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Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Britney Spears spent a quiet weekend at home with her boys after her whirlwind night in Las Vegas on Friday/Saturday, which is exactly as it should be. With her MUCH anticipated MTV VMAs performance less than a week away, it appears that Brit Brit is spending as much time with her children before she has to hand them over again to someone else's care before she goes back to Vegas (I believe that she is not allowed to take the boys out of the state while the custody battle is still pending). Here are a few cute pics of Britney driving around with her boys on Sunday afternoon doing her best to hide behind a Spider-Man action figure and a black American Express card:

Photo credit: INFdaily

With all this "new" Britney Spears music leaking all over the InterWeb (at last count, I think there are 7 previously unreleased songs floating around out there in cyberland) and the prospect of a new album very soon, it really is starting to feel like the good old days again. I am very confident that Britney's VMAs performance this coming weekend will be super sick and will surely be the talk of the VMAs the morning after. The overwhelming consensus is that her new single Gimme More is a hit ... I just hope that she can keep the momentum going with a hot new album. [Source]

Of course, it's still going to take a while before folks forget about all the bad stuff surrounding our dear Britney. The guerilla artist who garnered a smidge of fame with his Lost Dog Lindsay Lohan poster a few weeks ago and who goes by the name Dirty Agenda (real name Ryan Crotty?) has struck again ... this time targeting Britney Spears's mothering skills with a new art installation on the sidewalk in front of The Ivy on Robertson Blvd. in West Hollywood:

Click HERE to visit the Dirty Agenda My Space profile to see pictures of the artist putting this installation together. This and the Lindsay poster prank are fairly inventive ... tho, targeting the scandal-prone Hollywood "It" Girls is kinda like shooting fish in a barrel. Nonetheless, this guy is the first to really take his social commentary into the art realm. Is this guy the LA version of Banksy? Wherever will he strike next? [Source]

Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielder-Civil have returned home to the UK from their extended holiday in the Caribbean over the weekend ... looking happy as can be, the couple were all smiles for the cameras upon their arrival home:

Photo credit: Big Pictures

UGH ... but these pictures of their tore up arms really showcase how effed up these two are. While I highly doubt that either of them really successfully managed to come upon any meaning of purpose in their lives while they were on vacation, I hope that they at least found some bit of clarity that will lead them to get the help they desperately need. Yeah ... those arms look nasty as hell ... and they don't look like fighting wounds to me either. Boo. [Source, Source]

Owen Wilson continues his recuperation at home and over the weekend ventured out to spend some alone time. Honestly, I was expecting to see his wrists all bandaged up or, at the very least, some sign of injury (healed or otherwise) on his person but, thankfully, he looks like he's totally intact:

Photo credit: X17

Clearly, the photos of Amy and Blake look way worse than any picture of Owen that I've seen. It's great to see him out and about again ... hopefully he'll be able to deal with his probs in a constructive manner from this point on. [Source]

Kate Moss, who famously wasted a few good years of her life dating the mess that is Pete Doherty before coming to her senses, seems to have found herself a new boy man to play with these days ... here are new pics of Kate out with her new dude over the weekend:

The new man in Kate Moss' life is rocker Jamie Hince, the MailOnline can reveal exclusively. The model enjoyed a 30-hour bender at the weekend with Hince, who is a guitarist in the garage rock group The Kills, putting to rest rumours she is back with on-off boyfriend Pete Doherty. The pair were first spotted running out of a London pub and into a waiting car together on Saturday night. Moss and Hince then headed to a friend's house with the model's pal Davinia Taylor where they continued their partying - which finally ended yesterday morning ... Hince, whose nickname is 'Hotel', has described himself as a "chain-smoking vegan" as well as "introverted... and very shy". An avid fan of PJ Harvey and Velvet Underground, he lives in a London flat with his bandmate Alison Mosshart, who once dated Moss' ex Jefferson Hack ... Hince certainly looks to have the rock fashion credentials to partner Miss Moss. His attire of skinny black jeans, boots and blazer, and his capacity to party as hard as Moss - will stand him in good stead when out with the model. Eh, who knows if anything will come of this ... I, for one, don't see the appeal and can't really see these two together but, then again, I never thought that Pete Doherty was right for Kate either -- and they lasted way longer than I would've guessed. Incidentally, Petey was scheduled to be sentenced this morning for some of his most recent drug charges but managed to elude sentencing by checking himself into rehab (for the 10 millionth time this year, it seems): British singer Pete Doherty failed to attend a court appearance on Tuesday at which he was due to be sentenced for a string of drug offenses because he has checked himself in to rehab. The case was adjourned until Oct. 2 after West London Magistrates Court heard the singer was receiving treatment for his addiction. Even tho Pete may be a bit of a crackhead, he is still a genius ... the fact that he's managed to avoid jail this far into his drug career is pretty astounding. The fact that he's not dead is a pretty good feat, too. [Source]

While Heath Ledger lies low (well, about as low as one can lie while at the Venice Film Festival promoting a new movie) in the wake of the announcement of his split with Michelle Williams, Michelle is not doing a thing to change her routine. Here is a cute pic of Michelle, whose father went on the record to officially confirm the break-up, out for a walk with her only child with Heath, Matilda Rose:

Photo credit: Splash News

Michelle Williams' father, Larry, has confirmed reports the actress has ended her three-year relationship with Heath Ledger ... After reports of their break-up emerged over the weekend, Larry Williams admits he received a phone call from the actress' mother, Carla, about the split. Larry, 64, tells the Sydney Daily Telegraph, "We've known about their troubles for a while but it's always a very difficult thing in life when these things happen. I know Heath and Michelle still care about each other deeply and are very committed to being great parents to their daughter. They are both very talented artists and they live with their hearts. I feel tremendously for her and for him and hope they will find what they want in life. I have a great respect for Heath and I know he cares tremendously for Michelle." Boo. I guess that's that. Incidentally, I watched the last half of Brokeback Mountain on HBO yesterday afternoon and caught the nasty fight that Michelle (Alma) has with Heath (Ennis) in the kitchen when she tells him that she knows all about his philandering with Jake (Jack Nasty) on all those "fishing trips" ... it's such a sad scene, I would hope that the real break-up didn't go down quite like that. [Source]

Here are pictures of the amazing Robin Tunney at the Venice Film Festival premiere of The Assassination of Jesse James over the weekend:

I can't help it, y'all. I love this girl to death and I am always so happy to see her out and about. She looks amazing in these pics, I like the new hair. I don't believe that she is featured in any of the films showing at the Venice Film Festival but her hawtness was invited anyways ... love it!!! [Source]

Shania Twain is back with a new bargain fragrance (most likely headed for Wal-Mart and CVS shelves come Xmas) for women called Starlight:

Hey, I've got a great idea! How about Shania never again release another perfume that no one ever wears (do YOU know someone who wears Shania perfume?) and gets back to releasing, oh -- I dunno, music?! Now there's a great idea! [Source]

Drew Barrymore is the new face of Gucci Fine Jewelry:

I love Drew ... but I don't think that she does "sexy" very well. I think I have a hard time seeing her in a sexy light ... especially since her marriage to Tom Green a few years ago. I don't know that after being known as Mrs. Tom Green she'll ever be able to bring sexy/back. [Source]

Nicole Kidman is featured on the cover of the new issue of Vanity Fair magazine and in her interview speaks candidly (for the first time, I believe) about the miscarriage that she suffered while she was married to Tom Cruise:

Nicole Kidman has revealed how she lost a baby early in her marriage to Tom Cruise. The miscarriage, which she has never spoken about before, happened when she was 23. But she was so desperate for a child that she and Cruise decided to adopt less than two years later. Kidman makes the revelation in an interview with Vanity Fair magazine, in which she also admits she has wanted a child of her own since she was 17. Now 40 and married to country music star Keith Urban, she adds: "I'm yearning to have one. I think I would be very sad if I wasn't able to have a baby. Keith knows I want one, and he has been getting there slowly." Kidman has previously revealed that she discovered she was pregnant by Cruise after he filed for divorce in 2001 - but miscarried weeks later. The couple had been plagued with rumours about their love life and possible reasons why they had not conceived. They adopted daughter Bella, now 14, and Connor, 12. Kidman says: "From the minute Tom and I were married, I wanted to have babies. And we lost a baby early on, so that was really very traumatic. And that's when it came that we would adopt Bella. There's a complicated background to that, given that I never speak much about many things. One day maybe that story will be told." HMMMMM ... a "complicated background" she says? I wonder whatever she could be referring to ... She adds: "My mother has an adopted sister, so it's been part of our family, and I knew it would probably play out somewhere in mine. I didn't think it would happen so early, but it did." The star also reveals she became engaged to someone else between the split from Cruise and meeting Urban - fuelling speculation that the man may have been U.S. tycoon Steve Bing or pop star Lenny Kravitz, both of whom she dated. She says: "I got engaged to somebody ... but it just wasn't right. I wasn't ready. We weren't ready." She admits she was "lonely" when she met Urban and tells of being alone after winning her best actress Oscar for The Hours. "You're in a hotel and you're like, 'Okay, well, I'm sitting in this big suite with an Oscar and I still don't have a life - what is wrong with me? Who do I jump on the bed with, and celebrate with, and order pancakes with?' That was painful, not having that person to share it with." Of Urban, 39, she adds: "I would probably say that two very lonely people managed to meet at a time when they could open themselves to each other. We were a mixture of frightened and brave." I just love Nicole Kidman ... she has been thru some rough stuff in her life, especially when it comes to the men in her life. I hope she has truly found happiness and I hope that she is able to one day have that baby she's been dreaming about for years. I also hope she comes clean one day and spills the truth about her marriage to Tom Cruise and all that "complicated background". Now that's a book I would LURVE to read. [Source, Source]

Brad Pitt is on the cover of Details magazine ...

... and his face is powdered to within an inch of its life. Photohopping away the wrinkles would've been a much smoother process. [Source]

MIA is the serious bomb and she is featured on the cover of the new issue of German Rolling Stone magazine:

I know it's only September but I'm pretty sure that MIA's new album Kala will be my fave album of the year. I know that Britney, Madonna, Kylie and Siouxsie Sioux all have albums due out later on this year but at this point, MIA is the Queen Bee. If you don't have Kala yet YOU MUST GET A COPY NOW. It's amazing. That is all. [Source]

Did you know that Lauren LC Conrad isn't merely a reality TV star but is also a clothing designer as well? It's true ... here are pictures of LC sketching, computing, examining and wearing a dress that she designed all by her lonesome for the Teen Choice Awards last month:

I suppose we have to take US Weekly's word that LC did all the work in creating this dress (after all, if her reality show The Hills is the God's honest truth, why shouldn't these pictures also represent the truth?) which actually came out kinda cute. Who knows, maybe LC will show up on Project Runway one day. [Source]

AND SPEAKING OF THE HILLS ... did y'all watch last night's ep? It was the one where Spencer got so jealous that Brody was hanging out with LC (even tho Spencer has been blowing off his homeboyz to hangout with Heidi) that he broke up with him ... on the iPhone!

I thought poor Whitney was going to have an aneurism when she heard the news! Yeah, who needs crack cocaine or heroin? The Hills provides just as satisfying an addiction without the burned lips, bloody noses or nasty track marks. In case you missed last night's ep (and can't wait for MTV to play it again 45 times before next week's ep) then watch it online HERE. [Source]

And finally ... I have to send out EVERY OUNCE OF BIRTHDAY LURVE that I can possibly muster (I'm even squeezing it outta my toes) today for MY BEST BFF EVER EVER EVER -- Sarah:

My dear Sarah turns another year older today and it pains me to no end that I can't be with her today to celebrate her big day ... but we have plans for quite a few fun adventures for just the two of us in the coming months so I'll just have to bide my time until then. It is my sincere wish that she has the best birthday ever and I want the whole world to know that I love her muchly!!! Happy Birthday, Sarah!! XO

Les News:
Labor Day was such a relaxing day that I wish every day was Labor Day. Sure, it was hotter than hell here in the Valley but once I hopped over the hill the temp. wasn't all that bad. I met up with Paul, Kirsten and Darion in Century City for movie and drinkies ... but I ran into Borders beforehand to pick up a book (that turned into 5 books) and ran into Bernie Mac. Hahahaha ... he was very nice to everyone who came up to say hello to him. Anyways, after my book shopping was done we all finally got to see Superbad:

While I think that Superbad is a very funny movie, I would have to rank it below Knocked Up on the funny scale overall. Yes, all the dirty jokes were funny but sometimes it felt like it was trying too hard to be funny. That said, there were a lot of insanely hilarious parts in the film. They could've shaved off about a half hour of the Seth Rogan/Bill Hader cop scenes (seriously) and it would've been a bit better movie. Truth be told, I really think that this movie was a little more on the gay side than even Brokeback Mountain was. Only the spit scene in the pup tent was missing -- but I really thought that was coming during the sleeping bag scene at the end of the movie. I keed, I keed ... I think it's great that male friends can confess their love to one another in a drunken stupor -- I'm sure straight dudes do it all the time, only to never speak of it again once they sober up.

Overall, I loved the movie ... with a few tweaks, it could've been SuperAwesome.

So yeah ... even tho it feels like Monday, it's actually Tuesday so live it up, y'all! I am out.



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