Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The Last Straw

Okay ... I know that this season of Heroes got off to a slow, somewhat, rocky start but thankfully the episodes picked up and got a heaps lot better somewhere after the 5th or 6th ep. Since it got good again, I've been very pleased with the way things have been progressing on the show ... I was really looking forward to the finale episode last night mainly because I was sure they were gonna go out with a bang ... and they did, sorta ... but not as much of a bang as I was hoping for. Granted, the Writer's Strike has really hobbled most TV shows this season and Heroes was forced to wrap things up more quickly than they prolly intended. Last night's "finale" was meant to just be the half-way point for the full season but since it got chopped in half, it became the season finale period. In the end they did the best with what they could ... and so ... let's get to it ...


Soooo ... all the things that have been slowly (at times painfully slowly) unfolding this season all came to a head last night ... and as much as I really was hoping to be WOWed out of my socks, I think I was more just contented with what went down. Considering the way things are in Hollywood since the Writer's Strike went into effect, I can't really blame them for tying up as many loose ends as they could, as quickly as possible. The promo promised that "2 Heroes would Fall" and, indeed, two did ... but it's a bit vague as to whether or not that means they've peaced out for good ... I guess we'll have to wait and see:

Okay ... was it just me or was there a whole lotta man love going on between the brothers Petrelli in last night's ep? I get that they're close but at one point, I thought they were gonna start to make out ... not that I would've minded but it was a bit much at times I thought. I was glad to see that Sylar finally got all mean, evil and nasty again ... why he saved it until the last ep, who knows, but it was nice seeing him be a jerk. I actually laughed out loud when he shot Maya ... I'm sorry, but the non-Wonder Twins this season were a big waste of time. Maybe they were supposed to turn out differently with a full season of eps but they get a poop sandwich from me. I was bummed when they brought her back to life. I wanted MORE from the Elle vs. Sylar scenes ... shoot, shoot, zap, zap and it was over ... blah. I knew they'd have to wrap up the Shanti virus thing but, again, I think I was expecting more. How big of a beyotch is Mother Petrelli? It's obvs that both of her sons are expendable to her ... I wasn't all that surprised to learn that she had prior knowledge of Nathan's assassination ... but will he stay dead? Methinks a certain Heroes hottie will make sure he gets an infusion of superblood to come back from the dead. Nikki, on the other hand, might be dunzo for good. I hope not tho, I love Ali Larter ... she finally gets on a good show and they off her in the second season? I want her to come back. Adam, on the other hand, can stay buried. I find him so tiresome ... he might've been cooler had he hooked up with Sylar to wreak havoc but instead he just looked like a moody, older Neil Patrick Harris. As far as cliff hanger/To Be Continued ... endings go ... this one wasn't all that ... but it was okay considering the circumstances. I did feel there wasn't enough Claire, there was too much Mr. Bennett and painfully lacking in shirtless scenes of Peter. I'm still a fan and I can't wait to see what comes next. [Source]

Lucky for us we got but a tiny taste of what's to come in Volume III of the story:

Sylar gets the ability to call soup cans to his hands of death. The aftershow promo promises that Heroes will be back in 2008 but it didn't specify when in 2008. I'm guessing next September so it's gonna be a looong wait. Stay tuned. [Source]


Now ... The Hills was entertaining as always but I'm really starting to resent all the crap they're throwing our way to make us think that there is trouble in Heidi and Spencer land. We all know in the real world that Speidi is still alive and well ... but all the faux-almost-break-up drama just can't be believed. That being said, I kinda love every minute of it to tell the truth ... even when it makes me mad, it makes me happy :)

Ack ... the She-Spencer had to rear her ugly head again in this week's installment. I'm so over her, it's not even funny. I was much happier to see that Lo showed up in last night's ep to offer her valuable wisdom (tho they can just get rid of Jen Bunney altogether ... the girl is dumb as bricks and hugely annoying). When does Lo get her own show again? Anyone? She can always see what is going on with LC even when LC can't see it for herself ... now, if she would just listen to Lo everything would be fine and dandy. I love how LC made a big deal to talk about the contact in Brody's phone listed as "Britney Canada Whore". Brody Jenner spends a lot of time in Canada ... in fact, he's been there for the past few weekends for the past few months just partying away. "Britney Canada Whore" can't be all that bad if he keeps going back for more. If LC really, and I paraphrase, wants Brody to not want to see other girls then she's gonna have to step up and make him an offer he can't refuse ... I don't know that she's got it in her to do that. Ah, the drama, I love it. And now for Speidi drama ... let's just assume for a sec that all the bickering is real ... doesn't it seem hugely poetic that both Heidi and Spencer have alienated themselves from all of their friends ON EARTH to be with one another and then find that they can't stand each other? Hahahaha. I mean Spencer was so pissed that he couldn't do anything else other than read a book! They really were made for each other. Next week's season finale of The Hills promises that a huge announcement will be made either on the show or live from the finale party which will take place here at an LA hotspot. What will it be? I guess we'll have to wait until next Monday night to find out :) [Source]

Johnny Depp and director Tim Burton were joined by composer Steven Sondheim, Broadway stars Laura Bell Bundy (Legally Blonde), Cheyenne Jackson (Xanadu) and others at the NYC premiere of their new movie Sweeney Todd at the Ziegfeld Theater last night ... here are a few pics from the blood red carpet:

Photo credit: Splash News

Johnny Depp looks great in black and red but that suit jacket looks a little too big for him ... it makes him look miniature. I love that Zachary Quinto came out for the premiere ... his Spock-shaven eyebrows look so funny behind his horn-rimmed glasses tho. I will deffo be seeing this movie when it hits theaters this Xmas but I'm still not sure how I'll respond to all the singing. The trailers don't feature very much of the music but the little bit they do feature sounds cheesy as hell. I admit, I'm not familiar with the music from the show so ... I'll reserve judgement until I see it on the big screen for myself. [Source]

Here in LA, Ellen Page, Jen Garner and others came out for the Hollywood premiere of their new movie Juno which took place at the Westwood Village Theater in Westwood, CA last night. Here are a few pics:

Photo credit: Splash News

I am really interested in seeing this movie and I was supposed to go to the premiere last night but I got caught up running around town and I just couldn't make it out to the show. You can imagine my chagrin when I found out this morning that Jason Schwartzman was at last night's premiere ... he's the closest thing to sexy emo hair going on in Hollywood these days and I missed seeing (and maybe touching?) it in person. Ah well ... I'm still gonna have to see Juno at some point. [Source]

Here are a few really cute pics of Nicole Richie and Joel Madden at the launch event for The Richie Madden Children's Foundation which took place at the Los Angeles Free Clinic here in Hollywood, CA yesterday afternoon. Nic/Joel picked out a couple of babies to pose and practice with ahead of the birth of their own bundle of joy:

Photo credit: Wireimage

Not many kids have a foundation launched in their honor before they're born. But that will be one of the many privileges bestowed upon Nicole Richie and Joel Madden's baby, due in January. The couple hosted a surprise baby shower Monday for 100 expectant and new moms at the Los Angeles Free Clinic in Hollywood, where they handed out more than $200,000 worth of gifts. "The looks on their faces were priceless," Richie told reporters after the shower. "Some of them didn't even believe us [when they saw the gifts]. They thought we were joking." The Richie Madden Children's Foundation (at richiemaddenfoundation.com), Madden said, was an idea the couple had when they found out they were expecting. "We grew up in Los Angeles," he said, "and we want our child to be a part of the community, and to know that there's a responsibility to help the community." And it's a family affair. "We named it the Richie Madden Children's Foundation because we each have families and our families are close, and our family is involved," Richie said. By her side with his arm stroking her back during moments in the conference, Madden quipped, "We're lucky that we have families that get along and love each other," adding, "I think it's great that our child will grow up as a part of that family." Amongst the goodies given to families in need were Baby Bjorn products, cribs, mattresses and toys from Fisher-Price. "Everything they got, we got," Richie says, "so everything that will be in their nursery, will be in our nursery." Madden felt good about the event. "Sometimes people don't want to believe that me and Nicole are just a young couple having a baby and we're really excited. We don't really get to share our lives with people. It's nice to connect with people on a real level." Yes, these pics are worthy of a collective AWWWWWW. I think it's absolutely amazing that Nic/Joel have taken up the mantle to offer aid to young, needy mothers. It doesn't look like either of them really need all that much practice to be nurturing. I think they've already got the great parents thing down pat. [Source]

Stars both big and small came out for the 30th Annual Kennedy Center Honors in Washington D.C. this week, each intending to make a big impression on those assembled. I think it's safe to say that Aretha Franklin made the biggest impression of all:

Photo credit: Splash News

Yikes! That's a really yellow dress ... ain't it? Anyways, each year the Kennedy Center Honors gives out very gay-friendly-lookin' ribbons to deserving folks of note and this year Diana Ross was among the honorees. Thankfully she tamed her hair a bit and managed to not go overboard with the rouge. Congrats, congrats all around. [Source]

Uh ... so what do you get when you take Amy Winehouse and you add Pete Doherty along with a mysterious plastic bag of white stuff hiding in the trunk of a car? Why, you get immediate explanations from publicists that what you think was really happening wasn't really happening. Uh huh:

With her junkie husband currently behind bars, it was hoped that his absence may give Amy Winehouse the space to sort herself out. But instead the troubled singer has been spotted with a bag of what appeared to be a mystery white substance in the boot of her car – and later that night received a 4am visit from drug addict rocker Pete Doherty. Amy was seen moving out her belongings from her Camden home yesterday as she relocated to her new place in Bow, east London. And among the CDs, and boxes of stuff sat a bag containing a quantity of what appeared to be an unknown white substance. As if that wasn't bad enough, in the early hours of the morning Doherty was photographed entering the home of 24-year-old Winehouse, clutching a guitar in his hand. Suspicions were further aroused when the scruffy singer's trousers appeared to be covered in a light dusting of white powder either ... Yesterday, she made another shoeless appearance although this time she had a jumper on, while dashing around the area looking for builders from whom she could cadge a cigarette, prompting one workman to remark: "She had no make-up on and no shoes. It was sad. She must have a fortune in the bank but was wandering around like a tramp after a cheeky fag." Bless her heart, the girl appears to be a sorry, sorry mess … which doesn't make life for her PR folks any easier. I hope they are getting paid handsomely for having to dole out bullshizz like this: What was Amy Winehouse doing wandering outside in London's predawn chill wearing only jeans and a red bra? "She was not on an all-night bender," her U.K. rep tells ... of Winehouse's appearance outside her flat at 5:45 a.m. Sunday morning. Winehouse, 24, was sound asleep when she heard a noise outside. Having had friends over earlier in the evening, she wondered if one returned, according to the rep, who said: "She heard all these noises, and she went outside to look and there were all these photographers." The rep added, "She'd been sound asleep, and then there were all these photographers – of course she looked startled." British newspapers reported the singer – captured in photographs sans makeup and her trademark beehive – was "muttering incomprehensibly." Says her rep: "In light of recent reports, it's easy to make false assumptions, but she's getting better and she needs the space to do that." Um. yeah. Soooo sad. [Source]

Mario Lopez and his abs of steel have been spending some downtime South of the border in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico this week ...

Photo credit: X17

... for which, I'm sure, we are all thankful. Holy Moly ... that boy has got a ripped stomach ... which, believe it or not, looks a lot like my stomach ... from far away, if you squint and I'm sucking it in. Trust me, it's hot. [Source]

Angelina Jolie and her eldest child Maddox Jolie-Pitt joined daddy Brad Pitt in New Orleans this week where he was on hand to unveil a massive effort that will attempt to rebuild a section of the city that was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. Here are a couple pics of 2 of Brad's favorite peeps down in New Orleans:

Photo credit: Splash News

Hollywood star Brad Pitt on Monday unveiled one of the most ambitious efforts to rebuild a storm-ravaged section of this city, and he called on others to help. Surrounded by hundreds of parts of homes, Pitt introduced a plan to erect 150 homes in the Lower 9th Ward. The neighborhood was largely destroyed when levees holding back floodwaters broke in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. "The goal here immediately is to see the community back, to see families hanging out again, kids riding their bikes in the street," said Pitt, who has a home in New Orleans with actress Angelina Jolie. "I see nothing in our way right now other than financial support. I know this about the American spirit: We are there to help in a second," he said. Pitt spoke amid roofs, bedrooms and porches that were wrapped in bright pink fabric and scattered across the house lots. The pink landscape was "part art installation, part civil disobedience" and a way to draw attention to an impoverished neighborhood that was nearly wiped out by the floods, Pitt said in an interview with USA TODAY. Pitt's "Make It Right" foundation needs $22.5 million to build all 150 homes. Pitt has pledged to match $5 million worth of donations, saying they have raised $2 million thus far. Architects donated their time. The money will not only pay for construction but will subsidize the sale price for people of modest means. Pitt hopes groundbreaking will start in the spring and that people will be moving in as early as summer. "I find this place very special, very unique," Pitt said of New Orleans. "It'd be hard to picture America without it." This is a very impressive and ambitious, much-needed rebuilding effort that will go a long to helping a lot of people ... but the real heroes are Ange and Maddox for posing for pics with some of the common folk in the audience. I keed, I keed ... I think it's amazing that Brangelina really go out of their way to use as much of their star power to raise awareness and help make lives better for some needy folks. They're kinda awesome. [Source]

In minor Brangelina news, In Touch Weekly published a photo of the personalized license plate that belongs to her brother James Haven (aka Uncle Creepy McCreepster):

C'mon y'all ... you know that is creepy as hell. Isn't it interesting how he seems to favor Shiloh Nouvel over the other adopted children? [Source]

Pink reader Erin sends in these cute pics of David Beckham and his boys Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz as they enjoyed the opening night of the Spice Girls Reunion Tour which took place in Vancouver, BC this past Sunday night:

Erin writes: I was sitting 2 rows below the box where Beckham, Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz were sitting, here are a few pics I snapped before and during the show, it was soo cute, David was holding Cruz and singing along, huge smile on his face most of the night! They never moved from the window! Hahahaha! Love it! The last LA Galaxy game I attended was one where Becks didn't play but he and his boys were fixed in a box much like this one right behind my seats so I spent most of the night watching them, too. I knew that Becks couldn't stay away from the opening night of the tour. [thanks Erin]

Tori Amos is featured in the Fall/Winter issue of Another Magazine wearing an amazing white dress by Viktor and Rolf .... check it out:

I love this pic ... Tori looks a bit like the bride of Dracula which is kinda eerie yet cool. I'm about 2 weeks away from seeing her a couple more times as she wraps up the American Doll Posse Tour here in SoCal. I can't wait ;) [Source]

Lauren LC Conrad is featured on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of Shape magazine:

With all the drama going down on The Hills, it's a wonder any of the girls have time to work out. In fact, Lauren Conrad didn't—until a friend took her to a Nike store and convinced her to buy a complete workout wardrobe. Conrad, 21, shows off the results on her regimen—twice-a-week weight training, running and kickboxing, along with a fish-and veggie-friendly diet—on the January 2008 cover of Shape magazine. And they say you can't get buff from shopping. As for her diet: "I used to love fast food," she admits, "Now I eat six small meals a day consisting mostly of fish, beans, and other protein, along with veggies." Yeah, I'll believe that when I see it on The Hills. [Source]

Katherine Heigl is lookin' glamour-iffic in the pages of the new issue of Vanity Fair magazine:

This 40s glamour-look is very becoming for her. She does have that classic Hollywood star look about her. [Source]

And finally, speaking of Katherine Heigl, here are a few screencaps from her movie Knocked Up which is recently out on DVD (er, well, within the last few months) and also stars my boo David Hauslaib and me in one of the scenes:

I've been meaning to make these screencaps for months now and I finally got around to it. Both David and I make a quick appearance in the movie as Katherine's character interviews Steve Carell at the 2006 MTV Movie Awards. Hahahaha ... we're only in the film for like 5 secs but still ... pretty cool, huh?

Les News:
OY ... I have been running around like mad these past few days ... I have so much to take care of before I pack up and leave LA again in a couple of weeks. Tonight I'm meeting up with Jordan for his birthday dinnerparty and then I have the Spice Girls, a visit from David and other various events to look forward to for the next couple of weeks. I hope things are well in your world ... I'm just trying to find time to breathe in mine. That is all ... I'm out :)