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Friday, July 20, 2007

Short But Sweet

At long last ... Britney Spears is finally moving forward with her much anticipated, much delayed career comeback. Whether or not the public will still be as interested in what she has to offer, Brit Brit is moving ever closer to releasing her new material anyways. I, for one, am very excited to hear and see what she's been working so hard on behind the scenes these past few months and these pictures of Britney on the set of her new music video for her new single Get Back gives us the first peek of what's in store:

Photo credit: Flynet & Big Pictures

The dress and the boots are pretty hot ... I dunno how I feel about the pill box hat that she's wearing but I'm willing to believe that it will make sense when the video comes out. That Other Blog was allowed access to the music video set in downtown LA and has posted a few exclusive pictures HERE. Neither of her sons were anywhere to be seen but Brit's new puppy London was in the hiz, natch. I understand that the video will be shot over a few days so these pictures are only from day one of the shoot. I'm pretty sure we'll be hearing this new song very soon :) [Source]

Here is another picture of Britney on her music video set wearing a cute purple dress ... it's unclear if she was posing for a photo (maybe for an upcoming magazine photospread?!?) or she was just being naturally faboo:

Yeah, can I just say how amazing it is to see the girl working again. She has been doing pretty much everything BUT working for the past few years and now she seems to be getting things back on track. It's prolly a bit too early to predict whether or not she'll enjoy huge success again but, as always, I'm pullin' for her to make a big splash with a hot new album. [Source]

Here are a few pics of Britney leaving her music video set, again, wearing a cute outfit:

Photo credit: Splash News

Hot Damn, I see a tiny flash of panties -- what a great day! [Source]

Lindsay Lohan's long delayed day of reckoning has finally come ... yesterday she was formally booked for the DUI citation back in May that led to her 45-day stint in rehab (from which she was just released last week) after she voluntarily turned herself in to the police. She was booked, jailed and released all in a single afternoon:

Lindsay Lohan quietly surrendered to Beverly Hills police Thursday to be formally booked on misdemeanor charges of driving under the influence and hit-and-run stemming from a car crash last May. Lohan, 21, arrived at the station at 4:15 p.m. and was released on $30,000 bail about an hour later, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Web site. She was accompanied by her attorney, police say. Lohan was booked now because she was only cited – but not formally arrested – at the time of the incident due to her injuries, Beverly Hills Police Sgt. Kelly Spedden tells PEOPLE. A court date was set for Aug. 24 in Superior Court in Beverly Hills. I'm sure Lindsay knew the day was coming when she'd have to face the music for her latest incident. I was actually very surprised that she wasn't arrested when the accident happened ... she went right into the Promises Rehab Facility in Malibu, CA and began her treatment. It's great that she turned herself in before the court had to order her arrest ... doing it this way will prolly go a long way to helping her out down the line. [Source]

How's this for a major bummer ... David Beckham made an appearance at the MLS All Star Game yesterday and, in an interview, mentioned that he might not be able to play for the full duration of his debut game on Saturday ... tho he hinted that he might play for a bit at the very end:

The ex-England skipper has revealed he expects to sit out the match with an injured ankle. Becks, 32, does not want to risk further ligament damage and his debut for the MLS side is now likely to be put on hold. He said: "I am still having treatment and it doesn't look good that I am going to play because the swelling is still there. I am here for five years, not just for the game tomorrow. It is more important my ankle is right and I don't think it will be for the game. Maybe I will play some part towards the end of the game but we will see. I am devastated. I have had it for five weeks and usually for this injury you need six or seven weeks. I am working hard with the physios and doctors and doing all I can. I know it's important for me to be out there. I want to be back playing as soon as possible." Booooo! He's devestated? I know I'll be very bummed if he doesn't get to play but I absolutely understand that he needs to take care of his ankle because, as he said, he's got 5 years with the LA Galaxy to play for. Irregardless of the fact that he may not get to play very much soccer in his debut game this weekend, I'm still very excited to come out and cheer for the Galaxy! [Source]

Even tho Becks's ankle is giving him enough problems to keep him off the soccer field, it apparently isn't bothering him enough to keep him from staying out late nights partying with his friends. Here are a couple pics of Becks, Vicki B. and Brooklyn Beckham exiting the grounds of the TomKat manse in Beverly Hills earlier this week:

Photo credit: INFdaily

As we are all well aware, the Cruise-Holmes' and the Pinkett-Smiths are planning a big Welcome to LA bash this weekend in honor of the Beckhams and maybe this little meeting was just to hammer down a few deets before the party takes place. Tom Cruise has been bizzy in Germany working on his new movie Valkyrie and will prolly be back home in LA for the big to-do but I'm sure the little man is peeved beyond belief that he has been missing out on all the Beckham hoopla that's been going down for the past week. [Source]

It turns out that the photos posted yesterday from the Daily Mail newspaper in the UK of Vicki B.'s damaged parts may have been Photoshopped creations and not actual representations of the truth -- imagine that. Here are side-by-side comparisons of an untouched photo of the leg in question and the photo the Daily Mail published in their paper:

I'm shocked that a British tabloid would actually do something like this ... they are, after all, the absolute model of journalistic integrity. [Source]

In other British tabloid fabrication news, yesterday I also reported on an item in the UK newspaper The Sun about Paris Hilton being reduced to tears after Courtney Love flipped her off on stage at her show earlier this week (the item was found HERE but it has mysteriously been taken down). A faithful Pink reader who wishes to remain nameless was sitting 5 feet from Paris at the C. Love show all night and reports that there was no crying on Paris's part and gives this fairly thorough account of her activities:

First: Tommy Lee and Kimbo [Stewart] were there but were asked to leave before Court would go on. Second: On more than on occasion I saw Paris hit spark up the gonja. Third: Paris was dancing next to the stage after going to the bathroom. When she came out, her dress was in her panties. She danced it out. Fourth: [Paris] has a new ferret named Cinderella 2, Cinderella is her favorite name. Finally: [Paris] was there thru the encore.

And there you have it. Didn't Paris Hilton just tell Larry King that she doesn't do drugs? Yeah, I bet she says a lot of things that aren't entirely true ...

But, it turns out that she does keep her word on some occasions. Paris very famously declared that she would devote her life to charity once she was released from jail and altho she took her time actually doing anything charitable since her release last month, it appears that she's finally making good on her promise. I think. Here are pictures of Paris Hilton on her way to do a little shopping ... but you will note that she is prominently displaying a visitor’s badge from the Children's Hospital where she, presumably, showed up to do something good, I guess:

Whew! It's a good thing that Paris didn't remove her visitor's badge after she left the hospital otherwise we might've never known that she actually went. I have no clue what the purpose of her visit was (I suppose she could've met with someone to discuss the possibility of opening up a Hilton wing of the hospital for underprivileged kids ... or she could've just brought some balloons to the folks in the waiting room, posed for pictures and then beat it) but I admit I am surprised that she even took the time to make the trip to the Children's Hospital in the first place. If I were her, I'd never take that badge off. [Source via Source]

In other Paris news, here are pictures of the heiress picking up a few things at her friendly neighborhood Taco Bell:

Ew ... I hope Paris gets used to holding that squatting pose in the last picture because Taco Bell has a heinous way of wreaking havoc on one's bowels not long after being consumed. Now that's hot. [Source]

Alyson Hannigan, who apparently just flew in from a nursing home in Miami, FL by the looks of her outfit, was on hand at the CBS Up Fronts press event this week wearing her best Dorothy Zbornak ensemble:

Oh look, she even had wooden earrings to complete the outfit. How cute. All he needs now is a super long bead of pearls and she'll be all set. Hee hee, I love me some Alyson ... no matter what she's wearing ;) [Source]

N.C.I.S. star Pauley Perrette was also made an appearance at the CBS Up Fronts event lookin' her usual fab self ... but when she's not bizzy being cool as hell on N.C.I.S or she not bizzy looking cool as hell on the red carpet, she is unselfishly devoting her time and energy to help find justice for a couple of little girls who have been brutally murdered and have yet to have their murders avenged. Pauley recently taped an appearance on America's Most Wanted and has donated some of her own money to try and help find the people responsible for these horrible crimes ... now that's a real life hero:

Pauley Perrette was praying for a sign. Prattville has been praying for help in solving the murder of Shannon Paulk. "America's Most Wanted" answered two prayers at once. Perrette, known to fans of CBS's television show "N.C.I.S." as Abby Sciuto, has ties to the area. Born in Louisi­ana, she moved around fre­quently as a child due to the na­ture of her father's job. Paul Perrette now lives in Equality, retired from a job with AT&T. Pauley Perrette's boyfriend, Michael Bosman, was born and raised in inner-city Detroit. The couple's affinity for "America's Most Wanted" led to a way for them to make a difference in the lives of people from both areas. "I'm a huge 'America's Most Wanted' fan; I'm like, kind of weirdly obsessed with it," Per­rette said at a news conference in Prattville Friday. "Every year in March, on my birthday, I take some money, put it away, and pray about it. Then, I give it to someone." Perrette and Bosman were watching "America's Most Wanted," which highlights open and cold cases from around the country, when the show chose to feature a pair of crimes with similar elements -- the disappearance and murder of Raven Jeffries, a 7-year-old Detroit girl, and Shannon Paulk of Prattville. "My boyfriend is from De­troit, and I've lived in Alaba­ma," Perrette said. "I thought about my family; how many Christmases had I spent there?" Pauley Perrette had her sign. Perrette presented the city of Prattville with $10,000, which will be used to supplement the reward offer for information leading to the arrest of Paulk's killer. Earlier in the week, Perrette also donated $10,000 to De­troit law enforcement officials for Jeffries' reward. "It ends up being everyone's child, every family's," Perrette said. "You don't want families, these communities to suffer." ... Perrette, who professes a strong faith, said she and friends held prayer circles in California before her arrival here. "I hear from crime victims all the time, and they feel so alone," she said. "I want to say you're not alone, we're praying for you, in Hollywood and all over. This case may be un­solved, but we do have clues, we have composites ... keep pray­ing, because it's going to work." Diana Nolan, a producer with "America's Most Wanted," said the episode would air some­time in the fall. The episode will feature updates on both Paulk and Jeffries. "It's going to be a very spe­cial episode, bringing together two little girls and two cases," Nolan said. "We hope everyone watches and pays attention, be­cause we want to give the two of them justice." I mention this story not to show how amazing I think Pauley is (and I do think she is utterly amazing) but to get this news out there a bit more so that hopefully the criminals responsible for these murders can be brought to justice. I will be on the look out for this episode of America's Most Wanted, after all, one of the little girls was murdered in Detroit, MI and I hope to one day be able to update this story with the news that the people responsible were arrested and convicted of these crimes. [Source, Source]

Pink reader Megan gave me the head's up that former Full House star Jodie Sweetin has, apparently, gotten married to a fella named Cody that she's only been going out with for a short time. Here are a few pictures from the new hubby's My Space profile of the supposed newlyweds:

This would be Jodie's second marriage, her first was back in 2002 to a police officer and semi-pro tennis player named Shaun Holguin before she became addicted to crystal meth. Hopefully she'll have better luck with this marriage now that she's clean and sober. I wish them the best of luck for a long and happy life together. [Source, thanks Megan]

Matt Damon is featured on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of GQ magazine:

No, this isn't actually an Abercrombie & Fitch catalog, it's really a GQ photoshoot. Matt's new movie The Bourne Ultimatum is about to be released and I gotta admit ... I'm excited. Even tho the Bourne franchise has the worst.titles.ever, I think the movie's are so mindlessly fun. Thus far, I've only watched the first two films on cable but I might actually trek out to the theater to see the third installment. [Source]

And if they make a fourth movie, I hope they call it Bourne Free ;)

Here are a few pictures from an early photoshoot (his hair had yet to reach it's maximum sexy potential) featuring Heroes heart throb Milo Ventimiglia doing pretty much everything he could to try and make a name for himself in Hollywood:

Aww ... these pics are so cute ... and so exploitive. I can just hear the direction from the photographer now, "C'mon son ... take off the shirt ... everyone in Hollywood does it ... wanna meet me for a late-night dinner afterwards?" Bless his heart. I really love the first pic ... even tho he looks like he was 15 when he posed for these pics. [Source]

And finally, it is with great pleasure that I announce that Pink reader Sara will be going with me to the LA Galaxy vs. Chelsea game at the Home Depot Center tomorrow. Sara won the ticket to attend David Beckham's debut game with the Galaxy with me and even tho he *may* not play in Saturday's game, I know we're gonna have a great time regardless. Here is Sara's winning entry ... she's all Poshed up while her boyfriend is doing his best Becks impersonation:

There were so many amazing entries, thank you all for your submissions. It was a tough choice but in the end, Sara's pic ended up being the winner. Congrats! I'll make sure that we get a pic together at tomorrow's game ... and hopefully a bunch of fun pics from the game itself.

Les News:
Last night Kirsten and I met up with Pink reader Lionel and all of his friends at the House of Blues for the Dolores O'Riordan concert. Lionel won the pair of tickets to the show and a pair of meet and greet passes to hang out with Dolores that I gave away last week and here are a few pics from the meet and greet:

Dolores was so amazing to us ... she was very sweet and very accommodating for all our pictures, requests for autographs and questions. We got to see her brand new tattoo close up and also got to meet her very sweet husband Don. She really took the time to hang out with us for a bit before she had to go on stage to perform.

Her show started out amazingly ... she opened with The Cranberries song Zombie and the place went nuts! But, unfortunately, after the third song she announced that her drummer was ill and eventually the show had to be cancelled. We're not exactly sure what happened but we heard the poor guy suffered a seizure. As bummed as we were that the show had to end so abruptly but I am more concerned that the drummer is alright. Hopefully, he'll be well and back to normal again soon and they can all come back to LA to reschedule.

I believe I'm hanging out with my friend Michael tonight for dinner and a movie ... and look at that ... it's the weekend again. I hope it's a good one for all y'all. I'm out.



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