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Friday, May 11, 2007

Your Disco SASS Needs YOU!

News is pret-ty slow today ... there really ain't much goin' on but at least the weather is beautiful and it's Friday. My week in Detroit is almost totally dunzo and it still feels like I just got here. But, I'm digressing ... let's do the day's goss and get the weekend started off right.

Now, before I give Britney Spears too much grief over her questionable fashion choices, I feel that I must stress that the girl continues to keep her nose to the grindstone in her attempt to get her body back in top physical shape. The fact that she is remaining steadfast in her determination to stay committed to working-out should be commended. Here are pictures of Brit Brit going out on a little shopping excursion after spending some time at the gym ...

Photo credit: Splash News

... now, as far as gym wear goes, this outfit isn't too horrible. Sure, she looks like she fell out of a Jane Fonda Workout video circa 1983 but retro is so in right now. It's actually a cute gym outfit ... you know she's been dying for the *perfect outfit* to go with her shiny gold purse. I'm just not sure why Britters couldn't just change into something more suitable for public consumption ... [Source, Source]

... like, say, this little red number:

OY! Or ... maybe not. Well ... at least she's consistent with her taste in clothing ... it's all very interesting, to say the least. And look at that ... that gold purse just seems to go with everything. [Source]

Paris Hilton finds herself one day closer to D-Day (detention day -- the US Magazine site even has a countdown clock marking the time left until June 5th)) and the poor girl is really trying to keep a stiff upper lip as she deals with the looming threat of imprisonment. She is also making a bit of an effort to stay away from driving so that she can stay out of any more trouble. Here are pictures of Paris enjoying a new mode of transportation in Runyan Canyon yesterday afternoon:

Photo credit: Splash News

I bet Paris would promise to only ride a bike from now on if she can avoid jail time for violating the probation sentence set forth by her DUI conviction. It's funny, it looks as if Paris is actually trying to squeeze in all the things she's ever wanted to do in life before she has to do her time in the big house. Don't be surprised if we see her hand-gliding, BASE jumping and/or canoeing over the next few week leading up to her incarceration. [Source]

But Paris should take heart, there are many people out there who support quest to stay out of jail and those supporters stormed the streets of NYC yesterday to protest the heinous injustice that has befallen our favorite Hilton:

Photo credit: Splash News

A whopping three people turned up with 8.5 x 11 sized posters demanding a judge reconsider sending Hilton up the river. The Greenwich Village rally was scheduled to coincide with a New York University graduation ceremony, TMZ reported. But the event failed to spark much interest. As protesters argued Hilton is a victim and a martyr, onlookers snapped photos like the one seen here. An observer claims a reporter for Access Hollywood was laughing as he filmed the whole thing. This is the latest of several attempts to prevent The Single Life star from going to prison. Earlier this week, one of Hilton’s My Space friends launched a petition to have her 45 day prison sentence reduced or overturned. Um, Hello, there were 4 people at the protest and a couple of their signs were way bigger than 8.5 X 11, thank you very much! People may scoff at the turnout but this is surely only the beginning of a surging grassroots campaign that will not REST until Paris is freed from the bounds of incarceration. No justice, no peace! [Source, Source]

While all of America is in turmoil over this Paris Hilton jail thing, Brangelina and co. have been sheltered from the storm while they are temporarily residing in the Czech Republic where Angelina Jolie is shooting a new movie. Here are new pictures of Brad Pitt picking up his eldest children, Maddox and Zahara Jolie-Pitt, from school:

Photo credit: Splash News

It's just so amazingly cute that Brad is such a hands on dad with his children ... all of his children. Even tho both Shiloh Nouvel and Pax Thien have been outta sight lately, you can be sure that they are being well cared for and loved. [Source]

In fact, the wheels are in motion for Pax Thien to become an official member of the Jolie-Pitt clan. TMZ has discovered that Brangelina have already begun the process of Pax's name change ... but in as quiet a way as possible:

The law demands that Jolie publish information about the little guy's name change for four consecutive weeks -- in any publication -- so that anyone wishing to legitimately contest the name change has the proper information to do so. Sneaky Angelina chose the Daily Commerce, a small legal journal with a circulation of about 800. Fortunately, one of those readers is a TMZ fan! The posting, which has already been published three times, will run one final time in Friday's edition. Jolie's next court hearing is scheduled for May 31, when Pax is expected to officially become a Jolie-Pitt. Sneaky, sneaky ... but hey, if it gets the job done then who cares right? After all, I'm sure anyone from, say, Vietnam who might be interested in lodging a complaint over the name change is sure to be a frequent reader of the Daily Commerce. Upon further investigation, the folks at TMZ have stumbled upon the fact that the Jolie-Pitts aren't the only Hollywood celebs who use the Daily Commerce journal for their own ends ... Nick Zano is also trying to legally change his name and has posted his public petition in the same way. Apparently Nick isn't fond of his real last name Crapanzano and is petitioning to get the Crap taken out -- smart man. [Source]

Earlier this week, Prince made an appearance in London, England to announce a week's worth of concerts that he would be performing later on this summer ... but last night, his purple majesty played a "secret" preview concert at a club called Koko to give Londoners a taste of what's to come later on when he returns. Here are a few pics from the gig last night:

About 140,000 tickets went on sale at 9am today for seven Prince shows at the 02 Dome in August, with 14 more dates across London to be announced. But 1,500 lucky fans were able to see him make his London comeback several months early at an extraordinary two-hour performance that confirmed his status as rock royalty ... His late arrival - around 11.45pm - was to be expected. That came after his (admittedly brilliant) band had launched into a funk workout that included a tedious trombone solo in the first song. When he strolled on stage in a furry white hat and started yelping and sliding around during Satisfied, the audience reaction was noisily ecstatic. But the mercurial singer decided to tease us, leaving the stage to his band again, before returning to say mockingly: "So many hits, so little time!" ... But a bizarre incident halfway through nearly scuppered the evening. Several fans were pulled on stage to dance and, amid a party atmosphere; one girl gave him a peck on the cheek. Apparently joking, Prince fell to the floor, but a bouncer appeared and removed the fan from the stage. Prince disappeared and then returned with his head wrapped in a towel, muttering darkly about being kissed by a stranger. Suddenly, the atmosphere sagged noticeably. That made the recovery from the performer who in the Nineties changed his name to a symbol in a dispute with his record company all the more remarkable with a simply awesome 40-minute finale. Awesome! It deff sounds like the sort of show that Prince has been putting on recently, especially at his Las Vegas club 3121. I know that Londoners are in for a treat when he brings his show back to the UK in August ... tho, I might suggest leaving the Mary Tyler Moore hat back at his Paisley mansion. [Source]

Hottie soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo may have been all smiles after Manchester United's win in tourney play this past weekend but it wasn't all fun and games for the soccer stud. During play, he was injured by a player on the opposing team who stomped him in the stomach while he was lying on the ground. Earlier this week, I posted a pic of Cristiano celebrating with his shirt off and I failed to notice the mark that was left on his tummy after the altercation ... so, to make up for it, here are a few more pictures of Cristiano and his ouchie:

Aww ... the poor dear. Even tho Michael Ball, the guy who stomped on poor Cris, has publicly apologized for hurting him you can clearly see that the boy has suffered for his sport. [Source]

Here is a quick vid of the incident:

I think I now have a newfound respect for Mr. Ronaldo ... he can take a beating and keep on ticking ... and if it all of this pain results in more shirtless action from Cristiano in the future, I think I can be okay with it.

Dolores O'Riordan, the lead singer of the Cranberries, is moving full speed ahead with her solo debut album Are You Listening?. Here are pictures from an in-store appearance that Dolores did in Paris, France yesterday where she signed copies of her new album for fans:

Photo credit: Splash News

Fans of the Cranberrries will be very pleased with Dolores solo album. I've been previewing the album for the past few weeks and I gotta say, Dolores hasn't lost a thing in all the years that the Cranberries have been out of the spotlight. She still sounds as divine as she always has. I'm excited for the release of her new album ... she's been away for far too long. [Source]

Kelly Clarkson and Lindsay Lohan both made appearances on MTV's TRL yesterday (tho, not live ... their ep was actually taped earlier this week) each to do promo for their new projects. Kelly was pimpin' her new album and her new single and Linds was pimpin' her new movie Georgia Rule ... here are pics from the show:

I have no idea how Lindsay got talked into wearing that sequined half shirt but hey ... at least it's ... it sorta looks like ... yeah, I dunno where to go with this. At least Kelly's outfit doesn't look as horrid as usual, let's just not mention the hair ;) [Source]

America Ferrara has decided to insure her winning smile for $10 million dollars with Lloyd's of London thereby joining the ranks of other celebs who have felt the need to insure their various, invaluable body parts:

"Ugly Betty" actress America Ferrera bagged her trademark braces Thursday, insuring her smile by Lloyd's of London during a New York charity awareness event. Ferrera teamed with Aquafresh White Trays to benefit Smiles for Success, an organization that assists women who cannot afford the cost of dental care to go from welfare to the workforce, the organization said in a news release. For every person buying the trays or entering an online sweepstakes, $1 will be donated to Smiles for Success. The Smiles For Success Foundation, established by members of the American Association of Women Dentists, gives the dental community a chance to develop innovative ways to assist women to find employment. While I commend America for working with the amazing charity Smiles for Success I have a hard time with the $10 million dollar insurance thing. Jennifer Lopez has insured her butt, Mariah Carey has insured her legs, Claudia Schiffer has insured her face and America Ferrera has now insured her smile. What kind of world do these celebs live in? LOL! [Source]

Here are a couple pictures of Hilary Duff on the set of her new video for the song Stranger:

Call me crazy, but I think there will be some sort of "belly dancing" theme in the vid, what do you think? [Source]

There are quite a few news reports that Kylie Minogue is seeking comfort in the arms of a married man because she is, allegedly, having such a difficult time getting over her cheating boyfriend Olivier Martinez. Here are a couple pictures of Olivier that should put those claims to rest:

I have a hard time believing that the beautiful Kylie is having a hard time letting any of THIS go. [Source]

And finally, Pink reader LaTissa gave me the heads up that Michael Bay has been posting all sorts of Transformers goodies on his official blog, including a few high resolution pictures of what the new Transformers in the movie will look like:

These pictures of Optimus Prime, Megatron, Starscream and Bumblebee are very cool but they seem really complex to me. I am a huge Transformers fan and I love that you can usually tell what form a Transformer takes even when he is in robot mode. I really hope they didn't overdo the robots with all that CGI just because the can. It's hard to judge how the final product will turn out just by looking at production photos (I was worried about how Venom would look in Spider-Man 3 based on the pictures we saw but was very relieved at how true to form he looked in the movie) so I'm still reserving judgment. July 4th can't get here quick enough for me. [Source, thanks LaTissa]

Les News:
Last night I met up with Tracey and Sarah and took them both to the Fisher Theater to see the touring production of Sweet Charity starring Molly Ringwald. Tracey is a big musicals fan so I thought it'd be nice to take her to see the show as a Mother's Day gift. We were all excited to see the show, I was excited to see Molly in person so away we went. The show is cute and the staging was done very well but the performance, I'm sorry to say, I was not quite up to par with what I was expecting ...

I love Molly Ringwald ... from as far back as her role on the first season of The Facts of Life and all thru her ubersuccessful 80s teen movies (Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club and Pretty in Pink) and I think I was expecting a lot. Molly doesn't have a bad voice but she doesn't have a great voice either. She seemed to have a hard time with all the rigorous singing and dancing that the show demands. There were quite a few numbers where she was huffing and puffing so bad I thought she might pass out. That said, there is a bit in the show where she has to hide in a closet that she did very well ... and the bit in the elevator was very cute. Overall, I wasn't that impressed with the show, I'm sorry to say. I know that this production was running in LA in the months before Wicked debuted so I figured it would be a smash hit in Detroit ... sadly, that doesn't seem to be the case. I guess I will have to content myself with the memory of Molly Ringwald as the preppy beyotch in The Breakfast Club and not think so much about her as a theater performer.

Tonight (the new night) a whole bunch of us are going out to Buzz Bar (the new venue) in downtown Detroit for the SASS danceparty. This will be my first visit to SASS since the old venue, OSLO, closed down. I am so ready to get my boogie on ... hopefully you Detroiters are as well:

C'mon on out and dance, dance, dance with me and my friends :) Woot! Let the weekend commence! I am out.



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