Thursday, September 13, 2007

When A Star Falls Down

Even tho 99.9% of the planet got all up in arms about Britney Spears's dismal performance at the 2007 MTV VMAs this past weekend in Las Vegas and even tho Brit Brit suffered another wardrobe malfunction (ie. she got caught not wearing a key piece of undergarment while exiting a car ... again), she appears to be taking it all in stride, letting the negativity roll off her back as if nothing could phase her. Yes, the performance was, by most accounts at the very least, disappointing but it's already over and done with ... and even tho people weren't happy with the performance, it was all that EVERYONE could talk about the day(s) after (and, I believe, played a huge part in getting the ratings for the VMAs up by 23% over last year). Yes, she got caught flashing her nether region again (on the very night that Sarah Silverman managed to come up with a pretty funny [IMHO] joke on the subject) but hey, we've all already seen her naughties in all their fleshy glory so it wasn't that big a shock this time around (which is a very sad fact). In the end, Britters prolly chalks up the last few days as just any other in her turbulent and drama-infused life. Her youngest son, Jayden James, celebrated his first birthday yesterday and Britney was photographed holding her son on the very day ... right before she put on the longest dress she owned and made her way down to take a meeting with her ex-hubby Kevin Federline at her lawyers office ... oh yeah, she also bought herself a new home in Malibu, CA, you know, cuz she can:

Photo credit: X17 & Splash News

Spears, 25, attended an unscheduled meeting with Federline, 29, and his attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan Wednesday. The exes arrived separately to the Century City offices of Spears's attorney Laura Wasser. The meeting fell on son Jayden's first birthday and five days before they are due to face each other before a family court judge on Monday. The meeting was Spears's idea according to a source close to her. "Britney asked for [the meeting]. She wants to put an end to this public debacle," says the Spears source. "However, Kevin [has] refused. He needs more money so he's determined to win this." ... A source close to Federline confirmed the meeting, but said that Federline was not drawing out the process due to financial self-interest. "He's not going for additional child support in the court papers that were filed. It's not about the money." When asked if Spears was hoping to settle, the Federline source retorted: "She might settle, she's got stage fright." I have no doubt that Britney is going to get exactly what she wants from this custody battle. She has the financial means to pay off K-Fed once and for all and ensure that she wins primary (or sole?) custody of her two sons. Kevin, for his part, knew that he wouldn't have JJ on his birthday so while Britney was out in Vegas, he threw a joint birthday party at his home for both JJ and Sean Preston (whose 2nd birthday is tomorrow) over the weekend ... Britney's parents Lynne and Jamie Spears were both in attendance. I'm not really sure how many homes Britney Spears owns now but she just bought a new one in Malibu ... I know when I'm upset I like to go shopping. I buy shoes, she buys houses. Go figure. [Source, Source]

In other Britney-related news, the amazing Tori Amos, who is currently on tour in Australia, performed at Hamer Hall in Melbourne on Tuesday September 11th and during her set sang a short improv song directed at (dedicated to?) Britney Spears. I listened to the song a few times and transcribed the lyrics below:

I have a comment to make
Because I know something

Britney they set you up
But you drank from their cup
Britney they set you up
Oh, but this is what it looks like, love
This is what it looks like
When a star falls down
When a star falls down

Well, you may be a mother
But, you still need a mother
Yes, I may be a mother
But, I still need a mother
To pick me up, yes, to pick me up
When it all falls down
When it all falls down

Britney they set you up
Is your contract winding up?
But you drank from the cup
Oh, this is what it looks like, yes,
I said, this is, this is what it looks like, Disney, yes
When a star falls down
When a star falls down

You may be a mother, baby, you still need a mother
Yes, I may be a mother but I still need a mother
To pick me up, yes, to pick me up
When it all falls down
When it all falls down
When it all falls, all falls down
When it all falls down

Click HERE to hear the song in full for yourself. On a previous concert stop in Florence, Italy, Tori sang a song, similar in tone, about Lindsay Lohan (video of this performance can be seen HERE). Additionally, in a previous interview, Tori commented on the whole underwearless vag flashing that has been going on among the Hollywood "It" Girls, saying:

"You see a lot of women today -- maybe in magazines -- crawling out of cars and thinking it's sexy. [And] for the most part, you don't hear guys going, 'Wow! I am just blown away by that beauty or by that woman's way. There's something about her.' No. Do you know what they do? They laugh. They laugh when we're spreading our legs and crawling out of a car. It's tragic. Ultimately, we demean ourselves."

Always one to comment on the news of the day, I'm not surprised that Tori is taking on the Hollywood "It" Girls and giving her opinions/thoughts on their behavior. As a highly intelligent, experienced and mature woman and mother, it must be difficult for Tori to witness this behavior play out in the public arena ... so it makes sense that she would have something to say. Incidentally, after she finished this Britney song she sang her song Mother ... which, I think, was brilliant. Tori arrives here in the US in a few weeks to being the US portion of her tour ... and I can't wait. [Source]

Happy Day! Vicki B. has returned home from her recent trip to NYC where she made a few appearances at Fashion Week. Vicks is famous for changing clothing every 15 minutes but, horror of horrors, actually had to wear the dress seen in these photos all day long ... even on the long plane ride!

Photo credit: Splash News

Well, at least if she had to wear a single dress all day long she was wise to choose a nice dress. Vicki B. may be an entirely cybernetic, plasticine humanoid entity but the woman can dress. [Source]

The same cannot be said for Courtney Love. Here are a few pics of C. Love making her way thru SoHo in NYC and then arriving at the airport bound, most probably, for home:

Photo credit: Splash News

I have no idea what the eff is up with the heinous red gloves ... maybe she had a few toilets to scrub along the way. I guess she gets snaps for trying to look fashionable ... it's unfortch that she missed the mark so entirely. [Source]

For some bizarre reason, Mariah Carey was on hand at the Courthouse Rotunda in NYC for the Jury Duty Social Awareness Postal Stamp unveiling ... yeah ... here are the pics:

Photo credit: Splash News

Is it just me or does the Mariah in these pics look strangely similar to the crazy-ass Mariah who had a mental breakdown live on MTV's TRL a few years ago (after her movie Glitter bombed at the box office) ... all that is missing is the ice cream cart she was pushing around when she flipped her gourd. Poor Mimi looks bored out of her mind at this event ... I dunno what the US Postal Service was thinking when they came up with the genius idea and said, Hey! Let's have Mariah Carey come to the unveiling of the Jury Duty postage stamp! [Source]

Newly single Hayden Panettiere returned home from her weekend in Las Vegas to make a quick trip to the hair salon to get her hair did ... and today, we're getting our first listen to her debut solo single which will be released on her solo album:

Photo credit: Splash News

The track is entitled Your New Girlfriend and can be heard by clicking HERE. I guess the song is alright ... it's your standard pop fare. But, Hayden's vocals sound exactly like Lindsay Lohan's vocals. They sound a lot like one another when singing ... which can't be a good thing for either of them. [Source, Source]

Over the weekend, Scary Spice Girl, Melanie Brown, did her best to hit up all the parties and style gifting suites that she could, making sure to bring along her new hubby, Stephen Belafont, and her new baby. Here are pics of Mel B. pushing her daughter Angel Iris in a stroller on her first red carpet:

Photo credit: Splash News

Geeze ... I don't think that even the Brangelina kids have been introduced to the red carpet yet. Who the hell does Angel Iris think she is? Eddie Murphy's kid? [Source]

In other Scaryness, here are a few photos of Mel B. rehearsing with her Dancing with the Stars partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy for the upcoming 5th season of the show which premieres on ABC on September 24th:

Clearly, Mel is taking this project very seriously. And I must admit ... I love her pink and black workout ensemble. I may just have to root for her to win it all. [Source]

Here are a few hot pics of Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon at the Toronto Film Festival premiere of their new movie Rendition:

Photo credit: Splash News

While the trailer for Rendition looks a bit like a bad Lifetime TV movie, I wouldn't be totally opposed to seeing a movie with my Jakey poo in it ... well, until after I see the stuff that actually looks good, that is. [Source]

Here is our first look at the cover artwork for Kylie Minogue's new single 2 Hearts:

The track, thus far unheard, was written and produced by Kish Mauve and will be the lead off single from her new album ... still untitled. Sneaky, sneaky ... they are being really conservative with the details. The single and album are both due for release in November in most parts of the world outside of the US. I'm hearing we won't get a domestic release until February of next year. I am very anxious to hear this new material ... with rumored collabos with Calvin Harris, Scissor Sisters and Groove Armada, the album is sure to kick ass. [Source]

Lily Allen is not just a paparazzi-beating pop star but she is also just another pretty face. Here is her first foray into product promotion ... an ad for something called Braun Satin Hair:

Eh, she looks like Cher circa 1974 (but without the Native American outfit and horse). Hmm ... I think Lily should've held out for a better product to sell out for. [Source]

Here are a few more scans from this month's issue of Men's Fitness magazine which features a cover story on Heroes heartthrob Milo Ventimiglia:

Milo looks good pumpin' that iron ... and I never knew that he had a star tattoo on the inside of his arm. See, you learn something new every day. I wonder if he has any other hidden tattoos on his person ... I'd love to inspect for myself ;) [Source]

Here are a few photos from Jennifer Lopez's photoshoot for the artwork of her new album Brave:

I love the glasses. Talk about keeping the UV rays out of one's eyes. The other pics are nice ... but hasn't she done these same photos many, many times before? [Source]

I'm not sure how many of y'all are fans of Digital Hardcore and Alec Empire/Atari Teenage Riot in particular ... but for those of you who know what I'm talking about ... here are new pictures of DHR maestro Alec Empire sporting his new look:

I've been a fan of Digital Hardcore music for years (strange, I know, since I'm such a big fan of Tori Amos and Britney Spears ... but remember, I'm also a huge fan of Nine Inch Nails, too) so I'm glad to know that Alec is still making music. I dunno how I feel about the new goldilocks he's rockin' but the music is still great. He's got a new single titled Robot L.O.V.E. available for sale HERE with a new album due out early next year. Holla to all my DHR phreaks!!! [Source]

And finally ... just when you thought it was safe to go into the movie theater, the folks that brought you Alien vs. Predator back in 2004 are coming back for more ... are y'all ready for AvP: Requiem?

Honestly ... I liked AvP. I thought it was an inventive way to merge the two franchises into a fairly entertaining popcorn movie. From what I understand from THIS MTV article, the new movie is supposed to be even better. When last we left our hero, the Predator that prevailed over the Alien Queen was eventually killed in the battle and was being taken back to the Predator home world ... the last fame of the movie showed an Alien/Predator hybrid baby bursting forth from the dead Predator's chest ... this is where the new movie picks up. Will it really be better than AvP? There's only one way to find out ... the movie is set for an Xmas day release. [Source]

Les News:
Last night I made the trek out to the West side to grab dinner at a place called Baja Cantina (that looked a lot like Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville restaurant) with Kirsten, Darion and Paul. We drank the most enormous margaritas ever and commenced to eat some pretty good food ... I had the lobster enchiladas, natch. Afterwards, we went to a bar on Abbot Kinney called RoosterFish and ended up goading Mike into coming out to hang out with us:

The bar was pretty divey (with quite a few scary dudes) but the jukebox was awesome and the drinks were on special so ... we had fun. The bar has a huge Reznor heater hanging from the ceiling which is cool because diehard fans of Nine Inch Nails/Trent Reznor know that his family owns a heating and cooling company in Mercer, Pennsylvania. I'm prolly the only dork on Earth (and certainly in that bar) who was at all interested in taking a picture of the heater.

I'm not sure what is going on today ... there are a few things lined up ... we'll see if I actually get to do any of them. Have a great day ... I'm out.