Monday, November 19, 2007

Slay Ride

It's hard to tell when one awards season ends and the next begins since there seem to be new awards shows popping up every other day. Traditionally, the American Music Awards used to be the first awards show of new year, taking place in late January but in recent years it's been pushed up to be one of the last awards shows of the year. The 2007 AMAs took place here in LA last night at the Nokia Theater and brought out a fairly good turnout of celebs and musicians. Here are a few pics from the AMA red carpet from last night's event:

Photo credit: Splash News

For the most part, everyone looked a'ight. I have a hard time understanding what Rihanna was thinking with her odd-fitting dress. The top portion looked like it didn't fit right and made her chest area look very unflattering. Jennie Garth was lookin' cute in her little blue dress. She seems to be really enjoying all the new attention that she has re-attained since appearing on this season of Dancing with the Stars. Amanda Bynes was rockin' a fuller face (thankfully she seems to have put on a bit more weight after it looked like she starved herself over the summer) which made her look a lot younger while Vanessa Hudgens was just *thrilled* to be in everyone's good graces since she got resigned to appear in the next installment of High School Musical. Beyonce turned the divaness up full blast when she had her attendants primp her poses for her in between photos while she stood on the red carpet. You just know she was all, Now I'm gonna stand here and you bitches make me look FIERCE ... or your fired. Trust me, if I could have a couple of lackeys following me around wherever I went to primp and polish me as they day progressed so that I looked amazing at all times, I'd do the same thing. Ah ... it's nice to dream. [Source]

But, as soon as Beyonce got her butt off the red carpet and inside the venue she changed into something more comfortable for her strange duet performance of her megahit song Irreplaceable with the Country band Sugarland (which you can see HERE in case you missed it last night). Here is a pic from their performance along with a couple other pics from Celine Dion and Fergie's performances:

Click HERE to see Celine's performance which was only meh and click HERE to see Fergie's performance. I really love the song Fergalicious but I'm kinda over it already ... Fergie's performance really felt like she was beating a dead horse.

Over all, tho, the night really belonged to Carrie Underwood who walked away from last night's AMAs with 3 new trophies and her American Idol co-horts Daughtry who also went home with 3 trophies. Here are a few pics from the AMA press room after the awards were handed out:

Simon Cowell may not have been in the crowd at L.A.'s Nokia theater Sunday night, but the American Idol vibe was alive and well at the 35th Annual American Music Awards. While the striking writers left four-time host Jimmy Kimmel to wing his shtick (and attempt the Soulja Boy dance), Idol alum Carrie Underwood, straight off her wins at the Country Music Association Awards earlier this month, picked up three more trophies. "This is one heck of a night," she gushed, accepting the award for favorite country album. She also won favorite country female artist and an audience text-in award for favorite artist. And, ever the Southern belle, she was overheard saying "holy cow" as her name was read for the second time. Chris Daughtry, the other nominated Idol, joined his eponymous band, Daughtry, at the podium three times as they won favorite pop-rock album for Daughtry, as well as breakthrough artist and adult contemporary artist. "Wow. I can't believe we're in the category with Justin Timberlake and Linkin Park. It's pretty awesome," Daughtry said. The night's other big winners included Akon (soul/R&B male), Rihanna (soul/R&B female) and Justin Timberlake (pop/rock male and soul/R&B album), who accepted his awards via satellite from Australia, where he is on tour. Apparently, the Writer's Strike had an adverse effect on the show since host Jimmy Kimmel had to come up with his own material for the duration of the show ... I'm actually glad I missed seeing it entirely. And so ... another awards show has come and gone and we have lived to tell the tale. [Source]

Elsewhere here in Hollywood, Xmas has come a bit early as the Xmas tree lighting event was held at The Grove shopping center last night. The Goo Goo Dolls and actress-turned-singer Emmy Rossum were on hand for musical performances to celebrate the lighting of the tree -- the tallest in all of Los Angeles. Here are a few pics from last night's event:

Photo credit: Wireimage

We don't actually get much Xmas here in SoCal in the traditional sense. The closest thing we get to Winter weather comes in the form of fog and we had lots of it last night. So, we kinda need events like this to remind us that Winter is nearly upon us and that we have to get started with all of our Xmas shopping. Honestly, the thought doesn't even occur to me until I start seeing the garish Xmas decorations up around town. Emmy Rossum just released her debut album Inside Out just a couple of weeks ago and used this tree lighting event to make her singing debut. Hmm ... I think I'm kinda glad I missed this too, actually. [Source]

Here are a few pictures from the Wizard of OZ themed baby shower that was thrown in honor of the coming fruit of the loins of Nicole Richie and Joel Madden. Despite decking the place out with gender neutral colored balloons (and the fact that both Nicole and Joel have said they want to be surprised by the sex of the baby), there were many clues at yesterday's baby shower that makes it appear that Nic/Joel are getting ready to welcome a baby boy into the world:

Photo credit: Splash News

Nicole Richie marked another milestone Sunday on her path to motherhood: Her baby shower. About 90 people attended the Beverly Hills shower, organized by celebrity party planner Mindy Weiss, hosted by Richie's mother Brenda, and thrown by her sister Sophia and friends Paris Hilton and Masha Gordon. And while Richie has not revealed whether she's having a boy or a girl, some of the gifts offered a clue. From NoMi boutique in L.A., guests picked up a pair of $50 baby sneakers for a boy, and a $50 Tummy T Jack maternity shirt with a picture of a boy on the front. Invitations were being hand-delivered Thursday to the event, whose theme was The Wizard of Oz, Richie's favorite. Richie and boyfriend Joel Madden announced the pregnancy in July. She is due in January. The shower sounds like it was a good time, I hope they really did have their guests bring extra gifts for donation towards the new Richie Madden Children's Foundation, cuz I thought that is a really great idea. So now ... I guess the proud parents-to-be just have to get thru the holidays before they can welcome their new bundle of joy. Honestly, I can't wait ... I really want to see pics of Joel pushing his new baby around in a pimped out phat baby carriage. [Source]

Ruh ro ... in all-too-normal celeb news, another one of the Hollywood elite has been arrested except this time, not for DUI. Jonathan Rhys Meyers was arrested upon arrival at the Dublin airport on charges of public drunkenness and breach of peace on an airplane. Hey, at least he wasn't behind the wheel of the airplane:

Heartthrob Jonathan Rhys Meyers was arrested Sunday afternoon at the Dublin, Ireland, airport, facing charges of public drunkenness and breach of the peace as he tried to get on a plane to England. Rhys Meyers, 30, was refused permission to board a London-bound flight when police confronted the actor twice after erratic, abusive behavior at an airport gate and at a desk of the British airline BMI, the Associated Press reports. Dublin Airport Police said they called Ireland's national police force, the Garda Siochana, after Rhys Meyers refused repeated requests to calm down, reports the AP. The Cork-born actor and star of Showtime's The Tudors was held for a short time, charged under Ireland's Public Order Act and released on his own bail. He is due in court for his arraignment Dec. 5. See, I always figured JRM was a good-time waiting to happen. I have a hard time believing that the Public Order Act of Ireland which deals with these sorts of drinking-related matters has any teeth. I'm fairly certain that JRM will be free to terrorize the friendly skies in no time. [Source]

Here are pics of Hayden Panettiere making her exit from her NYC hotel where she was staying over the weekend while she was in town for the Big Apple Comic Book, Toy, Art and Sci-Fi Expo at the Penn Plaza Pavillion. You will note that Miss Hayden is actually pulling her own luggage ... with her own hands:

Photo credit: Splash News

I must say, Hayden is lookin' really hot in this red jacket. I'm tellin you, Hayden is the coolest, most down-to-Earth Hollywood "It" Girl around. I'm not surprised that she's cool with taking care of her own luggage ... tho, if I were her I'd at least have my little brother pull my bag for me in exchange for not stuffing him in the bag itself. [Source]

Here are a couple of cute (I wanna believe staged) pics of Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal lookin' all coupley together on their little weekend get-away to Napa Valley, CA last weekend:

At long last, Jake Gyllenhaal is well on is way to winning his first Academy Award. By the looks of this performance, one might actually think they these two were actually in a romantic relationship ;) [Source]

Um ... does anyone else think that all the stress of Amy Winehouse's "healthy" lifestyle is starting to have an averse effect on her normally stunning good looks?

Amy's normally vigilant hair follicles don't appear to be standing up to the pressure placed on her massive beehive hairdo any longer. If she's not careful, she's bound to lose her favorite stash place. Is it really a good thing to start losing hair at the tender age of 24? [Source]

We are about a week away from the release of Kylie Minogue's 10th album X and I know I'm getting all excited for the world to hear her new stuff. Here are pics of Kylie lookin' hot and chic as she runs a few errands about town this weekend:

I really like the color scheme of her dress ... it's a good look for her. [Source]

Here are a few outtake promo photos of Kylie from her new album artwork and official 2008 Calendar shoot that have been posted to her official Japanese website:

It's amazing how Kylie never seems to overdo it when she does shoots like this. This look would look ridic on pretty much anyone else but somehow, Kylie just makes it work. I love it! [Source]

Speaking of ridic photoshoots, here are newish pics of Lindsay Lohan's younger sister who is so made up in these photos that she actually looks older than her leechy mom-ager Dina Lohan who managed to weasel her way into one of the shots:

Folks, this girl is 13 years old. She looks like a divorcee in her 30's who is trying her hand at modeling for the Sears catalog. Lindsay may have grown into a bit of a mess but she didn't look this rough at age 13. I just hope this tarty look isn't a harbinger for things to come for dear, sweet little Ali. [Source]

Milo Ventimiglia appears as the spokes model for Nixon Watches and altho he looks good (like always) I can't help but notice that he reminds me of someone else:

Even wearing Prince's hat, he looks really hawt. I'm not a fan of the watch, tho. [Source]

Kanye West is among the Men of the Year that will grace the cover of the new issue of GQ magazine:

It's a shame that he's going thru such a tough time right now with the loss of his mother because the accolades keep rolling in. He's a tough man, I know he'll be able to get thru this difficult time in his life. [Source]

And finally, Rodirigo Santoro, the hot man who almost ruined an entire season of Lost despite his crazy sexiness, is among the celebs appearing in the new holiday ad campaign for Gap:

Purple is a good color for Rodrigo. True, I'd rather see him not wearing the sweater but I can't complain. He looks good, so I'm cool with it. [Source]

Les News:
David and I spent much of yesterday putzin' around the house, trying to recuperate from our really fun night out with Darion and Kirsten on Saturday night. When we finally pulled ourselves together, we made the trek up to Canoga Park to do some shopping at the monstrously big Topanga Canyon Mall. After losing a few hours there we stopped off at Roy's Hawaiian fusion restaurant and had one of the best meals that we've enjoyed together. The food was superb and the service was excellent ... it was a very nice surprise and we deffo plan on dining there again soon. Last night we decided to check out the new ArcLight movie theater in Sherman Oaks and found it unfinished and really empty ... but definitely on its way to getting things up to the high standards of the original ArcLight Theater in Hollywood ... we decided to see Beowulf:

Right off the bat I have to say that the movie is really stunning to watch. It did take me a little bit to get used to the characters. At first, everyone looked all Shrek meets Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum but the visuals were just to amazing to complain about. I was so impressed by all the details ... the hairs on people's faces, the pebbles on the beach ... it was very, very impressive to watch. Neil Gaiman did an amazing job with the screenplay ... at last, I was able to fully understand everything that goes on in the story/poem. Much balleyhoo was made about Angelina Jolie's nekkid form in the movie but I was impressed with the nekkidness of Ray Winstone. His nekkid scenes were really fun to watch ... the movie makers were playing hide the penis (putting candlesticks, swords, etc. in front of his crotch so they wouldn't have to show his penis) while the audience was playing find the penis (straining to catch a glimpse of something as Beowulf was jumping around ... well, at least that's the game that David and I were playing). For her part, Angelina did look amazing (but I still hate her accent) ... tho a bit disproportional. Her body was really overinflated in the boob area which made her head look too small for her body. In the end, I just marveled that a story so old could live on in this way so many centuries after it was first told. There is no way that the storytellers of old could ever fathom that the story would live on in this way. I never held an image of what Beowulf's son looked like in my head ... for some reason, he remained a monstrous blur in my mind's eye ... seeing him in the move was really impressive. I just loved the movie from beginning to end. I deffo plan on seeing it again in IMAX 3D. There are a few sword scenes that just scream "watch me in 3D".

And so ... I guess that is all. I have a few appointments this afternoon and then David and I are gonna hit the town. It's gonna be a short week, y'all ... so there is much to look forward to this week. I am out.