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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Shaved, And A Haircut

Britney Spears may have wrapped her mini Comeback Concert Series this past weekend in Las Vegas but that doesn't mean that her work is finished. Britney has already made her way back to LA and has returned to her home-away-from-home, the Millennium Dance Complex in North Hollywood, CA. Here are pictures of Britney, in her fave workout outfit, carrying her eldest son Sean Preston as she made her way out of the studio yesterday afternoon:

No rest for the weary, I suppose. I am encouraged that Britney realizes that her work is far from finished ... she may have done fairly well with her short performances last week but she is still a long way away from the return of her glorious hey-days up on the stage. Little Sean P. is getting so big ... but seeing him so much only makes me wonder what is up with little Jayden James? We've yet to see a really clear picture of the little tyke ... what, does he have a third eye or something? I wonder why she's hiding him so fiercely? [Source]

Time magazine threw it's gala cocktail and dinner event to celebrate their 100 Most Influential People issue in NYC last night ... here are a few pics from the event's arrivals:

Woot! John Mayer looks really hot with his new haircut ... I'm so glad he decided to trim down that wild mane that he's been rockin' for the past few months. America Ferrara and Cate Blanchett also looked very lovely -- Cate looked heaps better than she did at the Costume Institute Gala the night before. The Time 100 event is always a classy affair ... I' sorry I missed it this year. Sigh ... It was only a year ago that David and I got all dolled up in our hot tuxedos and attended this event together. Since the event didn't coincide with my latest NYC trip, I had to miss it -- but David attended last night with our friend Corynne. [Source]

But while Time was celebrating the 100 Most Influential People in NYC, The Simpsons were celebrating their 400th episode at the Fox Studios in Century City, CA ... a far more impressive event, I think. Here are a few pics from The Simpsons' celebration:

Photo credit: Wireimage

The 400th episode will be the season finale ep of this current 18th season of the show. I can't even wrap my head around such an accomplishment ... it seems as if The Simpsons have been on the air forever -- and there appears to be no end in time. The show returns next season for its 19th season which puts it only one season behind the current record held by Gunsmoke which was on the air for 20 consecutive seasons. I am still a huge Simpsons fan, my darling Diana and I call or txt one another often after one of us has seen a particularly funny ep playing in reruns ... which happens often. This summer, The Simpsons makes the jump to the big screen with the much anticipated The Simpsons Movie. The show may be celebrating its 400th ep now but I have a feeling that they will have many more celebrations to come. [Source]

Georgia Rule had it's first premiere in Atlanta, GA earlier this week but held its NYC premiere last night ... and this time Lindsay Lohan deigned to make an appearance:

Photo credit: Splash News

All the ladies looked very lovely in white. I gotta admit, I'm curious to see this movie after all the drama that came about while it was shooting last summer. Honestly, the movie doesn't look that appealing to me (essentially, Lindsay plays a rebellious girl who needs some straightening out by her grandmother, played by Jane Fonda) but if I could make the time to see Just My Luck, I'm sure I can make the time for this movie as well. [Source]

It would seem that Lindsay Lohan as learned her lesson and is taking great pains to make sure she doesn't show off her nether parts anymore ... here are pictures of Lindsay demonstrating how a lady should exit a car while wearing a dress:

Photo credit: Splash News

Perhaps L. Lo can give lessons to other Hollywood "It" Girls on how to keep ones dignity intact. Who knows ... maybe she'll start a new trend in young Hollywood that will inspire other "It" Girls to keep themselves covered? Hey, stranger things have happened. [Source]

In other Lindsay news, in addition to going to galas and movie premieres, L. Lo has been keeping herself entertained with a couple of her favorite indulgences -- books and boys:

Photo credit: INF

Books you say with a lilt of shock and surprise? Well, apparently so ... Lindsay has been seen carting around the book A Practical Handbook for the Boyfriend, which was co-authored by her Georgia Rule co-star Felicity Huffman. It makes sense that this is the type of book that would pique Lindsay's interest ... perhaps she is planning on giving it away as a gift to a special boy who she has designs on ... [Source, Source]

... maybe someone like UK celeb Callum Best? You may recall that Lindsay and Callum spent quite a lot of time together whe she was in the UK last year ... this time, Callum joins L. Lo here in NYC:

Lindsay Lohan's penchant for British men shows no sign of abating. Fresh from her glamorous appearance at a New York fashion gala, the wild-child actress has been spotted out and about with notorious 'model' Calum Best who she first hooked up with last year. A coy-looking Lohan firmly grasped the hand of the fun-loving bachelor, with whom she enjoyed a much publicized fling with when she visited the UK last November. The couple were heading back to Lindsay's New York hotel after a night's clubbing at Club Box, and Bungalow 8. Isn't it so nice when old friends stay in touch like this? Perhaps the two of them can read books together ... er, or find some other way to entertain themselves. It's clear that Lindsay is very fond of those blokes from the UK, especially according to that scandalous News of the World story that broke over the weekend which exposed Lindsay's alleged drug use relapse and her most recent sex-ploits. Yes, I'm sure books are all that she's got on her mind these days. [Source]

Either Paris Hilton isn't the sharpest tool in the shed or .... wait, I dunno where I was going with that thought ... anyways, it seems pretty clear that Paris really loves to drive no matter what the consequences are. Just days after she was sentenced to 45 days in jail for violating the terms of her probation which barred her from driving, Paris was seen behind the wheel of a car -- you guessed it, driving again:

Paris Hilton has taken the meaning of 'dumb blonde' to unimaginable new heights, after she was pictured behind the wheel of her car just days after being handed a jail sentence for violating a driving ban. The soon-to-be jail bird was snapped driving her £100,000 blue Bentley convertible less than a week after being handed a 45 day jail term ... Despite having her license suspended, Paris was followed by photographers as she lost her way in LA, finishing up in a dead-end even after reading print-out directions. Photographers also reported she pulled three u-turns in a search for her final destination. Okay ... granted, Paris did have her license reinstated in March so she wasn't breaking any laws this time (I don't think) but still ... you'd think she'd wanna stay far away from driving until her whole "jail thing" gets resolved. On the other hand, maybe she just loves driving so much that she wants to do it as much as she can, while she still can. I wouldn't be surprised if Paris took her love of driving all the way down to Mexico ... and beyond. [Source]

You know who looks like he really loves his job? David Beckham, that's who. You can just tell that he takes great pleasure in everything that comes along with his work on the soccer field:

And that includes all the working out and the camaraderie that he enjoys with his Real Madrid teammates. Becks really strikes me as the swell kind of guy who would bend over backwards for his fellow teammates. [Source]

Additionally, Becks has already decided to change up his hairdo again ... homie got himself a buzz cut:

It looks like his friends really approve ... they can't keep their hands off him. I can't blame them ... his new cut looks so cute, I wouldn't mind rubbing his head either!! [Source]

Jonathan Rhys-Meyers has already sprung himself from rehab ... now, I'm not sure that he has completed a full 30 days in detox or not but he was definitely looking fit and all smiles when he was snapped lunching with a friend in LA yesterday afternoon:

Photo credit: Splash News

Oh yes, he really looks great. You know, it wasn't until I got a gander at those tighty whities that he's flashin' in these pics that I realized how much I missed that he was away. Woot! Congrats on getting sprung, JRM ... keep your nose outta trouble and keep flashin' those undies! [Source]

Kate Moss debuted her new clothing line at the flagship Topshop store in London last week and has made her way to our sunny shores this week to debut the same collection at Barney's in NYC. Here are pictures of Kate's arrival at the launch event:

Debuting her Topshop range in New York, the model, apparently braless, made a traffic-stopping appearance. She turned heads while stepping out in Madison Avenue in a sheer see-through dress which put her knickers on show. Despite looking a little underdressed, the model was in good spirits - she was out to toast the US launch of her line with an exclusive party at Barneys. Inside, Moss totted a glass of champagne, briefly chatted with reporters and posed for photographers. The media shy model modestly played down the hype surrounding her range, saying: "I don't know if it stands out. I know what I like." Singer Amy Winehouse, Sadie Frost and Sir Philip Green were also on hand at the party to lend support. Of her pal's fashion range, Frost said: "It's nice that it's got its own identity and is accessible." Barneys will sell 26 pieces from Kate’s collection at the Madison Avenue flagship store, among others. Simon Doonan, Barneys creative director, raved about the range: "[It's] the first celebrity line with real fashion cred. A lot of others put their name on clothing labels, and it doesn't mean a hell of a whole lot." OUCH! That sounds like a dig at someone like, say, Madonna perhaps? In any regard, I'm sure the Kate Moss line will do well both her and in the UK. After all, what better way to have peeps wanna buy your clothing than to show them how see-thru they are. [Source]

In case you were wondering, Brad Pitt and co. are still in the Czech Republic, where is lady-love Angelina Jolie is working on a movie. Here are pictures of Brad getting into his car ...

Photo credit: Splash News

... and it looks like the poor dear might've stepped into some terrible mess. Ick! And yet, Brad can still kinda make the look work. [Source]

For some ungodly reason, Joey Lawrence has been tapped to take on the role of Billy Flynn in the musical Chicago on Broadway. Now, I'm not sure if it was hearing Joey's stunning debut album (simply titled Joey Lawrence) or if was one look at his adeptly plucked eyebrows that led producers to cast him in the role ...

... but my money says it was the eyebrows that closed the deal. I've heard the album and that couldn't have been a factor. Joey on Broadway ... Woah! indeed. [Source, Source]

Run, do not walk, to your nearest newsstand to pick up the June issue of Instinct magazine which features artist and photographer Jordan Carlyle on the cover.

Instinct magazine always does a fab job of featuring really hot dudes with substance on their covers and this issue is no exception. Check out Jordan's site HERE and see what all the fuss is about ... there's actually stunning talent inside this hot package. [Source]

Marilyn Manson has unveiled the cover artwork for his new album Eat Me, Drink Me ...

And he has unleashed the video for the album's first single Heart-Shaped Glasses (When the Heart Guides the Hand):

And yet ... I'm still not overwhelmingly impressed. I must warn you, the video has been deemed inappropriate for viewers under the age of 16 ... which is good news for 19-year old Evan Rachel Wood, otherwise she wouldn't be able to see the video that she has sex in for herself. [Source, Source]

Les News:
After a quick trip to Birmingham to get my haircut at my fave salon on Earth, 6 Salon, I hightailed it all the way to Ann Arbor to do a little shopping before I was to meet up with Tracey and Zakiya. I failed to pack any shorts on this trip to NYC/Detroit so I had to pick up a few pair at the mall to keep from sweating to death. I hadn't anticipated that the weather would be so nice here. I got to meet Pink reader Joo at the Abercrombie & Fitch at Briarwood Mall.

After my shopping was finished, I met up with Tracey and Zakiya and was finally able to give Princess Z the gift that David brought back for her from Thailand:

Are you dying? Isn't this beautiful kimono just the cutest thing? The Teletubbies headbands were a gift from the Teletubbies Pop-Up Shop in NYC's West Village. Much love goes out to Matt for the kind gift ... Zakiya loves all the Teletubbies toys she received. Thank you so much!!

We had such a great time last night ... and let me tell you, Z is really talking up a storm. She repeats everything ... and sounds so cute when she calls me "Tent". Can you believe she is going to be 2 years old in a few short months?

Tonight I'm having dinner with my friend Sherri before I meet up with VLB and an old friend from ULS, Gina at The Living Room in Berkley. It looks like the Detroit Metro area is going to get one of its signature spring thunderstorms today ... and, for once, I really don't mind at all.

I'm out.



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