Friday, November 09, 2007

The Choice Is Yours

Britney Spears has made it her life's mission to do everything possible to arm Kevin Federline with the ammunition to strip her of enjoying custody of her children on pretty much a daily basis. With such a fine microscope targeted at her every move, one would assume that she might try and stay out of the constant glare of the limelight ... or at the very least, keep herself out of trouble at all costs ... in order to not let K-Fed amass any further damaging evidence against her in their ongoing child custody battle. In only the latest eff up on Britney's part, she was witnessed running a red light while driving with her open cell phone in her hand while transporting a sleeping Sean Preston and Jayden James in the backseat of her car. It seems clear that her self-destructive actions know no bounds and this new incident will be used against her in court:

Photo credit: Splash News

Britney Spears blew a red light at a notoriously dangerous intersection last night, with her kids in the back and a court-appointed monitor crouched down in the front. Paging K-Fed's attorney! The Popwreck approached the light slowly on Coldwater Canyon in Los Angeles. You then see Britney raise her cellphone to her face. It is unclear if she's texting or making a call. She then drives into the intersection as someone outside the car screams, "Red light, red light!" Britney then turns left onto Mulholland Drive, managing to miss oncoming traffic ... Yesterday, Kaplan asked the Commish to forbid Brit from driving when the kids are in the car. The judge said he'd ponder that and rule on November 26. The bets are on -- Mark Vincent Kaplan, K-Fed's lawyer, will be back in court long before the 26th after eying the new video. Yeah, it really seems like she is hellbent on shooting herself in the foot at every opportunity, doesn't it? By the looks of the vid clip, it appears that Britney was trying to get away from the paps but decided to use the opportunity of a red light to do so. It would really be in everyone's best interest if she just hired a driver ... maybe give that Sam guy a bit more to do than just walk around with her. Click HERE to watch the video of Britney running the red light. [Source]

Roberto Cavalli created a bit of a stir at the H&M stores across the country that, yesterday, began selling the new clothing line that he designed for the discount clothier ... more specifically, creating a ruckus at the H&M Flagship Store in NYC by appearing in person with supermodel Jessica Stam:

Photo credit: Wireimage

While shoppers were prolly impressed that Cavalli came out to the launch event himself, I'm pretty sure they were really only interested in getting their hands on the limited edition pieces that are sure to sell out UPDATE: have already sold completely out (thanks Jamaica). Stores that opened for biz yesterday were met with long lines of shoppers who wanted to get their mitts on Cavalli for H&M designs. Much like the launch of H&M's M by Madonna line earlier this year, this new Cavalli collection is sure to be a top seller. [Source]

The Hallmark Greeting Card company has filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit brought against them by Paris Hilton on the claim that they misused her likeness and trademark catch phrase That's Hot on one of their greeting cards. Hallmark is not going to back down from this fight and has shown that they are going to fight the good fight against Paris Hilton's suit:

Hallmark has responded to Paris Hilton's lawsuit claiming they used her image to sell cards with a motion to dismiss, TMZ reported on Thursday. The motion says, "Hilton has become a household name, based in large part on her efforts to draw attention to herself. Having done so, she has subjected herself to public scrutiny and the parodist's pen. The First Amendment does not allow her to respond by welcoming the fawning and flattering, but silencing the critical and comical." In September, Hilton sued over the use of her picture and catchphrase "That's hot" on a greeting card. Hilton sued Hallmark Cards Inc. in U.S. District Court seeking an injunction and unspecified damages to be determined at trial ... The lawsuit claims commercial appropriation of identity, invasion of privacy, misappropriation of publicity, false representation that Hilton endorses the product and infringement of a federally registered trademark. The damages would be based on profits from the $2.49 cards, Hilton attorney Brent Blakely said. Hallmark defended the card as parody, which normally is protected under fair-use law. "Some of Hallmark's new humor greeting cards are parodies of today's most popular celebrities and politicians," said Hallmark spokeswoman Julie O'Dell in an e-mailed statement. "These cards take a satirical look at news and gossip surrounding these public figures, including Paris Hilton, and we do not believe Hallmark has violated any of Ms. Hilton's rights." I could not agree more with the text of the motion filed by Hallmark. I honestly believe that all celebrities willingly make themselves vulnerable to "public scrutiny and the parodist's pen" in exchange for immense wealth and fame. Early on, they court any attention they can garner ... if this particular greeting card came out at the onset of Paris's bid for fame I contend she would've not only willingly accepted its existence but would've been shouting from the rooftops that she has been chosen to appear on a Hallmark greeting card. I'm very glad that Hallmark didn't back down from this fight ... I am very interested to see what the next move will be. [Source]

In somewhat surprising news, Prince appears to be attempting to make nice with the very fans that he sicked his lawyers on in recent weeks. The Prince fan coalition Prince Fans United received a new Prince song that they have been allowed to stream online on their site. The song is titled PFUnk (which appears to be a shout out to PFU = Prince Fans United):

PFU has been contacted by Prince's Management and we are currently in discussions. We are hopeful that an amicable resolution can be reached wherein all can co-exist peacefully on the internet. However, if the talks are unsuccessful, the Prince Fans United Group vows to continue its fight. In the meantime, Prince has provided "Prince Fans United" with the song named "PFUnk" for your listening pleasure. This musical olive branch is very encouraging but is far from a white flag. It absolutely makes no sense for Prince to attack his fans in the manner undertaken ... and I sincerely hope that an amicable resolution can be agreed upon by the opposing parties. I'm sure some level of compromise will have to come from both sides but I still believe that Prince is in the wrong here. That said, this new song PFUnky is really freaking good as most Prince songs are. I can't help but love his music. Click HERE to hear the song at PFU or at Prince's official website [Source]

Victoria Beckham made her long-awaited cameo on the hit ABC show Ugly Betty last night. I kinda hafta admit that I was very excited to see Vicki B. on the show but must confess ... I wasn't all that impressed. Here are a few screencaps:

Not only was Posh's inclusion predictable but all the previews really gave away most of the funny stuff before last night's ep even aired. VB was cute, I'll give her that ... and Ugly Betty has been on fire this season -- I'm really loving it. So, I guess in the end I'm happy with the way last night's ep turned out ... I guess I was maybe hoping for a bit more of the Vicki B. that we saw over the summer on her NBC special and less of the overdramatic diva that we saw last night. [Source]

Here are a few more promo pictures from the upcoming fourth season of Project Runway which will debut next Wednesday November 14th at 10pm on Bravo:

OMG ... can you tell that I am *so* excited for this new season of Project Runway? The show has been off the air for FAR TOO LONG and at long last it's back with a whole new season ... we are mere days away from the season premiere ...

... and I can hardly wait. WEEEEE! [Source]

Now, this next item comes from our friends in Canada that have been dealing with a bit of athletic drama lately. Newly drafted Toronto Maple Leafs player Jiri Tlusty has come under fire for suspicion of homosexuality after a cheeky photo (originally posted on of the lad surfaced where he was "tonguing" a male friend. While I would personally never assume someone was gay just because of an innocent photo like this, I was a bit hopeful that if he really were gay that he'd come out and help drag professional hockey into the 21st century. At any rate, this story was only minorly interesting to me when the first photo came out ... but now that new photos of a very nekkid Tlusty have hit the InterWeb my interest has been piqued immensely:

Images Removed by Request

The story about these pictures goes like this ... A girl on Facebook added Jiri and started chatting, and then dared him to send her some naked pictures ... and that's how we have these ... Poor Jiri. You shouldn't email pictures of yourself to girls in Canada ... North America is watching you ... you're a Maple Leaf now!! Now, I don't care if the boy is gay or straight -- he is equipped with one hell of a hockey stick which I think that both gays and straights can happily admire and appreciate. Woot! [Source]

American Idol runner up Blake Lewis has unveiled the cover artwork for his debut album titled Audio Daydream:

Honestly, the cover artwork for this album looks a little bit like it was inspired by Alanis Morrisette's album artwork for Jagged Little Pill. I'm not a big Blake Lewis fan but I hope for his sake that he keeps the beat boxing to a minimum on this new disc. [Source]

Here are a few pics from a new photoshoot featuring a fully-clothed Milo Ventimiligia rockin' a hot looking suit:

Le sigh. See, one can admire the male form even if it's fully clothed. Of course, it't not quite as fun as admiring the semi-to-fully nekkid male form but when it comes to Milo, I'll deffo take what I can get :) [Source]

Ryan Adams is featured on the cover and in the pages of the newest issue of Paste magazine. Here are a few pics from that photoshoot:

The interview is insanely interesting for fans of Ryan. Readers are given an inside look at how the man creates new tunes and what his mindset is when he is performing his music on stage. Ryan says that he will no longer release albums under his own name once his 5-disc box set of rare/unreleased material comes out next year. From that point on he will only release music under his band's name The Cardinals. Personally, I don't care what name he uses to release new material as long as he keeps releasing new material. I am so excited for this new box set. It will be comprised of hours of music that I've heard existed and yet never thought I'd get to hear or own. Ryan Adams has to be one of my fave musicians ... he is definitely one of my fave male singers ever. [Source]

Lance Bass talks to HX magazine in their new issue and is featured on the magazine cover:

In the interview, Lance talks about his newly released book Out of Sync (of course), Britney Spears (natch) and ex-boyfriend Reichen Lehmkuhl's shaved arm pits (!!!). It's an interesting read ... and the accompanying photos are interesting as well. I really don't get the significance of the ringleader get-up but ... well, you know those gays. [Source]

Here are a few promo pictures of Kylie Minogue that will be included in the CD booklet for her new album X:

Sexy as always. [Source]

In further Kylie news, here are even more pics and promos from her upcoming ITV special The Kylie Show which is set to air in the UK tomorrow evening:

OMG ... Kylie and Dannii cat fighting in cat suits?! Pigtails? This show looks like it's going to be campy fun ... I just wish I could watch it as well. The show will not be aired here in the US (at least not yet) so am really hoping that You Tube vid clips of the entire show will hit the InterWeb as soon as the show airs :) [Source]

And finally ... today is Day 5 of the Writer's Strike and thus ends the first full work-week of the strike. Yesterday, cast members from Ugly Betty came out in support of their WGA comrades and marched the picket lines in solidarity:

Photo credit: Splash News

It's beginning to sound like this strike will go on for some time now ... no new talks have even been scheduled yet. I wouldn't be surprised if the strike lasted at least until the beginning of next year ... it's a good thing we've still got a lot of books to read ... and blogs :) [Source]

Les News:
Last night was just a really fun night ... that became a really late night ... which explains some of the tardiness today. After spending some time at the Apple Store in Sherman Oaks (where I had to get my MacBook looked at by the Apple Store Geniuses for a Leopard OS install problem) with Trishelle from The Real World: Las Vegas (who doesn't look all that hot sans makeup) and Melina Kanakaredes from CSI:NY (who is very pretty and very sweet in person ... even if she was having heinous computer probs), I met up with Jim to hit the party scene. First up, we went to Area for the People's Choice Awards Nominee Party which was hosted by Ryan Seacrest and was sponsored by Crest (which I think it's genius ... Seacrest & Crest ... I love it). The nominees for the People's Choice Awards have been announced and now it's up to YOU to cast your votes for who will take home the trophies when the show airs live next January. The party was really fun ... I got to meet some great folks like Molly and her NYC crew and US Weekly writer Brenda Duran who was THE reporter who tried to ask a question of Britney Spears when she was in court last and was told to Eat it, Lick it, Snort it, Fuck it:

After the PCA party, we jetted over to The Lot for the 9th annual Motorola Party where Kelly Clarkson was performing:

Kelly was amazing ... she played a pretty long set of songs ... here are a couple clips from a couple of songs ... Breakaway:

And Since U Been Gone:

The party itself was off the hook as usual. The space was awesome, filled with beautiful people, hot go-go dancers and kickass music courtesy of DJ Steve Aoki:

I have to send out much love to my man David Pinsky for taking such great care of his guests, as he always does.

We had an absolute blast!

OY ... late late late ... I know ... so I'm gonna post and be out.