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Monday, July 02, 2007

Sicko & Tired

Just when you thought there might be a glimmer of hope in the reconciliation between Britney Spears and her mother Lynne Spears we hit another snag. Yesterday I posted a newslink that led to a People magazine story where Mama Lynne talked about how Britney was coming home for the Spears 4th of July BBQ ... but today, we're getting word that Britney ain't going nowhere near that BBQ. Boo. If Britney Spears is so angry that she'd turn down BBQ chicken, then things must be worse than I thought. In happy news, she got herself some new hair (or, more likely, just flat ironed the hair she already had). Here are pics of Britney out in Malibu, CA with her new 'do:

Photo credit: INFdaily & X17

Three days after Britney Spears handed her mother a reportedly upsetting letter, Lynne Spears is holding out hope to mend their rift. "Everything is going to be fine," she told PEOPLE while shopping in Kentwood, La. "I've got a strong family, and everything is going to be fine." Spears, who was picking up groceries at a local store on Sunday, also said that "hopefully" daughter Britney will make it to a family cookout in their hometown for the Fourth of July holiday ... On Sunday [Britney] spoke to reporters about her mother outside Sushi House Unico in Bel Air, where she had dined alone on edamame and coffee. "I'm praying for her right now. [I hope] she gets all the help she needs," Spears said. Whether the two can overcome their differences, she said, "In time, who knows what will happen?" Spears also insinuated that she likely would not go to Kentwood for the holiday, saying, "I don't know. I like it here." Yeah, methinks the reconciliation ain't gonna happen at the Spears 4th of July BBQ -- chicken or no chicken. At least Britney seems open to mending fences at some point in the future ... she seems willing to forgive and forget -- someday. [Source, Source]

Paris Hilton spent another day 'o fun down in Hawaii enjoying her first weekend of freedom since her release from jail ... and it would seem that Miss Hilton was trying on a new look for size:

Photo credit: Big Pictures & INFdaily

When she wasn't shopping for saintly scarves, she was shopping for pretty much everything else in sight (and I'm actually shocked that she's yet to get an iPhone) before heading back to the beach to do a little boogie boarding. I can't remember the last time I saw Paris looking this happy ... love her or hate her, you gotta admit that at least she paid her debt to society and seems to really be appreciating her life. Stay clean, Paris. [Source, Source]

Lindsay Lohan has successfully completed her stint at the Promises Rehab Facility in Malibu, CA this weekend and is now runnin' loose on the streets of LA once again. This time, tho, I am really pullin' for her to keep her nose clean (as it were) and out of trouble. Because she was such a good girl in rehab, Lindsay emerged from her treatment program and treated herself to a brand new iPhone (eat that, Paris):

Photo credit: X17

Something tells me that she didn't have to wait in any lines to get that phone either. I'm all for Lindsay rewarding herself for good behavior. I'm a huge fan of her not dying. [Source]

Additionally, today is Lindsay Lohan's 21st birthday! At long last, she is legal ... and, thankfully, Linds opted out of having a big blow-out birthday party and instead plans on celebrating sober. She couldn't get a better gift than that:

I sincerely hope that Lindsay Lohan has many, many, many more birthdays to celebrate in her LONG life. I'm sending her much love and warm wishes for a safe and very happy birthday. [Source]

OH, and the Thigh Master sends his love, too.

Here are a few pics of David Beckham at the Concert for Diana that took place at Wembley Stadium in London, England yesterday. Becks was on hand to introduce Take That and then watched the rest of the concert with his children and wife Victoria:

As you can tell, Becks brought the hawtness, little Cruz brought the cuteness and Posh brought her rib cage and decided to show it off. Someone needs to tell her that the skeletal look is way over ... that shizz goes back to the summer of The SkeletwinzTM which was 2 years ago. So over, it's okay to eat something now. Some folk are giving Becks a hard time for his blond hair and darker facial hair but I kinda like it. I don't care what color it is ... face stubble all feels the same ... le sigh. [Source]

Here are a couple pictures of Prince William and his ex-girlfriend Kate Middleton in curiously close proximity at the Concert for Diana yesterday:

I'm telling you ... there is something going on between these two. They're keepin' it on the downlow to try and escape media intrusion but something tells me that they're still doing the nasty. You can tell by the sparkle in Kate's eyes ;) [Source]

Yesterday we saw pics of Eva Longoria and hubby-to-be Tony Parker enjoying some time on a yacht in St. Tropez in the days leading up to their wedding (you may recall that Tony and his male buddies where showing each other their bare asses). Not to be outdone, here are pictures of Rebecca Gayhart and hubby Eric Dane on a yacht of their own in Porto Cervo, Sardinia playing a game of touchy-feely ... and then a game of boobs on parade:

Photo credit: INFdaily

Woot! It looks like Rebecca is grabbin' herself a nice handful of McSteamy -- the lucky beyotch! What is with all these celebs gettin' nekkid on yachts as if they can escape the ever present eye of the paparazzi. They should know, they're never out of the public eye ... [Source]

... just as Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo who are now trying to sue Life & Style magazine from publishing photos of the two of them having "hard core sex" in a hot tub together down in Mexico. Hmm ... if there are pictures of them having sex, you know there's a video of it as well. I wouldn't be surprised if one day we got to see 1 Night in Vanessa.

Here are pictures of a completely un-madeup Nicole Richie as she made her way thru LAX airport:

Hahhahahaha, I love me some Nicole but she is really workin' the frumpy vibe in these pics. I guess even the best of us can't be glamorous all the time. [Source]

Matthew McConaughey may have wrapped his new movie Surfer Dude but that doesn't mean that he'll be puttin' on his shirt anytime soon ... or even quitting the beach for that matter. Here are pics of Matty enjoying some good ol' fun on the beach over the weekend:

Photo credit: Flynet

He is *such* a dude. Hahahahaha ... I just heart him. [Source]

Here are a couple pictures of Jessica Biel's arrival at Prince's 3121 show at The Roosevelt Hotel on Friday night (the same show that I was at) who showed up Justin Timberlakeless since he is bizzy on tour:

It's interesting that Jessica is a big Prince fan, especially since her new boyfriend made such a stink about Prince's joking comments about his song SexyBack. You may recall that Prince started telling his Las Vegas audiences that Justin was wrong about "bringing SexyBack" because "sexy never left". Then JT got all bitchy and claimed that Prince was just "hating on him" cuz Prince "didn't come up with it" (he even sings this in Timbaland's song Give It To Me). LOL -- I find it very hard to believe that Prince is sweating a little boy like Justin Timberlake especially when JT's girlfriend left him on the road to fly home and see Prince perform live instead. [Source]

Incidentally, here's a quick update on the FREE copies of Prince's new album Planet Earth that is scheduled to be given away for free in the UK in a couple of weeks. As I understand it, the CD is still going to be given away BUT Sony BMG has decided that it WILL NOT SELL COPIES OF THE ALBUM AT ALL IN THE UK in retaliation for this free promotion:

Prince's new album "Planet Earth" will not be distributed in the U.K. by Sony BMG as contracted because a British newspaper struck a side deal with Prince's reps to give the CD away for free ... "The Prince album will not be released in the U.K.," the spokesperson says. "It's a one-off situation." According to Billboard, Sony BMG's action is in direct response to a deal the Mail newspaper is understood to have sealed with Prince's representatives, which will see the 10-track CD distributed as a "covermount" with an unspecified edition of the newspaper ... Furthermore, the album will be distributed free to thousands of fans who purchase tickets to his 21-date "Earth Tour" run at London's new O2 Arena beginning Aug. 1. Prior to confirmation of the Columbia deal, Prince last month announced plans to give-away copies of the album with tickets to those string of shows.

This appears to be an attempt by Prince's record label to punish him financially for wanting to give away cds. SO, if you live in the UK and you want Prince's new album, you better pick up the Mail on Sunday on July 15th so you don't miss out. Something tells me that Prince won't be sweating this bullshizz either ... all he has to do is strike a deal with another record company.

Sarah Michelle Gellar was on hand for the launch of the world famous Summer Sale at Harrod's department store in London, England this weekend ... here are a few pictures:

Photo credit: Splash News

I dunno what those mangy dogs have to do with the Harrod's Summer Sale (or SMG for that matter) but she does look faboo in these pics. Hot! [Source]

Here are a few pics of an LA 7-Eleven store that has been transformed into a real-life Kwik-E-Mart, just like in The Simpsons:

Photo credit: Splash News

As far as movie promos go, this one is pretty damn cool. 7-Elevens all over the country are getting this one-time only make-over in order to generate buzz for the new Simpsons movie due out in a few weeks. Sooo cool! [Source]

In sad news, I have to send out a heartfelt Peace the Spork Out to Captain America ... a real American hero (oh wait, that's actually G.I. Joe ... sorry Cappy!). Capt. America died bravely standing up for SuperHeroes's rights and will be laid to rest in Arlington National Cemetery in Washington DC on July 4th, 2007:

It's a funeral fit for a superhero. In the drizzling rain at Arlington National Cemetery, thousands of grieving patriots solemnly watch as the pall bearers — Iron Man, the Black Panther, Ben Grimm and Ms. Marvel — carry a casket draped with an American flag. Yes, folks, Captain America is dead and buried in the latest issue of Marvel Comics, due on newsstands the morning after Independence Day. After 66 years of battling villains from Adolf Hitler to the Red Skull, the red, white and blue leader of the Avengers was felled by an assassin's bullet on the steps of a New York federal courthouse. He was headed to court after refusing to sign the government's Superhero Registration Act, a move that would have revealed his true identity. A sniper who fired from a rooftop was captured as police and Captain America's military escort were left to cope with chaos in the streets. But the sniper didn't act alone, and didn't even fire the shot that killed the captain ... Marvel says you never know what will happen. He may make it back from the dead after all, although Loeb says that question isn't really important right now. "The question is, how does the world continue without this hero?" he said. "If that story of his return gets told further down the line, great. But everyone's still been dealing with his loss. "They aren't going to wake up and it's a dream, like it's some episode of Dallas." If you recall, DC comics maimed Batman and killed off Superman in the early 90's only to have them both come back from their "ailments" and eventually return to peak physical strength (the death of Superman even generated a few new Supermans who still survive to this day) ... so something tells me that we haven't seen the last of Capt. America. In the interim, he will be missed. [Source]

And finally, to end on a lighter note, Abercrombie & Fitch want to remind you that it's never too early to start shopping for Back to School clothing ... as their stores have started stocking the new fall line:

And with the new fall line comes a new crop of scantily clad photos of megahot models hardly wearing any A&F clothing at all. Wee! [Source]

Les News:
Yesterday afternoon, Mike and I met up with Kirsten and Darion at the Arc Light where we saw Michael Moore's new movie/documentary Sicko. Honestly, I wasn't planning on seeing this movie but I let Darion pick so that's what we saw. To say that I was shocked into silence would be an understatement. It doesn't matter what you think about Michael Moore as a person, I still urge you to see this movie and be shocked just as I was:

I was under the impression that the movie was all about the thousands of people in the US who don't have medical insurance and it's really not (even tho the movie does touch on that subject a bit). The real premise is about the folks in this country who actually pay for health insurance their entire lives only to get screwed out of medical care when they really need it (ie. when they suffer a life threatening disease that the insurance companies don't want to spend money on). I was SHOCKED at how differently countries like Canada, Great Britain and France think about health care when compared to our system. It's disgusting that some Americans are forced to go into Canada in order to receive medical care when their own insurance companies here in the US deny them coverage. Absolutely disgusting. The portion of the film that talks about how we no longer care about the brave people who worked so hard to save lives on September 11 was just heartbreaking. The movie explains how prisoners at Guantanamo Bay (the prison where members of Al Qaeda are incarcerated) receive better medical care than many uninsured and some insured Americans ... and Michael Moore even takes a group of 9/11 rescue workers who are suffering with ailments caused by the working conditions at Ground Zero to Cuba where they were treated for their ailments free of charge. Yes, it's sensationalistic and of course this sort of thing could never work for every American who might want to go to Cuba (or whatever country offers free health care) for help but the movie makes its point. I had NO IDEA the health care system was this shitty. Again, I urge you to see this movie ... if only to get a better idea of how things operate in this country.

Oy ... after we were sufficiently depressed, we all went to Birds for dinner where we stuffed our faces with various fried foods:

And then to the Bourgeois Pig next door for coffee. We had a great time together ... I'm so glad I met Darion and Kirsten. They are really good people and I hope to be able to hang out with them a lot more (surfing and snowboarding!).

Tonight I'm hanging out with another new friend, Michael, for food and drink. Woot!

And while it's Monday again, take heart fellow Americans, it's a short week! I'm out!!



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