Friday, September 14, 2007

Rosh Hour

First things first ... I have to send out lots of Birthday Lurve and much congrats to Britney Spears's first born son, Sean Preston Federline Spears, for successfully surviving the first 2 years of life. It seems like it was only yesterday that we got word that Britney gave birth to a child and here I am, 2 years later, wondering where the time has gone:

The past 2 years couldn't have been that easy for little Sean P. but, like a trooper, he managed to weather the Spederline storm (thru hook-ups, break-ups, make-ups and divorce ... the dangerous car trips on his mother's lap, the near spills onto the NYC pavement, the weekend visits with K-Fed) and live to see another birthday ... no small feat, I can assure you. So, let's raise our juice boxes and drink a toast to Sean Preston ... the firstborn heir to everything that Britney Spears will pass on one day ... that is, if there is anything left to pass on.

In other Britneyesque news, Cousin Alli Sims has been keeping herself bizzy in the days since she returned from her trip to Las Vegas with Miss Britney. No, she hasn't been hard at work on her upcoming debut album, nor has she been working tirelessly on anything at all to do with her singing career in general ... no, Cousin Alli has been hard at working shopping for diapers and junk food:

Photo credit: X17

It would appear that Cousin Alli was shopping for a party, perhaps a child's birthday party. As far as I can tell from these pics she was sent to the store to pick up potato chips, juice (real and fake), plastic cups, Styrofoam plates, diapers, toilet paper and coca cola. Er, well, I suppose Alli could've just been doing the regular grocery shopping and not for a birthday party ... this is the sort of stuff that Britney picks up at the store any ol' time of the year. Those baby teeth aren't gonna rot themselves, you know. [Source]

Interestingly, it seems as if Cousin Alli's career has stalled altogether ... a quick visit to shows that the site is no longer functioning:

And because I can never be sure if it's Alli or Allie, I checked out as well and nothing. Hmm ... perhaps the server is just having a temporary problem (as servers are wont to do) because of the high traffic numbers ... or perhaps someone just didn't pay her bills. In any event, I really hope this isn't the end of Cousin Alli the singer ... I was looking forward to months and months of hi-larious entertainment to come from her yet. [Source, Source]

Being the good little Kabbalists that they are, Madonna and hubby Guy Ritchie have made their way to Israel to celebrate the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hosanna in the Promised Land. Madge, clad in her best Ed Hardy finery, made a beeline to the religious services ... and Guy made a beeline to the beach to go swimming:

Photo credit: Splash News

Hmm ... I somehow doubt that Guy is as serious about this trip to Israel as Madonna is. She might have to reign him in a bit and force him to comply with her wishes more ... and maybe that's where the Purple Penetrator comes in ... Hmm ... [Source, Source]

Madonna and Guy aren't the only devout Kabbalists in Tel Aviv this week, they are joined by Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher who have also made their way to the Middle East for the Jewish New Year:

Photo credit: Splash News

It's a good thing that Ashton was able to get some time off from his bizzy movie-making schedule in order to make this sojourn ... yeah, I don't think Demi Moore has worked in years so she had a free calendar to work with ... which is so sad, she hardly looks shlepedika* enough to be washed up already. [Source]

Here's a quick update on Lindsay Lohan ... yeah, she's still in rehab in Utah ... apparently learning how to handle her addictions ...

Photo credit: X17

... er, except for that one nasty smoking addiction. In recent weeks, she's been visited by her estranged father a couple of times and as I understand it, she is almost ready to check out and return home. With all of her legal woes reduced to technicalities, she no longer has any reason to stay with her program. Surely she's cured by now, right? [Source]

While pretty much everyone else on Earth is spreading the news about Xtina Aguilera's pregnancy, Xtina herself (and hubby Jordan Bratman, for that matter) has kept mum on the subject (tho honestly, I don't know that I've ever heard Jordy ever even speak at all, which is entirely beside the point) ... altho her expanding belly is having a hard time keeping the news quiet:

Photo credit: Splash News

I wonder what the hold up on releasing an official statement is. I never pegged Xtina for the type to sell a story to a magazine but ... you never know these days. I hope an announcement comes soon, she's gonna look sillier and sillier the bigger and bigger she gets if she refuses to even acknowledge her pregsness. [Source]

OMG. What the hell has happened to Courtney Love? And, more specifically, her lips?

Yikes! It looks like someone needs to take a little trip to CVS to pick up some Herpecin. Oh good, she can pick up some Shania Twain Starlight while she's there. [Source]

Wait ... when did Marc Jacobs and his boytoy Jason Preston become the hot new gay couple about town?

Photo credit: Splash News

Hmm ... I guess since there is a huge shortage of out gay couples these days they do fill a big gap. Marc is hugely successful and Jason is hot so I guess they do make the perfect gay couple. I just can't wait until Jason announces he's recording an album ... with Mariah Carey. [Source]

In case you were wondering, Matthew McConaughey is still out there running around without his shirt on these days ...

Photo credit: Splash News

... but is it me or has the magic worn off? I'm not getting the same tingle that I used to get when these pics usually come out. [Source]

Hilary Duff is back in town, having returned from her recent jaunt in Toronto, Canada ... here are pics of Hil D. shopping up a storm with a friend earlier this week:

Photo credit: Splash News

Eh ... I mean, she looks cute and all ... but where's the beef? [Source]

Heidi Montag and beau Spencer Pratt have also been doing some uninteresting shopping this week. They've been going out of their way to continue to talk about their feud with Lauren LC Conrad to anyone who will listen just to try and stay in the press ... and when that doesn't work, they head on down to paparazzi central to do some shopping. Here are pics of Speidi at The Grove this week:

Photo credit: Celebrity Babylon

I mean, don't get me wrong. I love all this stupid high school drama bullshizz. Oh yes, I've been watching The Hills ... you better believe I was SOOO pissed off that Heidi would steal that new job away from her friend/co-worker Elodie right from under her nose ... and you BEST believe that I will be watching next week's ep when Speidi run into LC and Jason out on a date. They may kinda gross me out ... but hellz yeah I love to watch. [Source]

Sienna Miller is hard at work on her new movie Hippie Hippie Shake (which also stars Cillian Murphy) wherein she plays a free-wheeling, flower child ... who likes to be nekkid:

My only hope is that Cillian is just as free-wheeling and nekkid in the film as Sienna is. Click HERE to see these pics larger and uncensored. [Source]

Christian Bale sat down recently with USA Today to pose for a few portraits the accompany his interview with the paper for his new movie 3:10 to Yuma ... and here are my faves:

He's just so purdy. Even tho the pics are pretty standard, you can't really fault me for wanting to post, right? ;) [Source]

And finally, can you guess who this adorable little girl is?

Click above to find out who it is

It's not that hard to figure it out so I'm providing no clues. I will reveal, tho, that today is this little girl's 24th birthday ... and I sincerely hope she lives to see 25. [Source]

Les News:
Boo! Allergies suck! I spent all of yesterday in my apartment staying out of sight since my hives were acting up. I never had allergies before I started teaching back in 2000 and it's been ages since they've acted up. But, for some reason, the hives returned yesterday and I swelled up like a balloon :( Today isn't as bad as yesterday but I'm still suffering the effects ... and I feel really crappy. The reaction never lasts for long so I hope I'm well enough to go out at some point today ... it is Friday after all.

I hope all y'all have a great weekend ... one without crappy allergies ... I'm off to pop some Benadrils and prolly pass out. Happy Day, indeed. I'm out.

* According to Mike, Yiddish for sloppy, unkept, tore up from the floor up