Sunday, September 09, 2007


And that's all folks. What did ya think? I have lots of stuff to post tomorrow ... Now the parties begin ...


Kid Rock just got into a scuffle with someone (Diddy was involved but I couldn't tell if he was in the argument or was trying to calm Kid down) while Alicia Keys was performing. Security had to grab Kid Rock from behind and hold him back from someone. He looked ready to beat some ass.

Kid Rock and Diddy, sitting at the same table, just shook hands but it turns out that they were not the ones fighting.

Kid Rock was fighting with Tommy Lee. I understand a punch was thrown and they were both ejected from the theater.


Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull? Like, seriously? LOL!

Congrats to Fergie Ferg for winning Best Female of the year.

Incidentally, Rihanna and Shia LeBoeuf stayed miles apart from one another on the red carpet - neither one stopped for questions on my part of the red carpet (I've got lots of pix to share tomorrow).


Are you kidding me? That Chris Brown performance was HOT! Rihanna's on-stage entrance was more exciting than Britney's! I don't know that any other performance will beat this one. Robin Thicke about fell out of his chair when Chris busted out the Michael Jackson.


The general feeling here inside the theater is one of overwhelming disappointment over Britney's performance. The photogs behind me are saying pretty nasty things. I must admit, I'm not at all impressed. All that hype and that's all we got. Where the eff was Criss Angel's influence? I think that comeback I've been prayin' for might have to wait.

Everyone in the theater was thrilled with Rihanna's win ... She got a lot of cheers.

Pink Is The New 2007 MTV VMAs Live Blog

Okay ... So I'm not too big on liveblogging but I've been allowed inside the Pearl Theater for the VMAs this year so I'll try and post some inside info thruout the night. There may be a few spelling errors but I'm working from a BlackBerry ;) More to come ... Make sure you refresh often (CTRL + F5)

So ...

... that was the super hyped up Britney Spears perfromance ... and ..?

Party Time, Excellent

Okay ... so with 10 million parties going on simultaneously all over Las Vegas it's very difficult to A.) decide which parties to go to and B.) figure out how you can feasibly manage to hit all of your selected parties, keeping in mind that it will be near to impossible to get a cab to take you from one party to the next. David, Monique (aka Mo’ Money), Lindsay and I were rollin' together last night and pretty much decided to hit only the biggest parties and, because we were with said hot chicks, we managed to score limo rides from party to party without having to wait in the ridiculous taxi queues. I highly recommend finding some hot chicks to roll to parties with ... your treatment goes up exponentially.

After an amazing sushi dinner at J-Pop Sushi at Mandalay Bay, we made our way to the House of Blues for the VMA Fandamonium Concert Benefit for LIFEbeat which was presented by Neutrogena. Spokes-It Girl Hayden Panettiere (in a stunning gold dress, these pics do not do her justice) was in the hiz to watch performances by Robin Thicke and Maroon 5. Here are a few of my pics:

We only stayed long enough to watch Robin Thicke's (hawt) performance before we had to jet but it was a great show. I got to meet Pink readers Stephanie, Andrea and John and then David and I ran into one of our fave people EVER, Danielle the hot beyotch from Lion's Gate Films.

From the HoB we made our way to the Moorea Beach Club at Mandalay Bay for the Maxim magazine Oasis party where Joss Stone performed:

Because the party was held by the pools, we had to pay close attention to where we were walking ... I was in horrid fear that I would walk right into a pool and embarrass myself to death. In the end, only Ryan Cabrera was fool enough to take an unscheduled dip in the pool (sadly, I didn't get a pic). We ran into Adrian Grenier, Sarah Silverman, Melissa Johan Hart and Scary Spice. Poor Kim Stewart (who, I must admit was lookin' a hot mess ... tho not as hot a mess as I've seen before) was stumbling her way out the party on the arms of 3 girlfriends. I thought about giving her a hand but then ... no.

After chatting a bit with Carson Daly (who I thanked for shouting me out on his show a few months ago), we used our hot ladies to get us a sweet stretch to take us to the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino for the Rolling Stone 40th Anniversary Party hosted by Kanye West:

Jamie Foxx shocked the crowd by coming out to perform with Kanye ... here is a short clip of their duet of Gold Digger:

Eve, Ashanti with Nelly, Jermaine Depree (I didn't see Janet Jackson, tho someone said she was there), Neyo and others were in the building to watch Kanye perform. Britney Spears was supposed to show up for this party but she got lost and ended up at the 50 Cent party that was right next door (seriously). Kanye was none too pleased ... he had choice words for her from the stage. Apparently he isn't too impressed with Britney's comeback at all.

Here are a few pics from some of the other parties that went down last night:

Photo credit: Wireimage

Britney (who took in the Mystère show by Cirque du Soleil at Treasure Island earlier in the evening) and Paris Hilton partied with 50 Cent and Xtina hosted a party at LAX (where Paris made the announcement that Xtina is, indeed, with child). It figures the parties that we opted out of where the ones where Britney showed up :( Sooo close!

We ended the night partying at the Belvedere Suite in the Sky Villas at the Palms Hotel and Casino which was hosted by Robin Thicke and was full of MTV reality folks:

This party didn't start until 1am and went on until sunrise ... tho we had to jet at about 4am to get some sleep for today. I will say, tho, that this Belvedere Vodka party had some amazing food ... I ate so many bacon-covered shrimps ... which sound gross (and don't really look all that good either) but taste AMAZING :) So, if I die of a heart attack in the next few days ... you'll know why.

Right now, David and I are on our way to the Palms to do red carpet for the 2007 MTV VMAs and then the really big show afterwards. I am SO excited for Britney ... I'll be inside the Pearl Theater to watch her perform live (click HERE for some rehearsal video if you can't wait to see tonight's performance) and will get as many pics thruout the night as my camera can hold.

Today's the day, bitches! Britney Spears's comeback begins TONIGHT!!

That is all ... I am out!