Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Things Falling Apart

And the hits just keep on coming for Britney Spears this week ... and it's only Tuesday. Yesterday news broke that her ace attorney, Laura Wasser, was ready to jump ship and dump Britters as her client. Now we have word that Britney's current manager (who was recently fired from Kelly Clarkson's employ for her botched album release drama early in the summer), Jeff Kwatinetz, has issued a statement announcing that he, too, is jumping off the Team Britney bandwagon along with Wasser:

"It saddens us to confirm media reports that we have terminated our professional relationship with Britney Spears. We believe Britney is enormously talented, and has made a terrific record, but current circumstances have prevented us from properly doing our job."

Uh, yeah ... a month into their relationship he has determined that he can no longer "properly do his job" ... most probably because Brit won't listen to a damn thing she's told. It would seem that her disappointing performance at the MTV VMAs was the last straw for manager Kwatinetz. I honestly don't know when she's going to "get it". [Source]

As if this news weren't bad enough, we now know that the "secret witness" who was dug out of the woodwork to offer testimony in the on-going Spederline custody battle turned out to be Britney's former bodyguard Tony Barretto. Here are pics of Big Tony being led to the courthouse by his attorney Gloria Allred and then a couple pics of Tony while he worked for Britters back in the day:

Photo credit: Splash News

A former Britney Spears bodyguard was the much-hyped "secret witness" in her custody battle with Kevin Federline on Monday. Tony Barretto, 28, was prepared to testify about "issues of nudity by Ms. Spears, drug use and safety issues involving the children" that he witnessed as her bodyguard before she fired him on May 17, says Barretto's attorney, Gloria Allred, who brought him to court. Instead of testifying, his written allegations were entered into court as evidence. Spears's lawyer, Laura Wasser strongly denied allegations of drug use by Spears. "He isn't a credible witness," said attorney Wasser after a two-hour closed-door hearing on Monday. The hearing, meanwhile, was the last for Wasser, who stated she's officially stepping aside as Spears's attorney. Spears's new lawyer will be Marci Levine. "Britney will be in excellent hands" with Levine, Wasser said. "I don't want anyone to perceive that we're dumping Britney," Wasser added. "In a lot of attorney-client relationships, there comes a time when some fresh blood is necessary." Wasser also confirmed that Spears and Federline's current 50-50 custody arrangement for Sean Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1, will remain in effect for now. BUT, FOX News is reporting that Britney is mere moments away from temporarily losing custody of her children: Britney Spears will temporarily lose custody of her two toddler sons to ex-husband Kevin Federline, sources told FOXNews.com ahead of the official ruling expected later Monday. Commissioner Scott Gordon will order the boys, 2-year-old Sean Preston and 1-year-old Jayden James, turned over to Federline based on information that Los Angeles Family Court received over the weekend about Spears, the sources told FOXNews.com. During Monday's custody hearing, Spears' former bodyguard accused the pop star of having "issues of nudity and drug use" since she returned from rehab, and reports of a planned "hit" on Federline emerged. Hmm ... I'm not sure how much stock I put into this FOX News report (especially since The Insider is reporting that Britney's new lawyer, Mel Goldsman, has revealed that the judge reaffirmed the 50/50 joint custody order yesterday) but, honestly, I'm a bit worried that it may turn out to be true. Things have been going very badly for Britney Spears in the past few weeks and there really doesn't seem to be any sign that the tide is about to turn. [Source]

I'm quite sure the prospect of Britney losing custody of her kids may turn out to be her darkest hour (among many dark hours in her recent history) and, thankfully, it appears that she is finally turning to her family for love and support. Here are pics of the Spears siblings Bryan and Jamie Lynn being driven to Britney's home in an SUV (the driver looks like it's mama Lynne Spears but I'm not sure that that fence has been mended yet) this week, most probably, so that they can be of some support to Britney right now:

Photo credit: X17

I just hope that Britney FINALLY gets it thru her stubborn skull that she can't take on the world and her intense problems all by herself. If she makes peace with her family, parents included, and then starts listening to the advice and counsel of trained professionals who know what it takes to have a successful career in the entertainment field then she can get back on track. I fear that she may not have learned that lesson yet and will continue to spiral downward ... perhaps into complete oblivion :( [Source]

Alright ... let's move on to happy things ... and what can make one happier than the sight of David Beckham all spiffed up and out in one of his amazing trademark suits:

This is what the man wears to pick up coffee, y'all. That's hot. This look more than makes up for that purple thing he was spotted wearing over the weekend. All is forgiven, Becksie poo. [thanks Ryan]

At last, Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds have decided to take their newfound love out of the closet and put it on display for all the world to see. Here are pics of Scryan holding hands publicly thru the terminal at LAX airport after flying in from Vancouver, BC:

Photo credit: Flynet

The hats, the sunglasses ... yeah, they really know how to blend into the background so as to evade being noticed. I'm of the mind that hand-holding is the first sign of true love, especially in Hollywood ... hopefully they'll be engaged by the end of the year. [Source]

In other forms of PDA news, Pink reader Brita stumbled upon the newly attached Drew Barrymore and Justin Long over the weekend at the Austin City Limits festival in Austin, TX. Not content to merely hold hands, Drustin were seen sucking face at pretty much every turn:

I love these pics, they are so cute. Drew sure has interesting taste in men ... you may recall that she was actually married to Tom Green once upon a time. She sure likes those funny guys (or in Tom's case, those funny-looking guys). I think Justin is a great choice for Drew ... I think they make a really cute couple. [thanks Brita]

In further love/cute displays of public affection news, here are a few pictures of Gwen Stefani and hubby Gavin Rossdale gettin' all smoochy in Paris, France with their only begotten son Kingston James in tow:

Yeah, they're pretty nauseating in their cuteness ... but I can't get enough. They're all so cute! [Source]

And speaking of nauseating, here are new pictures of Paris Hilton out and about, again, with her new blonde boy toy:

Photo credit: Splash News

This new dude still doesn't have a name ... but Paris is taking him on the rounds for a bit to see if he's gonna work out. You know, kick the tires a bit, test out the brakes, ruin his reputation ... the usual stuff. [Source]

And since we're taking about the "usual stuff" as it pertains to Paris Hilton, these new photos of her out on the town last night (sans new guy) drunkenly falling out of her shoes, practically onto the pavement ... and then up a gate ... seem to prove that Saint Paris has, indeed, fallen off the wagon:

Photo credit: X17

While this behavior isn't at all interesting in the least, I feel it's worth mentioning since Paris paid all sorts of lipservice about how she was planning to change her hard-partying ways since being released from jail. At least she wasn't drunk driving ... but that reckless behavior may yet still rear it's ugly head again soon enough. [Source]

There is no doubt about it ... Marilyn Manson is one scary-looking dude ...

Photo credit: Big! Pictures

... except these days, he's much more frightening when he's not wearing any make-up. EEK! [Source]

Lest you think that Project Runway Season 3 finalist Michael Knight has hung up his sewing machine, here are new pics of Knight showcasing his newest designs which he previewed at Bombay Sapphire's INSPIRED event in Atlanta, GA over the weekend:

Ha! I love it! It looks like Michael is up to his usual tricks. The clothes are overly sexy and a tad inappropriate but that appears to be the boy's style. While Uli was my pick to win last season, I didn't really mind that Jeffrey won. Michael had a strong showing thruout the season but it kinda fell apart in the end. I'm very glad to see that he is still designing his heart out. [Source]

Famed photographer Adam Bouska was fortunate enough to shoot Reichen Lehmkuhl's man candy Ryan Barry for an undies photoshoot recently and he shares the goods on his official blog. Here are a few pics from that shoot:

Um ... damn. I, uh, like ... them ... and stuff. En ... yeah, enjoy! [Source]

Here is the cover and variant artwork for Issue #2 of the new Angel Season Six comic book series ... apparently, Spike will continue to feature heavily in the ongoing saga of the Buffyverse:

Woot! Things appear to be going well for Spike in the new series. No doubt he and Angel will be butting heads over who gets to hook up with Buffy again. Since there are no character restraints whatsoever in the realm of comic books (ie. SMG can't eff up the storyline by refusing to play nice), I sincerely hope one or the other of them (or both!) get back to doin' the nasty with our favorite slayer. Hot! [Source]

Those industrious folks over at TMZ have discovered that Nick Hogan has posted (and already removed) newish information regarding his good friend John Graziano's recovery from their August 26th car accident in Florida. Here is a screencapture of the post before it was removed from the forum:

Click above to see larger, full-size image

"john is expected to make a full recovery its just a slow process for him to wake up because he was in a medically induced coma by a drug called pentabarb which takes weeks to wear off which is why the wake up process is is so slow. his entire body is perfect , he just hit his head ... everyone please drive safe and wear your seatbelts, i had mine on and only broke my wrist, john did not and he is in a far worse state than i am.

thank u for the support

-nick hogan/bollea"

I love that Nick Hogan is now in the habit of giving out safe driving tips (and inadvertantly blaming Graziano for his injuries for not wearing a seat belt while Nick drove like a madman on the public streets that night). While it is excellent advice to suggest the wearing of seat belts, I feel it's even better advice to admonish speeding and street racing overall. I think that should be his next post. [Source via Source]

And finally ... I have to just comment a touch on last night's amazing episode of The Hills. Not only did I end up making a bunch of shocked/astonished/thunderstuck faces but, of course, so did Whitney:

No matter what story LC is telling Whitney in the offices of Teen Vogue magazine (when they really should be working -- I mean really, does anyone ever notice that every time they show Whitney's computer screen it's on a My Space page? Shhh ... don't tell Lisa Love) she always comes thru with the best facial expressions ever. I think someone should start a blog devoted solely to Whitney's facial expressions. That would rule. But while Whit's faces are awesome it was even awesomer to watch Elodie bitch out (in her own, sweet way) Heidi to her face:

In case you missed it (or merely want to watch it over and over and over again), here is the part of last night's ep where Elodie shot down Heidi to her face, letting her know that she has lost, yet, another friend:

HA! Love it. The whole confrontation between LC & Jason and Heidi & Spencer in the anteroom at Ketchup was lame as hell ... but yes, it does make for good TV. One last thing, Pink reader Sara sent me a link to Elodie's (or someone purporting to be Elodie) My Space page ... note the headline:

Since the show aired last night, Elodie (or whoever really owns this My Space page) changed the headline to read "Take That!" (thankfully I made the screencapture before the change was made). It looks like Team LC has taken on a new member ... and Team Speidi ... well ... they'll always have each other. [Source, thanks Sara]

Les News:
Yesterday was a bit bizzy for me ... I had back to back appointments all day which, for some reason, wiped me out. I ended up crashing on the couch at around 7:45pm while I was trying to watch Rock of Love (Yay! Team Jess! Good Riddance Lacey!). I did a little more setup work on my new Sony VAIO TZ and then crashed for good.

Tonight I have a couple of events to swing by to ... they both should be very fun, I'm excited. Full deets tomorrow.

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