Friday, May 18, 2007

Throw In The Towel Blanket

Now, I think it's pretty clear to anyone who has eyes that I am usually very generous with the lurve when it comes to our dear Britney Spears ... so I think it's pretty darn cool that Brit Brit is returning the favor. Here are pictures of Britney at the Millennium Dance Complex in North Hollywood, CA proudly showing off her love for all things pink:

Photo credit: Splash News

Much love and thanks Brit ... I think I got the message ;) [Source]

Paris Hilton has finally learned that you simply cannot hide from the law ... but you can hide from the paparazzi ... well, not entirely but whatevs. Paris' team of lawyers have finally decided to give up the good fight and have dropped their appeal of her 45-day jail sentence. Since she has been credited with good behavior (before she even had to go to jail in the first place) her sentence has been reduced to 23 days and they prolly figure that's about as good as it's gonna get. Here are pictures of the normally camera-loving Paris Hilton trying to sneak her way home earlier this week:

Photo credit: Flynet

Courthouse sources tell TMZ that Paris Hilton has officially decided to drop her probation violation appeal. We're told Hilton's lawyer had planned to file an appeal at 1:30 PM [Thursday] in Judge Michael Sauer's courtroom. Sauer is the one who sentenced Hilton to 45 days in jail. But we're told ... celeb attorney Richard Hutton had one of his peeps phone the court and say nevermind. What's behind all this? Yesterday, Hutton met with Paris and informed her that the Sheriff has agreed to reduce the amount of time she'll have to serve to 23 days. The Sheriff has also agreed to put her in a celebrity cell, away from the general population. Apparently, Paris feels her lawyer has gotten her the best break she can possibly get. And that, folks, is that. All that's left is for Paris to turn herself in on June 5th and begin paying he piper for her crimes. Maybe she can bring her blanket with her ... some piece of home might make the time fly right by! [Source]

Victoria Beckham has breezed into LA to begin work on her new home NBC reality TV show and the first thing she did was go to the grocery store like a regular person. Um, what?

Photo credit: Mavrix & Splash News

I find it very difficult to believe that Posh does her own grocery shopping ... but I'm sure someone told her it would make for "great TV" so away they went. At least that "someone" also told her it would be a good idea to cover up her nips with a couple of flower-sticker-things so that they don't poke thru her see-thru shirts. Classy, huh? Shoot, I ain't gonna lie ... I can't wait to see this show. [Source, Source]

While Vic was in LA pretending to be human, her hot hubby David Beckham was back home in Spain chillin' with his homies ... the boys spent the afternoon playing with their Audis:

Photo credit: INFdaily

Boys and their toys ... is there anything cuter? [Source]

Becks may be enjoying his toys and his Real Madrid team mates but Manchester United's Cristiano Ronaldo is bizzy enjoying his new Footballer of the Year trophy which was given to him (his twelfth individual award this season) at the Football Writers' Association 60th Anniversary Dinner in London yesterday:

Photo credit: Big Pictures

Hmm ... Becks better watch his back ... Cristiano is nippin' at his heels to be the best footballer in the universe. It's okay, tho ... he's still leading in the hotness category. [Source]

OH NO ... could it have happened so soon? It looks like Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel have split up already ...

Photo credit: Splash News

... so that they each could spend the day shopping alone. Whew! I was worried for a second ... I'd have hate it if they had really broken up already. [Source]

And speaking of break-ups, it is my sad duty to inform y'all that the dream romance betwixt Jessica Simpson and John Mayer has come to an end ... they're dunzo, y'all:

Jessica Simpson and John Mayer have ended their romance – but perhaps not for good, a source close to Simpson tells PEOPLE. "They have broken up," says the source. "But they have broken up and gotten back together at least ten times before." According to the source, the pair are in constant contact – even as Simpson promotes her new film Major Movie Star at the Cannes Film Festival in France. "They talk to each other at least six times a day. I don't know if this breakup is permanent, but for right now they are broken up." Another source who knows the couple confirms to PEOPLE that pair have split. "She's kind and sweet and he's a terrific guy, but it's safe to say it has run its course." Reps for Simpson, 26, and Mayer, 29, refused to comment on their clients' personal lives. Aww ... this is so sad, especially since Papa Joe Simpson just recently told the world how much he liked John for his precious Jessica: Joe Simpson may not have approved at first of daughter Jessica Simpson's marriage to Nick Lachey, but he's given her new man, John Mayer, the thumbs up. "If Jessica is in love, I love the things she is in love with," Joe Simpson, 49, told PEOPLE of Mayer at the Entertainment Weekly upfront party at The Box in New York City on Tuesday. "I want her to be happy. I'm always a fan of his. I love him; he's got great music." Well duh, that's the surest way for a girl to break up with her boyfriend ... once her father loves him, it's over ... and maybe that was Papa Joe's plan all along. Brills. [Source]

In happier news, it seems that Mandy Moore has snagged herself a new beau ... Celebrity Babylon reports that this is actor Jeremy Sisto pictured holding her hand at Pinkberry in these pics:

Photo credit: Celebrity Babylon

You may recall that Jeremy Sisto played Elton in the amazing movie Clueless ... but this doesn't look like him to me. Whether it's him or not, I'm just glad that Mandy is gettin' some lovin'. She deserves it after the string of heartbreak she's had to endure lately. [Source]

UPDATE: Pink readers Ashley and Heather tell me that the guy with Mandy is not Jeremy Sisto (as I suspected) but is a musician named Greg Laswell. Thanks for the help, ladies.

Lord ... Mischa Barton is quickly becoming the queen of the boob slip ... here is a picture of Mischa going out in public last night wearing a dress that does a horrrrrrible job of keeping her boobs covered ...

Click above for NSFW uncensored image"

... well, keeping her boob covered -- the left one is the only one that broke free, the right one stayed inside. I think it's time she start investing in bras ... or those flower things that Victoria Beckham is wearing these days. [Source]

Robbie Williams must have picked up some good habits from his recent stint in rehab ... like maybe physical fitness? Here are pictures of Robbie and his blokes doing a little exercisin' in Runyon Canyon in LA this week:

Photo credit: Big Pictures

Blech! Yeah, these guys have got a long way to go yet. [Source]

Jonathan Rhys Meyers is NOT going to let Tom Brady get away with bein' the only dude to show love for the manbag ... no sir ... no one owns the manbag like JRM does ... behold:

Photo credit: INFdaily

You gotta give it up to pioneers like this who boldly go where other men fear to tread. Long live the manbag! [Source]

Now, I have ZERO interest in watching the ABC reality show The Bachelor ... until now ... here is what this season of The Bachelor has to offer this time around:

Yeah, I might have to tune in to see what I have been missing. Woot! [Source, thanks Emily]

AOL Music is featuring Tori Amos in its latest Live AOL Music Sessions performance installment:

Click HERE to check it out. [Source]

Adam Levine, lead singer of Maroon 5, is featured in some men's magazine showin' dudes "How to Wear Denim" ...

... but I think I'm more interested in how Adam looks when he's not wearing denim at all ;) [Source]

The campaign season is in full swing in Gotham City as Harvey Dent launches his campaign to become the city's new District Attorney:

There's no word yet on whether or not his longtime friend (and multi-billionaire) Bruce Wayne will publicly endorse Dent for District Attorney but something tells me that he's already got the win in the bag. This is one campaign I am sure to keep my eye on. [Source]

And finally, it is my pleasure to announce the winner of the Sharin' the Lurve Pink Zune contest. There were hundreds of entries ... and the randomly selected, lucky winner is Pink reader Zlatan:

Zlatan submitted this really cute picture of him and Alicia Sharin' the Lurve and has won himself a brand new Limited Edition Pink Zune MP3 Player. Thank you all for playing along ... I've been looking thru all the submissions and I really love them all. Congrats again, Zlatan!

Les News:
Yesterday evening I was lucky enough to attend a screening of the new Fox Searchlight movie Day Watch (Dnevnoi Dozor) here in LA. I'm not sure if anyone recalls that I fell in love with a Russian movie called Night Watch (Nochnoy Dozor) a few years ago (even listing it as one of my Top 10 Fave Movies of the Year) and have been anxiously awaiting the release of the second installment called Day Watch. The movies are part of a trilogy and are quickly becoming some of my fave movies of all time:

There is just way too much plot to discuss in this little blurb but I cannot stress enough how cool these movies are. Day Watch picks up where Night Watch left off and comes with the same amazing storytelling, amazing characters and absolutely amazing special effects. Basically the story boils down to the epic struggle between Light and Dark (with vampires, witches and shape-shifters vying for control of the world) but is done in such a creative and inventive way that I spent most of the movie just going Wow, that's really cool. Day Watch is subtitled, like Night Watch is, but is done in such a smart way (the subtitles are integrated into the movie -- you have to see it to understand what I mean) that they are a welcome addition to the experience as opposed to being a distraction. Do yourselves a favor ... pick up Night Watch and see what I'm talking about ... then go out and see Day Watch when it hits theaters. When I say this movie is really cool, I'm totally serious. Now I have to wait for the final installment, the aptly titled Dusk Watch ... OY!

After the screening I hung out for a bit with Mike ... we had a great dinner and kicked around the idea of going to Tiger Heat for dancin'. We ended up talking about it (and other things) for so long that it got too late to go out. Ah well.

David flies into LA tonight ... and I am so excited to have him here :) Woot! Woot! It's gonna be a great weekend ... I hope for all y'all as well. I'm out.