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Friday, June 08, 2007

Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200 ...

... Paris Hilton, you are going back to jail. Judge Michael Sauer has just ordered that Paris Hilton be sent back to jail to serve out the remainder of her sentence:

TMZ is reporting that Paris Hilton, soon to be Inmate #9818783 again, was physically led from the courtroom in tears yelling out "Mom! Mom! Mom!" and screaming "It's not right!" Lord, she will do anything just to get a little attention.

UPDATE: A'ight ... let's take this back just a bit ... the scene this morning both at the courthouse and at Paris Hilton's West Hollywood home was complete madness. There was so much bullshizz going back and forth regarding whether or not Paris was going to have to appear in court or not and then when it was determined that she had to get her ass to court to face the judge, well, things just got more insane. A handcuffed Paris Hilton was led from her home, in front of about a million cameras, into an awaiting police car. Needless to say ... she did not look happy at all:

Photo credit: INFdaily

If anything, this sort of embarrassing display in front of the world's media seems to be the most perfect form of punishment for Paris Hilton over pretty much anything else. Her entire existence is made up of her public image and despite the many, many cracks in her character she has managed to remain a very popular figure in the media. Having her carted around in front of the cameras handcuffed and in tears like a common criminal has a certain poetic justice about it.

BUT ... Judge Michael Sauer could care less about that sort of punishment, he remains adamant that the terms of his original sentence be carried out and that Paris Hilton become, once again, Inmate #9818783. She is prolly on her way back to jail right this very second. It's still unclear just how long she will have to serve in jail because the LA County Sheriff has been using some funny math when determining how much jailtime credit she deserves.

I really hope she made the most of her one day respite from the slammer yesterday ... cuz if she thought she was having a nervous breakdown before all of this insanity today then she's prolly in for a rough next few weeks.


Judgement Day Part II

So how about this Paris Hilton hoopla? I have been distracted all morning long because I've been trying to watch CNN as I prepared today's blog entry and it's just really hard to pay attention to what I'm doing while the news anchors are laughing and joking with one another as they try and report the latest happenings. I'm not even kidding, each of the two anchors seem embarrassed to have to report on this ridiculousness so they keep trying to pass off the reporting duty on each other on live TV! It's funny as hell but also incredibly sad that this is what constitutes "real news" these days. Regarding the latest happenings, at first we were told that Paris Hilton would not be coming into court and would be teleconferenced in for the hearing but once Judge Michael Sauer got wind of this scheme (a scheme cooked by the LA County Sheriff, mind you) he ordered that she be picked up by the police and brought before him in open court ... Paris' hours of freedom may be numbered:

So ... as it stands, we're still waiting for her to show up in court. I don't know that angering the judge bodes well for a favorable outcome on Paris' part. But ... we'll know what the judge has to say on this matter very soon. [Source]

In the meantime, I have to focus and just get on with the rest of the day's goss. While all this crazy shizz is going down in LA, Britney Spears is a million miles away sunnin' her buns in beautiful Hawaii with her constant companion of late, Cousin Allie, and her two sons Sean Preston and Jayden James. I am very happy that Britney is no longer interested in keeping her youngest child hidden away under piles of blankets and is now free to enjoy the warmth of the sun on his little face:

What I love most about these pics is how normal they are. These bikini pics of Britney remind me of the good ol' days when a pre-Federlineized Brit Brit would be photographed hanging out by the pool or at the beach with her friends ... except now, her friends are her babies (and her cousin who we never heard of before just a few months ago). I'm not sure if Britney planned on being out of town while all hell was breaking loose in LA but, for once, she made a very smart decision to get away. I hope she thoroughly enjoys her little vacay away from the madness of LA ... and I hope we get to see more pics of little Jayden James. [Source]

Okay ... let's go back to the Paris Hilton stuff and talk about how things went down yesterday as Paris enjoyed her first day out of jailhouse confinement. Because Paris Hilton was released from jail to house arrest in the wee hours of the morning (I understand it was about 2AM PT), no one was able to see her leaving the jail or entering her home. I bet the sense of relief was pretty overpowering for her when she walked in her front door yesterday morning ... I bet she thought she got away with murder:

As it turned out, she may not have really gotten away with anything other than pissing off the judge who sentenced her ... but let's assume for the moment that none of the legal wrangling is going on and she was just back home, sweet home.

Even tho we didn't get to see Paris show off her beautiful new ankle bracelet yesterday (a bracelet you can learn all about at the Popular Mechanics website, seriously) we were able to see a pretty steady stream of visitors and deliveries stopping by her pad all day long. Of course, Paris' parents, Kathy and Rick Hilton, just had to stop by to say hello to their little jailbird:

Photo credit: Splash News & Mavrix

I'm actually surprised they didn't look happier. I would imagine that at that point yesterday they would've been ecstatic that their precious daughter had seemingly gotten away with, what essentially boils down to, the socialite coup of the century. [Source, Source]

In any regard, because the LA County Sheriff's Department didn't put any restrictions on Paris' house arrest (ie. she was allowed to enjoy as many guests as she wanted in her home) her closest friends and well-wishers began to swing by her place as the day wore on:

Photo credit: Splash News & Mavrix

Additionally, Paris received many gifts of food and flowers from her loved ones and supporters. So Paris went from suffering in a cold, loud jail cell to lounging in her luxurious West Hollywood house as she received presents and party guests. Yeah, that sounds like celebrity justice to me. I'm just amazed how some people can't see the folly in this mockery of justice. But, I digress ... I'm sure Paris Hilton kept the party going for as long as she could ... er, you know, until that nasty pissed off judge thing happened late yesterday afternoon. [Source, Source]

One last thing before I move on ... someone sent me the cover of Tuesday's New York Post because it looked very familiar to them:

:) I love that the New York Post was showin' Pink is the new Blog the lurve!! [Source]

Last night Lion's Gate Films threw a huge screening/premiere for their new movie Hostel Part II which opens wide in theaters today. Director Eli Roth and stars Heather Matarazzo, Bijou Phillips, Lauren German among others (including me -- Woot!) were all on hand for the premiere at Mann's Chinese Theater in Hollywood ... here are a few pics from the red carpet:

Photo credit: Wireimage

The premiere itself was so much fun ... I can't even tell you how great a time I had last night. The movie tickets came bundled together in little passport books and the theater itself had tables set up with torture implements and other fun party favors. You could tell that everyone involved with the film was so excited for the event ... it felt like prom. Eli and the ladies were glowing on the red carpet ... it was just a really fun experience. I'll have my little review of the movie further down in today's post. [Source]

Well, it appears that all the apologies and all the public service announcements made by Isaiah Washington in the wake of his widely publicized homophobic remarks against fellow cast mate TR Knight on the set of Grey's Anatomy didn't do much for his career with the show in the long run. A series producer for ABC Television Studios announced yesterday that Isaiah's contract was not being renewed for the next season of Grey's. His ass was fired, y'all:

Isaiah Washington has lost his job on the hit ABC medical drama "Grey's Anatomy," five months after creating a furor with his use of an anti-gay slur. Washington's contract option was not renewed for next season, series producer ABC Television Studios said Thursday. "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore," Washington said in a statement released through his publicist, Howard Bragman, without elaboration. He drew fire after using the anti-gay epithet backstage at the Golden Globe Awards in January while denying he'd used it previously on the set against cast mate T.R. Knight. Gay rights groups and cast member Katherine Heigl, who publicly denounced Washington, were among his most vocal critics. "This is something that will have changed the scope of his life," Heigl told Entertainment Weekly last month. Washington was "sorry and embarrassed" for the mistake, she said. Washington tried to make amends and said he was seeking therapy. He also met with officials from the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network and the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation and filmed a public service announcement in which he said "words have power" to hurt or heal. The May finale of "Grey's Anatomy" opened the door for the departure of his character. Now, to be fair, I don't watch the show so I have no opinion on what his character's departure might mean for the show but I can absolutely understand why the show's producers would want to eliminate such a toxic person from their show. It was plainly obvious that many of the Grey's cast members were extremely offended by Washington's homophobic tirade on set (chief among them, I think, was Katherine Heigl who made no secret that she was grossly offended) and that he prolly wouldn't be missed if they let him go. While it's commendable that Washtington would go to any lengths to try and repair the damage done, I guess it just wasn't enough. Something tells me this won't be the last we hear from Isaiah Washington ... but I wouldn't really be surprised if his career eventually sputtered out and died completely. [Source]

Kanye West celebrated his 30th birthday in New York City last night (altho his birthday is actually today) as only Kanye West could do ... at a Louis Vuitton store, natch! Here are a few pics from his faboo LV soiree:

Photo credit: Wireimage

I can't deny that this party looks pimp as hell. Who celebrates their birthday at a Louis Vuitton store? Kanye West, that's who. My hat is off to the man ... he really knows how to party in style. Happy Birthday, Kanye. [Source]

Here are a few more pictures of Lindsay Lohan workin' out her stresses as she spends some more time away from the Promises Rehab Facility in Malibu, CA where she has been seeking addiction treatment for the past couple of weeks:

Photo credit: Splash News

Again, I must stress that it is really good seeing her look happy and healthy. I was concerned that L. Lo's free pass to leave rehab might be abused but it really does seem like she's focused on getting better. I'm worried that plans for a big 21st birthday blowout in Las Vegas are still in the works but I guess Hollywood "It" Girls will be Hollywood "It" Girls. [Source]

In other Lohan news, Lindsay's father Michael Lohan appeared in a Florida court yesterday to continue his mission to attain visitation rights with his younger children Ali and Cody:

Photo credit: Splash News

One would hope that this father's crusade was borne of an actual love of the children but it's easy to see how that might not really be the whole case. On the one hand you have the convicted felon dad trying to get his hands on his kids while they are being cared for by the, shall we say, enterprising "mom-ager", Ms. Dina Lohan, who is hard at work trying to sell her children off to reality tv. Hmm ... maybe it would be better if Lindsay became the sole custodian of her siblings ... could she really do any worse than mom and pop? [Source]

Here are a few pictures of Sarah Jessica Parker at the NYC launch of her new budget clothing line Bitten:

I really hope that big ass necklace is part of the Bitten line because I have $2 burning a hole in my pocket and I have to buy a gift for Adriana since today is her birthday. [Source]

Here are pictures of Ryan Gosling ... who has been spending some time in Washington DC ... um, to do ... something ... for some organization ... or something ...

... yeah, I'm sorry ... I can't focus with all this bearded hotness going on here ... let's just move on ... [Source]

Jesse Metcalfe has been spending some time poolside in Florida these past few days and well ... here he is:

Photo credit: INFdaily

Yeah, I think Yum! pretty much sums it up. [Source]

Robbie Williams still fancies himself a soccer player ... here are pictures of Robbie playing with his Santa Monica soccer team yesterday afternoon:

Photo credit: Splash News

He may be no Becks but he does have moves of his own. And you just know that he just loves running around in his little soccer kit. [Source]

Kelly Clarkson is featured in the new issue of Elle magazine ... here are a couple pics:

I quite like the first one, I really hate the second. See, I just don't think it's a good idea for Kelly to be playing up the mannish side of her. If she really thinks she has to bite off Sanjaya's style then she's got serious probs. [Source]

And last, but not least, I have to send out all my Birthday Lurve to my dear Adriana who turns one year older today:

Now, I really don't want to put her on blast by broadcasting her age but I'll just say that she and Kanye West have more than just mad rapping skills and a fabulous sense of style in common. I hope you have a kickass day, AY .. I love you! XOXO

Les News:
So last night was the big Hostel Part II premiere and I spent pretty much the entire day psyching myself up for the big event. I was really excited to be attending the premiere but I was pretty sure that Eli Roth's movie was going to try and do some great psychological damage to my head. I really love horror films but, truth be told, I end up watching much of the goriest scenes from between my fingers ... Hostel Part II was no exception:

The movie itself was gross as hell and is a great compliment to the first Hostel movie. It's called Part II because the second movie picks up right where the first one left off. Since the boys were the ones who got slashed to pieces in the first movie, this time it is the girls' turn. Now, I simply cannot tell you what horrible things happen to the people in the movie, you must see it for yourself. But I will say that there are many cringe-worthy moments thruout the film, there is much explanation of the Hostel backstory and the movie's climax left me ... aching. Heather Matarazzo was so sweet in the movie ... so you know what that means for the character. There is so much built-up anticipation for her big scene ... it was really hard to watch. Bijou Phillips and Lauren German were great as well ... you can actually sympathize with their characters first, because you as the audience know what's coming and second, because they're not assholes like the guys in the first movie were. If you enjoyed Hostel, you're gonna love Part II -- Hello, there is gratuitous nudity both female and male so what's not to love?

The afterparty was really, really fun. Mike came along with me and we got to hang out with the members of the cast. Here are a few pics from the premiere and afterparty at the Roosevelt Hotel last night:

Eli Roth is seriously the coolest guy on Earth! He is so down-to-Earth that meeting him was an absolute pleasure. I have to send out lots and lots of love to Jean & the Danielles and everyone else at Lion's Gate for taking such good care of Mike and me last night. You guys are the best ... thank you so much for everything.

After the Hostel party, Mike and I tried to make our way to the Instinct magazine party but we missed it ... so we settled on drinks at the Abbey and called it a night. Twas fun, twas fun.

So yeah ... I guess that is all ... this afternoon I'll be spending my time waiting for David to arrive from NYC and waiting to see if Paris Hilton is going back to jail. I'll have an update on that one no matter which way it turns out.

Happy Weekend! I'm out.



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