Saturday, September 08, 2007

What Happens In Vegas ...

Wassup, Wassup!! David and I made it to Las Vegas yesterday afternoon safe and sound. Mario Lopez (aka AC Slater from Saved by the Bell) was on my Southwest flight from Burbank ... proof that EVERYONE is in LV for the 2007 MTV VMAs happening Sunday night. Because every single car was booked this weekend (and the taxi queue at the airport is absolutely out of the question) David and I got picked up by our own personal limo ... sooo swish. As I mentioned yesterday, this weekend's posts will be different than usual ... I'll mostly (prolly entirely) just be talking about stuff going on here in Vegas. I honestly don't know how anything gets done in this town. After our first night of partying, I'm pretty much wrecked this morning afternoon ... only to get cleaned up and do it all over again tonight ... and then tomorrow -- OY!

Miss Britney Spears made also made it to Sin City safe and sound. After posing for her official 2007 MTV Video Music Awards portrait, she got down to biz to do rehearsals with Criss Angel for her much anticipated performance on Sunday night:

Britney Spears stands onstage, face low and obscured by her cowboy hat. Her lips aren't moving, except to laugh, but she's not here to practice singing — she's at the Pearl to move. All afternoon, everyone's been waiting for Britney to rehearse for her VMA performance. Britney Watch, as you might call it, takes the form of excruciatingly long periods of waiting punctuated by brief bursts of news, which can almost resemble activity from afar, even when nothing's actually happened yet. Britney's in the air, Britney's landed, Britney's in the building. There's the anticipation (what will she be like?), the worry (what if she doesn't show?), and the doubt (can she still pull it off?). But if the skeptics saw what a few of us at MTV News were privileged to witness late Friday afternoon (September 7) at the Pearl Concert Theater in the Palms Resort Casino, they would doubt no more ... "OK, here we go. Three, two, one, track," a female voice announces over the PA system in the Pearl. Spotlights sweep back and forth, strobes flash, and a silver-gray curtain parts. Spears stands to the side, in jeans and a white tank top that reads "James," hat tipped over her face. The song starts, but she turns her back during the opening line, "It's Britney, bitch," striking a pose of pure attitude. The report goes on to reveal more information about Britney's upcoming performance but I'm gonna let y'all decide to read it for yourselves. I am really staying away from all spoilers ... I want to see it live for the first time with my own eyes. [Source, Source]

After Brit Brit got her work done, she got down to what she's really good at ... partying. Here are pics of Britters partying with Diddy at Pure ... and then with her homegirls at Body English:

Photo credit: Wireimage

Miss Thang really is the toast of the town ... everybody, whether they love her or hate her, is talking about her. I was hoping to run into Brit somewhere along the way last night but, alas, it wasn't meant to be. We're hitting up some big events tonight and then will be at the VMAs tomorrow so ... I just might get my personal Britney encounter at last. [Source, Source]

Oh and from what I understand, everyone's favorite geography expert, Miss Teen South Carolina Caitlin Upton, is also trying to make her way to Las Vegas for the VMAs ...

... that is, if she can afford a map to find her way. See ... only EVERYONE is coming here this weekend. [Source]

David and I met up with our friend Monique and her friends Lindsay and Jordan to party it up at LAX nightclub in the Luxor Hotel and Casino. Now, I've been to the LAX club in LA and I can assure you that this LAX beats the hell out of that LAX. Here are a few pics from last night's shindig:

Lord ... we had so much fun. Pete Wentz DJed for much of the night and we danced our asses off. I ran into my boys Gabe Saporta from Cobra Starship and Brody Jenner partying in the VIP area (and I'm pretty sure I saw Justin Bobby from The Hills chatting up a whole bunch of girls, none of which were Audrina). I also got to meet Pink reader Simi who shared her big ass glass of Patron with me :) We had so much fun ... too much fun actually. UGH. I'm really feeling it today.

We're off to search for food (desperately trying to NOT go out into the scorching Vegas heat) and then we're gonna chill a bit before we do the party circuit tonight. We've got 3 on the agenda ... we'll see if that ends up being the case.

So ... yeah ... that my short report from LV today ... I hope y'all are having a great weekend ... things will be back to normal here on the blog soon ;) I'm out.