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Friday, November 16, 2007

There Is A Way To Be Good Again

Britney Spears has a new fascination with big lips these days and it's really starting to show. Never one to do things in small increments, Brit Brit has been having her lips injected with pretty much everything ... including the kitchen sink. Here are new pics of Britters taking her uberfat lips out for a little drive around town earlier this week:

Personally, I don't think that red swollen lips are a very good look for anyone ... especially when it becomes impossible to close one's mouth properly but Britney must think it looks cute. I guess I don't understand why she's bothering to try and enhance her looks when she doesn't seem to care about how the rest of her looks. She's willing to pay thousands of dollars to have cosmetic surgery on her lips and yet she can't seem to want to change out of those sweats that she's been wearing for about 10 days straight. Why even care about plumping up one's lips? [Source]

In further Britney fare, here are pics of Britters driving her children and the court-appointed parenting coach at night ... with her sunglasses on:

Even more surprising ... the parenting coach is wearing sunglasses as well. Clearly, Britney Spears has no notion of what safe driving entails. It's no wonder she keeps running people over with her car. I think her running tally of feet run over with her car is at 3. The Spederline lawyers are facing off again in court today ... I wouldn't be surprised if this is the last time we see Britney driving her kids around anywhere. [Source]

UPDATE: The judge in the on-going Spederline custody case has ordered that Britney Spears is no longer allowed to drive her children in any motor vehicle.

Okay ... so the big entertainment story of the day revolves around the HUGE Victoria's Secret Fashion Show which was held at the Kodak Theater here in Hollywood, CA last night. First things first ... here are a few pics of some of the celebs who made their way out for the show as they took to the pink carpet:

Photo credit: Splash News

I was actually surprised with the number of men, er, straight men who came out for the VS show. Sure, the show featured lots of hot female models but so does every other fashion show and the straighties don't usually show up for those. I mean, the headlining act was the Spice Girls for Pete's Sake! I would've never pegged alpha males Jason Statham or Gerard Butler for fans of the Spices. I love that Neil Patrick Harris and his hottie boyfriend David Burtka came out for the show ... you just know those two are huge Spice Girls fans ;) [Source]

The belle of the ball had to be Head Victoria's Secret Angel, Ms. Heidi Klum who hammed it up backstage before the show, hammed it up on stage during the show and then proudly showed off her butt crack off stage after the show:

Photo credit: Wireimage

Every pic I've seen of Heidi is so over-the-top ... I love it! Heidi made her singing debut during last night's show in a one-time-only duet performance with her husband Seal. The couple sang Wedding Day together against a cheesy backdrop that was supposed to be all romantical. I can't wait for the show to air on CBS on December 4th so that we can all hear what her singing voice sounds like. Never one to shy away from showing off her nekkid body, Heidi slipped into and then out of a sexy little plunging backline dress for the after party at the Renaissance Hotel. Crack is usually whack ... but I'd say not so in this case. [Source]

But, as big a presence as Seal, Heidi Klum and the other VS Angels were at last night's affair, the big stars had to be the Spice Girls. Les Spices used last night's fashion show to officially and publicly kick off their long-awaited reunion ... doing so in grand lip syncing style. Here are a few pics of the reunited Spice Girls at last night's show:

Photo credit: Wireimage

The Spice Girls took to the stage together for the first time in almost 10 years - but disappointed fans by miming their songs. Despite masses of hype surrounding their reunion, the Girls had clearly not prepared enough to sing live at the Victoria's Secret fashion show at the Kodak Theatre, Hollywood, last night. They performed two songs, the first was a rendition of their classic Stop, dressed in military clothes and with male dancers. The second was their new Children In Need track Headlines. While Stop had some ambitious choreography, Headlines had no dancing - making the lip-synching unacceptable. One person at the show said: "It was amazing to see them back on stage again. They obviously put a lot of work into their dance routines, but it was disappointing they didn't sing live." The girls kick off their world tour on 2 December in Vancouver, but it's unclear whether they plan to sing live during any of those shows. But Ryan Seacrest, the host of Simon Cowell's American Idol show was more than happy. He said after the show: "I'm in love with Victoria Beckham, which is probably an issue for David. They could have stood there and done nothing and I'd have been happy," he said of the group's performance. Um ... two things ... first, LOL to anyone who thinks the Spice Girls are going to sing live on their upcoming reunion tour. That's about as likely as Victoria Beckham actually turning out to be a human being. Second, LOL to Ryan Seacrest talking about his love for Vicki B. That's about as likely as Ryan actually being in love with any woman. [Source]

And by the way ... who the eff is dressing Mel C? I guess the better question is why does she let herself get dressed in this way? She wore an ugly pants suit on the red carpet and then that ridiculous top hat along with her evening gown ... does she want the world to think she's a dude? I bet Geri Halliwell is the one who keeps suggesting poor Mel's wardrobe.

And so ... the Spice Girls have officially begun their reunion ...

I somehow thought it would be more exciting than this. Maybe I'll feel differently when I get to see the Spices "live" and on stage when they come back to town on tour next month but at this point ... I've yet to be impressed. [Source]

In minorly Spice related news, Spice Boy David Beckham was spotted chatting up a mystery woman during a 7-hour party stint while he was away with his team mates the LA Galaxy when they went to Vancouver, BC last week to participate in a friendly exhibition match. Was this just an innocent encounter or ... what?

David Beckham enjoyed a seven-hour night out in Vancouver with his team-mates and - avert your eyes, Posh - an attractive brunette seized the chance of being photographed next to one of the world's most desired men. While wife Victoria was busy making final preparations for her grand return to the stage, David certainly made the most of his freedom while visiting the city last week for a friendly between his LA Galaxy team and the Vancouver Whitecaps. After the match, which ended in a scoreless draw, David headed out with his fellow teammates on a late night bar crawl, quickly attracting the attention of fans. A brunette barmaid could barely contain her excitement as she joined the rowdy group, who were busy capturing snaps on their cameras. David, who appeared to be in the mood for fun, was spotted clutching a glass of Guinness. It was a rare night out with the boys for David, who has nurtured his image as a loving father and devoted husband in recent years. Hmmm ... it should also be noted that Becks did not fly back from England to be with the wife on the big night of the Spice Girls reunion because he had pressing soccer matters to attend to. Honestly, I doubt anything of substance came from Becks fraternization with this Canadian woman ... altho, she does look 60% less silicone-infused than his robotic wife looks. Perhaps he was in the mood for some real girl attention? [Source]

Earlier this week, Lindsay Lohan began serving her 10-day sentence of community service in order to start getting her life back in order. Yesterday morning, Linds sneaked her way in to jail to be officially booked so that she could serve her 1-day jail sentence which actually turned out to be only an 84-minute jail sentence. Justice prevails in Hollywood again!

TMZ has learned Lindsay Lohan checked in -- and out -- of the Lynwood Jail. According to the Sheriff's website, the actress was arrested at 10:30 AM and checked out at 11:54 AM. That's just 84 minutes, two more minutes than Nicole Richie! And that, folks, is that. Swift and fair justice -- celeb style. I'm not at all surprised that Linds was able to be in and out of jail so quickly, in fact, I really expected it. I'm just surprised that the LA County Sheriff's Department, who claims to have a policy of not releasing mug shots (which is why we've yet to see Britney Spears's mug shot from her recent arrest) was so quick to release Lindsay's (and pretty much every other celeb's mug shot). I think her mug hit the InterWeb before Lindsay even walked out of the jailhouse. [Source]

Hugh Hefner was joined by his lovely girlfriends (in their rightful pecking order) Holly Madison, Bridget Marquardt and Kendra Wilkinson for a book signing of the new Bondi Digital Publishing publication Playboy Cover to Cover: The '50s at Barnes and Noble at The Grove here in LA last night. Here are a couple of pics:

I just love pimpmaster Hugh Hefer and I love that he is active enough to still make it out to events like this even if he is over the 80 year old mark. Those lovely Girls Next Door surely keep the man on his toes ... at the risk of causing him to have a heart attack, I'm sure. Anyways, this new Playboy book thing culls together all the iconic images of the 1950's -- every page, from every issue -- including a couple of Marilyn Monroe appearances in the famed magazine. While it's not my particular cup of tea, I can appreciate how collectors and fans of the magazine might want to pick up this publication ... so that they can read the articles. [Source]

George Clooney, rested and healed from his recent motorcycle accident, has brushed himself off and is already back on the horse, er, hog once again:

Photo credit: Splash News

I'm not a huge fan of motorcycles but I think it's great that George is not shying away from his love of bike riding. I just hope he doesn't suffer thru anymore accidents in the future ... he's not getting any younger, you know. [Source]

Joel and Benji Madden of Good Charlotte gave a special acoustic performance last night in NYC at the 3rd Annual Do the Wright Thing Gala at the Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square. Here are a few pics from their intimate performance:

Photo credit: Wireimage

Proceeds from this event will benefit the David Wright Foundation (created by NY Mets third baseman David Wright) whose sole purpose and mission is to provide financial support and raise awareness for those in need and to financially support other charitable organizations, focusing special attention to Multiple Sclerosis and children's causes in the New York City and Norfolk, VA metropolitan areas. I really wanted to come out for this great event to see my Madden boys perform but unfortch, I couldn't be in NYC this week. I still wanted to show Benji and Joel and the David Wright Foundation lots of bloglurve for putting on this great event. If you would like to make a financial contribution to the David Wright Foundation you can do so HERE. [Source]

Oh No! Say it ain't so! It appears that Prince William is balding at the blinding speed these days!

The poor lad is starting to look about as thin on top as his father Prince Charles ... that's not a good thing. Fortunately, Prince Harry still has all of his hair, which further solidifies his rank as the hottest member of the British Royal Family. Long live Prince Hairy! [Source]

In other Prince news ... or should I say Prinze news, it has been revealed that Sarah Michelle Gellar has legally changed her name in order to take on her husband's last name instead of her own. Sarah Michelle Gellar is now to be known as Sarah Michelle Prinze:

Actress Sarah Michelle Gellar has changed her famous three-part moniker as a fifth wedding anniversary present to actor Freddie Prinze Jr. The couple was wed September 1, 2002. A source close to the 30-year-old star tells Us Weekly,"She officially changed her name to Sarah Michelle Prinze" in honor of the occasion. "On their anniversary, she showed [Freddie] her new driver's license," the source tells Us. "It was so sweet." Well BOOO to this! I like SMG's moniker ... I don't wanna start calling her SMP. I suppose it's better than SMG-P, Jr. but still. Why can't she just stay Sarah Michelle Gellar ... and why can't she go back to being Buffy the Vampire Slayer?! BOOOOO. [Source]

And finally, Reichen Lehmkuhl has updated his official My Space profile with a new message for fans regarding the recent tabloid reports that he sicked his lawyers on ex-boyfriend Lance Bass after reading a couple of unfavorable comments about their relationship in new Bass interviews. Here is the full text of Reichen's latest My Space message and a few new (hawt/cute) photos that Reichen posted to his profile page ... including one of the new tattoo he got on his back that apparently reads Only God Can Judge Me and is an ambigram (it can be read the same upsidedown -- thanks, Heather):

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Star Magazine and The National Enquirer (Reichen) Lawyer Articles

In response to all of the MySpace email I am receiving surrounding this matter...

Please do not take literally the stories running this week in these particular magazines about me and my ex-relationship. No one is suing anyone, and all is well.

I chose to NOT fight back against the slander, fed to the media by my ex-relationship, by using my own gift of a voice in the media, as a way to air my own many and very strong personal feelings about my past relationship.

Instead, my representation, in an act of concern, simply sent an appropriate letter to those responsible, asking that attempts to paint me in a negative light with blatant and unnecessary lies and deceit please stop. It ends there. Nothing else is happening.

The request is simple. It is my wish that my ex-relationship discontinue referring to me in the media in association with expressing his personal feelings about me, that he discontinue attacking my current relationship(s) in the print-media and, more than anything, that all events, including the drama surrounding them, from that year of my life, simply go away. I choose to no longer pay attention to it.

These and various previous slanderous remarks about me are invalid, false, and meant for damage, and are being used in an attempt to sway public opinion in the favor of another's image in an unfair way. I prefer to no longer be a part of these attempts. I prefer to be removed from any such plan to promote another.

For my own peace of mind, this is a time that I would like to forget ever happened.

The relationship in question, and the drama that surrounded it, destroyed much of what I have worked to accomplish and stand for, what I've worked to be associated with, and how I am viewed as an individual. I could have never imagined the severity of damage such a relationship would inflict on me and those around me. It is up to me to ask that efforts to continue this type of negative impact on my life discontinue, which is what I have done, through my representation.

My final wish, surrounding this matter, from an overall outside perspective, is that I am no longer associated with this ex-relationship or the people involved in prolonging its existence, and that I'm no longer associated with that time of my life, in general. I do, however, continue to wish all those involved--the very best in their own lives, away from mine.

I stood as my own person before all of it (when I was not considered "so-and-so's boyfriend"), and will be much happier to be considered, and to consider myself, someone who stands on his own, once again.

Thank you,


It's interesting, at one time Reichen was happy to talk about his relationship with Lance when it seemed to serve his own purposes (ie. when he had a book to sell) and now he just wants to forget all about it. I guess I can understand feeling that way ... break-ups are hard to deal with. I just never knew that things were so bitter between Leichen since their public bust up. It's very telling that Reichen won't even mention Lance by name, choosing instead to refer to him only as his "ex-relationship". At any rate, Reichen has moved on and is happily attached to a new man ... the insanely hot Ryan Barry. Here are a few grossly cute pics of Ry-Chen that have also been added to Reichen's My Space profile:

I just love how proud he is of the man lurve. Man, you just *know* these two really know how to get it on ... and suddenly, it's really gettin' hot in here. Woot! [Source, thanks NL]

Les News:
Yesterday afternoon, I was very fortunate enough to attend an advance screening of the movie The Kite Runner which was held at the Paramount Studios Lot. I had to drive thru the amassed throng of Writer's Strike picketers to get onto the lot but I did give them a few honks of support as I did so. Anyways, I am so glad that I finally got around to reading the book before seeing the movie because the two are different experiences. That said, I can't even decide which experience I liked more ... I do know that I really, really loved the movie:

Anyone who has read the book or is, at least, familiar with the story knows that it is a heady and very emotional tale. I was really touched by the story when I read the book (for me, it was one of those books that you didn't want to put down ... I just had to know what would happen next) but I was just slapped in the face with the emotional impact of watching the story in movie form. I am not going to lie, I cried like a baby thru much of the film. The emotional onslaught just keeps building as the movie progresses and I kept heaving and sighing at each turn. Even the very last line of the movie punched me in the gut and brought new tears. I'm pretty sure the movie will have the same impact on others. Fans of the book can be assured that this movie adaptation has been handled very well. The actor's in the film are excellent. I am hoping against hope that any one of them will be recognized come Oscar time ... I was just floored by each of them. Much of the movie is subtitled which I wholly approve of. I was hoping the characters wouldn't be speaking English exclusively thruout the movie. A majority of the action takes place in Afghanistan and that is where the English stops. Perfect. Every single heartstring a person has is pulled and tugged throughout the movie ... I was just very pleased with the way it turned out. I was also pleased that the book's original ending (which I kinda felt was a bit too over-the-top) was changed. Highlight the next portion if you've read the book and want to know what was changed:

The movie cuts out the part where Sohrab slashes his wrists and almost dies when he thinks Amir is taking him back to the orphanage when problems arise over his American adoption. Amir's extended recuperation from his beating from Assef is also cut out as are all the immigration problems with getting Sohbrab into America.

Personally, I think the movie ending works much better and is way more satisfying without being overdramatic. I absolutely love this movie. I will definitely be seeing it again and I will be recommending it to all my friends. I'm fairly certain all y'all will love it, too.

Tonight, David arrives from NYC and I am so excited to have him here with me. I have a bit more to take care of before he arrives ... but I am really, really looking forward to the time I'm going to get to spend with him over the next 2 weeks :) I hope y'all have a great weekend ... I am out!



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