Thursday, September 06, 2007

All Aboard!

I don't know how YOU prepare for a performance at the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards but our dear Britney Spears has got a regimen all her own. Now that MTV has officially announced that Britney will open the VMAs with a performance of her new song Gimme More, she has kicked her preparations into high gear. While others might spend a little extra time at the gym and/or eating uberhealthy meals of salads, chicken and rice, Miss Britney opts for a less healthy option. Here are pics of Britney making a late night snack food run at a local liquor store and then making an even later night run with Cousin Alli Sims to pick up some Taco Bell:

Photo credit: X17

Well, at least she picked up a sandwich of some sort on her trip to the liquor store ... and it looks like there may be a bit of green lettuce in it as well. I don't know that a couple leaves of lettuce will really be able to augment the damage done by an entire meal of Taco Bell but fortunately for Britters, there are plenty of public restrooms between here and Las Vegas for her to find relief should the need arise. MTV kicks off the weekend with a huge party tomorrow night at the Palms Hotel and Casino and then keeps it going all weekend long until well after the VMAs air live on Sunday. We'll see how long Britney will be able to hang with all that junk food sloshing around in her tummy. [Source]

Entertainment Weekly and Bravo TV threw a little party at the Soho Grand in NYC last night in celebration of the debut of the new make-over show Tim Gunn's Guide to Style. Of course the man of the hour, Tim Gunn, was in the hiz along with musical performer Natasha Bedingfield. Ubercelebs Jessica Simpson and that guy that Marc Jacobs has sex with sometimes were also in attendance ... here are a few pics:

Photo credit: Splash News

Okay, so maybe it wasn't a star-studded event (I mean, even Rocco DiSpirito managed to get in) but I am thrilled for Tim Gunn nonetheless. He is a very classy man and I have only the best wishes for him and the success of his show. It's interesting that Jason Preston (the guy that Marc Jacobs has sex with sometimes) was on the guest list ... he's becoming a bit of a name in his own right ... [Source]

... after all, a guy who tattoos Mariah Carey's name onto his stomach has got to be worth talking about, right?

In an upcoming interview with HX magazine, Jason talks about his new tattoo ("I grew up loving her, and now that I know her, I love her even more. I know I'll never regret it, so that's why I got it."), his contributions to Marc Jacobs's design style ("He'll show me sketches and I'll be like, 'That's dumb' or 'That's pretty' --shit like that.") and his opinion on the haters ("There are always going to be haters out there and it's not going to stop me. I like to think that it's jealousy -- who wouldn't want to date Marc Jacobs? Whatever, those people are stupid."). He sounds like an utterly fascinating fellow -- it's so hard to believe that he was once a male escort, he sounds so worldly. I wonder if he'll turn his 5 mins. of fame into something more ... perhaps a recording contract of some sort? Maybe he can guest on Cousin Alli's debut album. [Source]

Anyways ... let's move on ... Calvin Klein threw itself a little party to celebrate 25 years in the underwear making biz and they invited a few of their more famous underwear models both past and present ...

Photo credit: Splash News

... but strangely enough, arguably the most famous CK underwear model was nowhere to be seen. It's so sad that Marky Mark can no longer take time out of his busy pants-dropping schedule to show up for a little CK party anymore. [Source]

As New York Fashion Week rages on, Gwen Stefani took the opportunity to unveil the 2008 L.A.M.B. Spring Line in Bryant Park:

Photo credit: Wireimage

Quite honestly, it looks pretty much like the 2007 Spring line ... or Summer line or whatever. I have a hard time telling one season from the next since it all looks pretty much the same. Even still, props to Gwen for being able to do 10 million things all at once and still having the time to be a great mommy. Kingston James looks fairly unimpressed with all the Fashion Week hoopla (he looks equally unimpressed with Diddy, too) but he is a cutie. [Source]

Elsewhere at Fashion Week, Lance Bass (currently appearing on stage in Hairspray: The Musical as Corny Collins) made it out to take in some of the hoopla himself ... making sure to get a front row seat at the Nautica show:

I'm sure all the half-nekkid dudes modeling swimwear had nothing to do with his interest. [Source]

Madonna has changed up her work-out routine a bit to add a bit of bike riding to her regimen:

Photo credit: Splash News

I think she put her name on the back of her shirt so that other people on the road would know who they're messing with ;) [Source]

Kylie ... oh, Kylie Minogue ... how I love you so ... even when you try out new looks like this:

Photo credit: Splash News

Altho I think that bird nests belong in trees, you can't fault the woman for trying. That weave on her head looks better than anything Amy Winehouse tries to pull off. [Source]

Yesterday I shared the unfortunate news that famed Maestro Luciano Pavarotti's health had taken a turn for the worse, putting him in critical condition. Today it is my sad duty to announce that he has passed away due to complications from pancreatic cancer ... he was 71 years old:

Luciano Pavarotti, opera's biggest superstar of the late 20th century, died Thursday. He was 71. Pavarotti, who had been diagnosed last year with pancreatic cancer and underwent treatment last month, died at his home in his native Modena at 5 a.m., his manager told The Associated Press in an e-mailed statement. His wife, Nicoletta, four daughters and sister were among family and friends at his side, manager Terri Robson said. "The Maestro fought a long, tough battle against the pancreatic cancer," Robson said. "In fitting with the approach that characterised his life and work, he remained positive until finally succumbing to the last stages of his illness." ... "Luciano's voice was so extraordinarily beautiful and his delivery so natural and direct that his singing spoke right to the hearts of listeners whether they knew anything about opera or not," Metropolitan Opera music director James Levine said in a statement. Fellow singer Jose Carreras called Pavarotti "one of the greatest tenors ever, one of the most important singers in the history of opera." ... Fans were still waiting for a public appearance a year after his surgery. In the summer, Pavarotti taught a group of selected students and worked on a recording of sacred songs, a work expected to be released in early 2008, according to his manager. He mostly divided his time between Modena and his villa in the Adriatic seaside resort of Pesaro. Just this week, the Italian government honored him with an award for "excellence in Italian culture," and La Scala and Modena's theater announced a joint Luciano Pavarotti award. In his final statement, Pavarotti said the awards gave him "the opportunity to continue to celebrate the magic of a life dedicated to the arts and it fills me with pride and joy to have been able to promote my magnificent country abroad." He will be remembered in Italy as "the last great Italian voice able to move the world," said Bruno Cagli, president of the Santa Cecilia National Academy in Rome. The funeral will be held Saturday inside Modena's cathedral. This is very sad news ... even to folks who aren't fans of opera, the name Pavarotti will live on forever. [Source]

Okay ... so I really have a hard time believing the allegations made by Rita Crosby, that Larry Birkhead and Howard K. Stern were homosexual lovers, in her new book about Anna Nicole Smith's death titled Blonde Ambition ... and yet, I can't help but wonder. Larry Birkhead is doing somersaults in the press to try and squash this story (threatening to sue anyone who talks to Cosby about her book) coming up with stories to explain away his behavior (like why he and Howard K. Stern were seen together at a Gay Pride Parade here in LA). It is a bit comical, I must say. Here is a pic of Howard and Larry lookin' blitzed as all hell, hanging out with Anna Nicole at The Abbey in West Hollywood:

I also threw in a little illustration courtesy of Pretty On The Outside that goes along nicely with all these rumors. I know lots of straight people who love going to The Abbey cuz it's a fun bar, not cuz they're into the same-sex action (many of them tend to get about as drunk as Howard and Larry look in this pic). So, I don't know that I'll be believing any of this nonsense ... that is until the alleged sex tape surfaces. [Source, Source]

Woot! How's this for kickass news ... all y'all who have yet to see my girl Laura Bell Bundy in the hit Broadway musical Legally Blonde are gonna get to see the show in full on MTV this Fall! I know that a great many of you have expressed interest in seeing the show but haven't been able to make it out to NYC ... well, here's your chance:

HERE'S an unexpected partnership: MTV, whose core audience attends high school, and Broadway, whose core audience attends high-school reunions. MTV has struck a deal with the producers of "Legally Blonde" to broadcast an entire performance of the $10 million musical, The Post has learned. The performance will be taped at the Palace Theatre later this month and will be aired on MTV in October. Yay! What a great opportunity to show off this amazing show to a much larger audience. This is just the latest in a string of amazing things happening for Miss Laura Bell these days ... some of which I hope to be able to talk about on the blog very soon :) I'll be sure to update when the final deets on when the show will air on MTV as they become available. [Source]

Jennifer Lopez's new video for her song Do It Well has made its InterWeb debut:

Eh. I guess it's a'ight. It's not as inventive as I would've hoped. J. Lo looks like she's walking thru a David LaChapelle photo book, stopping to dance for a bit before she moves on ... which makes the whole thing seem dated and tired. LaChapelle is a very imaginative photographer but the stuff in this video has already been seen many, many times over. The song is still pretty hot ... the vid isn't really all that tho. [Source]

Yesterday, Apple announced that it would be releasing the next generation iPod (called iPod Touch, in 8Gb and 16Gb sizes) which looks pretty much exactly like their just-released iPhone (except sans phone capabilities). The big draw, apparently, is the ability to download music from a WiFied iTunes program on the fly ... here are a few pics:

The great news is that the WiFi iTunes program will also be available for current iPhone owners like myself (woot!). iPod purists can take heart in the fact that a couple of new "classic iPods" are also set for release (in 80Gb and 160Gb [!!!] sizes). Yeah, Apple is pretty much set to take over the universe. Now I have to justify in my head the need for a 160Gb iPod ... GRRR. [Source]

Brad Pitt is on the cover(s) of the new issue of V Man magazine:

They're kinda like oversized collector's cards. I think I like Nerdy Brad best! [Source]

And finally ... can you guess what female Hollywood celeb is going around town showing off her mannish arms and chest?

Click above to find out who it is

Here's a hint ... it's not Joanie Laurer/Chyna Doll. Actually this chick's upper body looks a lot like her ex-husband's manly physique. [Source]

Les News:
Yesterday I ventured out to get a great haircut from my new LA dude Josh at Shampoo Salon on Third St. before making my way out to the FOX lot for a screening of the new Wes Anderson movie The Darjeeling Limited:

I don't want to say too much about the film since it doesn't come out for a few weeks yet, but I can tell you that I loved it -- it is a very Wes Anderson film. I am a huge fan of Rushmore and The Royal Tennenbaums so I was sure I'd like this film as well. There is a beauty to the way this movie was shot that I think really speaks volumes about Anderson's growth as a film maker. A short film (starring Jason Schwartzman and Natalie Portman) that accompanies the film was shown in front of the movie last night but I'm told it will not be shown in theaters (only at film festivals and on DVD). It is my understanding that the short film MUST be seen before the actual movie is seen and that it will be available for viewing on the InterWeb. I'll try and post further deets on that before the movie gets released to theaters.

Fans of Wes Anderson will love this film, I'm sure ... and for the record, Owen Wilson does a great job in this role. He is bandaged thruout the entire movie, which couldn't help but remind me of all the stuff going on in his life right now.

OY! I've got a bunch of stuff to do today (an appt., a taping, a premiere) so I have to jet ... but I'll have the full deets tomorrow. Have a great day! I'm out.