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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

All Is Forgiven

Woot! This Paris Hilton Going To Jail thing is going to provide weeks of fodder around here ... with all the questions regarding whether or not she'll go to jail (depending on how her appeal shapes up), if she does go to jail how much time will she actually serve (depending on how good she behaves behind bars) and what will a stint in jail do for her public persona (will she actually benefit from going to jail?) there is bound to be stuff to talk about pretty much on a daily basis until she gets hauled away in the paddy wagon. Yesterday, word spread of Elliot Mintz' public statement that he was no longer employed by Paris Hilton ... it seems that she has reconsidered because In Touch Weekly is reporting that she has already hired him back on as her #1 minion:

Just two days after Paris Hilton and her publicist Elliot Mintz went their separate ways, the soon-to-be-jailed heiress has hired him back, In Touch has learned. When Paris was ordered to serve 45 days in the slammer on Friday for breaching her probation by driving with a suspended a license, it was veteran spin man Mintz who took the flak. The judge called his evidence "completely worthless". But now insiders reveal that Paris, 26, realizes the decision to have her locked up wasn't all Mintz's fault, and the two have made up. Mintz confirmed to People magazine that he and Paris are still together last night, saying: "Paris and I met last night, I am still her media rep. She is still my client. She is also a dear friend." Hey, maybe she realized that she is the only person responsible for breaking the law and then being held accountable? Well ... she prolly hasn't come to that conclusion ... but at least she's not blaming Elliot Mintz for her troubles. [Source]

One thing's for sure ... Paris has no intention of taking her jail sentence lying down (er, well at least not yet) ... she is rallying all of her My Space friends in an attempt to get them to sign a petition, aimed at California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, in order for her to receive a pardon:

Paris Hilton is now part of a grass-roots campaign to keep her out of jail. In a message that went up Monday on her MySpace page and reported in the New York Post, the hotel heiress writes (in her own spelling): "My friend Joshua started this petition, please help and sihn it. i LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!" The petition, directed to California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, asks that Hilton be pardoned from her sentence of 45 days in jail for violating the terms of her probation by driving with a suspended license. The punishment was handed down in Los Angeles Superior Court on Friday. An appeal has been filed. "I urge all fans and supporters and all that are outraged by injustice to sign this petition," writes Hilton. I don't think that I'm going to be among the masses to "sihn" this "nline" petition but I do wish her well with this endeavor. [Source, Source]

Oh and just in case you have the burning desire to sign a petition but do not want to support Paris' attempt to avoid jail time, you can always sign the other petition going around that asks the Gov. to make sure that Paris IS held accountable and IS made to serve out her sentence. [thanks Casey]

One last bit of Parisness ... times are really hard for her right now so it's only natural that she take comfort in the things that matter most to her ... the things that keep her steady and grounded in great times of emotional stress:

Photo credit: Flynet

Obvs, she is relying on the love and support of her favorite pet Tinkerbell in her time of need (as if poor little Tink had any choice in the matter) ... and I'm not entirely sure what stress she was dealing with at Coachella when she was snapped puffing on that "hand-rolled cigarette" but something tells me it prolly helped calm her down immensely. [Source, Source]

I just hope that Judge Michael T. Sauer (who received a standing ovation from the parishioners at his church this past Sunday morning for his sentencing of Paris Hilton) doesn't catch wind of Paris' smoking-related extracurricular activities ... we shouldn't want her to spend any more time in jail then is absolutely necessary.


Oh me of little faith ... I was concerned last week that the final eps of 24 this season might not be that exciting ... I was worried that the show may have blown its load already and that nothing shocking was left in the bag o' tricks. I think I may have been a bit premature in that belief. Last night's ep had a lot of good surprises (including one very sad and shocking surprise) and set up the final showdown that we've all be waiting for -- Bauer vs. Bauer:

Okay ... so at first I thought the Chinese were going to go after Morris to have him repair the circuit board (thereby setting him up to possibly redeem himself for having helped the terrorists detonate a nuclear bomb in California at the beginning of the season) after they stormed CTU. You really can't have a season of 24 pass by without at least one attack on CTU (tho, they did do away with the "inside man" spy thing at CTU this year) so I saw it coming a mile away. When it was actually revealed that it the Chinese were working with Jack's dad, Phillip Bauer, and only launched an attack on CTU to retrieve Josh Bauer (Jack's nephew) I found myself very surprised and very relieved that my fave TV show wasn't going to let me down this season. Now that was a nice last minute shocker ... I had completely forgotten about him. As shocked as I was to learn that Daddy Bauer is still in play, I wasn't nearly as shocked (and horrified) as when poor Milo got shot dead between the eyes. I actually shrieked out loud -- I love Milo! He's been on the show since the first season (well, not so much since ... his character was introduced in the first season but he didn't reappear until this season) so he's practically family. His death, while shocking and very sad, still wasn't as emotionally charged as Edgar's death last season (Milo was shot pointblank and killed instantly, poor Edgar was poison gassed and died slowly while Chloe cried). Boo. There have been so many sad deaths this year ... but what happened to former President Charles Logan? We saw him stabbed this season ... but did he die? There was no follow-up at all after Martha Logan plunged a paring knife into his neck artery. It's not like 24 to leave a loose end like that but I digress ... there are still 2 more eps to go this season and you know how it's gonna go down. Jack is going to take on his father once and for all ... and hopefully, save the day. Heh, what "hopefully" ... Jack is going to kick that old man's ass. Woot! [Source]


Things continue to wind down nicely on Heroes ... all the ends are coming together and the final showdown is coming up fast. I liked last night's ep but there weren't too many shockers ... tho I did notice that last night's ep was essentially a nice nod to Mother's Day:

Pretty much behind every crazy man there is a crazy woman ... who is almost always his mother. I don't know that I liked Sylar's little sojourn home to find himself. He always struck me as purely evil and the purely evil never havy any qualms about their evilness. His going home to Queens, NY to reconnect with his mother seemed a bit odd ... but seeing how crazy his mother is/was sorta made sense. It's always so easy to blame the mother. Take Mother Petrelli, for instance ... her Lady MacBethness is so irritating but works so well in the context of the storyline (does anyone else think that Linderman is going to turn out to be Daddy Petrelli?). I always have a hard time when time travel is involved because it's so hard to figure out what is going to happen ... since we saw how the future will turn out that doesn't mean that that's the way it will actually turn out (even tho the future is the future and, in my opinion, just because you see the future it doesn't mean you can change the future ... after all, the future has to become the future in order for you to see it) -- grr, it's all very confounding. That said, I have to believe that the future we saw last week won't be the way things will turn out. Hiro may not have the strength to kill Sylar yet but he will ... he'll do it for Ando. It's clear to me that Micah and that sick little girl that Mohinder is trying to cure will be very important players in what's to come (after all, I believe the children are our future ...) but we still don't know in what capacity. We keep getting teased with the "big explosion" but we're not there yet ... so they have to keep teasing. I can't wait to see how everything will resolve itself. [Source]

New York City was all aflutter last night for the Poiret: King of Fashion Costume Institute Gala at The Metropolitan Museum of Art where a Who's Who of celebs showed up to try and outdo one another by showing off how fabulous they can dress. Some folks always get it right ... and some folks always get it wrong. I love the annual Costume Insitute Gala ... there is always fun fugness to mess around with:

Lindsay Lohan looked faboo in her sheer-in-the-right-places gown and Idina Menzel (much love and respect to the original Elphaba in Wicked) and hubby Taye Diggs were lookin' pretty hot, too ... and that's where the hotness stops (at least among the pics I selected to feature). Cate Blanchett rocks my world but her Bride of Frankenstein up-do looked like poo-poo, Christina Ricci's bangs weren't too horrid but the lipstick was a bit much. Kirsten Dunst (and her new boyfriend Johnny Borrell) were an absolute fright for sore eyes -- what the crap where they thinking? Kiki looked like a flapper from hell and I won't even dignify Johnny's decision to wear cowboy boot with a tuxedo with a response. BOOOO! Naomi Campbell ... OY ... that outfit looks like Bjork's infamous swan dress but only much less interesting and in black. Snaps, tho, for everyone who took a risk ... fashion is fearless and you gotta respect the folk who take a chance, even if those chances turn our horribly bad. [Source]

While some celebs were battling for fashion supremacy, others were using their "assets" to battle for another form of supremacy ...

... so who do YOU think has got the better booty, Jennifer Lopez or Jessica Simpson? It's a tough call ... but I think I'm going with the booty-fave, Ms. J. Lo. [Source]

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen make sure to never miss a Costume Institute Gala, after all those girls really love playing dress up ... here is what the Wonder Twins whipped up for the event:

It's clear that Mary-Kate really loves her shaggy purse ... why else would she turn it into a full gown for her to wear? Overall, Ashley looked lovely in the white dress ... once she ditched the fur coat. Ashley wins again! [Source]

Mischa Barton was also among the attendees at the fancy ball but it is the fugly outfit she wore to the Byron Williams Salon opening earlier this week that I need to address ... I mean, sequined pants????? Really?????

My GAWD ... where in hell did she get those clothes? That vest is atrocious ... and that bag, I'm sorry, looks more like a bedspread pattern than anything else. Unless Mischa was on her way to a figure skating tournament right after the opening, there is NO excuse for his horrendousness. This outfit gets a resounding rating of -- Poop sandwich with a side of crap slaw. [Source]

Jane Fonda, Felicity Huffman and others were on hand for the world premiere of their new movie Georgia Rule in Atlanta, GA last night ... since Lindsay Lohan, the other principle star in the movie, was otherwise occupied in NYC, everyone else had to try and make do and soldier on without her:

Photo credit: Wireimage

LOL! I somehow doubt that anyone minded ... besides, Jane Fonda was too bizzy rollin' with her homies Dallas Austin and Big Boi to notice. [Source]

Mandy Moore paid a little visit to MTV's TRL yesterday afternoon and brought along a little something with her ...

... the debut of her new video Extraordinary. I really love the song and it gets a lot of play on my iPod so I was curious to see how the video would turn out ... [Source]

... so here it is:

It's cute! I think it goes well with the song ... I hope Mandy's new album Wild Hope, which is due out June 19th, does well ... I've been able to preview it and I quite like it.

Prince has announced that he will be taking a break from his Las Vegas residency at Club 3121 at the Rio Casino in order to play a week of concerts at the O2 Arena in London this summer ... here are a few pics from the announcement:

US performer Prince is to play 21 concerts in London this summer, his only European dates of the year. He is to spend a week at the O2 arena - formerly the Millennium Dome - with tickets priced at £31.21, a reference to his album 3121. He will also play at a number of far smaller venues to make seeing him "affordable for everybody". The 48-year-old, known for hits such as Kiss and Raspberry Beret, has prepared 150 songs to perform on the tour. And he hopes to be joined on stage by soul singer Amy Winehouse, having declared himself a big fan. "I love London," he explained at a press launch. "I've had some of my favourite shows here." An "extended stay" had been arranged because during his last tour in London - in October 2002 - "a lot of people didn't get to see me" ... Tickets for the O2 arena gigs, the first of which will be on 1 August, go on sale on Friday at 0900 BST. What great news for you Brits! I am certain that Prince will pull out all of the stops for these shows. He is such an amazing performer ... I know that his European fans will be very pleased by these performances. [Source]

Yesterday I posted a couple of hot pics of David Beckham getting all nekkid on the soccer field in celebration of Real Madrid's win over the weekend ... but he isn't the only hottie soccer stud who loves to disrobe on the playing field. Cristiano Ronaldo also likes to show off his goodies ...

Photo credit: INF

... and Becks likes to play with his goodies ... so it's all great fun for everyone! Clearly I need to go to more soccer games. [Source, Source]

Jake Gyllenhaal and his buddy Austin Nichols spent some time at a bookstore together over the weekend perusing the shelves for interesting books to read ...

... don't they look so cute together ... er, as friends? There's been a lot of talk about Jake and Reese Witherspoon being together but I think these two make a much cuter couple. Hey, I'm only sayin' ... [Source]

And finally, here is the cover of Harper's Bazaar magazine which features the interview with Paris Hilton where she makes the ludicrous claims that the police pull her over merely because they want to "hit on her":

The issue, which hits newsstands soon, is full of really great Paris quotes ... like:

"I think people think I'm not human. They feel like they know me from seeing me in all those things, and they come up with their own explanation of what they think I am. They say, 'She doesn’t work.' I work! Every single day, I'm traveling around the world. I wouldn't have been able to do this, without working. It's just annoying to me that people think things like that." and "I'm looking for another house right now, in Malibu, and another in Bel Air. I'm going to keep this house as my office, or a party place, or whatever. In my new house, I will not have pictures of myself everywhere. It will be my more mature home." and "There was no reason why [Nicole and I] were fighting; it was just silly. We believed what other people were saying. People are really twofaced in this town, and they were trying to play us against each other. It made me sadder than any breakup with a boyfriend. It was just like the worst feeling ever."

How can a sweetheart like this be forced to spend one moment in jail? Life can be so cruel. [Source]

Les News:
Yesterday was a pretty chill day ... I spent the afternoon chillin' at the Somerset Collection (where I picked up a couple of really great journals to write in) and then spent the evening hanging out at Sarah and Mark's place. It's great to be home and do all my fave things again ...

This afternoon I'm getting a long overdue haircut at 6 Salon before I meet up with Tracey and Zakiya. I have a gift to deliver to Princess Z that David brought her back from Thailand and I can't wait to show off the pics tomorrow :)

And so for now ... I guess that is all. Lates!!



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