Thursday, October 04, 2007

It's Britney's Video, Bitch!

I received an email earlier in the day wherein a little bird suggested that I log onto iTunes tonight because Britney Spears's new video for her hot single Gimme More would make it's real worldwide debut (even tho MTV is scheduled to debut the video on TRL next Monday, I was told the video would acually debut online first tonight at midnight). I thought it might be a good idea to check out the UK version of iTunes (since it's past midnight there, only 10:30pm here in LA as I type this) and lo and behold, there is the video. Since I cannot download anything from the UK version of iTunes, here are a few screencaps from the preview of the video that is streamable from the site:

People magazine has been shown the video and offers this description:

A fit-looking Bad Girl Britney sports a tattoo on her bicep and dresses in all black. She wears a leather vest, a studded belt and skimpy panties over ripped fishnet stockings. As she dances erotically around a pole and up against a mirror, she flips her hair while special-effects lights flash around her as the camera moves slightly in and out of focus to the beat of the song, giving it a raw and edgy look. At times she's dancing alone and at others she's with several other female dancers. Meanwhile, the more innocent-looking blonde alter-ego Good Britney watches from the bar, giggling at times and looking stunned at others. The footage goes from black and white with aura-like blue and pink lights to full blown color ... While the stripper-inspired choreography isn't going to blow critics away, it's much improved from her notorious performance at the MTV Video Music Awards. Spears, who seems to be genuinely enjoying herself, pulls off deeper moves and wears a much more confident – and seductive – look on her face.

Click HERE to preview (or download if you live in the UK) the video now. Click HERE to see more screencaps from the video. [Source]


Additionally, (the site owned by Britney's record label) has been updated thusly:

There really ain't much yet but it's a big improvement over the flash animation that read Gimme More that used to be in place. (the site that operates as her personal website) has yet to be updated. [Source] is now reporting that the title of Britney's new album will be Blackout, which is what I reported previously in THIS post last Saturday where I wrote:

Additionally, in other perhaps exclusive news, another Pink reader has emailed me to say that he got word from a friend that works at Zomba Records (Britney's label) that the name of her new album will be Blackout. This reader said that his friend "seemed confident" that that would be the name ... so if this news turns out to be true, remember where you heard it from.

BUT ... another little bird suggests that the title may turn out to be Piece of Me, which we already know is the title of one of the songs on the album.

UPDATE: is listing Britney's new album for preorder with the title Blackout:

Woot! It turns out that the little birdie who sang to me last weekend was right afterall.

All this influx of new Britneyness is fun ... and very distracting from all the crazy drama that has been engulfing Brit's life ... at least for now.

Highs & Lows

Blah ... news on the Britney Spears front continues to get worse with each passing day but before I get to the abysmalness of her family situation, let's get things started with some good news. Last week Britney Spears's new song Gimme More rocketed to the #1 position on the Song and Ringtone charts on iTunes and this week the song is doing about as well atop the official Billboard magazine charts. Gimme More is the #1 song on the Billboard Digital Songs chart and is at #3 on the Hot 100 Singles chart:

It appears that Britney's musical popularity hasn't waned in the wake of all of her personal family drama. I suppose there is no such thing as bad publicity. As the poor girl's personal life spirals downward, her hot new single is racing up the charts. [Source, Source]

UPDATE: The video for Gimme More will world premiere on MTV's TRL next Monday afternoon. Set those DVRs!

Alright, let's get to the bad stuff ... yesterday the Spederline lawyers faced off again in court to hear the official ruling set forth by the court concerning physical custody of the Spederline children Sean Preston and Jayden James. In short, the judge ruled that Kevin Federline would retain custody of the children while Britney would now only be allowed supervised visitation with the kids -- ouch. Here are a couple pictures of K-Fed as he made his way into court yesterday afternoon to hear the ruling in person ... Britney did not show up at court:

Photo credit: X17

Kevin Federline retains custody of his two sons for now, but Britney Spears gets monitored visitation, a judge ordered Wednesday. The temporary arrangement was decided at a three-hour closed-door court session attended by Federline, who was wearing an eye patch because, his lawyer says, "His eye was sore." No further explanation was given. Spears did not attend. The new custody arrangement stays in effect until the next hearing, scheduled for Oct. 26 – and both Federline and Spears will be required to attend, says court rep Allan Parachini. "Britney's access to her kids works out to about every other day," says Parachini. The visits will not necessarily occur back-to-back, he adds. At the beginning of the hearing, Federline stood, was sworn in by the court, and stated his name – apparently to give testimony. Spectators then were excused from the courtroom, and the session proceeded in private. After the hearing, Federline, flanked by two bodyguards, walked out without making comment. But his attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan, said, "We felt (the custody) orders were justified and Kevin was pleased with the orders in place." He added the children "are good and right now they're in (Federline's) custody." Spears's attorney declined to comment. It's unclear why the hearing had to last for 3 hours but it seems evident that there really was no way any other outcome could've come from this hearing. It should be noted that this custodial agreement is temporary and will be revisited on October 26th. It seems to me that the judge is going out of his way to try give Britney the chance to comply with his stipulations so that she may win back physical custody of her children. Whether she'll actually comply and win back custody is an entirely different matter. [Source]

Honestly, it's hard to believe that Britney is at all concerned about any of this drama in the least. While a judge was deciding whether or not to grant her custody of her children, Britters was driving around town, posing for photos, puffin' on cigs and making the necessary stops at Starbucks:

Photo credit: Splash News

I just don't get it. Not only does the girl seem unconcerned, unphased by everything that is going on with her children but she continues to flit about in public doing all her usual whatever it is that she does every day as if nothing was amiss in her life. It's really unbelievable. You'd think she'd spend at least one day at home ... wherever home is ... out of the glare of the spotlight ... but no, there she was, keeping Starbucks in business as usual. Well, at the very least she has her new Yorkie London to keep her company ... which is a good thing because it looks like Britney is kinda sorta losing another ally ... [Source]

Cousin Ali Sims, who has been Britney's constant companion and roommate in recent months has decided that now is the *perfect* time for her to move out of Britney's home and into a place of her own. It is the contention of In Touch Weekly that this development is Cousin Ali's way of abandoning Britney but others are alleging that this isn't the case, that she has been planning to move into her own place "for months" and is just now getting around to it. Yeah, something about that rationale doesn't gel with me ... this seems like the worst week possible for Britney to be losing another member of her dwindling inner circle:

Britney Spears' terrible week has got just a little worse today, hours before a judge is to review his decision about the custody of her two kids. In Touch learned exclusively that Britney's biggest defender, her assistant Alli Sims, packed her bags and abruptly moved out of Brit's Malibu home this morning — and possibly out of her life ... Insiders tell In Touch that she has finally had enough. "Alli wants her own life and own career," says one. "She can't take anymore of the drama." What the hell is wrong with these people? Talk about your horrible timing ... even if Ali had been planning a move "for months" why can't she just stay put for the time being ... or at the very least not move out on the day that Britney is losing custody of her kids. I'm just dumbfounded. Altho Ali is moving on out to her own place, she remained by Britney's side last night as Britney made her way to her new home at the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills. I wouldn't be surprised if London the Yorkie was next to pack his bags and hit the road. [Source]

Things aren't as grim elsewhere in Troubled Hollywood "It" Girl land ... Lindsay Lohan continues to spend quality time with her father Michael Lohan as she spends some time away from her rehab treatment center in Utah so that she can spend some father/daughter time with her pops ... here are a few cute pics:

Photo credit: X17

Contrary to reports that Lindsay is checking out of rehab this week, it is believed that she will remain at the Utah treatment center for at least another week ... or longer. It's heartwarming to see Lindsay so happy in the embrace of her long-estranged father. Irregardless of what went down in the past, it's really great to see that bygones can be bygones and old wounds have finally healed. Daddy Lohan served his time in prison, Lindsay has just about served her time in rehab ... it's a great time for both father and daughter to start fresh with a clean slate. [Source]

Mark Ronson played an amazing concert at the El Rey Theatre here in LA last night and a bunch of celebs came out in support of the show. Here are a few pics of some of the celebs who came out to see Mark perform his first official LA concert:

Photo credit: Wireimage

Tony and I were also at last night's show which, let me assure you, was a phenomenal concert. The only time we saw Mischa Barton was outside smoking cigarettes with her friends. I don't even know if she saw the show ... she was outside when we arrived and went into the venue and was already outside after the show was over and we were making our exit. Nicole Richie and Joel Madden were in the hiz to support Mark Ronson (Nicole is BFF with Samantha Ronson, Mark's sister) and Nikka Costa showed up not only to enjoy the show but to perform with Mark on stage as well. There were a few more amazing surprise guests at last night's concert ... which I will get to at the end of this post. [Source]

I got word before the show that Mark would have guest performers Robbie Williams and Xtina Aguilera on stage with him ... it turned out that Robbie did perform with Mark (deets below) but Xtina was a no-show on stage :( She was in the hiz, tho, to watch the performance. Here are a couple pics of Xtina, hubby Jordy Bratman and her ever-growing baby bump as they made their way into the venue:

I was a little bummed that Xtina didn't take the stage but it looks like she's getting bigger by the second. I suppose I can understand why she wouldn't want to perform. She looks great tho ... not nearly as red-lipped as usual. [Source]

The girls of the new CW show Gossip Girl, Blake Lively and Leighton Meester, paid a little visit to MTV's TRL yesterday to dish about the show and to generally shoot the shizz with host Damian Fahey ... here are a few pics:

Photo credit: Wireimage

So far, 3 eps in, I must admit that I like the show but I'm not really in love with it like other new shows (Pushing Daisies, for example) that I'm watching this season. GG is pretty much exactly like The OC but set in NYC and with a blog theme. Honestly, I thought I'd be more into the show (esp. with the blog element) but I have a hard time getting into a "salacious" blog that focuses on spoiled, rich kids in Manhattan. I mean, really? The shadowy Gossip Girl (voiced by Kristen Bell) is not only privy to every single development in these rich kids' lives but I'm even amazed that she even cares. BUT ANYWAYS, that's the story ... and as unbelievable as it seems, I still enjoy it ... but I'm just a sucker for scripted teenage drama ... which is why I love The Hills so much :) [Source]

Rita Cosby, whose new book makes some wild claims about the the intimate nature of Howard K. Stern and Larry Birkhead's relationship, threw herself a little book release party at Pacha in NYC last night to celebrate the release of Blonde Ambition: The Untold Story Behind Anna Nichole Smith's Death ... and was quickly served with a lawsuit filed by Howard K. Stern concerning her claims of the aforementioned claims of his intimate relationship with Larry Birkhead ... here are a few pics:

LOL. Nothing says "Oh, Snap!" like the look on a person's face when they are served with legal papers. Honestly, I can't even believe that she could even be that surprised. It's no secret that both Stern and Birkhead have gone on the offensive since this allegation surfaced (Birkhead threatened to sue any outlet that even mentioned Cosby's claims) so she best be on the look out for another legal ambush. I'm pretty sure that Larry Birkhead will have something delivered to her very soon. [Source]

Here are a few photos of Brad Pitt on the set of his new movie Burn After Reading, which is currently filming in NYC:

I'm sure I have no idea what is going on in these pics, clearly he's jumping over a wall in the movie ... but I felt it necessary to call to y'alls attention the fine outline and shape of Brad's buns. Yeah, that's all. [Source]

Courtney Love sure has mad love for animal prints ...

... and not much love for the bounds of good taste. I can't believe that she saw this outfit in a store or shop window and thought, I have to have it! After seeing this outfit for the first time, my initial thought would be, I have to burn it! [Source]

Here is our first look at the cover artwork for Skye Sweetnam's new album Sound Soldier which is set for release later on this year:

Skye has been posting bits and clips of her new music on her official My Space profile page and I'm loving it. I also really dig this cover artwork ... which was shot by my Toronto homie Jordan Letkemann ... [Source]

... who also photographed Skye's military-themed photoshoot from whence came this amazing photo:

I am very excited to FINALLY get to hear this new music in full. It won't be long now :) [Source]

Les News:
So, as I mentioned above, Tony and I went to the El Rey Theater to see Mark Ronson and The Version Players in concert. I have been in LOVE with Mark's new album since it was released here in the US this past summer and was very much looking forward to seeing him live. I was not disappointed in the least, Mark Ronson is a musical genius ... and he puts on one hell of a show. Here are a few pics:

Robbie Williams thrilled the crowd when he came out to perform the song The Only One I Know (from Ronson's album Version) ... here is a short clip of Robbie on stage last night:

I was unaware that Mark Ronson produced Nikka Costa's debut album and was very excited when she came out on stage to perform her hit song Like a Feather with Mark and the band. Phantom Planet was another surprise performer ... they performed the song Just (which is also on Version) and then their big hit song California (aka the theme song to The OC) ... the full performance can be seen here:

The show was just crazy ... it was such a fun time. I have to send out lots of lurve to the Pink readers that I met at last night's concert -- big up goes out to Erin, Vivianne, Antonio, Mario, Carly and Lauren. Click HERE to see all my pictures from last night's concert. If you live in NYC and would like to see Mark Ronson in concert tomorrow night, head on over to Queerty to enter for your chance at a pair of free tickets.

My Morrissey concert for tonight got cancelled :( And since I'm leaving for NYC on Saturday, I won't be able to see him at all :( But, thankfully I double-booked for tonight so now I can go see Poltergeist with some friends on the big screen :)

Have a great day, y'all. I'm out.