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Monday, August 06, 2007

Bourne Again

Britney Spears has been doing a very good job of keeping her nose out of trubs and away from anything even remotely scandalous since her last bout with controversy, and I think that she deserves a fine pat on the back. I think the fact that she can go a few days without doing anything that might incur the wrath of her detractors proves that she is capable of making the right decisions ... sometimes. Normally, I might question the decision to wear a dress with a sheer midriff section on it ... especially when coupled with a bandana head wrap ... but if that is the biggest of her crimes, I'll take it. Here are cute pictures of Britney making her way out of Cravings restaurant with her sons Sean Preston and Jayden James in tow last night:

Photo credit: INFaily

At least the boys are dressed really cutely. That little bear hat that Jayden James is wearing is really adorable. Sean P. is getting so big ... he looks more and more like Britney in the face each day (that is meant as a good thing). I honestly don't know what the future has in store for Britney Spears but, as always, I'm hoping that she is able to achieve success again and I really hope she gets this whole mothering thing figured out once and for all. I shudder at the notion that Kevin Federline is lurking in the shadows waiting to get full custody of those kids. [Source]

The 2007 Lollapalooza Festival, which took place this past weekend in Chicago, IL, came to an end last night as artists like Iggy and the Stooges, Amy Winehouse and Pearl Jam closed out the final day of the festival. Here are pictures from Day 3 of Lollapalooza yesterday:

Photo credit: Wireimage

It sounds like the show was a big success but I don't know that the true spirit of the first few Lollapaloozas will ever be recaptured. Back in the early 90s bands like Nine Inch Nails, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Smashing Pumpkins, The Breeders, Ministry, The Jesus and Mary Chain and other influential rock bands of the day took the show across the country right as the popularity of grunge was taking off. There was something very cool about this traveling band of misfit rockers touring the country together. Lollapalooza is very polished these days but really, it has to be because a traveling festival like this doesn't usually survive for long. Honestly, I never thought I'd see the day where I was feeling nostalgic for the 1990s ... but as we come ever nearer to the end of the 2000s, I can feel the tug. [Source]

Last night the LA Galaxy took on the Toronto FC at BMO Field in Toronto, CA and, as was expected, David Beckham was not well enough to play in the game ... but that didn't stop him from coming out to watch the game with his team mates on the Galaxy bench -- and he did so in style. Here are a bunch of pics of Becks lookin' suave as hell in his Hugo Boss suit at the LA vs. Toronto soccer game last night:

David Beckham sits out yet another LA Galaxy game... and makes sure we all know why. In what is possibly the footballing equivalent of using a husky voice to call in sick to the office, he left off his socks to show the world why he was on the bench -- again. A bandage strapped around the nagging injury on his left ankle was clearly visible beneath the designer trousers. Having missed four games, Beckham has played only 16 minutes of football for Galaxy - and that was in a friendly - since he joined last month. Yesterday's away match would have been his Major League Soccer debut against Toronto FC. Booing fans made their feelings clear about his absence last night -- and may now be wondering whether Becks will ever prove to be worth his £125million price tag. You know, if Becks has to sit out a soccer game, I'm glad he does so with style and panache. I'm confident that he will be on the soccer field very soon, it's just a matter of time. It's just really unfortunate that his injury had to occur right before he made his move to the US. The pressure is building by the day ... and people are growing more and more impatient by the day. I hope he has an exceptionally stellar first game once he's ready to play -- folks are gonna come down on him real hard if he doesn't wow 'em on the playing field. [Source]

While Becks was off looking good in Toronto, Vicki B. stayed back in LA with the kiddies to hold down the fort. She spent part of her weekend hanging out with her sons and another part of her weekend hanging out with her harsh-browed sister Louise Adams. Here are a couple pics from Vicki B.'s weekend:

After taking her boys (pictured above with Romeo, her favorite son) to the X-Games on Saturday, Vicki B. went out for a nice dinner at Koi with her sister Louise. Yeah, nothing too exciting is going on with VB since her hubby is off with the Galaxy and her BFF Katie Holmes is in Europe ... so I wonder if she's getting homesick yet. I really hope not cuz she's still got close to 5 years left of American life ahead of her. [Source, Source]

While Posh Spice is spending some time figuring out her new life in America, Scary Spice is sittin' back, sippin' champagne in celebration of her latest accomplishments (ie. the public embarrassing of her babydaddy Eddie Murphy). Here are pics of Melanie Brown sittin' poolside with a big ol' bottle of champers lookin' all proud of herself:

Photo credit: Splash News

Isn't it funny how the look of accomplishment appears strangely similar to the look of blissful drunkenness? I guess something good can come from engaging in sexual relations with Eddie Murphy. [Source]

It was widely reported that Lindsay Lohan was hiding out in LA in the days after her most recent DUI arrest and there were soft rumors that she had checked herself into a rehab program. It turns out that the LA story was just a smokescreen cuz Lindsay showed up back in NYC at her mother Dina Lohan's home and hadn't yet checked herself in to rehab ... but all that has changed as the Insider is reporting that L. Lo has finally checked herself into a rehab program in Utah of all places. So, while Linds gives rehab another go in Sundance, UT the rest of her fam (minus Daddy Michael Lohan) are holed up at their manse in NYC:

Photo credit: Splash News

"The Insider" Online breaks news that LINDSAY LOHAN has entered the Cirque Lodge drug and alcohol rehab in Sundance, Utah. According to sources within the facility, the 21-year-old star arrived this weekend to begin the intense rehabilitation program that is expected to last a minimum of 30 days. The center treats men and women over the age of 18. According to the Cirque Lodge Web site, upon check-in, a thorough mental and physical examination is completed. The Lodge was named by Town & Country magazine to be one of the country's top rehabs. For a price tag of $30,000 and up, the rehab offers privacy -- with rooms for 16 residents at a time. Rooms boast spectacular views, Jacuzzi tubs and private fireplaces, and stars such as MARY-KATE OLSEN and DAVID HASSELHOFF have reportedly sought treatment there. Until now, Lindsay was previously being held for her own well-being in Los Angeles, in a safe place and far away from the paparazzi, according to Lohan family friend GINA GLICKMAN. Well, I know that I would want my rehab treatment facility to have received high marks from Town and Country magazine -- sounds like a surefire road to success. I really doubt that Lindsay was hiding out in LA (supposedly at the Chateau Marmont) cuz I find it hard to believe that she managed to elude being sighted completely. It makes sense that she would've hightailed it out of town making sure that people were told that she was still in town. Blah ... all this drama must be so hard on her family. I feel the worst for her poor grandmother ... that lady's party schedule has been all effed up by all of this drama. [Source]

Here are a couple of really cute pics of Nicole Richie and her doting boyfriend Joel Madden enjoying a nice lunch together over the weekend:

Nic/Joel look so comfortable and happy together ... it is clear that Joel really loves her and I can only imagine how excited they are for the birth of their child. I wish them all the best for a long and happy life together with their growing family. [Source]

In other family news, here are pictures of the Cruises enjoying some downtime in Sardina, Italy before swinging thru Saint Tropez on their way back to Berlin, Germany where Tom Cruise had to get back to work on his new film, Valkyrie. Here are a few semi-cute pics of Tom, Katie and Suri Holmes-Cruise enjoying a few watersports together:

Photo credit: Big Pictures

Hollywood star Tom Cruise loves being an action hero – even on his day off. The 45-year-old took his wife Katie Holmes, 28, for a high speed jet ski ride while on a family holiday in Sardinia, Italy. The couple's 16-month-old daughter also took to the water – albeit tentatively – for a quick splash around under their watchful eye. Later, the pair continued to their cruise through the Mediterranean, stopping in St Tropez to visit Australian media mogul Jamie Packer and wife Erica aboard their luxury icebreaker, the Artic P ... The family has since returned to Germany, where Tom is filming WWII movie Valkyrie. It's nice to see that Tom Cruise likes to play as hard as he works. It's also nice to see that Katie Holmes is allowed to show off her nice rack without fear of reprisal. Furthermore, it's really nice to see that Suri Holmes-Cruise can go into the water without short-circuiting. [Source]

Even tho Tom and co. looked like they were having a grand ol' time together in Europe, I'm sure that Tom really wished he was back home in LA so that he could attend the Scientology 38th Anniversary Gala this weekend. Here are a couple pictures from the big Scientology shindig starring folks like John Travolta, Kelly Preston and Kirstie Allie:

OOH look! Johnny T. got himself some new hair plugs just for the occasion! I'm actually surprised that Tom Cruise chose to miss this affair in lieu of vacationing with his family ... such decisions can't be good for his Thetan level. [Source]

Here are pictures of David Hasselhof trying to regain some of that old Baywatch magic that proved so successful for him back in the day:

Photo credit: Splash News

Yeah, he really doesn't look quite as good as he did back in the early 90s Baywatch hey day (c'mon, you know he was kinda sorta semi-hot back then) but in these pics, he is aided mightily by the fact that his stomach and manboobs are hidden and the fact that he's wet. I like him so much better when he's not crumpled on the floor, drunk and blathering in front of his children. This is a much better look for him, I think. [Source]

Speaking of better looks, here are new pictures of Tobey Maguire all squeezed into a tight spandex-y bike riding outfit in Santa Monica, CA yesterday afternoon:

Photo credit: INFdaily

Of course he looked good in that Spider-Man costume of his but, truth be told, most of the full body scenes of him wearing the Spidey suit were actually stuntmen and not Tobey Maguire. At least we know that it's all him in this hot little number ... and altho, over all, the spandex makes him look short, at least he doesn't look very little where it really counts ;) [Source]

I have no idea what Hayden Panettiere is doing up against this wall but I sure know what it looks like she's doing:

Ah well, she looks really cute in her little outfit even tho it seems like she is taking a leak up against the wall. Hahahahahaha! [Source]

Awww ... poor Rihanna's leg injury looks worse than was previously thought ... she has upgraded from having to use crutches to having to use a leg brace:

I hope she gets better soon ... I'd hate for her to have to miss any soccer games because of her injury. Hmmm ... maybe if Becks got himself a leg brace people would cut him a little more slack. [Source]

And finally, Jenny McCarthy donned her Playboy Playmate Bunny outfit once more to take part in the Big Deal fund-raiser which raised money for a children's charity at the Palms Hotel's Playboy Club in Las Vegas, NV this past weekend. Here are a couple pics of Jenny lookin' superhot in her bunny outfit:

It's hard to imagine that Jim Carrey gets to enjoy these goodies on a regular basis and the less we dwell on that thought, the better ... let's just focus on the fact that Jenny looks amazing and leave well enough alone. [Source]

Les News:
Yesterday afternoon's party for Zakiya was so amazingly fun, she had a blast -- we all had a blast. It was so nice spending time with all the people in Z's life. I'm having a hard time dealing with the fact that she is growing up so quickly. Pretty soon, she'll be heading off to elementary school, then collage and then the US presidency. I'm just trying to enjoy her as a baby as much as I can.

After the party, Sarah, Mark and I went out for dinner and then Sarah and went to see The Bourne Ultimatum:

Just as I expected, the movie rocked balls. I don't know what I can say about the movie that will prove insightful ... those of you who are familiar with the Bourne movie franchise pretty much know what is up. The movie is very similar to the other two movies except the story of Jason Bourne is further advanced in this one. There is a huge resolution at the end, which I found marginally satisfactory. I understand that Matt Damon has said that he will not be making any more Bourne movies so I guess his story ends here. Even if you've not seen the other movies, I think you may enjoy this one. There is a lot of action and a lot of intrigue ... but the real draw, I think, is that you can enjoy mindless fun at the movies without having to tax your brain.

I'm not sure what is going on today ... I have a few people to see, things to do but I think it's gonna be a pretty quiet day. Happy Monday, y'all. I'm out.



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