Friday, August 03, 2007

Home Again

Well lookie here ... mere milliseconds after Cousin Alli Sims, the recently exiled former assistant of Britney Spears, goes on public record to defend the mothering skills of her cousin/boss is she allowed back into Brit Brit's hallowed inner circle. It is still unclear what exactly went down between the ladies that led to Cousin Alli's dismissal but it now seems that the drama is over between the two. Here are pictures of Britney hanging out with Cousin Alli, hand in hand, last night as they made their way from the new club Opera to the old standby Winston's:

Photo credit: Splash News

Oh look ... somewhere along the way the girls picked themselves up a little late-night snack: Britney Spears exchanged bodily fluids with a hot new hunk last night. Tasty! TMZ cameras caught Spears leaving Winston's in Hollywood Thursday evening, sucking on what seemed to be a community lollipop. As soon as she got in her Mercedes, Brit passed the sucker to the mystery dude in the backseat, who couldn't get enough of it. Ewww! Britney cooties! Well, on the plus side, the guy stuffed into the backseat looks kinda cute. We'll see if he manages to stick around for any considerable length of time. [Source, Source]

In semi-Britneyesque news, it looks like our dear Britney has started another trend ... either that or Mena Suvauri has decided to go batshit crazy as well. Here is a picture of the cleanly head-shaven Mena Suvauri as she met up with friends in Beverly Hills, CA earlier this week:

Photo credit: Splash News

Maybe Mena is trying to shock us, shock us, shock us with her deviant Sinead O'Rebellion behavior? [Source]

Much to my chagrin, former Prison Break actor Lane Garrison managed to score a coup at his sentencing yesterday morning. Lane pled guilty to charges of vehicular manslaughter without gross negligence and other alcohol related driving charges back in May and was due to be sentenced for jail time yesterday when his lawyer skillfully managed to convince the judge to have Lane submit to a 90-day jailhouse psychiatric evaluation which could result in his release in about 3 months. Here are pictures of Lane at his court appearance yesterday morning:

Photo credit: Mavrix

"We don't have all the information," Superior Court Judge Eldon Fox said during the hearing Thursday. "I intend to remand Mr. Garrison today to the Department of Corrections for diagnostics." Garrison pleaded guilty in May to vehicular manslaughter without gross negligence and two other alcohol-related charges stemming from a car accident last Dec. 2 that left a 17-year-old Beverly Hills boy dead and a 15-year-old girl injured. For roughly an hour during the hearing, a number of people – including family members of the victims – addressed the judge, telling him about the impact of Garrison's actions on their lives. A handful of Garrison's friends also spoke, saying that the events of the night of Dec. 3 were not indicative of his true character. Dressed in dark suit and blue shirt, Garrison sat through the proceedings with his head hunched over. "This is an out-of-body experience for me," he told the judge when it was his turn to speak. "I'm reminded of that night every day and I think about the bad decision I made. I am so sorry." He went on to say that he had tried to contact the parents of the dead teen, but was never able to speak with them. "We can't bring him back. I just want to apologize to you guys and to the court," said Garrison. "I am sorry for my behavior that evening. It's not who I am... I will do everything in my power to make sure your son's name lives on." The TV star's lawyers' request for a "diagnostic" – submitting Garrison to 90 days of psychiatric evaluation to determine if he is a suitable candidate for probation – was met with vehement opposition from the D.A., according to Judge Fox said, "The fact that you may have some notoriety, I don't really care." Garrison was taken into custody by sheriff's deputies and taken to county jail where he'll be interviewed by state department of corrections psychologists. I'm sorry but I find it very hard to believe that another person in this situation would receive the same treatment by the court. Garrison is responsible for the death of a 17-year old boy due to his reckless and deadly decision to drive a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol and drugs and yet, on the advice of a psychiatrist, may end up eluding a 6-year prison sentence in lieu of a rehab program. This just sounds shady as hell to me. [Source]

Lane Garrison was formally booked yesterday as he was hauled away to jail for his 90-day evaluation and here is his mug shot:

While I commend him for stepping up and admitting responsibility for his deadly actions and while I honestly believe that he is very sorry for taking the life of a 17-year old boy, I don't believe that 90-days in jail and then however long in a posh rehab facility is the way for him to pay for his crimes. I can't imagine that the family of the 17-year old boy are very happy with this outcome ... I know I'd be very upset. Tho, the Judge could decide to not follow the psychiatrist's recommendation at the end of the 90-day evaluation period ... but I'm not holding my breath on that one. [Source]

Life continues to settle for David and Victoria Beckham here in LA and altho there are a few disappointed fans giving Becks a hard time for refusing to play soccer on his injured ankle and ridiculous stories going around, like the one where Britney Spears snubbed Vicki B. at the Chateau Marmont, Posh and Becks seem to be acclimating themselves as best they can. Here is a cute pic of the pair holding hands while driving (so cute, who does that?) around town last night:

Photo credit: Splash News

I figured it would only be a short time before the glitz of Les Beckhams's splashy arrival in town would get old and the backlash would begin (right after Hollywood's A-List threw them a big Welcome to America party). At least they were everyone's darlings for about 2 weeks. Well, I guess it was about time that the dynamic duo really see how things work in Hollywood. One day you're everyone's favorite and the next, people are clamoring to take you down. This backlash period will pass as well tho ... then they can really settle into being regular LA celebs. [Source]

In other Spice news, Melanie Brown, who is looking for any way to stick it to Eddie Murphy any way she can for wining, dining, impregnating and then dumping her, hooked up with Eddie's ex-wife/babymama Nicole Murphy for lunch at The Ivy yesterday afternoon. I wonder what on Earth Eddie's babymamas had to talk about with each other:

Photo credit: Splash News

Scary Spice was spotted Thursday meeting up with Nicole Murphy – Eddie Murphy's ex-wife and the mother of five of his children – at Beverly Hills eatery the Ivy, where the pair laughed over bottled water and lunch. Joining the two women were daughters Angel Iris, Brown's 4-month-old, and 5-year-old Bella Zahra, Murphy's youngest child with Nicole. "They seemed really friendly toward one another," says an onlooker of the pair, who wore curve-hugging dresses and posed for cameras outside. "They had a pretty private meal in the back corner, away from all of us." The lunch date came one day after Brown and her lawyer Gloria Allred held a press conference claiming that Brown's former boyfriend Murphy "has not paid one penny of child support." A DNA test in June established that the actor is the father, but "paternity has not been legally acknowledged," according to Allred. Meanwhile, on Thursday, baby Angel was already getting to know her half-sister, and Nicole Murphy ... Says an onlooker: "Right before they left, Nicole gave Melanie two kisses on the cheek." Yeah, nothing about this very public lunch date at The Ivy even remotely smells like a publicity stunt. LOL. Next thing we know, Mel B. is gonna be hanging out with Eddie's transsexual hooker at Hyde nightclub. [Source]

And, because I love posting these sorts of pics, here are new pics of Kylie Minogue looking stunning as she left a studio in London yesterday afternoon:

Photo credit: Splash News

Classy and beautiful as always. If ever I get depressed about the state of celebrity scandal, I need only look to Kylie Minogue to keep hope alive. [Source]

Here are pictures of a very pregs Milla Jovovich at a Tokyo, Japan press conference for her new movie Resident Evil: Extinction earlier this week:

Not only do I heart Milla but I am a HUGE fan of the Resident Evil movie franchise. It pains me that people dismiss these movies so easily just because they are based on a video game. Sure, they'll never be in the running for any Academy Awards but they are really fun, really entertaining popcorn flicks that I always enjoy watching. While there are, like, 13 Resident Evil video games out there, I doubt the movie franchise will last that long ... but I'm just glad there's another one set for release very soon. [Source]

Zac Efron and the High School Musical 2 crew paid a visit to Good Morning America where they put on a very lame lip-synced performance ... but that didn't stop the screaming adoration of the kiddies who were packed into the studio to watch the performance. Here are a couple pictures of Zac from his appearance and departure on yesterday's GMA:

I may tease the kid a lot here on the blog (too much bronzer!!!) but I do commend him for his crazy work ethic. I don't know that he sleeps much ... he's always bizzy working on this or that project (and he's got the pit stains to prove it). And just to clarify, in the first pic it looks like Zac is making the How You Doin'? face in the Joey Tribbiani from Friends way and not in the Wendy Williams way -- trust me, there is a difference. [Source]

Tim McGraw is having a hard time keeping his personal space to himself these days ... in a recent concert appearance (which I'm sure many of you have seen already) wifey Faith Hill had to chastise a female audience member for grabbing Tim's balls which were placed right in her face while on the concert stage (c'mon, can you really blame her?). It turns out that at the very same concert, another concert goer inadvertently grabbed his ring off his finger as he reached his hands out to the crowd ... except, when he realized his ring was missing, he started bitching out the wrong person for taking his ring while the person who accidentally got the ring was trying to get his attention so that she could give it back to him. Hahahahahaha!

Click HERE to watch this second hilarious vid clip. Pretty on the Outside has come up with a helpful sign that should be posted at future Tim McGraw concerts so that there is no confusion as to what is allowed and what is not allowed. [Source, Source]

And now for the German portion of today's blog post -- Tom Cruise, who is sporting his new Nazi-era haircut, is still trying to impress people with his ability to fly helicopters as he continues his stay in Berlin, Germany where he is working on a new film:

Photo credit: Splash News

I ain't buyin' it, he is still uncool ... even Suri is picking up on the fact that her "parents" are major lame-os. [Source]

Even tho Daniel Radcliffe is dressed in the uniform of a WWI era Irish Guard for his new film My Boy Jack, you gotta admit that he looks a lot like a character in Tom Cruise's Nazi-era film Valkyrie ... especially with this mustache:

Whether he's playing Irish or German, Danny boy really has the acting chops to put on an amazing performance. Having seen the amazing performance that he gives in the movie December Boys (in which he plays an Aussie), I am anxious to see him in other roles that have nothing to do with wizards and magic. [Source]

Rihanna is featured on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of German Maxim magazine:

She looks hawt ... but the bathtub pic look a little forced. She deffo has an innate sexiness about her that doesn't have to be posed ... they shouldn't try to force the sexiness out of her. [Source]

And this concludes the German portion of today's blog post.

Lindsay Lohan gave Elle magazine her last interview before she was arrested for drunk driving and then was shipped off to rehab this past Memorial Day. The issue featuring that interview is on newsstands now and offers some great gems for your reading pleasure:

On her reputation for drunk driving: "I wouldn't violate ... I'm much more responsible than that. I would not do that."

On her sometimes-boyfriend Calum Best: "I like him. He's me in male form. We're very similar. Stubborn, rebellious, very smart, coy, a little bit narcissistic -- I think all actors have a little bit of that, and so they should. We'll be kidding around, like the other day when we were in the Bahamas ... I was walking by some mirror. And he caught me looking in the mirror and he goes, 'I caught that!' I was like, 'Damn, I look good!'"

On the media firestorm surrounding her: "I feel like the asshole, the idiot, because I feel like I'm distracting from the other things that are important, like global warming and that kind of stuff. I genuinely mean that. And I don't know what to do."

On her career aspirations: "I just want to be nominated for an award for all the work I've done. It's so funny -- people forget that I played two characters in Parent Trap when I was twelve years old."

Er, I don't know that the Academy has a category for her work in Parent Trap but she's cute to think she's worthy. There are a lot of other great bits in this interview, make sure you check it out for yourself. [Source]

And finally, Lance Bass as released the final cover artwork for his new memoir Out of Sync which should be released very soon. Here is the full text of his book announcement from his My Space profile:

Hot off the presses!

Howdy!! I just got the cover from my publisher of my book! It is under my pics because I dont know how to post it here.

And since we are on the subject I just want to say I do not want my book to flop! One funny night I decided to "jokingly" say "oh it will probably flop" to a TMZ "reporter". (like all my quotes?) Again it was a joke. Im not an idiot-- I wrote this book so that it might help those out there interested in the music industry, space, and/or coming out story.

On a side note-- rehearsal is going great for Hairspray and I am having the best time ever!! I hope you all get to see it, because it really is an amazing show and the cast is incredible! Hairspray on Broadway - Official Site - Broadway's Big Fat Musical Comedy Hit

Start the 14th- Jan 6 2008

But, remember I am taking 2 weeks off to do book tour mid October. Made a photo album just for the book tour-- so every city I can post all the pics of you all!

How great is Joey doing on NBC's The Singing Bee?!! Such a great show!!

Have a great one! LBeezy

Having read Reichen Lehmkuhl's memoir myself, I gotta say that I am anxious to read Lance's memoir as well. I think it's amazing that high-profile out celebs are writing books in an attempt to help others come to terms with their homosexuality. I realize this is just the beginning but one day, I hope there will be a time when celebs won't have to fear losing work because they come out of the closet. [Source]

Les News:
So ... I finally made it back home to Detroit. I haven't been home since Mother's Day and altho it's only been a few months, it feels like a lot longer to me. Sarah was a doll and picked me up from the airport last night at 1AM. We grabbed some french fries and then she drove me by the house that she and Mark bought together. It is such a nice house ... I am so happy for her!

Today I've got a few things to take care of ... it's so good to be back in the D.

Have a great weekend, y’all! I'm out.