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Saturday, October 27, 2007

"Eat It, Lick It, Snort It, F**k it!"

The much-hyped "next court hearing" in the fabled Spederline custody battle came and went without very much hub-bub, considering the everyday sort of melee that erupts whenever Britney Spears walks into any establishment. The court was prepared for the Spederline arrival and took great pains to keep the paparazzi as far away from the both Britney and ex-hubby Kevin Federline as best they could. Still, the ever-industrious paps managed to secure a bunch of pics of Britney as she made her way into the courthouse ... tho, no one seemed all that interested in K-Fed. Here are a few pics of Britney making her grand arrival at court yesterday:

Photo credit: Splash News

Y'all gotta admit that Brit Brit was lookin' pretty fierce with those pouty fish lips of hers ... sure, she may be rockin' the permanent pout but it's not a bad look. Thankfully her weave looked to be sewed on properly and he wore a very nice dress -- she even managed to eat some food in the car before entering the courthouse and she managed to keep her dress unstained! It was clear that Britney showed up, ready for biz ... she wanted to get her kids back permanently. [Source]

Unfortch, that's not exactly what happened. The judge opted to not reveal his ruling at yesterday's hearing concerning overall custody (I understand it's due to be served on either Monday or Tuesday of next week) but he did reward Britters for her positive efforts as of late ... she was allowed to have her overnight visitation rights extended thru the weekend. Here are a few courtroom sketches of Spederline inside the courtroom (illustrated by the amazing Mona Edwards) and a few deets of what transpired inside:

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline appeared together Friday for a three-hour custody hearing behind closed doors – the first courtroom face-off for the former couple. Spears took three bathroom breaks during the hearing, with her mood souring as the day wore on. At an early break, she told reporters, "Everything's great," but at a later break she cursed at a reporter asking how she was, saying, "Snort it, f--- it." Federline's attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan, was asked after the hearing if it was contentious. "When I'm there, it's always contentious," he quipped. The session ended with Superior Court Commissioner Scott Gordon making no ruling. "There was testimony given by both parties," says court rep Meredith Pierce, "but Commissioner Gordon did not make a ruling today. He took the case under submission, meaning he'll consider both sides and will craft a new court order." Spears's attorney, Sorrell Trope, said he was "absolutely satisfied" with the court session, and noted that Spears would continue to have overnight visitations with her sons. "I left with a favorable feeling," he said. Actually, it was an Extra reporter who asked Britney how she was doing as she made her way to one of her 3 bathroom breaks and reports that she shouted back, Eat it, lick it, snort it, f*%k it! Hmm ... It doesn't sound like Britney was in a very good mood ... but I can't believe that she would still think it's a good idea to blow up at someone like that in public, IN A COURT BULDING, when she's trying to prove that she can be a stable parent. I guess we won't know until the judge hands down his ruling what the custody sitch will be like for the next month. It is my belief that the best Brit Brit can hope for is 70/30 in K-Fed's favor. He just looks like the better parent right now. And BTW, props to courtroom sketch artist Mona Edwards for making K-Fed look better than he ever has in real life. And the saga continues ... [Source]

In much happier couples news, I think, David Beckham surprised his robotic wife Vicki B. when he picked her up from the airport this week after she returned home from London where she was working with the other Spice Girls on their upcoming reunion blitz. Becks rolled up in a brand new Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet (which reportedly cost about $400,000 after being pimped out to Becks's specifications) that he bought for himself while wifey was away. Soooo hot!

When David Beckham picked up his wife Victoria from LAX airport yesterday he had a rather expensive surprise - his brand new Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet. Posh, 33, has returned to LA after her fleeting visit to London this week, and was welcomed home by her husband in a brand spanking new family motor. The sleek black machine cost a staggering £100,000, which is pennies to the Beckhams, and David had it completely modified - costing another whopping £100,000. Clearly, Becks did not have the entire family in mind when he made this purchase. I don't know that a child car seat can fit in that hot little number. I'm sure Vicki B. doesn't mind ... nope, not one bit. I can't wait to see Becks tooling around town in his new little toy. [Source]

Gym queen Zac Efron unveiled a new look as he made his way to his fave gym earlier this week:

Actually, I don't really hate this new 'do. It kinda suits him if you ask me. [Source]

Heidi Klum was on hand yesterday for the official launch of the Very Sexy Makeup Collection by Victoria's Secret at their store at The Grove in LA. Here are a few pics of Heidi hamming it up for the cameras at yesterday's event:

Photo credit: Wireimage

I dunno if this new makeup collection can really make women look as sexy as Heidi Klum but I'm sure they're gonna market it as such. I just love Heidi and I'm soooo anxious for the new season of Project Runway to debut on Bravo ... [Source]

... and speaking of the 4th season of Project Runway, here is a new preview clip of what's in store when the new season debuts on November 14th:

I am soooooooooooooo excited. Project Runway has to be one of my fave shows ever. It is deffo my fave competitive reality show, bar none. I am always so impressed with the way that the contestants are able to design and create amazing outfits with such stringent instruction and such limited time constraints. I can't wait!!!

Filming has gotten underway on the set of the next Harry Potter film, The Half Blood Prince. Here are a few pics of Daniel Radcliffe who plays Harry Potter and Michael Gambon who plays the recently outed Albus Dumbldore on the London set of their new movie this past Thursday night:

Additionally, JK Rowling expanded further on her revelation that Albus Dumbledore is gay at an appearance at the International Festival of Authors event in Toronto, Canada this past week. Apparently, she knew that he was a gay man from the very beginning back in Book 1 of the series: J.K. Rowling says her out-of-the-blue revelation about the sexual orientation of Albus Dumbledore, one of the key characters in her blockbuster "Harry Potter" series, has prompted at least one fan to come out of the closet. "I know that it was a positive thing that I said it, for at least one person, because one man 'came out' at Carnegie Hall," Rowling told a news conference Tuesday at the International Festival of Authors. "I'm not kidding." Rowling revealed Dumbledore's sexuality late last week while taking questions from fans at the legendary New York venue. On Tuesday, the author said she knew "very early on" in the writing process that Dumbledore was gay, but didn't feel the need to spell it out for readers. The Dumbledore bombshell has stunned Potter fans around the world and left many wondering why Rowling waited until the conclusion of her seven-book series to reveal the sexuality of the Hogwarts headmaster. Asked about the timing of her revelation, Rowling said: "I was asked a very direct question at Carnegie Hall ... If you were an author then you would understand that when you write the ending it comes at the end," she said. Dumbledore, Rowling has now revealed, was once in love with the dark wizard Grindelwald, something that some canny Potter fans had long suspected. "The plot is what it is," said Rowling. "(Dumbledore) did have, as I say, this rather tragic infatuation, but that was a key part of the ending of the story so there it is. Why would I put the key part of my ending of my story in Book 1?" Rowling said Tuesday she found it "freeing" to out Dumbledore, adding that the passages about him will mean different things to different readers. "I think a child will see a friendship and I think a sensitive adult may well understand that it was an infatuation," she said. Personally, I don't mind at all that Rowling waited until the last book was published to reveal Dumbledore's sexuality within the context of the books. Just the knowledge that she included a gay character in her book will go far with teaching young readers tolerance and acceptance. I know that I will continue to support the Harry Potter movies, which I will watch with new eyes now, and will be actively in support of any new projects that JK Rowling might undertake. She has deffo become a new hero to me. [Source]

Lauren LC Conrad appears to be stocking up for an upcoming shindig (perhaps for Halloween? Perhaps to be filmed for MTV?) as she was spotted filling up her shopping basket with all sorts of alcoholic beverages this week ... take a look:

There is something about a drunk LC that really appeals to me. I bet she lightens up alot when she's lubricated with the booze. It prolly goes a long way in making her seem more ... real. [Source]

The angry Russian model Andre from the amazing new VH1 competitive reality TV series America's Most Smartest Model was arrested for sexual assault this week ... which is very surprising because anyone who watches the show knows that Andre is such a nice and sweet guy who acts as if he wouldn't hurt a fly (said with intense irony):

A male model currently starring on a VH1 reality show was busted yesterday for a sex attack in which he allegedly groped a 19-year-old actress during a fashion party at a posh downtown restaurant, authorities said. Andre Birleanu, 25, of Manhattan - who has earned a reputation as a volatile hothead on the cable channel's "America's Most Smartest Model" - was charged with sexual misconduct and aggravated harassment. "He's just a very, very scary, intimidating person," his accuser told The Post. "He's so explosive. You can see it in his eyes. He has this insane thing inside of him." The woman, whose name is being withheld due to the nature of the alleged attack, said that she is an acquaintance of Birleanu's and that he grabbed her at a party at Cipriani Downtown on Oct. 10 ... The woman said she met him on a train. Before the attack, she said, she saw signs of his temper and was worried. "He grabbed me inappropriately," she said. "It was midnight or 1 a.m. when this happened. It was upstairs. It's like a very exclusive lounge, snobby thing - young, aspiring models and all the men who can afford to look at them. He touched my genitalia, and I immediately moved away," she said. "Then I looked over, and he looked really upset . . . I went up to him. And he was standing there with his head down. He said something along the lines of 'no.' He then grabbed my boob." Following his arraignment last night, Birleanu said, "I didn't molest anyone ... I already slept with that girl, so it's strange she would say I touched her inappropriately." Yeah, why is not one word of this report surprising to me in the least? It's clear from his agressive and childish behavior on the VH1 show that he has serious anger-control issues and is a walking powder keg waiting to explode. This is but the latest in a string of run-ins with the police for Andre. It seems clear to me that his bold anti-American culture stance on the show stems from his run-ins with authorities. I do not find him entertaining in the least on the show and anxiously await his removal from the competition. I suspect VH1 will keep him on the show for as long as possible to hopefully secure more ratings ... or until he does something criminal on the show -- which I honestly believe he is capable of. [Source]

Here are a couple amazing photos of Kylie Minogue as she prepares for an upcoming TV special called The Kylie Show which will air in the UK on ITV1 on November 10th:

Kylie is just about to take the world by storm, yet again, as she relases her new album X, her new tour documentary White Diamond and now this new TV special. There are so many new projects that Kylie has on the horizon (including her guest appearance on the Dr. Who Xmas special and a new tour next year) that we are going to be enjoying the Minogue for quite some time. Love it! [ONTD!]

And finally, it's time for this week's batch of photos sent in by Pink is the new Blog readers -- Nikki sends in a pic from the wedding of her good friends Eric and Amy which took place in Tulum, Mexico -- Melanie from Townsville, Australia (originally from Savannah, GA) sends in a cute pic of her 6 year old daughter Devin who just recently lost her first tooth -- Taylerann sends in a fun pic with her friends celebrating her 21st birthday -- Melissa sends in a pic with her cousin Michelle who were visiting Detroit, MI and decided to take in a Detroit Red Wings hockey game, which they won -- Marta sends in a pic with her friends Simone, Ruth, Eliza, Robin and Margaret who flew in from Chicago and Seattle to run in the Nike Women's Half Marathon in San Francisco with 23,000 others -- Julie sends in a pic of her pinkified pumpkins as she prepares for Halloween:

Much congrats to Eric and Amy and much love to you all for sending in your fun pics. Much love and thanks goes out to all y'all who sent in pics this week and all the previous weeks. It always puts me in a great mood when these sorts of pics arrive in my inbox. Thank you so much again! xox

Les News:
Last night Sarah and I had a great dinner with Erik and Steve at a new Royal Oak sushi place called Ronin that had great food but a bitchy hostess working the front. She almost had us leave and go somewhere else but we decided to stay and ended up having a great dinner together. I got to meet Pink reader Arielle and her husband at the restaurant last night ... it's always so great being home again.

OMG I'm excited ... OMG I'm getting nervous ... Sarah and I are about to have a face to face with Tori Amos before she takes the stage tonight at the Fox Theater and I'm starting to freak out. Sarah came up with some great questions for Tori ... I'm planning on uploading the MP3 of our interview tomorrow along with any pics I'm able to take. IEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I'm excited and nervous as hell. And I have to be out so I can get ready. Happy weekend, y'all!



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