Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Much Ado

OK! magazine has gone out of its way to generate hype about this week's issue (on newsstands now) which features Britney Spears in a "shocking and sad" expose detailing the bizarre events that occurred on the set of her new music video last week. What was originally supposed to be a story where Britney was able to tell her side of recent events in her life (complete with a stylish photoshoot) turned out to be a trainwreck that OK! felt compelled to describe in their magazine (opting not to print Britney's story in lieu of this more sensationalistic piece). Well, the magazine is out and the "shocking and sad" cover-story leaves much to be desired. Here is the magazine's cover:

Essentially, everything that was reported yesterday make up the juiciest bits of the just-released cover-story ... the print edition doesn't really offer anything new -- not that what we already heard wasn't shocking enough. Here are a few excerpts from the OK! cover-story this week:

At OK! we love celebrities, and we love bringing our readers exclusive photos and interviews with the stars at their happiest times ... we were especially excited when Britney Spears’ handlers contacted us because they wanted OK! to be the magazine in which Britney could finally set the record straight about all the rumors surrounding her much-talked-about private life. But, sadly, there can be a dark side to fame, and OK! experienced it firsthand with Britney. We had arranged to exclusively interview and photograph her on July 19. One of Hollywood’s top photographers was hired. Hair and wardrobe stylists as well as a makeup artist were retained. A catering company would keep everyone fed. There would be assistants galore to attend to every need. A fabulous mansion in the Hollywood Hills was rented as the backdrop for what would surely be the photo shoot of the year. With OK! busy finalizing the arrangements, Britney kept herself occupied in other ways ... July 19 dawned as the busiest of days. As OK! diligently prepared for the photo session, Britney and her dancer friends were in downtown Los Angeles shooting a music video, which reportedly cost Britney $30,000 of her own money. At approximately 10:30 a.m., Collazo received another call from Funk, who seemed frantic. There had been no wardrobe on the set of the video shoot and she wanted to make sure that OK! had clothes for our shoot. Collazo assured her, yet again, that OK! had a large selection of clothes on hand and reminded Funk that Britney was due to meet OK! at 12 p.m. But noon came and went with no sign of the pop star, who eventually rolled up at about 12:45 p.m. ... The wardrobe crew was informed that the high-end selection of clothing just wasn’t sexy — the items weren’t short enough or tight enough. The wardrobe team was then ushered out of the room so that Funk could take over as the stylist. After finding the first item of clothing that suited Britney’s tastes — a pink silk Alisha Levine dress valued at over $274 — Britney decided she was finally ready to sit down for her interview ... Just a few minutes into the conversation, though, the Louisiana native decided to break for lunch, sitting down to a catered meal of chicken and vegetables. But her decision to wear her silk outfit as she ate raised the eyebrows of our wardrobe coordinator, who requested that she not dine in the dress. Brit dismissively refused to take it off, and after consuming her meal, stood up and rubbed grease from her fingers into the front and back of the dress. It was ruined! As if on cue, her new Yorkie puppy, London, followed suit by pooping on a $6,700 Zac Posen gown! Neither Britney or her assistant bothered to clean it up until the coordinator demanded it be taken care of, and Funk scooped up the mess with a tissue.

The story goes on from there detailing the rest of the day (Britney's frequent trips to the bathroom [she doesn't close the door, y'all] and then her random and abrupt decision to just grab her Janet Jackson cd from the boombox and leave the premises, abandoning the interview and the photoshoot altogether, without warning). It is a very interesting read but, as I mentioned, all the juicy bits were already reported (tho, it is nice to hear that Britney didn't actually clean up her dog's poo with her Chanel dress). A few Pink readers have emailed to let me know they were disappointed with the article (I think they were expecting more details) but I find the article pretty much delivers what was promised. The piece is lacking in photos tho ... [Source]

... so here are a few pics of Britney's brief photoshoot for OK! magazine:

I think she look's a'ight in these pics ... nothing too crazy seems to be going on (and it looks like the dress was a bit too big for her because she is pulling it tighter around her waist in the last pic). As much as tabloid magazines tend to exaggerate their stories, sadly I must confess that I tend to believe OK!'s account of what transpired. There are just too many different sources, on many different occasions that seem to confirm this sort of erratic behavior on Britney's part. [Source]

In what looks to be an attempt to try and offset this damaging story, Britney cleaned herself all up and went out on the town yesterday to show that she can keep it all together. She brushed her weave, put on a new dress and smiled for the cameras:

Photo credit: INFdaily

She even kept her new blonde BFF out of sight and left her poopy-crazed Yorkie London at home (so as to not have to deal with any clean-up issues, I would imagine). Blah. It's just totally sad for me to see Britney Spears continue to spiral down from the great heights she used to enjoy. Alls I know is her new album better be FREAKING AMAZING cuz I really am starting to believe this is her last ditch effort at regaining any ground. [Source]

As the dust begins to settle on the latest bombshell in Lindsay Lohan's crazed life, much debate is going on around town as to what sort of ramifications will come from her latest DUI and drug possession arrest. Her loving mother Dina Lohan was nowhere to be seen yesterday (and, I understand, failed to rush to her daughter's side when she was arrested despite her public declaration that she is "sick" over her daughter's arrest) and her scheming father Michael Lohan spent all of yesterday giving interviews to every news outlet that could stomach him before sitting down with the Larry King Live show on CNN (apparently, Daddy Lohan says that he is "responsible" for L. Lo's latest arrest which sounds less like he's being a caring father and more like he's just trying to take any sort of credit that will get him on TV). And what does Miss Lohan have to say for herself about all of this? Her only public response to her latest arrest was given to Billy Bush of Access Hollywood -- Lindsay says she is innocent:

Lindsay Lohan has gone on the record about her arrest, communicating only with Access Hollywood's Billy Bush. When Billy e-mailed Lohan asking if everything was OK and if there was anything she wanted him to get out there for her, she responded, "Yes. I am innocent ... did not do drugs they're not mine. I was almost hit by my assistant Tarin's mom. I appreciate everyone giving me my privacy." Billy had just finished discussing Lohan's situation on CNN's "Larry King Live" when he received the message. Ummmm ... I don't know if the I swear, it's not mine! defense (which is only slightly less credible than the My dog ate my homework defense) is going to keep her out of jail but it's pretty much the only defense she's got right now -- after all, the cocaine was allegedly found in her pocket. So, irregardless of the fact that she was "holding someone else's drugs for them", I think she's still pretty much screwed. I have no doubt that her lawyer, Blair Berk, will come up with a well-thought out, well-reasoned explanation and defense for what happened yesterday morning when Lindsay was arrested (and honestly, I can't *wait* to hear what she comes up with) but I have my doubts that any explanation will offset the fact that she was found with drugs on her person! At least we know that Lindsay is a really good friend, she's prolly going to go to jail for being caught with someone else's drugs that she claims she never used. [Source]

In happy news, the long-awaited The Simpsons Movie had its official Hollywood premiere at the Mann Village Theater in Westwood, CA last night bringing out all the big names who provide the voices for the Simpsons characters ... and Ian Ziering. Here are a few pics from the red carpet:

Photo credit: Wireimage

Dan Castellaneta (Homer Simpson), Julie Kavner (Marge Simpson), Nancy Cartwright (Bart Simpson), Yeardley Smith (Lisa Simpson) and Hank Azaria (various characters) were all in attendance at last night's premiere. Ian Ziering wasn't the only seemingly out-of-place person there (JC Chasez showed up in an all-too-tight cardigan) but he was giving off such a cheesey grin that I had to post the picture. I cannot tell you how excited I am to see this movie ... my only regret is that I won't be able to watch it with my friend Diana. She and I love watching, talking about and quoting The Simpsons (which we still do to this day) and she is one person on Earth I wish I could share the experience with. Because we live on opposite sides of the country, we each get different syndicated episodes on a daily basis so we tend to txt one another when an especially good ep is on for either of us. Well, at least I know she'll enjoy the movie on the East Coast and I'll do the same on the West Coast. [Source]

Last night the LA Galaxy took on Pachuca FC at the Home Depot Center in Carson, CA and, as anticipated, David Beckham did not play in the match (he didn't even suit up and sit on the bench with his teammates). I was at last night's game and was pretty surprised to see Becks and his boys sitting in a private box a few rows behind me. Here are a few pics of Becks and his family (sans Vicki B.) enjoying the game from their private box:

Photo credit: Splash News

Becks was there to cheer on his new team to a 2-1 victory over Pachuca. Becks's mother and sister were also with him and the boys in the box (I only saw Brooklyn and Romeo, I guess Cruz was home with Vicki B.). I had my trusty binoculars and was able to see them all very up close and personal ... let me tell you, Becks looks even better under magnification. Honestly, I wasn't even bummed that he didn't play ... the Galaxy won without him and I was able to ogle him from a much closer vantage point -- it was win-win for me :) I do hope that Becks's ankle gets better by the next home game in August, I think it's about time he start earning those millions the Galaxy shelled out for him. [Source]

Earlier in the day yesterday, Becks didn't seem to have any problems with his ankle as he, Vicki B. and Romeo went out for a little shopping trip around town:

Photo credit: Splash News

I suspect that not even amputation could keep David Beckham out of Barney's or Bloomy's. I thought that Vicki B. said that she would be smiling more for the cameras here in the US ... she's lookin' pretty robotic again these days. [Source]

One last bit of marginally-related Beckhamness, here is a picture of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes gettin' all freaky on the dancefloor at the Welcome to America party that was thrown in the Beckhams's honor last Sunday night:

Nothing says I'm a happy, secure and confident married man who is desperately in love with my wife and my fake baby despite what anyone else might think like a good ol' slap on the wife's ass while on the dancefloor. [Source]

Paris Hilton has been doing such a great job keeping out of trubs lately that I feel that another pat on the head is due. Here are a few pictures of Paris engaged in her new charity hobby around town earlier this week:

Paris was on hand for the Feed the Models, Save the World event at Parc Restaurant last night before making her way to Cinespace to hang with the hipsters (where cans of Colt 45 were free before 11pm). You will note that she make sure to make sure her nose was good and clean before she hit either event -- she ain't going down again, certainly not like Lindsay Lohan. Doesn't the world feel like a safer place already? Thanks Paris! [Source, Source]

Beyonce, while whipping her weave all around as she performed her song Ring the Alarm, succumbed to her own fierceness in concert last night when she took a nose dive down some stairs on stage in Orlando, FL. Here are a few pics of Beyonce's embarrassing face-plant onto the floor:

Right after she bit the dirt, she got right back up and started whipping that weave all around again ... as one would expect from a consummate performer like Miss B. I understand that after the song was finished Beyonce asked that no one post video of her fall to the Interweb, so natch you can click HERE to watch the whole thing on You Tube. Make sure you watch it before Beyonce and Daddy Knowles have it removed from You Tube. [Source]

Gavin Rossdale is rockin' a new hair color ... so his wife Gwen Stefani and his son Kingston James decided to fugify their hair as well in solidarity:

LOL. Gwen gets an EW!, Gavin gets a Yuck! and Kingston gets a Boo! Well at least they stick together as a family. [Source]

I have no explanation as to why Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen spent an afternoon together shopping at The Home Depot ... but here are the pictures anyways:

Not only did Rachel and Hayden make a seemingly random trip to The Home Depot but they emerged from the store with a basket full of home improvement stuff. What the eff is Rachel Bilson gonna do with that 5" Random Orbit Sander? I am so confused. [Source, thanks Jessica]

Laura Bell, the star of Broadway's Legally Blonde: The Musical, brought a little Southern Comfort to the Big Apple earlier this week when she gave a little Country music performance at Birdland. Here are a couple pics from her show:

Laura performed songs off her solo album Looking for a Place Already Gone ... and as much as I am not a Country music fan, I love this album. It's very fun in that updated Patsy Cline sort of way. Laura has a couple more performances at Birdland coming up (on July 30 and August 20 -- click HERE for deets) so check her out if you can. If not, I urge you to check out her album ... it's really, really fun. [Source]

OH NO! In sad news, US Weekly is reporting that another Hollywood couple has decided to call it quits ... Brody Jenner and long-time companion Spencer Pratt are, apparently, dunzo:

Few things in Hollywood last forever. And sources tell that after a ten-year relationship that included creating a reality show (FOX's The Princes of Malibu), partying like young Hollywood royalty and lobbying their way onto MTV's The Hills, reality stars Spencer Pratt and Brody Jenner have broken off their friendship. Sources confirm that the rift began shortly after Pratt made inflammatory comments about Brody's ex Nicole Richie in a Details magazine story earlier this year, and the break was cemented about a month ago when Pratt was angered by Jenner rekindling a friendship with arch-enemy Lauren Conrad. Much like he famously did to girlfriend Heidi Montag in last season's The Hills, Pratt gave Jenner an ultimatum: to pick between him and Lauren Conrad. Jenner, sources confirm, chose Conrad and has been filming with Conrad over the last several weeks. "Brody's doing his own thing with his friends, including Lauren, and Spencer is doing his own thing with Heidi," a source tells Us. Jenner ... couldn't be reached for comment. But when contacted by Us late Monday night, Pratt confirmed the split, saying: "I wish them both the best. They [Conrad and Jenner] are meant for each other." A love like theirs burned so bright, it was destined not to last forever. You know, I doubt that they broke up because of Brody's friendship with LC ... my guess is that Frankie Delgado (Brody's new BFF) is the real culprit here. Hmmm ... [Source]

And finally, here is pic of Lance Bass's new boyfriend Pedro Andrade using what his mama gave him to promote the NYC hotspot Cuckoo Club:

I wonder how much he charges to unveil those pecs at private parties. [Source]

Les News:
Last night's Galaxy game was a lot of fun. I am so glad that I picked up tickets for the rest of the Galaxy home games this season. I got a great seat very near the Beckham private box so I couldn't be happier. Altho I was pretty enraptured by the soccer game, I did spend some time watching the Beckhams watch the game. At one point, Becks had to get testy with Brooklyn ... giving him that raised eyebrow, gritty teeth scowl that all kids know means Sit down and behave and don't make me embarrass you in front of the entire world -- literally. LOL. So fun ... so yeah, I'm looking forward to more games down in Carson, CA.

This morning, Sarah and I worked together to get our first Tori Amos tickets for her Fall US tour (which explains the wee lateness in posting today). We are planning on seeing her together in Detroit, Cleveland and LA and I am planning on adding NYC to my schedule. We got amazing orchestra seats for Detroit and I got some great seats for the first NYC show this morning. We'll be working on getting seats for the other shows in upcoming presales. Even tho we're a country apart, we still work well together when it comes to securing Tori Amos concert tickets.

And that is all ... I'm out.