Tuesday, May 01, 2007

May Day! May Day!

First things first ... I have to wish a very Happy May Day to y'all. As you may or may not know, May 1 used to be the first day of Summer back in olden times but has always had fertility-esque implications as well. In any regard, it's a very happy day for happy celebration ... so enjoy it! XOXO

Britney Spears is just days away from her (hopefully) triumphant return to the performance stage and she is not taking any chances with her preparations. She is spending pretty much every waking moment she has at the Millennium Dance Complex in North Hollywood, CA working her little tushie off in preparation for her upcoming live performances ... but, even Brit Brit has to make time to eat ... here are pictures of Britney wearing a lovely white outfit as she leaves the dance studio to make a fast food run:

LORD! She just won't get rid of those dumb ass boots will she? But you know, I can't really complain ... the girl ain't wearing a stitch of fishnet (that we can see) so I guess it's the best we can hope for. I'm very curious to see what outfit Britters will be rockin' when she takes the stage later on this week. If these boots make an appearance I think I'm going to cry. [Source]


Last night's ep of 24 was kinda good, kinda entertaining. Even tho the season is only 3 eps away from the end, it really doesn't feel like the end of the season to me. This one, particularly, went by really fast ... all the most exciting stuff is already over ... so I'm afraid things will have an anti-climactic feel when it's all said and done:

Screencaptures currently unavailable

I'm so tired of Morris and his belly-achin' ... I just don't get what Chloe sees in him. I can't even imagine what the two of them are like when they are home alone ... eek. So Audrey has been turned into a vegetable ... and Jack has to figure out a way to fix her ... yeah, it's sad and poignant but it's not very exciting. The only way this bit of the storyline will work for would be if Audrey turns out to be reprogrammed/brainwashed into doing something crazy (like blowing up CTU or shooting Jack) ... if she' just crazy then it's not very exciting ... Nor is the new spy that has been found to be sleeping with Lisa Miller, the assistant/mistress to VP Noah Daniels. I'm sorry ... but this stuff just ain't doing it for me. Sure there is a spy high up in the ranks somewhere pretty much every season but this spy is kinda weak ... I always thought that Nadia would turn out to be the spy (after they make us think it's her, then show us it's not her ... only to surprise us in the end that it really is her) -- or even if Lisa Miller herself was the spy ... even that would be better. I like that they brought back William Devane (in the membrane) as Secretary Heller (Audrey's father) if only cuz he's a great 24 character. His statement about Jack being cursed and anyone he gets close to ends up dead or ruined is very true ... poor Jack. Here's hoping that 24 has at least one more big shocker up their sleeve that will be worth getting excited for. I fear this season has already blown its wad.


Now Heroes was a pretty good ep ... but, for me, the whole thing was pointless. Yes, it was very cool to see how the future would turn out if the Heroes didn't save the world ... but we know that the Heroes will save the world so ... it's all moot ... right?

The thing that struck me most was how many people end up dead in the future ... even Claire (tho, why she couldn't just heal up her head as Sylar was cutting her open, I'll never understand). I loved seeing that President Petrelli actually turned out to be President Sylar ... now that was a surprise I hadn't anticipated. I was also pleasantly surprised to see how a few personalities changed ... the good cop turns into a bad cop (well, government agent) and the bad dad turns into a good guy -- I guess a lot can change in 5 years (er, especially after a bomb blows up half of NYC). As I said, I liked the ep but I'm sure the rest of the eps showing Hiro defeating Sylar will render that future moot. While it was cool to check out ... I'm pretty sure things won't turn out that way (even tho Peter Petrelli can really make that scar look hot). I did like the bit between Hiro and Ando ... their friendship love and all of that ... it's sweet. It occurred to me that while Ando may appear as a pointless character he is really a very important character. He's the Xander ... he's the one character that has no power and is just human -- which makes him very special on his own (well, Mohinder has no power either but he's more "heroic" than Ando is). I am very excited to see how things turn out ... will Sylar really die? Will the blowing up of NYC be averted? Let's get to it already ... I'm dying to know. [Source]

Alright, the Spider-Man 3 promo machine has finally made its way to the US. All the biggies are here in NYC to kick off Spider-Man Week in the city. All week long, various Spidey-related activities will take place all over NYC -- which is home to the Spider-Man character. Here are pictures of a few cast members at the launch of Spider-Man Week yesterday morning:

Photo credit: Splash News

As if a movie of this magnitude needed the extra publicity, pretty much all of NYC will be hyping the heck out of this movie all week long. Yesterday, Peter Parker Place was unveiled in preparation for the movie's premiere in Queens last night ... [Source]

... and here are a few pictures from the NYC/US/Tribeca Film Festival premiere of Spider-Man 3:

Photo credit: Splash News

Tobey Maguire showed up with his lovely babymama (who, in that outfit and with that hair, kinda looks like she fell out of a JRR Tolkien novel) and the other principle actors showed up alone (tho, I bet Kirsten's new man Johnny Razorlight wasn't far away). Kirsten Dunst looked really hot. I think this has been her best Spider-Man 3 premiere look yet. While the silver top looks like it came from Bea Arthur's closet, the smoky eye-makeup more than make up for the distracting chain mail blouse. James Franco looked cute in his scruffiness (tho, the scruff is getting close to being shaved off ... it looks a day away from being unruly). Bryce Dallas Howard, who debuts the Gwen Stacy character in this installment, had a matronly glow about her ... her pregsness looks to be coming along nicely WHOOPS! I forgot that she actually already had her baby ... well, she's still glowing nonetheless ;) I suspect the crew will make their way to LA for one more premiere before the movie opens on Friday but I wouldn't be surprised if they even made one more pit stop (Chicago? Toronto?) in between. [Source]

Kate Moss has finally unveiled her new clothing line and made an appearance in person at the Topshop flagship store in London for the launch. Kate spent some time (it's unclear just how long tho) in the storefront window, posing with the other mannequins, wearing one of her new signature pieces ... but all that posing looked to be a bit much for Miss Moss ... later on in the day she appeared utterly wrecked:

Photo credit: Splash News

Normally she wears clothes effortlessly for a living. But designing them is a different matter for Kate Moss. So it was that she fell asleep in the back of her car after the launch of her much anticipated first collection for Topshop ... The collection went on sale online at 4.30am this morning, and by 7am, many of the key pieces were sold out including the red maxi dress Kate wore to launch the range ... After a brief appearance modeling in the front window, Moss retreated backstage to a VIP area and held court on a red velvet banquette ... Wrist bands had been issued on a first come, first served basis, with customers being let in in groups of 150. Each was allowed to shop for 20 minutes, buying a maximum of five garments each, while DJ Lauren Laverne barked encouragement through a microphone. "Come on, ladies, you've only got 10 minutes left. Who's going to be first to the tills?" I guess posing and making all that money just made Katie plum tuckered out. I think it's fair to say that her new line is a success thus far ... she's no Madonna but she still managed to whip everyone up into a frenzy. [Source, Source]

Poor Ellen DeGeneres managed to hurt her back so thoroughly that she has to be bed-ridden for the next few days ... but do you think that will stop her from working? No sir. Only Ellen can turn a massive back problem into a rating coup ... she plans on doing her show, as usual, but from a hospital bed ... and her guests will be allowed to appear on the show on a bed of their own -- which works out nicely for a guest like Lindsay Lohan:

TMZ has learned Ellen DeGeneres hurt her back over the weekend -- and it's so bad that she's doing this week's shows from a hospital bed! The bed will be placed center stage on Ellen's set. She'll lob questions at Ryan Seacrest and Lindsay Lohan from a supine position. Seacrest will appear on tomorrow's show and Lindsay will talk to the bed on Wednesday ... It's unclear how Ellen screwed up her back. She'll say on the air. By the way, her doctors will give the audience their official diagnosis. I love how Ellen hurt her back so that she could get Lindsay to appear on her show in a bed. Brills! [Source]

But, you know ... I don't think that Ellen really had to go to that much trubs ... I bet it's pretty easy to get Lindsay into bed ... or, say, out of her shirt:

Photo credit: Celebrity Babylon

The bra, tho, that stays on ... after all, L. Lo is just not that type of girl. [Source]

Pete Wentz is really serious about becoming a club owner ... here he is, with Ashlee Simpson on his arm, in NYC last night doing a bit of promo appearance stuff for his new club Angels and Kings:

Photo credit: Splash News

I'm sure the club will be a huge hit ... no doubt about it. I'm also glad to see that Ashl33n are still going strong. When he said he was on "lock-down" with a girl he wasn't kidding ... hmm .... [Source]

UGH ... Brenden Fraser has really come a long way from his hotter Encino Man/George of the Jungle days. Back then, it was a pleasure to see him half-nekkid ... these days, well notsomuch ... especially if these really bad hair plugs are any indication. This is what Brendan was lookin' like on the red carpet of the Tribeca premiere of The Air I Breathe.:

Need I say more? OY! [Source]

Let's get back to the hotness, here are a couple pictures of a couple of Aussie princesses out on the town in recent days ... by night, the dark seductress Natalie Imbruglia -- by day, the cheery poplet Kylie Minogue:

I heart them both so much ... what is it with hot Aussie women? It must be something in the water that make them turn out so beautiful. [Source]

Speaking of beauty, here are a few pics of Jake Gyllenhaal just being hot as he walks around in the Meat Packing District of NYC talking on the phone and suckin' on a toothpick:

He doesn't have to do much to look all hot and stuff. Woot! [Source]

Larry Birkhead has left the Bahamas with his beautiful daughter Dannielynn Hope Marshall Smith Birkhead earlier this morning bound for home where he and his babygirl can begin their new life together ... here is what the little lamb's passport photo looks like:

It was an emotional, tear-filled ride taxiing down a Bahamian runway this morning as Larry Birkhead, along with daughter Dannielynn Hope Marshall Birkhead, finally left the Bahamas, Access Hollywood's Tony Potts reports from the plane. Larry and Dannielynn finally said "goodbye" to the Bahamas... and to Anna Nicole's resting place. Wheels officially went up at 9:52 AM EDT, bound for Ft. Lauderdale. The plane touched down at 10:31 AM EDT, surrounded by news helicopters hovering overhead ... At 10:56 AM it was "wheels up" for Louisville, Kentucky. And so it begins. I hope the two of them have a very happy life together ... and I hope that Larry keeps his daughter in Kentucky for a good long time so she can grow up normal and out of the Hollywood spotlight ... tho I wouldn't be surprised if turns into "wheels up" for LA in the near future. [Source]

And for no real reason, here is an awesome photo of one man's Darth Vader hot air balloon:

I dunno if George Lucas is okay with it ... but I sure am. It's awesome! [Source]

Okay, so maybe you weren't so interested in buying your own KITT car from Knight Rider ... but how about owning your very own General Lee from The Dukes of Hazzard? And not just any ol' General Lee ... but the General Lee owned by John "Bo Duke" Schneider himself:

Photo credit: Splash News

The current bid is at $567,000 ... click HERE to make all your dreams come true. [Source, Source]

And finally ... Tori Amos' new album American Doll Posse is finally out in stores today and in celebration ToriAmos.com was relaunched with a hot new look:

You can get your copy of Amazon HERE or you can download it from iTunes HERE. Trust me, you'll love it! [Source]

Les News:
So ... I made it to NYC without incident, without any delays or without any emergency landings. It was a good flight.

But more importantly, I have a few winners to announce in the Epic Records/Pink is the new Blog American Doll Posse cd contest. Here are the lucky 5 winners who will each receive a free copy of Tori's new album:

And because there were so many entries, Epic allowed me to pick 3 extra cd winners ...

... for a total of 8 winners in all. There were so many really amazing entries, I wish everyone could win. But after reviewing them all for eligibility I had my best friend Sarah help me randomly select the 5 and then 3 extra winners. Congrats to you all! Winners will be contacted by me for their mailing info and then their cds will be sent out tout suite!

I will announce a new contest at the end of the week for another really great prize ... stay tuned!

Tonight I will be lucky enough to attend Tori Amos' cd release party here in NYC. She will be performing an intimate 30-minute set so hopefully I'll be able to share some amazing pics with y'all tomorrow. It's gonna be a bizzy week here in NYC for me ... thankfully the weather is gloriously warm! Woot! Woot!

Okay ... I guess that is all ... I am out!