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Thursday, November 08, 2007

The J. Load Confirmed!

How does a troubled pop star celebrate the fact that her 5th album in a row almost debuted atop the Billboard Album Chart? Why, she goes shopping for a new car, of course. Despite the fact that her ex-hubby, Kevin Federline, is having his lawyer drag her back to court over the matter of her slow responsiveness to the court-mandated random drug testing, Britters couldn't be bothered to show any concern ... she was too busy at Keyes Auto Dealership in Van Nuys, CA picking out the perfect new white Mercedes ... which actually looks a lot like her old Mercedes:

Photo credit: Splash News

So let me get this straight. Our dear Britney can only enjoy 2 days a week visitation with her children and decides to go chandelier shopping on those two days ... and then decides to spend her Wednesday shopping for a new car ... just because. I don't get it but it must make perfect sense to her. I just hope this shiny new car has great auto insurance ... with the way that Britney drives I'm sure it will get banged up pretty quick. Whatever in the world makes her think white is a good color for her car? All that constant running over of people is gonna leave a mark. [Source]

At long last, perhaps at my insistence in yesterday's post even, Jennifer Lopez finally confirmed that she is, indeed, with child. It was widely rumored that J. Lo would be confirming her pregnancy at her concert stop in NYC last month and when that didn't happen the world has been waiting with baited breath for her to utter the words that she is really pregs. Her friends and close confidants have been spilling her beans all over the place ... but last night, on the final stop of the En Concierto Tour in Miami, FL Jennifer Lopez announced to the audience that she and hubby Marc Anthony are "expecting":

It's perhaps America's worst-kept secret – but after weeks of speculation, Jennifer Lopez finally confirmed her pregnancy Wednesday night during a Miami stop on her En Concierto Tour. "Marc and I are expecting a baby!" the glowing singer announced to a shocked audience. Just as surprised? Husband (and fellow tour headliner) Marc Anthony, who shrugged his shoulders, caressed his wife's stomach, then leaned over and kissed her belly. "I did not expect her to say anything," he told the crowd. "The whole arena went insane," says one concert-goer. "It was awesome!" Lopez thanked the audience for the applause and said, "We are happy, too." She then turned sideways to reveal her profile and show off her very noticeable bump. She also playfully stuck out her tongue ... "This is a special time in our lives," Lopez said from the Florida stage. "And we waited until the last show to tell you." Well it's about damn time, y'all!! Despite the fact that the baby (or babies) might come out looking like Marc Anthony (yeesh!), I'm elated that J. Lo is finally going to have the baby (babies) that she's always wanted. Marc Malkin is hearing from his sources that not only are J. Lo and Marc expecting twins but that they will be having a boy and a girl. [Source, Source]

Here is a vid clip of J. Lo making THE announcement from the concert stage last night:

Again, much congrats and felicitations to the happy couple. This is really great news.

The 41st annual CMA Awards were held at the Sommet Center in Nashville, TN last night and while I'm not the biggest Country music fan I kinda hafta give a shout out to my girl Carrie Underwood who walked away with the CMA trophies for Female Vocalist of the Year and Single of the Year for her mega-hit Before He Cheats:

If 2006 was Carrie Underwood's coming-out party at the CMA Awards, 2007 solidified her place among the current greats of country music. For the second year in a row, Underwood, 24, won two big awards in Nashville on Wednesday night, repeating as female vocalist of the year and nabbing single of the year for "Before He Cheats." (Last year, she also took the Horizon Award.) "God had blessed me with so many wonderful things in my life, and I will spend my entire life trying to figure out why," Underwood, 24, said after beating out Reba McEntire and other veterans for the vocalist award. "If you had told me a few years ago I would have been nominated with the people that I have been nominated with, I would have called you absolutely insane." I just can't help it, I kinda like her stuff. What is most surprising to me is that she isn't as country pop as Shania Twain is and I still dig her music. The girl can sing so I guess it really doesn't matter what genre of music she performs. Other winners at last night's CMA Awards include Brad Paisley for Male Vocalist of the Year, Rascal Flatts for Vocal Group of the Year and Kenny Chesney for Entertainer of the Year. [Source]

David Beckham and the LA Galaxy played a friendly game of soccer in Vancouver, British Columbia last night in an exhibition match at BC Place Stadium and were welcomed to town by an overzealous Vacouveran who decided to lose all of his clothes and then take to the field:

Nekkid dudes notwithstanding, the game itself has been described as lackluster considering the Galaxy was outplayed by their lower-division counterparts, the Whitecaps, resulting in a 0-0 tie game. Nonetheless, Becks looed really good running around the field anyways:

David Beckham filled another stadium in another country, and signed autographs for some lucky girls players on the field at halftime. That was about the extent of Beckham's impact Wednesday night. Getting outplayed by their lower-division counterparts, the Los Angeles Galaxy and Vancouver Whitecaps played to a 0-0 draw in an exhibition match at BC Place Stadium. Beckham played an uneventful 71 minutes, leaving without taking a shot or using his deft touch to set up any scoring chances. It wasn't a notable performance, potentially leaving a tougher decision about his spot on England's national team. The Galaxy are scheduled to play the Minnesota Thunder of the USL in Minneapolis on Sunday, likely Beckham's final chance to show England coach Steve McClaren he's fit and healthy enough for a spot in England's lineup. England faces Austria in a friendly on Nov. 16 before hosting Croatia in a European Championship qualifier Nov. 21 at Wembley Stadium ... Part of the agreement on playing Vancouver was that Beckham played at least 45 minutes. He occasionally grabbed and stretched his left leg in the first half, but didn't appear winded when he left to a loud ovation, giving the fans applause as he checked out. Yet, the cheers for Beckham couldn't top those for a streaker or a successful marriage proposal that even Beckham clapped for sitting on the Galaxy bench. Um, hello, he took his shirt off after the game was finished ... isn't that enough of an impact? I mean, really, isn't that part of Becks's star appeal? He may be a great soccer player but it's really all about they way he looks on the soccer field when he's running around in his little shorts. I mean, let's call a spade a spade. Shoot ... I ain't complainin'. [Source via Source]

Egads ... Madonna can usually pull off any look that she wants to pull off ... but I dunno about this one:

Photo credit: Splash News

I mean, her hair doesn't look quite as frightening as Brit Brit's horrrrible extensions but it looks very similar. It would be easy to mistake the ladies for one another under the right circumstances. [Source]

Celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito paid a little visit to the Today Show Plaza in NYC earlier this week and I couldn't but notice how much his forehead kept from moving ... at all:

Photo credit: Wireimage

One would assume that those bags underneath his eyes would garner more attention than that already attention-grabbing forehead but ... maybe he's a work in progress? [Source]

OUCH! Kelly Osbourne had to pull out of her stint in the West End production of Chicago in London due to an injured slipped disc last week ... here are pics of poor Kelly lookin' all kinds of pitiful as she exited a London hospital while wearing her newest fashion accessory:

The 23-year-old injured her back during an incident on Wednesday and was forced her to pull out of her final performance of West End musical Chicago. She was expected take to the stage as Matron Mama Morton for one last time at London's Cambridge Theatre on Friday but had to withdraw from the hit show. She was taken to a London hospital on Wednesday and later released with a neck brace, but was at hospital today. Kelly's mother Sharon Osbourne attempted to bolster her mood with a "get well soon" message during X Factor on Saturday night. Sharon later said: "She really hurt her back and must wear a neck brace for a while. But she's in good spirits." Aww ... I know I give Kelly O a bit of grief here on the blog from time to time but I really do like her. I hope she gets better soon so that I can get back to poking fun at her without having to feel guilty :) [Source]

Yesterday we got to see Nick Hogan's mug shot after he was arrested and booked on the charge of reckless driving involving serious bodily injury stemming from his auto accident last August. Today we get to see pics of Nick in handcuffs as he was led into the police station for booking:

Photo credit: Mavrix

I'm still pretty grossed out that the Hogan family released a statement that seemed to blame Nick's friend John Graziano, who was seriously injured in that car accident (and who has been hospitalized since the accident took place), for the injuries he suffered in the crash. I would really like to see justice served in this matter. I am not placing blame on anyone, I just want the matter to be fully resolved in a court of law so that the guilty parties can be made to pay for their crime. Personally, I feel it was only a matter of time before this sort of reckless behavior caught up with Nick Hogan. I guess we'll see what happens in the long run. [Source]

Well ... it appears that all that conjecture and discussion about Rosie O'Donnell getting her own talk show on MSNBC has gone and killed the matter entirely. Rosie blogged on her official site that the deal is off ... apparently, it was her loose lips that sunk the ship:

Rosie O'Donnell's TV comeback is over before it began. The former host of The View admits on her blog,, that her loose lips lead to the cancellation of negotiations for her own MSNBC show ... An NBC executive told The New York Times that a principal hurdle had been the length of a potential contract. The network wanted a commitment of at least two years, so that it could take better advantage of the higher rates it anticipated charging advertisers, but O'Donnell would only commit to one year, like she did for The View. O'Donnell seemed to anticipate this as a hurdle, making it clear during her Nov. 6 stand-up show that the network was getting nervous about their uncensored star. "We're filming for an unidentified TV station, which I was told that I was not allowed to mention," she said at the event in New York's Lincoln Center. "They told me not to mention this possible show, and they are men in business suits. Nothing is scarier than men in business suits screaming at you over the phone." Well, she should also know that nothing is scarier to men in suits than a woman who has a hard time censoring herself. Ah well, I say good for her. I hope Rosie never changes her persona just to gain something like a show like this. I trust there are plenty of avenues available to her that will work with her needs and desires rather than against her. She will generate ratings ... it's just a fact. Even the folks that hate her will be tuning in. Her time will come again. [Source, thanks Grant]

It's game time ... can you guess which chanteuse showed up at the CMA Awards in Nashville last night with a set of odd-looking boobies on public display?

Click above to find out who it is

This particular singer is better known for her famous dental flaw but it was her misshapen breasts that garnered all the attention last night. I wonder what happened to her boobs that they look like this now. [Source]

TMZ scored an amazing photo of George Clooney flipping the bird at a few unsuspecting folks who were chillin' with Fabio at a restaurant recently. It's a bizarre story ... so I'll just let TMZ tell it:

George Clooney and Fabio got into a little scuffle in a Los Angeles restaurant over the weekend, and TMZ has the blow-by-blow! TMZ obtained photos taken at Madeo's, where Clooney and Fabio later got into a shoving match. Sources inside tell us that several women who had won a dinner with Fabio were sitting at his table snapping photos of the "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" hunk, when Clooney apparently thought they were shooting pix of him -- and gave them the finger! When George questioned the group about shooting pics of him in a private restaurant, Fabio came to their defense -- and allegedly, it got a little physical. OOOOOH, I wonder what "a little physical" entails. Was there shoving? Was there hitting? Hairpulling? I love that George has no problem letting the finger fly when he thinks fans are taking his picture ... he's a man's man, a'ight. [Source]

And speaking of TMZ ... the kickass website is celebrating its 2nd birthday today:

Much congrats on making it to the terrible 2's and here's to many more years of breaking gossy fun! TMZ has got some great folks working for them ... I'm gonna send out extra lurve to Gillian and Johnny on this happy occasion! XOXO [Source]

And finally ... today is Day Four of the Writer's Strike and altho it appears that the Hollywood Powers that Be aren't going to budge on the Writers' demands ... the Writers are getting more support from their acting co-workers -- like Katherine Heigl and other cast members from Grey's Anatomy:

The cast of medical drama GREY'S ANATOMY have pledged their support to the Hollywood writer's strike by visiting picket lines. Strikes began earlier this week after talks with studio representatives failed to resolve a dispute over royalties. Picket lines were set up outside studios in Los Angeles and New York, after The Writers Guild of America asked its 12,000 members to stop working. On Wednesday, protestors at L.A's Prospect Studios - where Grey's Anatomy is filmed - were visited by the show's stars Patrick Dempsey, Ellen Pompeo, Sandra Oh, Katherine Heigl and T.R. Knight. Knight says, "We're supposed to be going until the end of May and right now our last shooting day will be Tuesday or Wednesday. "As actors, we're paid a different way than the writers, but there's also the crew to keep in mind. They are out of work as of next Wednesday." Oh adds, "This matter is way too important not only for our writers, but ultimately everyone who makes movies, everyone who makes entertainment here in this town and again for the rest of the world." Yep, it sounds like this strike could go on for some time now. At this point, it looks like we're gonna hafta wait a long time before we'll be able to see new seasons of some of our fave shows :( Yesterday, Fox announced that the new season of 24 will not be debuting this January due to the Writer's Strike and that The Sarah Connor Chronicles will air instead. Le sigh (in a sad tone). [Source]

Les News:
Last night I met up with Kirsten, Darion, Mike, Paul and some of his friends for a reunion sort of dinner at Pink Taco in Century City (where we actually say owner Harry Morton milling about doing owner stuff). Paul has been in London for the past couple of weeks and I have been in Detroit so this was the first time we were able to all get back together and catch up:

I really heart The GangTM so it was great hanging out with them last night.

Tonight I have a couple of events to swing by with my good friend Jim who I've not been able to hang out with in ages since we've both been so bizzy. Tonight is going to be loads of fun! So ... I guess that is all ... I'm slowing getting back into the swing of things ... tho I'm not looking forward to the mounds of laundry I have to get thru in my immediate future. Oy! Have a great day ya'll ... I'm out.



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