Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Free At Last! Free At Last!

Thank Gawd Almighty, Paris Hilton is Free At Last! After, what seems like, the longest 23 days EVER, Paris Hilton is once again a free woman. Just as I suspected, Paris was sprung from the Century Regional Detention Facility at just after 12AM this morning into the awaiting arms of family, friends and a melee of media folk. Here are pictures of an elated looking Paris enjoying her first moments of freedom as she made her way out of the Lynwood facility and into the throngs of waiting admirers:

Beaming for the cameras, Paris Hilton walked out of jail Tuesday morning after serving what she has called a life-changing sentence for violating probation in an alcohol-related driving case. Shortly after midnight, a smiling Hilton – her hair in a long ponytail and wearing an olive jacket, white shirt and jeans – was escorted by deputies out of the jail complex's door. She waved to a crowd of nearly 200 reporters, photographers and others, and walked up to a waiting Escalade carrying her parents. "Mom!" she said as she embraced her mother at the car. After she got in, the chauffeured car then drove off with a swarm of photographers in its wake. Her release was broadcast live by cable news networks and local stations. Before leaving the jail building, she had gone into a public restroom to change into her street clothes, said sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore. Paris Hilton is Inmate #9818783 no longer ... now, it remains to be seen whether or not she has learned her lesson from this incarceration. As I've said before, I believe it's possible for Paris to change her ways but whether or not that actually happens is another story. At least the threat of more jail time will prolly hold more sway over her decision-making process than it prolly did before. [Source]

But, for now Paris Hilton is finally back home, safe and secure in the comforts of her own luxury home. Here are a few pictures of Paris's happy reunion with her family outside the Lynwood facility:

Photo credit: Wireimage & INFdaily

Obvs mama Kathy Hilton was there to embrace her dear Paris upon her release but her little brother Baron also showed up for her release ... bringing flowers and balloons along to help cheer up the mood. Ain't that sweet? Papa Rick Hilton was stuffed into the backseat but I think that Nicky Hilton opted to stay home. [Source, Source]

TMZ has released a sketch and hand-written letter that Paris whipped up for Harvey Levin, thanking him for his "fair and unbiased reporting" thruout her stint in jail:

Dear Harvey,

I just wanted to thank you for your fair and unbiased reporting of the events in my case. I truly appreciate it. I think TMZ is a great website because of it's reputation for accurately reporting the facts.

Thank you

Paris Hilton

Does this woman's artistic talents know no bounds? I am most impressed with the details in the sketch ... I am quite sure that no pay phone has ever been so accurately rendered in sketch-form ever! [Source]

PrettyontheOutside.com has high hopes that Paris Hilton will take up a new habit now that she has paid her debt to society:

One can only hope ... one can only hope. [Source]

Okay ... there are other things going on today ... let's get to them. Here are new pictures of Britney Spears out on a little shopping jaunt this week. As you can see, Britney is happily rockin' her new darker locks. Here are pics of Brit Brit inside a store trying on some new clothes for size ... unfortch, the poor dear stepped out from behind the dressing room curtain without remembering to cover up her boobies:

Photo credit: Splash News

To be fair, Britney prolly didn't realize that a paparazzo had his telephoto lens trained on her every move as she tried on clothes in that dressing room but she prolly shouldn't be popping out from behind any public dressing room without wearing a top. [Source]

In nicer Britney news, Pink reader Veronica stumbled upon Britney Spears at her local neighborhood Starbucks in Panorama City, CA last week (before Brit dyed her hair black) and managed to snap a couple of camera phone pics of Britney as she mingled with the folks in the coffee shop:

Veronica tells me that they don't get many celeb sightings in Panorama City so she, as a huge Britney fan, was very excited to see her. She also mentioned that Britney stopped to take a picture with a little girl before running off to a black car that was waiting for her (Veronica guessed Cousin Allie was in the car). [thanks Veronica]

Christian Bale, his lucky ass wife Sibi Blazic and Heath Ledger were among the folks on hand for a special premiere of Rescue Dawn at Radio City Music Hall in NYC last night ... here are a few pics:

Photo credit: Splash News

From what I understand, the movie isn't due out until August so this was a special early screening of the film. Christian Bale plays a (hot) Vietnam veteran who must deal with the aftereffects of being shot down in combat. Heath Ledger was a surprise guest at last night's screening and prolly showed up to support his Batman co-star on his big night. I shant mention that Christian appears to be wearing way too much make-up in these pics because he is hot no matter what. [Source]

Mandy Moore, John Krasinski, Robin Williams and others were on hand for the Hollywood premiere of their new movie License to Wed at the Arc Light in LA last night. Here are a few pics from that red carpet:

Photo credit: Splash News

I love Mandy Moore and I quite like John Krasinski (despite the fact that I don't watch The Office) but I'm not sure this movie is for me. Robin Williams tends to play the same character in these types of films and while some of his jokes are funny, a vast majority of them are not. The trailer looks cute but I fear that it shows all the funny parts (like the MC Hammer bit). For this one, I may wait a bit to see if it's worth checking out in the theaters. [Source]

Here are a few more pics of David Beckham on the football field with Reggie Bush of the New Orleans Saints as they shoot an Adidas ad in Madrid, Spain:

Hee hee, I still think Becks looks funny in all the football gear (doesn't he look like a little boy playing dress up?) but I can't wait to see what the final product looks like. [Source]

Here is a fun video of Becks and Reggie Bush paling around on the field:

Woot! Love it! It's gonna be so kickass having David Beckham in the US on a semi-permanent basis :D

In other commercial news, here are pictures of Brad Pitt on the Prague set of his new commercial for the Soft Bank Japanese telecommunication company earlier this week:

Photo credit: INFdaily

Amorous hubby, doting father and Japanese telecommunications commercial spokesperson all in one lucious package. What more could you ask for? [Source]

Madonna is back in NYC this week and yesterday was spotted hanging out with Carlos Leon, her sometimes trainer and the father of her first child Lourdes:

Photo credit: INFdaily

It's nice that Maddy can stay so close with her babydaddy like this. You'd think it'd be weird for her to spend time with her ex-lover now that she has a whole new life, in a whole new country with a whole new man. As for Carlos, he's prolly got a phat life, being the father of Madonna's firstborn and only daughter and all. [Source]

Here are a few pics of Kylie Minogue as she spends some relaxing downtime at the Italian villa owned by her very good friends Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana earlier this week:

Photo credit: Splash News

It's great that Kylie is spending some time chillin' out instead of workin' all the time. I'm very glad that she's hard at work on new music but I hope that she does take care of herself as well. I'm sure Dolce & Gabbana are doing everything they can to take good care of her. [Source]

Here is the only picture that was snapped inside Prince's opening night performance at The Roosevelt hotel this past weekend:

Photo credit: Wireimage

Homie looks like it's just he against the music. I can't wait to see him perform on Thursday night!!!! [Source]

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are bravely venturing out in public as the happy-looking couple as they openly show their love to the world -- hand-in-hand:

Photo credit: Flynet

These are among the only pictures where either of them looks happy. I hope they finally get over this bitter, pissed-off and shy thing for the sake of the success of their relationship. Long live Jess-Tin! [Source]

Here are a few more Roberto Cavalli Fall/Winter '07 ads which feature Kate Moss as one of their new spokespeople:

You may recall that Kate's man, Pete Doherty, is the other spokesperson for the Fall/Winter campaign but, thus far, there haven't been any new photos of him released (besides the ones we saw before). I gotta say, I quite like these pics of Kate. She's not one of my fave models but she does look pretty good in this campaign. [Source]

And finally, the Harry Potter kids came together in London recently for a photocall to promote the new movie Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix which is only weeks away from release. Here is a picture of the kiddies from the first movie and then a pic of them now:

My, how quickly kids grow up these days. It's still a bit difficult to picture little Harry Potter all grown up and posing nude on the theater stage. From what I understand, there'll be a whole lotta hormones flying about in the new Harry Potter movie ... and I'm not quite sure how I feel about it. [Source]

Les News:
David and I spent a nice (hot) day out in the city yesterday. We ate lunch at an amazing little Cuban place in SoHo called Cubana Cafe. People, if you're looking for a delicious meal of Cuban food and drink you must check this place out. I loved it! It's on Thompson between Prince and Spring streets ... you won't be sorry.

David finally picked up the Puma bike he's been talking about and then last night we took a nice walk in the Village for dessert.

But, my trip is already over ... I fly back to LA tonight. So, I'll be comin' atcha from the West Side from here on out. Have a great day! And stay cool NYC, it's supposed to get into the mid 90's today.

I'm out.