Sunday, August 26, 2007

New York State Of Mind

Sadly my week here in rainy moist and humid New York City has come to an end ... even with the extra day extension, it really seemed to fly by so quickly. David and I have a brunch date with his sisters this afternoon so let's get thru the day's goss -- cuz I have a plane to catch after brunch that will whisk me back home to LA :)

Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and the their children Maddox, Zahara, Shiloh Nouvel (I think) and Pax Thien Jolie-Pitt are all also in New York this weekend. Yesterday we saw pics of Brad and Maddox enjoying a couple of hot dogs on the streets of NYC and today we get pics of Angelina and the kids enjoying a fun afternoon in Central Park (presumably after the lunch of street meat). Here are pics of Ange coraling the kids (minus Shiloh Nouvel) at the park yesterday afternoon:

Photo credit: Splash News

I know for a fact that it was hot and humid as shizz here in NYC yesterday so running around the park with 3 kids can't have been too enjoyable but it really does look like everyone had a fun time. It's curious that Shiloh Nouvel was absent from the day's fun ... maybe she had a daddy date with papa Brad? [Source]

While the day's fun was really for the kids it turns out that the evening's fun was for the parents. Here are pics of Angelina and Brad boarding a helicopter bound for the Hamptons where Brangelina had plans to party the night away:

Photo credit: Splash News

You will note that Angelina was dress in white from head to toe, most probably because Labor Day is nearly upon us and no self-respecting fashionista will be caught dead wearing white after September 3rd this year. Despite all the rumors that Brangelina's relationship is on the rocks these days I find it very hard to believe any of them. They really make a concerted effort to devote as much time as they can to and with their children and yet they always seem to also make time for themselves as well. [Source]

While Brangelina are enjoying the end of summer here on the East Coast, Paris Hilton and friends are having a grand time enjoying the fruits of summer on the West Coast. Here are pics of Paris at the LG Beach House in Malibu, CA footloose and fancy free ... homegirl even took her weave out just for the occasion:

Photo credit: Splash News

While Paris doesn't look quite as unflattering sans weave as Britney Spears does, I wouldn't say that it's her best look. Still, Paris looks happy and carefree and not at all bitter and jaded that she got reamed by the LA County judicial system while her Hollywood "It" Girl cohorts Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan practically got away with murder. Good for Paris for maintaining a good attitude about her crappy situation. [Source]

Paris wasn't partying in Malibu alone this weekend, as usual she enjoyed a nice caucus of elite friends to share her beach house with ... including a cheeky fellow who greeted the paps in his own special way:

Photo credit: Splash News

It may be hard to tell who this charming fellow is but for those of you who are not familiar with this gentleman's tattoo (or his butt crack) I suppose I should let you know that it's none other than Detroit's own Kid Rock himself. I could recognize him anywhere ... er, by his tattoo, of course ;) [Source]

While Kid Rock is dressing down these days, Heroes hottie Milo Ventimiglia is dressing up ... and in a really sharp way. Here are a couple pictures of Milo at the LA Times Image launch event which took place in LA earlier this week:

The man does look hellagood in a suit, don't you think? I think this guy would have a hard time looking bad ... no matter what he's wearing -- or not wearing. Woot! [Source]

The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency is doing everything it can these days to try and remind the world that it still exists. Earlier this week, Janice and her models stripped down to their birthday suits in order to proclaim to the world that the Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency has gone fur free. Apparently, Janice and her models have also decided to Go Green as well ... which, of course, meant that her models had to get nekkid again:

Photo credit: Wireimage

I'm sure I have no idea what nekkid models have to do with Eco-friendliness but I suppose it's Janice's way of saving the Earth one nekkid model at a time. That's a good thing, right? [Source]

Prince has completed the first month of his 21-concert residency at the O2 Arena in London, England this weekend and here are a couple pics from his most recent performance:

Photo credit: Wireimage

Prince still has a slew of dates to complete thruout all of September and yet, the man is showing no signs of slowing down. I have been hearing from quite a few happy fans that Prince has been putting on some amazing shows these past few weeks and I have no doubt that he will keep churning out the kickass shows. Click HERE for a short report on last night's performance. [Source]

Rihanna is also spending some time in London, playing a show or two of her own (tho not as audacious an undertaking as Prince's residency at the O2 Arena) ... here are a few pics from her show at the Capitalive held at the Scala in London, England this past Friday night:

Photo credit: Wireimage

She looks amazing in these pics. Don't you think she'd made a great opening act for His Purple Majesty? [Source]

Here are a few promo pics from the upcoming third season of the Fox hit show Prison Break:

When last we left our intrepid prison breakers, they found themselves re-incarcerated in Panama without out any hope of escape ... which is exactly where season 3 picks up. They've added a few new cast members to the show (including the 2 hot beauties pictured here) which returns with all new episodes starting September 17th. Wee! Click HERE to watch the first 17 minutes of the third season premiere online now. [Source]

Here are a few new promo images from the new Cate Blanchett movie Elizabeth: The Golden Age:

I know that a lot of people will bristle at the thought of a sequel to the amazing 1998 movie Elizabeth but I am not one of those people. Yes, The Golden Age is a sequel of sorts to the first movie but if you consider the amazing life of Queen Elizabeth then you know that the first first movie ended before the heights of her glorious reign even began. The first movie told of her rise to power and this new movie will chronicle the successes of her reign (the highpoint being her defeat of the seemingly unconquerable Spanish Armada). I understand that a third and final film will also be made of Elizabeth's final days as Queen. I was so impressed with Elizabeth and Cate's amazing breakthru performance in that film that I have no doubt that this new movie will be just as amazing. Perhaps this time Cate Blanchett won't be robbed of her Oscar ;) I can't wait! [Source]

And finally, it's time for the Hot Dude of the Week. As much as I have been loving my time here in NYC, I have been reminded of the things that I really love about living in LA ... the sun, the surf, the beaches ... the guys on the beaches ... guys on the beaches who look like this week's hot dude Dave:

Photo credit: All American Guys

Okay, maybe the seashell necklace is a bit lame but if you just overlook that tiny little faux pas then I think you see my point. While August may seem like the end of summer to some, in SoCal it marks the beginning of warm ocean water which means its the perfect time to hit the beaches and hang out with guys like Dave. Pookah shell necklaces be damned, I can't wait to get my buns back to the beach! [Source]

Sorry y'all, no newslinks today

Yesterday was hot and humid but it's summer in NYC so you gotta just enjoy it while you can. I got to meet up with Oriana for drinks and snacks at a place called Shelley's on 57th. where we sipped amazing martinis and ate some really great food. They make their own potato chips which are out of this world! It's too bad we didn't have time to eat a proper meal because the appetizers and snacks that we did get to eat were really, really good. After Oriana and I parted ways, I did a bit of window shopping on 5th. Ave before coming back home to David ... then we met up with his friend Jeremy for drinks at the Xth. Avenue Lounge and then dancing at The Ritz:

I didn't partake of the drink quite as wholeheartedly as David and Jeremy did (note the glassy eyes) but a great time was had nonetheless (props to the DJ for playing Sophie Ellis Bextor and Kylie Minogue in last night's set).

After dancing, we came home and ordered some late-night pizza and then crashed ... the perfect NYC night.

So ... I guess that is all ... we are practically out the door and then I'm off to LA. I hope all y'all have been having an amazing weekend. I'll be comin' atcha from the Westside tomorrow morn. I am out.