Saturday, June 23, 2007

Take The Bad With The Good

It would seem that there is trouble afoot in Spearsland these days with burgeoning rumors of a failed reconciliation and a delayed album. But, never fear, the news isn't all bad because there is a new report that Britney Spears is planning to take the stage again very soon. First off, let's get the bad stuff out of the way before we get to the goodies. has been updated a touch since the last time it was amended. You may recall that Britney posted a message to her fans asking that they help her decide the name of her new album. That same message is still on the site but the title has been highlighted and a new bit of text has been added at the bottom:

The title "You'll Never See It My Way, Because You're Not Me" has been highlighted in pink and a new message which reads, "Mother to Grandmother, and my my, you're grand" has also been added in pink. It would appear that all the pink text is meant to be read together most probably as a direct message from Britney (mother) to Lynne Spears (grandmother). Brit and her moms came together a couple of weeks ago in, what was widely interpreted as, a reconciliatory meeting but the two haven't been seen together since. I hadn't really thought about it but it now seems clear that things must not have gone well in or since that meeting. There are even rumors circulating that Britney's recent visit to her lawyer's office had to do with her desire to seek a retraining order against her estranged mother. I don't know how much stock I put in that rumor but the whole matter is a bit sad. [Source]

In happier news, Britney Spears has finally deigned to allow her youngest son Jayden James to be photographed face on:

And he can finally officially get his 'Sup Bitches! photo (which is long overdue). OY! He is so cute ... it's a shame she kept him hidden for so long. [Source]

In other Britney news, Life & Style magazine is reporting that Britney's long-awaited new album has been pushed back to 2008 quoting Leslie Sloane Zelnik, Britney's sometime publicist:

Brit's on-again, off-again rep, Leslie Sloane Zelnik, tells Life & Style that the release of Britney's new album -- which she seems to have been working on forever and was due out this fall — has been delayed until sometime in 2008. "I put her on hiatus," Zelnik says. "Brit's album is pushed until '08. If she has no album, there's no reason to do anything. I'm representing her in theory right now. I said that since the album is pushed back until '08, let's go on hiatus until we have a campaign to do." A music-industry insider says the album is delayed because Britney's struggling creatively. "I'm surprised the album wasn't pushed back to '09 — everything's up in the air with the album right now," the insider says. "Jive [Records, Brit's label] hated the songs Britney was coming up with, except for a few. The executives are not happy. And she didn't want to listen to anyone. Everything was a problem for her. They wanted her to work with certain people, and she wanted the opposite."

BUT, Entertainment Tonight is reporting that this story is incorrect:

"New reports today suggest [Britney's] album is being postponed until 2008. But ET has confirmed with Britney's rep that the story is not true and even her record label calls the whole thing gossip."

I sincerely hope that the album is not delayed any longer than it need be. Her patient fans have waited a long time but they prolly will not wait forever.

AND finally, the last and best Brit news so far, Britney has announced that she will be performing at the True Colors Concert with Cyndi Lauper, Debbie Harry, et al. when the tour closes here at the Greek Theater in LA on June 30th:

Nearly two months after her Southern California mini-tour in early May, Britney Spears is getting ready to hit the stage again. June 30 at L.A.'s Greek Theatre, she's due to join Cyndi Lauper, Erasure, Debbie Harry, The Dresden Dolls, The MisShapes with special guest Jeffree Star and host Margaret Cho live onstage for the "True Colors" concert tour, Spears's choreographer, Misha Gabriel, tells PEOPLE. Friday at the Millennium Dance Complex in North Hollywood, the pop star held final callbacks to find the two male backup dancers she'll add to her act. Only snag, she never showed up. The plan had been for Spears to select two guys (out of 21) to join her in the choreographic number she'll perform at the Greek. Instead, however, she put her two longtime trusted female backup dancers – Criscilla Crossland and Lark – in charge of the process. The two videotaped all the aspirants, for Spears to observe and select at a later time ... Those who were put through paces that day did so to Spears's new, as-yet unreleased song. As dancer Sam Pete, 25, described the tune to PEOPLE: "It was dope. It reminded me of that one song you hear at 1:50 a.m., when they call last call at a club, and it's the hottest, nastiest song you've ever heard in your life and you've just got to put your drink down and dance to it. You've got no choice. You're body is insisting on it."

HOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLA! Because of all of my travels I missed seeing Britney Spears live the last time she hit the stage back in May but I already secured my tickets for the True Colors Tour stop here in LA next weekend. I am SOOO excited! Not only will I get to see Britney live on stage (after so many years) but I will also get to see her perform a new song! I think this calls for a Woot! Woot!

Okay ... moving on. Good news for Paris Hilton, the LA County Sheriff's Department has announced that she will be released from jail on Tuesday June 26. The bad news for Paris is that she will have to spend one more weekend in the clink:

Paris Hilton will leave jail on Tuesday after serving 23 days of the original 45-day sentence imposed by a judge for violating probation, sheriff's officials said Friday. The total term takes into account 22 days of credit for good behavior. "There was some confusion as to whether it would be Monday or Tuesday, and we just wanted to let people know what was happening," says sheriff's Sgt. Duane Allen, Jr. Records specialists calculated her actual release date, based on Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Michael Sauer's orders, and it is June 26. She can be released any time of day or night. And so, Paris Hilton's long struggle with incarceration is nearing a close. I was convinced that she would be released sometime over the weekend at about 2AM in an attempt to avoid the media spotlight but it now seems that won't be the case. Heh, at this point I wouldn't be surprised if she got sprung at exactly 12AM on Tuesday. It's only a matter of days now. [Source]

UPDATE: Word is that CNN's Larry King Live will have the first interview with Paris Hilton on Wednesday night.

Shia LeBeouf, Megan Fox, Tyrese and Josh Duhamel were all in attendance at a screening of their new movie Transformers at Empire Leicester Square in London yesterday. Here are a few pics from the red carpet:

Photo credit: Wireimage

The promo for the film is heating up as the official release date gets closer. I have stopped looking for and watching any new trailers or videos for the film so that I can see the movie fresh. As y'all know, I have very high hopes for this movie. I'm a long-time Transformers fan and I really want to love the film. I guess, very soon, we'll all find out if the movie lives up to the hype. [Source]

Day 1 of the Glastonbury Festival is already in the can and despite the moist, muddiness that festival goers had to contend with, I understand that it was a roaring success. Amy Winehouse, Super Furry Animals and Bjork, who reveals that she loves playing festivals because she loves singing outdoors, were among the performers yesterday. Here are a few pics from Bjork's Glastonbury performance, her first in 13 years:

Photo credit: Wireimage

The last and only time Bjork performed at the Glastonbury festival was in 1994, but it might as well be a lifetime away for her, "I can't remember anything about it. Somebody had to remind me!" ... "Although Glastonbury is exceptional in terms of how big and excessive it is, I like festivals generally and get excited about them because my favourite thing is to play outdoors. You feel as if you are part of nature, and I have always loved that." Love her! [Source]

Here are the first pictures of the newly reunited members of No Doubt as they were found together at a secret recording studio in LA yesterday, presumably working on new material for a new No Doubt album:

Photo credit: Celebrity Babylon

While it is entirely possible that Gwen Stefani, Tony Kanal, Adrian Young, and Tom Dumont were at the studio together collaborating on new material it seems more likely that they were rehearsing for a surprise No Doubt performance ... [Source]

... like the one that took place at Gwen Stefani's solo concert stop at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in Irvine, CA last night:

The relatively "secret" No Doubt performance took place as the encore after Gwen completed her solo show last night. The band played 3 songs -- Just A Girl, Spiderwebs and It's My Life (click HERE to watch a very short clip). Earlier in the day, the band rehearsed those 3 songs along with Hella Good and Sunday Morning. The band just recently announced that they would begin work on a new album and here they are already playing together again. Here's hoping we'll get to hear some new music very soon! [Source]

Eddie Murphy was snapped on the set of his new movie Starship Dave, which is currently filming in Central Park in NYC, looking a wee bit worse for the wear on the very day that DNA testing proved that he is the father of Melanie Brown's baby Angel Iris Murphy Brown:

Photo credit: Splash News

When asked by photogs for a comment on the DNA results, Eddie replied that we would be giving no curbside interviews. Woooo, you just know that Thanksgivings with the Murphy-Browns are gonna be fun. [Source]

Hayden Panettiere graces the cover of this year's Entertainment Weekly EW 100/Must List issue which is on newsstands now:

Behold, a new reigning queen of the Hollywood "It" Girls! All hail. [Source]

And finally, it's time for this week's batch of photos sent in by Pink is the new Blog readers -- Yaya sends in a photo with her college roommates Jo and Kate on their graduation day from Harvard University -- Dianna sends in a pic with some friends at their graduation from Girls State in Oklahoma -- new Mrs. Lauren sends in a pic with her new hubby Eric from their honeymoon in Kenya and Tanzania -- Jen sends in a pic of her good friend Christy from Albany, GA who is on bed rest until the birth of her baby boy in August -- Julie sends in a pic of her daughter Caitlin who has recently become an official 2nd grader (and who knows how to rock a tiara) -- Silvia sends in a pic all the way from Italy in celebration of her 30th birthday:

Much love and congrats to you all. Graduations and babies and birthdays and honeymoons ... it looks like there are a lot of very happy, accomplished Pink readers out there. Thank you very much for taking the time to share the good times with all of us. Much, much love to everyone for sending in your amazing pictures. XOXO

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