Monday, July 30, 2007

Home Is Where The <3 Is

Britney Spears spent the day doing a bit of shopping, antiquing actually ... but when night began to descend on tinsel town she opted to go undercover in order to avoid notice from the adoring public. Taking a page from the hugely successful playbook of the King of Pop himself, Britters thought it would be a great idea to mask her face as she tooled around in her car:

Photo credit: Flynet

Hey, these days ... I'm all for Britney Spears covering up as much as possible because, when left to her own devices, she tends to get a little carried away with all the not-covering-up ... [Source]

... take, for example, this candid shot of Britney posing with a dancer (I think) backstage in NYC this past February back when she was in a, ahem, cheeky mood:

Click above to see the uncensored, semi-NSFW image

Words fail. Tho, I might suggest that one might take care to make sure that one's butt cheeks aren't quite so ashy when baring them for the cameras. Could no one spare a dollop of lotion for the poor man? [Source]

OH ... and just as a minor note, Spederline are finally officially DUNZO! R.I.P.

Stardust, the new movie starring Claire Danes and Michelle Pfeiffer (among others) that is based on the book by Neil Gaiman, had its Hollywood premiere yesterday at the Paramount Studios lot here in LA. Here are a few pics from the red carpet:

Photo credit: Splash News

I cannot express how thrilled I am that, 1.) this movie got made in the first place, 2.) that so many great actors were cast in the film and 3.) more people will become familiar with Neil Gaiman's work. I've mentioned Neil on the blog many times before and must reiterate that he is among my favorite authors. I've read everything that he's published (and a few that remain unpublished) and have never been disappointed. I feel compelled to urge y'all to read Stardust before checking it out in theaters when it comes out on August 10th. The book has already been published in regular paperback format (with a new cover to go along with the movie) but *I* would suggest picking up the illustrated version of the book, which lends itself nicely to the story. I hope that hordes of people run out to see Stardust because if this movie is successful then I'm sure Hollywood will start beating down Neil's door to make more of his books into movies. As if the fact that Neil is one of Tori Amos's best friends wasn't proof enough, check out his blog HERE to get a feel for just how cool the man is. [Source]

After 46 preview shows and 5,464 regular performances spanning the course of 13 years, Walt Disney's first crack at transforming one of their animated tales into a Broadway musical has ended its run. Beauty and the Beast took its last bow at the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre in NYC last night, bringing down the curtain for one last time on the Tale as old as Time. Here is a pic from the show's final curtain call:

After a 13-year run, the first Disney musical to arrive on Broadway, Beauty and the Beast, play[ed] its final performance July 29. The closure will allow the latest Disney offering, The Little Mermaid, to make its home at the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre this fall ... In a previous statement, Disney Theatrical producer Thomas Schumacher said, "For many theatergoers, Beauty and the Beast has been their first introduction to the magic of Broadway musicals. That's a wonderful legacy for all of us at Disney Theatrical Productions, and we're so proud of the show's record-breaking run on Broadway, throughout the country and around the world. Though the Broadway production is coming to a close, through our relationship with Music Theatre International (MTI), Beauty and the Beast will continue to live on in regional and high school productions around the world." Composer Alan Menken added, "Beauty and the Beast has meant so much to me, both in remembering the joy of creating the animated film and seeing how audiences have embraced it on Broadway for all of these years. I have had the pleasure of watching so many diverse and talented performers sing these roles in the past 13 years. While it saddens me to say goodbye to Beauty and the Beast, I am excited to watch The Little Mermaid take shape as a Broadway musical, and to be a part of its exciting journey to the stage." Beauty and the Beast, the sixth longest-running show in Broadway history, is "the classic love story of Belle, a young woman in a small, provincial town, and the Beast, who is really a prince trapped in a spell placed on him by an enchantress. If the Beast can learn to love and to be loved, the spell will be broken and he will be transformed back to his former self. But time is running out, and if the Beast does not learn his lesson soon, he will be doomed for all eternity." Donny Osmond joined the cast as Gaston for the final performances, trying to instill a bit of big name recognition to help send off the show on a high. Beauty and the Beast holds a special place in my heart because it is something that I share with my very good friend Sherri -- which is a story too long and complicated to get into. David and I got to see the show one last time a few months ago (it was the first Broadway show he saw as a child) and, altho there was some nostalgia, we both agreed that it was time for the show to end. Soon, the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre will be welcoming the Broadway version of The Little Mermaid -- which I'm sure will be chock full of stage magic ... but, in the meantime, I'll be pouring one out for the classic (if, by today's Broadway standards, cheesy) Beauty and the Beast. [Source]

The Home Depot Center, home of the LA Galaxy, played host to Family Day for the Galaxy players and, natch, David Beckham (injury and all) and his entire brood came out for the event. Her are a bunch of cute pics of Becks, Vicki B. and their sons Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz enjoying the fun California sun yesterday afternoon:

Photo credit: Splash News and Big Pictures

Yes, thus far it appears that all the Beckhams are fitting in nicely here in the US. They strike me as a very happy, very unified family. That DADDY 23 jersey that Brooklyn is wearing is so precious, I could puke on my shoes. School will be starting soon for the Beckham lads, so it won't be long before Vicki B. will be hauling the kids to school ... hopefully by then, Becks will be bizzy, you know, actually playing soccer with his team. [Source]

One last bit of Becksness ... here is a new promo shot of David Beckham wearing the new Motorola RAZR2 on a chain around his neck:

What better way for Motorola to not only compete with the iPhone but to introduce the next generation of their hugely successful RAZR mobile phone ... by using David Beckham's half-nekkid bod. Yeah, I'll take two. [Source]

Vanessa Carlton, who has been on hiatus for a bit, is back with a new album on the horizon and a new single, Nolita Fairytale, on the radio. Here are a few pics from the set of her new music video:

Photo credit: Splash News

Erik and I were huge fans of her previous work ... to the point that he can expertly mimic the entire dance routine from her video for White Houses (please don't tell him I told you) ... that I know I count myself among those who are anxious to hear what her new material sounds like. Vanessa played a one night showcase concert here in LA last week and managed to get Stevie Nicks to come out and sing a duet with her. That's pretty hot. I'm not sure when exactly her new album is set to drop but I'm gonna be keepin' my eye out for it. [Source]

Speaking of new material, Kelly Osbourne has got herself a whole new bag these days ... er, or should I say a whole new body. Here are fairly shocking and heavily Photoshopped promo pictures of Kelly all dolled for her upcoming stint in the West End production of Chicago The Musical:

Her mother famously spent a fortune on surgery to get a body a woman in her 50s would die for. Now Sharon Osbourne's daughter Kelly also looks to be half the girl she used to be - though at least she has the airbrush rather than the knife to thank. This image of Kelly, 22, was released yesterday to publicise her new role as Mama Morton in the West End show Chicago. However, it raised eyebrows among those who have seen her in the flesh recently. Put bluntly - as proven in these recent paparazzi shots of Kelly taken in New York - there a lot more flesh in real life than appears in these size zero publicity shots. James Facey, an airbrushing expert with 25 years of experience, said: "This a really extreme case of retouching. The paparazzi shot was taken of her seven weeks ago. It would be impossible to lose so much weight in so little time." Mr Facey, who has won UK Commercial Photographer of the Year, went on: "This looks like a combination of a very tightly fitting corset and an extensive amount of photoshop. You can tell from the thickness of her upper arms alone that everything has been shrunk. In cases like this, to make things easier for the photoshop artists, a body double is even used and the person's head is placed on top. But if this is her body, then it has been stretched and thinned and there has been a large amount of retouching around the waist and arms. On her face, she has had the least amount of work done - mostly just make-up and lighting. She is also probably wearing a wig ... "I would say the only part of this that is really Kelly is her bust area. She has never looked this good, ever. She looks to be a size eight in the PR shots. No basque can do that amount of work. Perhaps she was wearing a size ten basque and had that shrunk using photoshop." Miss Osbourne will join the cast at the Cambridge Theatre on 10 September in what will be her first professional theatrical role. Yeah, well, all Photoshopping aside, I think Kelly looks great. I suppose if Ashlee Simpson can handle a stint on the West End stage then it shouldn't be too terrible for Kelly. [Source]

Pete Doherty appears to still be taking his drug rehab seriously ... here is a pic of Pete showing off a patch that has been applied to his stomach:

Photo credit: Big Pictures

I honestly doubt that this is a nicotine patch (otherwise, he'd prolly be sucking on it) so either he got knifed in the gut or he's trying to ween himself off something else. I was unaware that they made heroin patches. [Source]

UPDATE: Pink reader Hannah informs me that THIS is what is going on with Pete's patch.

Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, always happy to court controversy, are featured in an episode of The Simple Life wearing blackface. Anything to get people to watch their show, I suppose:

The blonde hotel heiress was transformed into a black woman for an episode of the Fox drama The Simple Life Goes To Camp. It was a similar transformation for co-star Nicole Richie. Her makeover followed a court appearance on Friday for driving while under the influence of drugs ... Appearing alongside the "celebutantes" in the latest episode of the drama camp is award-winning actress Sally Kirkland. Um ... what else is there to say? Oh yeah, The Simple Life has been canceled. [Source]

While Lindsay Lohan lies low somewhere here in LA as she awaits her next court date for her latest DUI arrest, Jill Stuart has released a few new promo pics from their Fall ad campaign that feature the troubled Hollywood "It" Girl ... and here they are:

Nothing sells expensive watches like a spokes model who gets hauled off to jail for drunk driving, I guess. [Source]

In other Lindsay news, she is featured on the cover of the new issue of POP magazine:

If there are any other companies out there with images of Lindsay that they are planning to use, I'd suggest releasing them now ... once she gets locked away behind bars I think her stock is going to take a bit of a dip. [Source]

FHM has teased in their new issue that Hayden Panettiere is going to be featured in their next issue:

Hopefully she'll be mostly clothed. Call me a prude, but I just want to keep as much innocence among the Hollywood "It" Girl as possible these days. Hayden, I'm counting on you. [Source]

And finally, my dear Adriana has released her latest comic feature for

I love her comics! Click HERE to read her latest one but make sure you check out all of her previous comic as well. The one about her period is really fun! [Source]

Les News:
Yesterday afternoon I met up with Kirsten, Darion and Mike for dinner at Rambutan in Silver Lake as a sort of send off dinner since Kirsten is leaving for OZ in a couple of days. The four of us have gotten pretty close these last few weeks and we wanted to get together one last time before Kiki heads off to Melbourne, Mike heads off to Las Vegas and I head off to Detroit (Darion will stay here in LA holding down the fort). We pretty much ate our faces off ... and then made our way to Home in Los Feliz for dessert:

People, LA has got some great food joints, let me tell you. We had a very nice night just hanging out together (despite the attack of the Crack).

Upon arriving at my apartment building I was shocked to discover that Jim returned home from his travels! It seems like he's been gone forever but at long last he is home. We're planning on a lunch and shopping excursion this afternoon.

I hope this is a Happy Monday for all y'all. I am out.