Sunday, September 02, 2007

HERE and Now

BOOOO! In extremely sad news, it is being reported today that Michelle Williams and Heath Ledger have decided to call it quits! Sources claim that the couple have been pretty "rocky" in recent months and have, at last, decided to end their relationship ... they're dunzo, y'all:

Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams have split after three years together, a source confirms to PEOPLE. "It was rocky for awhile," says a source close to the couple. "They did what they could to make it work." The source says the split was amicable. Wow! The couple met on the set of Brokeback Mountain and immediately fell in love. A year later they welcomed the birth of their first child Matilda Rose. Now they're finished. What a bummer ... I really thought they made a happy couple ... I wonder what went wrong. I wonder if there is a Jack Nasty behind the cause of this split. Hmm. [Source]

While I was unable to make my way out to Las Vegas this weekend to partake in the craziness that was the official LAX Las Vegas nightclub opening hosted by Britney Spears, there were a few Pink readers who spent their weekend enjoying the all the decadent fun that Sin City has to offer. Pink reader Katie happened to be staying at the Luxor Hotel this weekend and confirms to me that Britney managed to stay in Vegas for most of the night Friday night/Saturday morning despite claims that she had already flown back to LA by 1am after she breezed thru the LAX party. Here are pics sent in by Katie of Britney and Criss Angel making their way thru the lobby of the Luxor Hotel in the wee hours of Saturday morning:

They managed to make it thru the lobby relatively unnoticed. Brit Brit may have only partied at Luxor for about 40 mins. the whole night (for which I'm sure she was paid handsomely) she at least managed to stick around afterwards for a time. As y'all know, Britters will be back in Vegas next weekend for the 2007 MTV VMAs where she will be performing live (it's being rumored that her performance will open the show) at the Palms Hotel and Casino. Woot! [thanks Katie]

The LA Galaxy took on Real Salt Lake at the Home Depot Center in Carson, CA yesterday afternoon and David Beckham was on hand ... to watch. Sitting in his private box with his sons Brooklyn and Romeo, Becks got about as interactive as a person can watching from the sidelines. Here are a few pics of Becks and the boys watching yesterday's game:

The former England captain sprained a ligament in his right knee during the Los Angeles Galaxy's SuperLiga final defeat by Pachuca last week. So the 32-year-old was watching from the sidelines - again - as Galaxy met Real Salt Lake yesterday. But there was plenty of action on the field - judging by the excitement in the box as Beckham and his sons jumped to their feet with job and slumped back in their seats in disappointment. The £125million star player could be on the bench for four and six weeks in a re-run of his early weeks at the LA club. But he looked comfortable in the luxury box with Romeo and Brooklyn, managing a smile and a wave to fans. I'm sure those smiles quickly faded into frowns ... Real Salt Lake managed to rally and defeat the LA Galaxy with a final score of 2-1. Boo. [Source]

After the Galaxy defeat, Becks packed up his family and made their way to Beverly Hills so that they could celebrate Romeo Beckham's 5th birthday in style ... at the Cheesecake Factory. Well, as far as Cheesecake Factorys go, I guess the one in Beverly Hills is about as posh as they come. You will note that Becks is wearing flip-flops and jeans in these pics ...

Photo credit: Splash News

... and it doesn't look, at all, like he is wearing those braces that he was outfitted with earlier this week. I'm no authority on sports medicine or anything like that but I'm pretty sure those braces work better when one actually wears them. I also find it hard to understand how wearing flip-flops is conducive to helping heal sprained ligaments in the knee and other ankle injuries. I really hope that Sexy Becksie isn't trying to pull a fast one on the Galaxy fans. In any regard, it's really cute that the family went to the Cheesecake Factory for Romeo's birthday ... it's hard to believe that the little scamp is already 5 years old. [Source]

Elsewhere in the world, celebs are convening in Venice, Italy for the 64th annual Venice Film Festival. Here are pics of Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Zahara and Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt making their grand arrival at the film fest this weekend:

I dunno if the boys came along for the trip or if they were cut out of this little jaunt because they are bad, bad children! In any regard, the truncated Brangelina brood are at the festival for the premiere of Brad's movie The Assassination of Jesse James. [Source]

Here are a few pics from the Venice Film Festival premiere of The Assassination of Jesse James where the attendees arrived by motorboat, natch:

Photo credit: Wireimage

Oh look, Colin Farrell gave up his love of tennis to fly in to Venice to check out a few films. As I've mentioned before, I'm not a bit fan of Western films (I've yet to see 3:10 to Yuma and that one stars Christian Bale, for Pete's sake) so I dunno that I'll be making my way to see this film when it gets released to theaters ... but I am a bit intrigued to see what Brad Pitt can do with the role of Jesse James. [Source]

In London, Kylie Minogue got all gussied up in her finest animal print cocktail dress and made her way to the O2 Arena to enjoy an evening of musical entertainment provided by Prince:

It's no surprise that Kylie is a Prince fan, she does have good taste (I don't even hate this leopard print dress she's wearing). As you know, Prince is in the middle of his 21-night residency in London and I guess Kylie finally got around to seeing his show. Hmm ... I wonder if it ever occurred to her that it would ROCK BALLS if she were to collaborate with His Puprple Majesty on a track or two for her new album. [Source]

In other performance news, I am happy to report that Samantha Fox, who famously sang in the 80's that Naughty Girls Needed Love, Too, is alive and kicking and apparently still performing. Here are pics of Samantha Fox performing at the Countdown Spectacular 2 in Melbourne, Australia earlier this week:

Dang, she looks pretty good. My friend Tony used to be a huge fan of Samantha Fox back in the day (honestly, I believe that he still is a big fan) and despite the fact that Samantha was known as much for her topless pin-up pics as for her music (a fact that his mother tended to overlook as he put up pics in his room) Tony remained (remains?) loyal to her. Talk about a blast from the past, I haven't thought about her songs Naughty Girls, I Just Wanna Have Some Fun, Touch Me, Hurt Me! Hurt Me! (But The Pants Stay On) or I Only Wanna Be With You (my personal fave) in ages ... it's great to know that she's still around performing those awesome songs to this day. [Source]

Here is a super cute pic of Neil Patrick Harris and his Detroit boyfriend David Burtka (who was born in Dearborn, MI, grew up in Canton, MI and graduated from the University of Michigan) taking their doggies out for a walk this long lazy Labor Day weekend:

Photo credit: Flynet

Hee hee, honestly, the only pics we ever get to see of these two out and about together is when they take their dogs out for a walk. I love that David decided to leave his shirt at home ... nothing says sexy like a shirtless dog-walker (even if he is holding the plastic poop bag). I think Neil and David make a really cute couple ... I'm glad to see that they're holding it down. [Source]

Here are a few really sweet personal pictures of Princess Diana that were taken by Prince William and Prince Harry that are newly published on the 10th anniversary of their mother's untimely death:

These remarkable and intimate photographs ... on a camera belonging to a nanny, illuminate his description: Diana is relaxed, playful and exudes a warmth that speaks of her love for her boys ... The pictures, which have never been published before, were taken during a visit to Highgrove by Diana's close friend and former flatmate Carolyn Bartholomew, and her new son Jack, in 1989. The Princes borrowed a camera belonging to Mary Bruce, Jack's nanny, and for almost 18 years the photographs lay hidden in a box with Miss Bruce's other personal keepsakes. But when Miss Bruce died in January this year she bequeathed the photographs to her best friend Isabella Paton's son, Norrie. Now Norrie, a 52-year-old self-employed electrician from Dundee, has decided to share them with the world. He said: "Diana has been pictured so many times, but these are special. They really are special pics ... it's extremely rare to see candid photos of the Royals in any capacity ... and these pics of Diana and her young sons are just really sweet. [Source]

And finally, on another topic altogether, it's time for the Hot Dude of the Week. This Labor Day weekend, loads of people have flocked to the beaches to enjoy the sun and surf ... and to show off, perhaps for the last time this year, their best swimwear. In celebration, here is a picture of Zach showing off his good stuff, too:

Photo credit: All American Guys

One of the best things about living on the West Coast is being able to hang out on the beach whenever you like in order to take in the fine scenery. Running into dudes like Zach at any given time is another great reason to hit the beaches as much as possible. I hope that all y'all are having a very relaxing Labor Day weekend ... and it's not even over yet! Woot! [Source]

Les News:
Yesterday was another great night out with the boys. Kirsten was supposed to come out with us but she had a hard time recuperating from Friday night's fun so she couldn't make it ... so instead, it was a veritable sausagefest with just the guys. Darion, Paul, Mike and I met up for dinner at the newly opened Pink Taco in Century City before we made our way to the Here lounge in West Hollywood to party the night away. We met up with Jordan and his friend Adam and also ran into my friend David ... the music was bumpin, the drinks were strong ... and it was hot as Hades:

The DJ played Britney's new song Gimme More not once, but twice thruout the night ... also playing the hits I'm A Slave 4 U and Toxic and her other leaked song Cold as Fire -- see, who needs to go to LAX in Vegas to party with Britney? Somehow, Jordan ended up in the bushes, Darion ended up with a girlfriend, Mike ended up soaking wet, Paul managed to leave his hat at home and I managed to escape unscathed (I also got to meet a few Pink readers like Cameron, Brad, Mark, Lorenzo and others) -- all in all, it was a pretty kickass night.

As for tonight ... I'm not exactly sure what's going on. There is talk of driving down to Laguna Beach to party at the Boom Boom Room on the second to last night that it will be open for biz (boo) but I don't know if that's actually gonna happen.

In any regard, I fully plan to enjoy the day as best I can ... as I hope you will, too! Since tomorrow is Labor Day, most Americans will be taking the day off from work ... I will still post tomorrow but will treat it as a weekend day (meaning no alarm clock in the AM and a bit shorter post). That is all ... I'm out.