Friday, May 25, 2007


Taking a page from Britney Spears (who is famous for her Letters of Truth) and Candy Spelling (who is famous for her open letters to Paris Hilton and Joe Francis), Tori Amos has released an open letter written to POPE BENIDICT XVI ... and here it is:


As a Daughter of the Christian Church I invite you, The Father of The Vatican to partake in Musical Communion as we commence 'The American Doll Posse World Tour' in Rome. Because it's you, a small entourage would be welcome.

As Always,

I am
Tori Amos



Sono una figlia della chiesa cristiana e dunque Vi invito Padre Del Vaticano, ad assistere ad una comunione musicale mentre iniziamo 'The American Doll Posse Tour' a Roma.

Visto che l'invito è per Voi, un piccolo entourage sarà il benvenuto.

Come sempre,

Io sono
Tori Amos

How sweet! Finally ... an open letter with a purpose. [Source]

Yo Ho Hum

Batten down those hatches, bitches ... Britney Spears took to the high seas yesterday for, what looks like, a very chilled out and relaxing break on a luxury yacht in Marina Del Rey, CA. Of course she brought along with her only the most essential necessities ... a teeny, weenie bikini, her sons (one who is allowed to play in plain sight and the other one who has to be kept hidden underneath a blanket) and her shadow and cousin Ally ... here are a few pics:

Photo credit: Splash News

You gotta admit, she looks pretty good in that bikini and that captain's hat is really cute. Sure, our dear Britney knows how to trash it up by puffin' on the cigs but if smoking is her worst vice these days ... I say let her lungs be damned. [Source, Source]

And even tho *I* feel that Brit should spend some time relaxing with her kiddies instead of lugging them all over the country for work, I must commend her for sticking to her stringent work regiment. No sooner was the yacht docked at port and she was already back at the Millennium Dance Complex in North Hollywood, CA gettin' back to work:

Photo credit: Mavrix

Heh, it looks like she got to keep the hat. I love that Britney is throwing herself into her work ... she's getting her body back in shape, she's honing her lip sync dancing skills and it appears that she is *finally* taking her comeback seriously. Hopefully she'll take some time off this Memorial Day weekend to relax. Maybe she should take the kids to the park or to the beach (it's okay, she can keep Jayden James inside a sack) ... she's earned a couple of days off, methinks. [Source, Source]

Ocean's 13 (the third installment in the Clooney/Pitt/Damon Ocean's 11 remake franchise) had its worldwide premiere at the Cannes Film Festival yesterday and all the pretties came out for the event ... here are a few pics from the red carpet:

Photo credit: Splash News

Yes, yes ... all of the mens (including Ellen Barkin) looked very nice and dapper in their tuxedos and tailored suits ... and Ms. Angelina Jolie looked hot as usual ... BUT personally, I think that Kylie Minogue stole the show. She looked absolutely stunning on the red carpet ... very glam, very movie-starish, very sexpot. She has worked thru so much pain and endured so much suffering in the past couple of years -- It is just really great seeing Kylie back to form. I cannot wait for her to hit us with some new music. [Source]

While Brangelina were bizzy on the red carpet at Cannes, little Maddox Jolie-Pitt was off spending some time with his new friend Adam Pearl, the son of Mariane Pearl whom Angelina plays in her new movie A Mighty Heart. Here is a supercute picture of the kids taking a ride in a kayak together:

Photo credit: INFdaily

Look at that grin on Maddox's face ... soooo cute! [Source]

Welp ... it looks like Paris Hilton's fascination with the Word of God is already over because it appears that she has already moved on to the study of Buddhism. Here are pictures of Miss Hilton perusing the selection of books at the Bodhi Tree bookstore:

Images removed by request

Paris only has about 10 days left to get bored with Buddhism before she moves on to another religion so she better get crackin'. How much you wanna bet she's saving kabbalah for last. [Source]

Books are the only things that have caught Paris' fancy these days, strangely enough she is still happily procuring more animals to keep as pets. Here are a couple pics of Paris with her latest acquisition:

Photo credit: Splash News

I've already lost count as to how many pets Paris owns now. I think I stopped counting, actually, after she acquired her kinkajou. Her place must smell lovely. [Source]

Well now ... it appears that Hilary Duff has been able to remain friends with Lindsay Lohan's BFF Patrick because the two were spotted enjoying a lovely lunch together in LA earlier this week ... I wonder what in the world they talked about:

I think it's great that Patrick is able to be friends with both Hilary and Lindsay. If I remember correctly, Hilary was the one who invited Lindsay to come to her cd release party but I'm sure that Patrick had a hand in getting Linds to show up as a sign of good faith. If Patrick can be so successful bridging the wide chasm that existed between Hil and Linds than maybe we should get him workin' on that Peace in the Middle East problem we've got ... apparently, the man can work miracles. [Source, thanks Lisa]

While Hilary was hangin' with her BFF, Lindsay was off having a nice, quiet and very private lunch at The Ivy on Robertson BLVD:

Photo credit: Splash News

You know Lindsay ... she is never one to shy away from the love and attention that the paparazzi heap upon her ... [Source]

... er, except when it's 4:30 in the morning and she is trying to make a late night run to a gas station ... then she's suddenly shy:

Images removed by request

I just marvel at how inconspicuous a person becomes when they try and hide their face inside their coat or under their arms. [Source]

You know who ain't shy? Claire Danes, that's who. Not even when she's trying to mind her own bizznazz, reading a script or two while she waits to catch a subway in NYC:

I just love that Claire ain't too cool to ride the subway. She really strikes me as a regular person who isn't all wrapped up in "who she is". I'm very excited for her new movie Stardust to come out. Not only is it based on the novel by my fave author ever, Neil Gaiman, but everything I've seen so far looks great. That said, I really hope that the Tori Amos tree from the book appears in the movie. It would really bum me out if she's not in there. Not sure what I'm talking about? Head on over to the official website for Stardust and check it out. [Source]

Whew! Directing looks hard, ya'll. All week long, Madonna has been struggling on the set of her new short film Filth & Wisdom ... here are pics of Maddy taking herself a nice, long break in between shoots:

Photo credit: Splash News

Hopefully this stint as director will deter her from taking on any future like projects ... remember Madonna, music makes the people come together. [Source]

Here are a few pictures from Dita Von Teese's latest burlesque performance for the AMFAR charity event held in Cannes, France earlier this week ... unfortch, it looks very much like the previous burlesque performances that she's been doing for the past couple of years:

I mean, how many times can we see the same thing before we get bored? I dunno, but I think I hit that threshold a while a go. We've already seen the martini glass performance done to death, as well as the carousel horse performance ... I think it's about time that this riding the tube of lipstick shtick get retired as well. I'm still on Team Dita! but homegirl needs to come up with some new material already. [Source]

Courtney Love has gotten her panties in a twist over an ad campaign for Doc Martens shoes that feature her dead husband, Kurt Cobain, sitting on a cloud (presumably in heaven) wearing a pair of Doc Martens boots:

The 42-year-old entertainer was steamed after learning that a new advertising campaign for the footwear company features late husband Kurt Cobain and other iconic punk rockers modeling boots in heaven. The print ads, promoting the manufactuer's AirWair line and only approved for use in the United Kingdom, portrayed the Nirvana star sitting in a cloudbank, clad all in white except for a pair of black boots. A tag line in corner reads: "Dr. Martens. Forever." Similar ads featured the Sex Pistols' Sid Vicious, the Clash's Joe Strummer, and the Ramones' Joey Ramone ... "Courtney never approved the use of these images [for commercial gain] nor would she ever approve it. She knew nothing about it," Love publicist Alan Nierob tells E! Online. The rep said British law, unlike American, appears to allow companies to use the images of dead celebrities without explicit permission from their estates. Nierob said that Love was having her lawyers double check, but added that any suggestion she'd take legal action at this point was "premature." OY! Yeah, anyone who knows anything about Kurt Cobain would realize that he would not be happy appearing in an ad like this. For their part, Doc Marten's have decided to pull the campaign altogether. Here is the message they have posted on their website:

Dr. Martens is very sorry for any offense that has been caused by the publication of images showing dead rock icons wearing Dr. Martens boots. Dr. Martens did not commission the work as it runs counter to our current marketing activities based on FREEDM, which is dedicated to nurturing grass roots creativity and supporting emerging talent. As a consequence, Dr Martens has terminated its relationship with the responsible agency.

Dr. Martens wasn't willing to push the issue. Facing a PR nightmare and backlash from the same fans the company was trying to court, the shoemaker said it was scuttling the campaign ... The "responsible agency," London-based Saatchi & Saatchi, defended the work, saying the photographs of Cobain and company were legally purchased from Corbis, one of the world's largest stock photo companies. "We believe the ads are edgy but not offensive. There has been blog commentary both for and against the ads, but it is our belief that they are respectful of both the musicians and the Dr. Martens brand," said Kate Stanners, the agency's executive creative director.
Yeah, something tells me that if he ads were well-received than the company would have no problem with the ads. In the end, I think it's better that the ads got pulled ... Kurt just looks so sad wearing those boots. [Source]

UPDATE: Joey Ramone's brother has released a statement on behalf of his family regarding this Doc Martens ad fiasco:

Mickey Leigh, brother of the late Joey Ramone, has issued the following statement concerning the seeming endorsement of Doc Martens: "Obviously, we are in the same position as Courtney Love, as well as the Estates of the others depicted (in the ad). We were never consulted about this ad. We were never asked for permission to use Joey's image, or paid for the use of it. As Executor of my brother's estate I never would have approved this ad as Joey never wore these shoes. And, not that my brother was terribly religious, but the fact that he was Jewish, and this ad is not exactly Kosher, makes it that much more inappropriate, inconsiderate and contemptible.

"Though we were about to formulate a statement to the above effect, Courtney certainly has a louder, more influential voice, and I am thrilled that she got through to the them."

Yeah ... it looks like Doc Martens really stepped in it on this one. Word to the wise, leave venerated dead rockers rest in peace.

In other ad-related news, Scarlett Johansson is appearing in another round of Louis Vuitton ads promoting their Fall '07/Winter '08 line:

I think I like these ads infinitely much better than the first set of ads she appeared in. [Source]

And finally, TR Knight is this month's coverboy for the Pride Issue of The Advocate magazine:

Normally, I would not recommend that anyone wear dog but TR kinda makes it work. Thank gawd he got rid of that stupid pink hair dye job he was rockin' last week ... that shizz was fu-ug. [Source]

Les News:
Yesterday evening, David and I had a really amazing dinner at a place called Firefly in Studio City. I think I have passed that restaurant every single day that I've been living here and never noticed it before. The food was superb and the ambiance was really cool. We had a blast.

After dinner we went to the 8pm showing of Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End at the AMC at the Universal Citywalk. Again, I had never been there before but it was a cool place to see the movie ... unfortch we got there too late to get good seats and had to crane our necks from the second row for the whole movie. Overall I liked the flick but I really feel it was about an hour too long:

Now, I am by no means a Pirates connoisseur but the theater was filled with them ... they cheered pretty much every 5 minutes ... which got a bit annoying but I get that they were really enjoying themselves. The movie was fun, when the action picked up, but it took so long to get things going that I started to get a little bored. I realize that there is a lot of story to tell but I'm sure they could've cut a few things to make things happen quicker. The special effects were amazing, as usual, but I was bummed that Davey Jones wasn't as exciting as he was in the last movie. I found him more like a neutered dog this time around. The bit where the gang sprung Jack Sparrow outta Davey Jones' Locker was very cool (that ship flip was great) and I thought the pirate wedding was really cute. The biggest disappointment was Calypso ... I expected something really cool to happen once she got released and then ... basically nothing but crabs and a storm. Boo. Yeah, I liked the movie ... the story was really good and things got tied up well enough to satisfy while leaving enough open for future movies ... I just wish it didn't take almost 3 hours to sit thru.

Tonight, I'm taking David to see Wicked here at the Pantages Theater. Woot! Have a happy weekend! I'm out.