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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Fantastic Four Months Ago

By and large, Britney Spears has been keeping quiet over the past few days, doing exactly what it is that I hoped she would do -- keeping out of the limelight. Sure, there are reports going around that she failed one of her scheduled drug tests and that she jetted off to Las Vegas to shop for a new home AND get some lipo done but in the end, I'm not sure that I buy any of it. What is true is that sales of her new album Blackout seems to have peaked last week and it is believed to sink like a stone on this week's Billboard Top 200 Album Chart (which makes sense because her fans rushed out and bought the album as soon as they could ... leaving no one left to buy the album this week or from here on out) and that an unfortunate paparazzo was injured in the wake of trying to keep up with Britney while on the move ... but considering the crazy madness that is usually Britney's life -- all this stuff is very tame. In positive Brit news, she has teamed up with X17 (for some reason) to auction off a "rare" autographed copy of her new album Blackout with 100% of the proceeds going to the UNICEF charity. I hope y'all saved your pennies ... the bidding has already surpassed the $7,000. mark:

Britney Spears and X17online are giving one lucky fan the opportunity to own an ONE-OF-A-KIND autographed Britney Spears Blackout CD, signed by the chart-topping singer herself! The pop princess has autographed both the insert and the CD in black permanent marker. Britney and X17online are sponsoring this charity auction to benefit UNICEF, so open your wallets and bid high for this unique piece of Britney history! 100% of proceeds will benefit UNICEF and their efforts to help children around the world. Um, personally, I'd much rather own the sock that came off the foot of the TMZ photog who was run over by Britney's car but I guess this auction is pretty cool, too. I would love to know how this collabo between Britney and X17 came about ... who'd've ever thunk that these 2 would join forces to raise money ... for UNICEF. What? [Source]


So, how great was last night's ep of Heroes? Granted, I personally didn't feel it was quite as good as last week's ep but it was right on par with the way the show should be going (and should've been going all along). We were promised answers to all of our questions ... finally, we'd find out what happened Four Months Ago. For the most part, they made good on their promise but I still have a lot of questions that were unanswered ... and we still don't really know what happened to Sylar!

I have to say that I really loved seeing Peter Petrelli's hair again ... I mean, he looks good with the haircut but I miss the emo hair. I knew that Elle had to be evil ... it wasn't all the lightning shooting from her hands or anything that clued me in ... it was the fact that she was the one that decided to cut off all of Peter's hair! That beyotch! Kristen Bell plays psycho really well ... something about the look in her eye and the smirk on her mouth. I expect big things from her in future eps. Honestly, I didn't expect to see the Latinoid Wonder Twins in this flashback ep but they really seem to be trying to push them down our throats, don't they? All's I know is there better be a big pay off with those two. I must admit, I thought it was cool that Maya's anger killed the entire wedding party ... so far, that's the coolest thing that has come from her black tears. I think we're supposed to be anxious that Sylar will steal her power and become almost invincible ... but I'm not feelin' it yet. I'm still having a hard time figuring out Adam's angle. Yes we know he's pissed, he's waited for his chance to take revenge on Hiro and he's teamed up with Peter to do it ... but his stint in that holding room/cell is too suspicious. Isn't he supposed to be behind everything? The Company, Linderman, everything? He must've been playing along to get on Peter's good side so he can pull off his master plan. Peter really is the strongest Hero of all ... right now he's a pawn in Adam's plan ... but he'll manage to save the day in the end ... [Source]

... after all, with a hot bod like this, how can he not be the Hero to save us all:

I have to give much props to the producers of Heroes for staying consistent with the half-nekkid Miloness. If memory serves, Milo Ventimiglia has been shirtless in every single ep he's appeared in this season ... which is absolute genius. Even if the show still sucked, I'd still be tuning in to watch just for the nekkidness. Brills. He better get rewarded handsomely come Emmy season next year :) Is there a category for Best Pecs? [Source]


Sooooo, The Hills. What did we think? Personally, I expected more fireworks in the confrontation between LC and Heidi but over all, I really didn't hate the ep. It really didn't deliver all the drama I was hoping for but I'm not gonna complain. It was pretty entertaining just the way it turned out:

I'm sorry but the setup where LC and Heidi just happen to be at the same event looked too damn staged for me (as did those horrible chat split screens). I mean, the whole show looks staged but this seemed fairly obvs. I'm still pretty sure that LC and Heidi are really not friends (despite the rumors that they've been secretly hanging out when the cameras aren't rolling) and if there is anything believable on the show, it's when LC is telling Heidi that she sucks and she doesn't want to be her friend. I dunno how the producers talked Heidi into debasing herself for this ep but it was fun to watch. I can't believe how many times Heidi tried to get LC to forgive her only to be told that LC would rather forget her as well. LOL. I loved the bit when Heidi tried to give LC the flowers ... I was actually surprised LC didn't just feed them right into the garbage disposal right there ... that would've been PIMP! I really expected more from Whitney and her facial expressions ... she's really starting to slip. Maybe she needs to get axed and replaced with a new, more expressive friend. Audrina was only inserted into the ep so that Sean Kingston could get some free publicity. I felt bad for the 17-year old kid when he got all winded after walking up those stairs. Methinks Mr. Kingston might need to go on a diet or two. At this point, there is no excuse for Justin Bobby. He needs to get 86ed, like, yesterday. Now that Audrina has a small moniker of reality fame she needs to trade up and start hooking up with more famous, more hotter and more clean guys. Next week on The Hills -- Heidi gives Spencer back his cheap ass engagement ring ... dun dun dun! I can't wait :) [Source]

Thomas Jane, a fierce-looking Marcia Gay Harden and that kid from Gossip Girl joined Stephen King at the Ziegfeld Theater for the NYC premiere of the new movie The Mist based on King's short story. Here are a few pics from the red carpet:

Photo credit: Splash News and Wireimage

Now, as far as movies based on Stephen King books/stories go it's usually pretty hit or miss ... mostly miss. But there are a few stand-outs that I really love. I really love Carrie, Pet Sematary and The Stand ... and don't really mind a few others (It, The Tommyknockers, The Langoliers, Christine, 'Salem's Lot). I think my fave Stephen King book to movie adaptaion has to be The Shawshank Redemption ... but I'm getting off point. I read The Mist years ago in my Stephen King phase and I really liked the story ... I don't recall how it ended so I'm excited to see this new movie version. Folks might think this movie is a rip off of The Fog (and I can see why) but it's really not ... the story is much more ominous, much more scary than The Fog. I've seen a few trailers and Marcia Gay Harden scares the shizz out of me in just the 30 sec clips I've seen ... she plays a fierce beyotch in this movie and I love it. I can't wait to check it out for myself. [Source, Source]

JFX has launched a new blog and has managed to score the first pictures of Zachary Quinto on the set of the new Star Trek movie where he stars as Mr. Spock ... here are a couple of the pics:

Photo credit JFXonline

The casting of Zachary as Spock is utterly genius ... he looks exactly like Leonard Nimoy, especially in the second pic. Don't hate me but I've always felt that Star Trek: The Original Series was a bit lame and not at all very interesting to me. I'm more a ST: The Next Generation and beyond fan. I'm hoping that these sexy new Hollywood stars will be able to not only infuse some coolness but some sexiness into the Star Trek franchise to bring me on board. I dunno about you, but those pointy ears on Zachary are really speaking to me a way that ears have never done before. Meow! [Source]

Now that Lindsay Lohan is on the path to sober righteousness it's time that she start giving back to the community ... and that is exactly what she's begun to do. Here are pics of L. Lo on her first day of her 10-day stint of commuity service that has been imposed on her as punishment for her last DUI arrest:

Lindsay's first day of community service involved her doing some work with the American Red Cross in Pomona, CA ... I guess we'll have to wait and see what the next 9 days of service will include. I hope she does something different every day ... rescuing animals, cleaning up highways, etc. I understand that Lindsay was also sentenced to serve one day in jail but I'm not sure if they've already given her credit for that one day, if she'll only have to serve 35 secs. of her day like Nicole Richie did or she'll actually have to serve a full 24-hours in the clink. It's been aaaages since we've had a Hollywood "It" Girl in jail ... I'm already feeling a bit of nostalgia from the whole experience. [Source]

Here are a few extremely adorable pics of daddy Ryan Phillippe with his kids Ava and Deacon at LAX airport this week:

I always sense a bit of desperation in Ryan whenever he's with his kids. There never seems to be much joy or happiness, only the reminder that his family has been torn apart. It always seems as if Ryan is doing everything he can to show his kids how much he loves them since he's not able to be with them all the time anymore. It's a bit sad :( It's clear that he loves his kids ... it bet it would make them happier if he would seem a bit happier as well. [Source]

The Victoria's Secret Angels have landed in LA for a big Fashion Show TV event that will be taped tomorrow night for airing around the holidays. Here are a few pics of Heidi Klum, Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio, Izabel Goulart and the other Angels as they touched down at LAX yesterday afternoon:

Photo credit: Wireimage

Not only is Victoria's Secret going all out this season with fun events every which way but, again, Heidi Klum is really on a rampage these days. One day she's playing mommy, the next she's playing supermodel and the next she's playing host on Project Runway (which has its season 4 debut tomorrow night on Bravo TV). I'm not exactly sure when she's got time to sleep but I, for one, really appreciate all her hard work. [Source]

Here is a new pic of Carrie Underwood out for a night stroll with her love interest Chace Crawford from Gossip Girl on the streets of NYC this past Sunday night:

I really like Chace for Carrie ... he seems like a better match for her than Tony Romo. Despite the fact that Carrie doesn't like to live her life in the spotlight she's gonna hafta get used to it if she's gonna keep dating rising Hollywood celebs. If you tangle with the new crop of Hollywood "It" Boys then you're gonna get noticed. At least she picked a hottie to tangle with. [Source]

Eliza Dushku is back on the Hollywood radar now that news has surfaced that she will star in a new Joss Whedon TV show called Dollhouse, hopefully, next year. Here are pics of Eliza as she made her way out of Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills, CA this week:

Photo credit: Splash News

Okay ... so granted Eliza looks a bit pallid in these pics but she's easing herself back into the limelight. By the time she becomes a full-fledged TV star again next season with her new show she'll be primed for the spotlight. I heart her totally and am so excited that she's not only coming back to serial TV but that she's starring in a project helmed by Joss Whedon. I really hope that nothing about this new show falls apart ... I don't know that my frail little heart could take it. [Source]

Last night the famed New Frontier Casino in Las Vegas ended its long run in Sin City after it was imploded to make way for a new, bigger casino. Here are a few pics of the Frontier's last moments on Earth before it became a pile of rubble:

Photo credit: Splash News

The 16-story hotel tower was felled with over 1,000 pounds of explosives before a group of reporters and bystanders to make way for a multibillion-dollar resort bearing The Plaza brand, which is set to open in 2011. Elad Group owner and Israeli billionaire Yitzhak Tshuva, who is partnering to build an $8 billion megaresort where the New Frontier stood, shook hands and gave hugs after the tower went down. An easterly breeze helped to quickly dissipate the dust. The New Frontier earned historical notations by becoming the Strip's first theme casino and hosting Elvis Presley's debut in the city. The low-key gambling hall, which opened as the Last Frontier in 1942 with a cowboy village theme and later embraced the space age before returning to its Wild West roots, had become known for bikini bull riding, cheap hotel rooms and $5 craps before it closed its doors for good in July. IDB Group and Elad Group, the owner of The Plaza hotel in New York, said the new property will include a luxury hotel with about 3,500 rooms, private residences, retail space and a casino bearing The Plaza brand, all set to reach for the highest end of the market. "Let me promise to all of you today that we will build in this beautiful city one of the most magnificent hotels in the world," Tshuva told a gathering ahead of the implosion. "I think that there should be no price tag for a place with such enormous potential." The destruction of the New Frontier was the latest step in a dramatic, and expensive, facelift for the northern Strip. The Stardust hotel-casino was imploded in March. "It's another budget option on the Strip that's gone," said David Schwartz, director of the Center for Gaming Research at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. "The future is really high-end." And so ... out with the old and in with the new. In a few years there will be nothing left of the Vegas of old. Trust me, I love the new luxury hotels in LV and since I never frequent the old casinos which have really lived past their prime, I won't be missing the old places personally. But still ... there is something sad about the fact that once the old venues are blown up ... they're gone forever. [Source]

Here are a few promo posters for the new Bob Dylan documovie I'm Not There starring Christian Bale, Cate Blanchett, Heath Ledger and more as Bob Dylan at different points of his life:

I'm very intrigued by this movie ... I think it's a very inventive way to tell a story. They cast some amazing actors so I'm sure it'll garner a lot of attention. I know I'll be showing up for the Christian/Cate/Heathness. [Source]

And finally, Brother Sewing Machines is capitalizing on the Project Runway brand by releasing a Limited Edition Project Runway Sewing Machine so that folks can play designer in the comfort of their own homes:

From the press release: Move over runway royalty! Scoring a limited edition 'Project Runway' sewing machine by Brother this holiday season is the ideal present for the do-it-yourself enthusiast or aspiring designer in your life. The Innov-is 40 and Innov-is 80 computerized sewing machines used in collaboration with the Emmy-nominated fashion reality series are great for beginners and experienced seamstresses alike making it easy to whip up your own couture creations. One of the first to create a little fashion magic with the Innovis-40 is Project Runway Season One alum, Austin Scarlett. "The Project Runway Sewing Machine from Brother is the perfect tool for creating your own holiday magic at home. What a wonderful gift for any aspiring fashion designer, home decorator or anyone with a creative streak. The machine is so easy to use – it’s perfect for a beginner yet specialized enough for the most ambitious design project." Having gained recognition and praise for his sophisticated and striking designs on Bravo’s Project Runway, Austin Scarlett now wields his creative talents at the helm of bridal house KENNETH POOL. Give a limited edition ‘Project Runway’ sewing machine by Brother and the recipient just may return the favor by creating a one-of- a-kind cocktail dress for you worthy of passing the most discerning diva’s critical eye. Prices start at $299.00 Shhh! Don't tell David but I think I know what I'm getting him for Xmas/Hanukkah!!! [Source]

Les News:
Yesterday afternoon I ended up running around all over taking care of a few errands while enjoying the warm SoCal sun. It was actually quite nice. I ended up spending much of my evening and night finishing up The Kite Runner which I just loved from cover to cover. I'm anxious to get thru the Philip Pullman trilogy His Dark Materials before The Golden Compass hits theaters in a few weeks so it appears I'm on a bit of reading kick these days.

I have a few more things to take care of this afternoon (the DMV finally has my personalized license plate ready for pick up) and I'm planning on hanging out with my friend Michael tonight. Fun times! Have a great Tuesday! I'm out.



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