Saturday, September 01, 2007

Hilarious! The Musical

Despite last minute rumors that proclaimed otherwise, Britney Spears did indeed show up for her hosting duties at the LAX nightclub grand opening party at Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV last night. But, there are conflicting reports as to just how long Brit Brit stuck around at the LAX party and left (some say she breezed thru the club [one report said she was back home in LA by 1am] others said that she stuck around for a considerable time) but in any instance, LAX was just the first stop in her long night of partying. Here are a few pics of Britters making the rounds inside LAX nightclub last night:

Photo credit: Wireimage

24/Sizzler is the first media outlet to report all the JUICY DETAILS of Britney Spears' wild Friday night in Las Vegas! Britney made a grand entrance into LAX nightclub inside the Luxor Hotel & Casino Friday night, for its grand opening bash, while her new single "Gimme More" was blasted over the sound system (DJ AM was already in the deejay booth spinning). Britney entered to a "roaring ovation and nonstop flashbulbs," a club-goer tells She made a beeline to her table on LAX's main VIP stage, and "after giving Criss Angel a hug" she joined three female friends, reports the club-goer. "She then addressed the crowd and welcomed everyone to LAX," reports the spy. "Afterwards, Britney partied from her booth drinking mimosas." Now, back to Criss Angel! The party-goer tells, "Britney and Criss hung out on the main VIP stage together where they got cozy dancing with each other! As Criss wrapped his arms around Britney and whispered into her ear, a big smile appeared on her face as she clapped her hands in excitement." After the LAX bash, source say Criss and Britney headed to Noir Bar, a speakeasy! Yeah, sounds like a pretty regular night for our dear Britney. There were other rumors that she was going to perform at the opening but, as I anticipated, that never happened. [Source]

There were other celebs in the hiz partying with Britney at LAX, including DJ AM, Dave Navarro and Brody Jenner (with his new BFF and Spencer Pratt replacement Frankie Delgado):

Photo credit: Wireimage

All in all, last night's LAX party sounded pretty standard -- just another night at a Vegas nightclub. I'm sure that Britney is itching to really bust out an amazing performance when she returns to Vegas next weekend to perform at the 2007 MTV VMAs at the Palms Hotel and Casino. It seems like she's biding her time, saving all the real excitement for the VMAs stage next weekend ... and David and I will be there to see it live for ourselves. It's gonna be hot, ya'll! [Source]

Well now ... back here in LA, David Beckham is spending his downtime working on the rehabilitation of his ankle and his knee ... and it seems like part of that rehabilitation is taking place at the beach. Here are pics of Becks with his middle son Romeo taking in a little surfing at the beach:

Hmmm ... isn't it interesting that Becks is well enough to go to the beach without his ankle or knee brace? Well ... if Justin Bobby (Audrina's ex boyfriend on The Hills) can go to the beach wearing combat boots, why can't Becks do the same with leg braces? Curious. I'm also a bit bummed that Becks opted to wear the (very long) Abercrombie and Fitch board shorts instead of donning those tight little speedos that he's usually so fond of wearing. Le boo. These pics could've been much, much better if his swimwear were a lot more skimpy. [Source]

Colin Farell, our fave Irish bad boy, has been spending some time lately in New York City ... hanging out at the US Open tournament. Hmm. I never quite pegged Colin as a tennis fan:

Photo credit: Splash News

Yeah, he doesn't look all that interested in what is going on on the court. Perhaps he was there merely to ogle the chiquitas. I was unaware that NYC was hit by a freezing cold front either ... thankfully Colin had his knit cap to keep his head warm. We wouldn't want him catching cold or anything like that. [Source]

Here are a few cute pics of Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe each spending individual alone time with their youngest son Deacon around town this week. Reese took Deacon for a hike and Ryan took Deacon for a trip to Whole Foods:

It's a bit of a bummer to think that they have to juggle their kids like this, each one prolly feeling like the time they have with their kids is never enough. It's clear that each parent really makes time to spend as much time with the kids as possible ... Reese looks like she handles it all very well. She always looks happy and content. Ryan looks a bit homeless (thanks to the scraggly beard) in these pics, it must be harder for him being the part-time dad. Honestly, I would love it if Witherppe one day decided to reconcile ... they really did make the cutest little family. [Source]

Here is our first look at new mom Maggie Gyllenhaal's upcoming ad campaign for Agent Provocateur lingerie:

She looks pretty dang sexy in these pics ... which I think is the reason she decided to appear in an ad campaign like this so soon after giving birth to her first child. If Maggie is doing lingerie ads then there is no reason that her brother Jake Gyllenhaal can't do underwear ads as well. Hmm. Even in tighty whities, I'm sure Jake would have much to offer :) [Source]

Well, it's been about 45 mins. since the last celeb announced the release of a new fragrance so we're about due ... thankfully, Celine Dion has stepped in with a fragrance of her own to unleash upon the world -- behold, Enchanting:

If you, too, would like to smell like Celine Dion you don't have to haul your cookies down to those high-falutin' designer department stores to plunk down major ducats to do so. You don't even have to go to those fancy Wal-Marts or K-Marts. No siree ... the next time that you need to pick up hygiene products or toilet paper at your friendly neighborhood CVS drug store you can also pick up a bottle of Celine's new perfume. Now if that ain't Enchanting, then I don't know what is. [Source]

A new perfume isn't the only thing that Celine is ready to unveil, she's also got a new album on the horizon. Celine Dion has been out of the music spotlight for many years now, taking time off to raise a family and perform nightly in her Las Vegas show (which closes in a few months), but will be back in November with a new album. Here is the cover artwork:

Lord, it looks like she hasn't learned much in her time off. She's back, again, with her overly blown-out hair and her dated bell-bottomed pants. I'm sure she'll be belting out some new hits on this new album but, so far, I'm not really all that impressed with what I'm seeing so far. C'mon Celine, gimme more. [Source]

And finally, it's time for this week's batch of photos sent in by Pink is the new Blog readers -- Grant sends in a pic with his cheering stunt partner Laura all the way from my alma mater, the University of Oklahoma! OU takes on North Texas in the first game of the new College Football Season later on tonight -- Go Sooners!!!! -- Erin and Alicia send in a cute pic from their friends' commitment ceremony in Boston, MA -- Nicole & Racheal send in a pic from their amazing vacation in Ibiza, Spain -- Chrissie, who has been studying abroad in Rome this past semester, sends in a pic from her trip to Greece in front of the Temple of Zeus in Athens -- Jinny sends in a pic of Her Pinkness, Jinger, on her 6th birthday:

Much congrats and love to you all. I *always* love hearing from the folks down in Oklahoma ... I miss it all the time. Thank you all so very much for taking the time to send in your pics. They're always fun to see pop up in my inbox. Keep 'em coming ... even tho I can't post them all, I do love checking them out as they arrive. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! xoxoxo

Les News:
  • "I've never seen anyone take as much coke as Amy. Even I wasn't that bad." -- Courtney Love on Amy Winehouse
  • Giuliana DePandi got hitched, y'all! Much congrats!!
  • Salma Hayek has a star-studded baby shower.
  • Joe Trohman of Fall Out Boy is 23, Scott Speedman is 32 and Lily Tomlin is 68 years old today. Click HERE to see who else is celebrating a birthday today.
  • Peace the Spork Out goes to Michael Jackson (not the one you think)
Last night was a pretty fun night. Mike and I met up and grabbed a quick bite to eat at Charcoal (we tried to recreate that amazing dinner that Audrina and Justin Bobby [Truth in Time reveals all] had when they visited that place on The Hills but, alas, we couldn't pull it off) and then met up with Kirsten, Paul, Darion, his cousin and her husband for a little night of theater. We went to see Invasion! The Musical at the Hudson Theater in LA ... Darion's friend Matt features prominently in the show. I wasn't sure what to expect from such an off, off, off, off, way off Broadway musical but, I can assure you, I got more than I bargained for:

I don't know that I can put my feelings about the show into words. It's insanely hilarious and yet, extremely offensive and crass. The songs are very well written with smart and witty lyrics ... when you realize what they're singing about then you just have to shake your head and laugh your ass off. The show isn't for everyone; one person was so offended that he walked out about 20 mins. into the show, but it is a very funny show. There were many times where I said to myself, Damn, that is sooo wrong, but then I was laughing hysterically the next minute and all was forgotten and forgiven. I had a great time ... actually we all did. I wouldn't mind seeing the show again. I also wouldn't be at all surprised if there are bigger and better things in store for Invasion! The Musical.

After the show, we all went out for a drink at Akbar ... Matt brought along his parents and we got to drankin' ... and picture takin' ... as usual:

Honestly, the Mickey Mouse shirt I wore doesn't look freaky in person ... well, not as freaky-as-hell as it looks in these pics. OY! Matt's folks were really fun (his dad and I were discussing the horrendousness of the manpris ... so of course, I loved him totally). We spent all our time talking and socializing that we never ended up dancing ... so I think that's what we're gonna do tonight.

I hope all ya'll are having an amazing Labor Day weekend ... I am O-U-T!