Thursday, July 12, 2007

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

Sooooo ... today is my birthday and because it is such I have decided to write up a shorter post for the day instead of just taking the whole day off altogether. There are a few things that I can't let go unposted so today's post is only comprised of a few of my fave celebs, topics, etc. Things should be back to normal tomorrow morning, despite the fact that I'll be partying tonight with my friends ... OY! Here's hoping there'll be no hang-overs to contend with when 6AM rolls around tomorrow. Don't forget, I'll have a very special contest announcement to make tomorrow so make sure you check it out. Alright ... let's get to it ...

Obvs I couldn't let a post of my favorite things go by without having some sort of Britney Spearsness to touch upon ... and you know our dear Brit, she never fails to disappoint. It would seem that Britney, her bodyguard and children have pretty much moved into the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills for the time being because they've all been there for the past week and show no signs that they'll be moving anytime soon. Here are a couple pics of Brit Brit puffin' on a cig while she txts on last year's phone ... and then a couple pics of Damon the bodyguard (who US Weekly is reporting is dating Britters) in curious sight of the paparazzi on the balcony of their hotel room:

Photo credit: X17

Talk about homeland security! Us has learned that Britney Spears is seeing her bodyguard -- whose first name is Damon -- and he's already playing stepdad. On Sunday, he attended church services with the singer and her two sons. Damon carried Sean, 22 months, into the church (while Mom held a sleeping Jayden, 10 months) and then comforted the toddler when he started crying ... On July 5, the pair hit a showing of the musical Wicked (they left after 45 minutes) and, later that evening, drinks at L.A.'s Chateau Marmont hotel, where Spears, 25, giggled and kissed her guy as he affectionately touched her face. Interesting. If true it totally makes sense ... he's pretty much her guy o' the moment. I wonder what brought these two together again ... it's been MONTHS since he was in her employ and then all of the sudden he's back in her life playing surrogate daddy. Hmmm. US Weekly is also reporting that Britney has put her home up for sale again (doesn't it seem like she buys and sells mansions every 6 months or so?) so she may be staying at the Four Seasons for quite some time. [Source]

Today is the day that the Beckham Bunch are making the big move to the US where they will be living for the next few years while Becks plays for the LA Galaxy soccer team. Here are pictures of David and Victoria Beckham with their children Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz as they made their way thru Heathrow Airport in London, England earlier today bound for their new home in Los Angeles, CA:

Photo credit: INFdaily & Splash News

Les Beckhams are in the air at the time of this posting and should be arriving here in LA sometime today. They're almost here ... and then the fun really begins. There has been much anticipation of their arrival ... it's gonna be great having them here in town :) [Source, Source]

Oh, there is a lot of Becksness coming your way today (which I'm sure you'll appreciate Alyson, despite the short nature of the day's post) ... here are a couple pictures of Becks modeling the newly redesigned LA Galaxy soccer uniform:

Becks is wearing the home uniform in these pictures ... which went on sale (along with the away colored uniform) at all Adidas stores (and online HERE) across the country yesterday. Yesterday afternoon, I paid a little visit to the Adidas store on the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica and picked up a Beckham jersey and t-shirt. Oh yes, I'm gettin' ready to welcome him to the LA Galaxy with open arms :) I can't wait for the perfect opportunity to wear my new Beckham 23 jersey. [Source]

The W magazine website has been updated with more pictures from their Posh and Becks coverstory. Here is some more Becks hotness courtesy of photographer Steven Klein:

And because Victoria is in most of the pictures, here is another batch that feature her more prominently:

Yeah, the pics are hot as Hades. This issue of W magazine is definitely a keeper. [Source]

And one last bit of Becksness for the day ... now I know I must've been a good boy this year because today, on my birthday (at long last) new pics of Becks in his beloved speedo have made their way to me. The Spanish magazine Cuore has published a bunch of new Becks speedo pics in their current issue ... thus far I've only found a scan of the cover:

But hellz yeah, I'll take it. Woot! If any Pink readers in Spain want to send me scans from this magazine I'd be forever grateful ;) But for now, this tiny pic will do! [Source]

Y'all know how much I love me some Buffy and it just so happens that Sarah Michelle Gellar (our Buffy incarnate) was spotted working on a new Mayballine commercial in NYC yesterday ... here are a couple of pics:

Photo credit: Splash News

Love. Her. She looks amazing ... she will always be my Buffy so I'm very glad that there's some SMG pics to post today :) [Source]

My fave show which is still currently on the air is 24 and I think it's safe to say that my fave character on that show is Chloe O'Brien played by the amazing Mary Lynn Rajskub (sorry Kiefer) and she just so happened to be out yesterday doing a little swag shoppin' at Cosmopolitan magazine's Fun Fearless Shopping Night event at Kitson in West Hollywood, CA. Here are a couple pics from the event:

Photo credit: Wireimage

Wee ... I heart her! I know we're still AGES away from the new season of 24 so it's nice to see Mary Lynn pop up at events every so often so that we won't forget about how cool she is. [Source]

This next item combines two of my fave things ... nekkidness and The Young and the Restless. Shemar Moore, who played (plays?) Malcolm on Y&R, was spotted frolicking around in the nude at a beach which is rumored to be a gay beach. Now, I have no idea if this is true or not (nor am I trying to suggest anything even if it was a gay beach), I'm just happy that Shemar isn't ashamed to show off his goodies:

Click above for uncensored, NSFW images

So, please allow me to wish myself a Happy Birthday Suit -- courtesy of Mr. Shemar Moore. Woot! [Source]

Here are a couple of pics of my fave Hollywood "It" Girl ...

Photo credit: Splash News

... to poop sandwich on! Hee hee, I couldn't resist. I dunno why Kim Stewart insists on walking around parking lots without any shoes on but the least she could do is cover up those huge feet like Paris Hilton has the courtesy to do. ICK. [Source]

I am very happy to congratulate Lionel Vasquez who won the Meet & Greet and concert date with Dolores O'Riordan contest that I held last week:

Lionel will be allowed to meet Dolores backstage at the House of Blues here in LA and then will get to see her perform a concert on July 19th. From what I understand, he is a HUGE Dolores O'Riordan fan so I'm very glad that he won. I'll have pics from and of the show next week. Congrats again, Lionel! Be on the lookout for an email from me.

And finally, it turns out that I am not celebrating my birthday alone today. A few Pink readers also celebrate their birthdays on July 12 -- Stacey sends in a pic from her son Noah's birthday party ... he turns 8 today -- Elle sends in a pic of her friend Becky (in the green shirt) who is celebrating her 25th birthday today -- Michaela, who is a fellow Detroiter now living in Chicago, sends in a pic from her recent Roman holiday and who turns 30 today:

I also want to send out love and Happy Birthday wishes to Stephanie (Erik's BFF) who also turns one year older today and is currently living in Nashville with her husband Steve and their adorable baby boy. Happy Birthday to all of us!!!!

Les News:
I am happy to report that David arrived safe and sound last night ... er, early this morning ... after his flight out of NYC was delayed for 5 hours. He didn't get here until 3AM which meant we each only got about 3 hours of sleep before we had to wake up this morn. Ugh. I already know I'm gonna have a great birthday today because he is deffo the best present I could hope for today :)

I am very excited to get to hang out with all of my LA friends tonight ... we're getting together for food, drink and merriment. There will be no negativity today ... today will be a great day! I want to thank those of you who have been sending me birthday wishes ... it is much appreciated :)

Have a great day! I'M OUT!!!!