it.

And ... I think I'm still yet to see it again with David (tho we might see the Broadway production in NYC) so it's been a very Wicked weekend for me.

I am flying out early tomorrow afternoon for my latest NYC jaunt so I have a lot of preparing to do tonight. I will be posting tomorrow morning but it may be a shorter post depending on how much time I have. Things will get back to normal by Tuesday for shizzle.

And that is all ... I am out!