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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Santa Comes To Town

As I try and come down from the clouds after yesterday's intensely incredible day with Tori Amos, I'm finding it a bit difficult to focus on other things in any meaningful way. Sarah and I stayed up pretty late last night so I'm a bit groggy today ... but there is goss to be had so let's get to it.

Either Victoria Beckham seems to have tired of her California Girl golden locks or she merely wants to look the part for the upcoming Spice Girls reunion tour because she has reverted back to her more natural dark color this week. Here are new pics of Vicki B. showin' off her new old hair color after emerging from a posh salon this week:

She has changed her hairstyle as often as her couture outfits since the Spice Girls split. But now Victoria Beckham appears to have returned to the look that first made her famous. She was spotted yesterday entering a salon in Los Angeles sporting her much-copied blonde "Pob" - or "Posh bob". But when she emerged, her hair was transformed into the sleek, dark-brown chin-length bob she wore as Posh Spice. As the group reunites for a comeback tour starting on December 2 in Vancouver, it was as if she had turned back the clock to 1996, the year of the girls' first No1 single, Wannabe. The look appears to be courtesy of a wig, which Victoria is to wear for the new tour dates. The group are also understood to be planning new versions of their famous Spice Girls outfits for certain numbers, including Geri Halliwell's tiny Union Flag dress. Now, the wig idea I don't mind so much but I'm not sure if using those old costumes is a good idea. 1.) I'd be shocked if the Spices were able to fit into those tiny things anymore (they might have to add a few stripes to that Union Jack costume that Ginger used to wear ... after they let it out a bit) and 2.) I'm not sure if these middle-aged women can pull off those sexy looks in any believable fashion. I think I'd much prefer a more sexy-mature and dignified Spice look on the upcoming tour rather than having the ladies try to squeeze into their old, four sizes too small outfits (well, except for VB, she's prolly tinier than she was back in the day ... er, except in the chest area) ... after all, they're really not Spice Girls anymore. [Source]

Gossip Girls Blake Lively and Leighton Meester joined soul divas Jennifer Hudson and Diana Ross at the launch of Tiffany & Co.'s 2008 Blue Book Collection even which was held at the American Museum of Natural History in NYC last night. Here are a few pics from the red carpet:

Photo credit: Splash News

It's about time that Blake and Leighton started making the rounds at events like this. Gossip Girl has become a hit for The CW, pretty much having the same impact that The OC did when it debuted on FOX back in 2003. I'm sure it won't be long before these lovely ladies start showing up at all the usual hot spots known to the other Hollywood "It" Girls ... I just hope they keep their underwear on. Now, I dunno if Diana Ross thought the Tiffany event was a costume party or what but I can find no other reason why she would go out in public, on a red carpet, wearing that much bad make-up. Halloween ain't for a few days now, hon, you might wanna tone down the rouge until a more appropriate time. [Source]

And speaking of costumed events, a few celebs made their way out to the Dream Halloween event which benefitted Children Affected by AIDS Foundation held at the Santa Monica Airport last night ... here are a few pics:

Photo credit: Splash News

Meh. Honestly, I would expect a little better from celebs when dressing up for a costumed event. Teri Hatcher looked like a man in drag (altho I think she was trying to be the Queen of Hearts), Jamie Lee Curtis looked like an older woman trying to dress sexy in a risqué outfit that was niether sexy nor risqué. Elvira wore her usual outfit ... isn't this how she looks when she goes grocery shopping? Jason Priestly didn't even dress up at all. Poop sandwich all around. I'm more interested in seeing celebs dressed up in more interesting ways ... [Source]

... like, for example, Mr. Matt Dallas who donned a top hat and velvet ringmaster's jacket for a 25th birthday celebration held in his honor at TAO at the Venetian Hotel and Casino Resort in Las Vegas last night:

Photo credit: Wireimage

Honestly, the perfect way for Matt to brush off those pesky rumors about his sexuality is for him to get all dolled up in a sassy costume like this one. Posing with the dancing girl was a nice touch, too. In the end, who really cares ... as long as he had a fun birthday, nothing else should really matter. [Source]

Speaking of sassy costumes, Brody Jenner and his new BFF Frankie Delgado dressed up as the ambiguously gay duo Batman and Robin for a pre-Halloween costume party at Opera nightclub in LA this weekend. It appears that the lads really packed themselves really nice and snug in those cheeky outfits:

Photo credit: Buzz Foto

I'm not quite sure if Brody had a batarang stashed in the crotch of his costume or he was just happy to pose for the cameras ... in either case, I must admit, I'm impressed with his whole look. All those childhood feelings about Robin are suddenly flooding back ... let's move on, shall we? [Source, thanks Mary]

Zac Efron stuffed his new ponytail inside his knit cap so that he could take to the streets to appear as a skateboarder this weekend:

Photo credit: Splash News

We never see Zac do anything with that skateboard other than carry it so I wonder if he even knows how to ride the thing. I wouldn't necessarily call this look a costume ... it has a more poser feel to me. [Source]

Here are a couple new pictures of Lindsay Lohan looking absolutely amazing as she goes out and about this weekend:

She looks beautiful, healthy and happy and I couldn't be more thrilled. I've been giving her a bit of guff over her new boyfriend Riley but it's all in good fun. I've been very impressed that L. Lo has stayed away from the party scene at all costs since her release from rehab. Linds has appeared focused and intent on working thru her recovery. I really hope she continues to work thru her problems and keeps her nose out of trubs that way we can enjoy more beautiful pictures like these. [Source]

Lord ... Paris Hilton is back home in LA after spending some time in Toronto, CA where she has been hard at work on her movie about repos or whatever it's about. Paris wasn't home for more than 15 seconds before she made a beeline to one of her favorite stores, Trashy Lingerie:

Photo credit: Splash News

I mean, really ... what more can be said here that isn't plainly evident? She's a member. Nuff said. And one might think that a person who is comfortable wearing Trashy Lingerie could finally come to terms with her past but that doesn't seem to be the case for Paris Hilton. Apparently, Paris (or a woman believed to be Paris) caused a bit of a fuss when she came upon an adult video store in Toronto that was promoting the sale of her sex tape turned adult DVD 1 Night in Paris: Employees at a Toronto adult video store claim Hollywood starlet Paris Hilton stormed into their establishment and demanded posters promoting her infamous sex tape be removed. Hilton apparently entered the downtown store on Wednesday afternoon and threw a fit while disguised in a skeleton costume and mask, a store manager told CTV News on Friday. The hotel heiress, who is in the city filming a movie, allegedly ordered employees to take down their "One Night in Paris" displays in the front window. CTV News was allowed to view the incident captured on surveillance video. "You guys can't use my image in a porn store," a woman said to be Hilton was heard saying. "I'm going to call my lawyer and sue the (expletive) out of this place." A woman is seen in the video tearing down several posters in the store. "I really want them down because they're mean and this is not right. I'm really serious, this is disgusting," she says. "And I want the other ones too or I'm calling the (expletive) cops." Employees said they were shocked to see Hilton in their store. One manager, who identified himself to CTV News as "Robert," said he was surprised by her aggressive behaviour. Store owners said about 30 minutes after the woman left the store, a man identifying himself as Hilton's manager came in and told them to keep the incident quiet. They said the man claimed if any security video of the incident was leaked, the store owners could be sued for defamation of character. Several calls by CTV Toronto to Hilton's manager regarding the incident were not returned. Hmmm ... something about this story doesn't sound quite right. I guess we won't know until we see the surveillance tape whether or not it was really Paris. But I dunno ... it sounds like something she might do. [Source, thanks Bobby]

At any rate, the incident is already dunzo and Paris has moved on to her other endeavors. Here are a couple pics of Paris' appearance at Kitson boutique on Robertson Blvd. in West Hollywood for a launch event for her new fragrance Can Can:

Photo credit: Splash News and Wireimage

Well ... you can call Paris many things but "lazy" isn't one of them. The girl flies all around the world constantly to make appearances at this or that event. Sure, many of those events are ones of leisure but she also works hard on her many, many projects. It kinda almost makes you want to respect her in some small way. Almost. [Source, Source]

Here is a really easy, pretty obvious game for all y'all to play. Can you guess which Hollywood "It" Girl flashed her gams (and an empty bottle of Patron tequila) as she exited her vehicle as she made her way into a costume party in Bel Air this weekend?

Click above to find out who it is

Yeah, this little game is really too easy ... but the fact that this "It" Girl learned the lesson that drinking and driving don't mix kinda makes you wanna almost admire her. Almost. [Source]

And finally, it's time for the Hot Dude of the Week. The chilly temps. of Michigan have got me yearning for the sunshine and warmth of Southern California ... and all the shirtless dudes who go along with it. Sooo ... let's take a gander at Zack and his awesome half-nekkidness to tide us over:

Photo credit: All American Guys

Ahh ... there's nothing like a nice set of ripped abs to gawk at on a quiet Sunday afternoon. On behalf of all the Pink readers the world over, we thank YOU Zack for your tireless efforts in the gym and for your willingness to share the fruits of your labor with all of us. [Source]

Les News:
Lordy, lordy ... what else can be said about yesterday's amazingness? In the moment, it really felt like a nice long day that we were able to savor but looking back now, it seems to have flown by really fast. I met up with Sarah yesterday afternoon at her new home where she was still fussing over what to wear. We didn't really dawdle much there since we wanted to make sure we weren't late for our appointment with Tori Amos (click HERE for those deets in case you missed them). I was in such a celebratory mood after our interview with Tori that I wanted Sarah and I to enjoy a really special dinner together so we made our way back to Andiamo Italian Restaurant on Michigan Ave. to celebrate. The food was utterly delicious and it was exactly what I was hoping for. We toasted with champagne and then eat our faces off. I got to meet Pink reader Rachel at the restaurant as well.

We took our time with dinner but made sure to be back at the Fox Theater in time for Tori's show. We arrived right at 8pm and then made our way to our seats right after her opening act was finished with his set. During our interview, Tori mentioned that her song She's Your Cocaine has been "dying" to be played on this tour and was, in fact, performed along with a few other nice little surprises in last night's set. Here are a few of the pics that I took and then the full setlist:

Act ISanta

Body and Soul
My Posse Can Do
She's Your Cocaine
Secret Spell
You Can Bring Your Dog

Interlude/Costume change

Professional Widow (Remix)

Act IITori

Big Wheel
A Sorta Fairytale
Black Dove (January Girl) - partway thru the song Tori threw her hand up, stopped singing and exclaimed, I have to take this corset off, then she ran off stage to thundering applause
Cornflake Girl

T & Bö

Baker Baker
Cloud on My Tongue

Band Returns

Code Red

Encore 1

Precious Things

Encore 2

Hey Jupiter

I was thrilled that Santa opened the Detroit show since I got to see Pip perform in NYC. As Tori was performing Black Dove, we noticed that she messed up one of the verses and then she threw up her hand and said, Stop! Stop! I have to take this corset off, and then told the band to "play something" as she scurried off the stage. The crowd erupted in boisterous applause and then cheered again when she returned. She did not sing the rest of Black Dove and instead performed what she called one of her favorite songs off Little Earthquakes the song Crucify. From that moment on, the show took a more somber, more quiet tone (additionally, Tori didn't get to talk to the crowd nor did she perform one of her trademark improv songs). Baker Baker and Carbon were so haunting, you could hear a pin drop in the theater. Since last night's show was one of the shows recorded for official bootleg release, I'm anxious to hear how the show will turn out ... will Black Dove be included or edited out entirely? In the end, tho, nothing could take away from our glorious Tori day. I have to give shoot-outs to the amazing Pink readers I got to meet at last night's show - David, Mary, Sue, Ashley, Monica and Jennifer. It was my extreme pleasure meeting you all ;)

And sooooo ... our day came to an end. We thought about going out for more revelry after the show but determined that we were just too pooped to party. We chilled at Sarah's for a while and then called it a night.

Today, I'm going out to see Tracey and Zakiya for a fun day of shopping, eating and playing. I'll be sure to take lots of pics. Happy Sunday, y'all! I am out.


In The Pink ... 40 Minutes With Tori Amos

To say that yesterday's interview with Tori Amos was a dream come true would be a bit of an understatement because, honestly, never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that either Sarah or I would be given the opportunity to have a face-to-face interview with the amazing Tori Amos. Sarah and I have been extremely anxious and extremely nervous ever since we found out we would be allowed to talk with Tori backstage before her Detroit concert at the Fox Theater and we were happy to accept any amount of time with her. At best, I thought we'd get 15-20 minutes. Tori spoke with us for over 40 minutes, chatting as if we were old friends and offering a personal insight that we never anticipated:

My vision for the interview was to share the experience with my best friend Sarah because Tori Amos and her music over the years has helped foster our intense bond as friends and because we do our best to share everything Tori with one another (in fact, our first Tori Amos experience together was a Tori concert that took place at the Fox Theater in Detroit back on May 31, 1996 on the Dew Drop Inn Tour). I really wanted Sarah to take the reins for this interview because I wanted it to be as special an experience for her. She was very grateful and very nervous about the whole situation so she asked if we could do the interview together ... and that is just the way we did it ... the two of us, on a couch with Tori Amos, chatting in her dressing room backstage at the Fox Theater about Halloween, her daughter Tash's favorite TV show of the moment Charmed, how her songs take structure when she's composing them and more. Sooo ... without further ado, here is the full audio of our conversation with Tori Amos:

The whole experience went down pretty much as I had hoped it would. Tori was extremely gracious, very attentive and she took great pains to speak slowly and thoughtfully in order to really make the moment as special as possible. It was just a thrill for both of us. After our amazing talk, Tori took a few photos with us and then made her way out to spend time with the folks who were waiting outside patiently in the rain for the meet and greet that she provides fans at each concert:

Here is a pic of a few of the Tori fans who waited faithfully out in the rain for Tori's emergence at the meet and greet:

These particular folks are going to quite a few shows on her American Doll Posse Tour over the next few weeks and I commend them for their amazing dedication and loyalty. I hope to run into them again at the future Tori shows that we're seeing in Cleveland, OH, Anaheim, CA and Los Angeles, CA.

I have to send out HUGE LOVE to my friend Abe from Epic Records for helping make this opportunity possible. Also, much love goes out to Tori's people Cody and Barry for taking such great care of us backstage at the Fox Theater. Their kindness and attentiveness really helped calm us down so that we weren't quite so nervous for our interview.

I hope y'all enjoy the interview as much as we do :)



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