Saturday, December 08, 2007

Twice As Spice

OY! I am still feeling the effects from last night's Spice Girls show/boozy after-party this bright, sunny afternoon ... which means I ain't feelin' all that hot but still do not regret a single second of it. There is some goss to be had today, as always, so let's get to it so I can try and nurse this headache of mine a bit before we head out to do it all over again.

You know, just the other day I was thinkin' that Britney Spears doesn't have enough animals to torture give her love to ... which is *so funny* because Britney must've been thinking the same exact thing. She and Cousin Ali Sims paid a little visit to Bel-Air Pets to pick up a new pooch for her to hug and squeeze and lurve with all her might. Here are pics of Britters with her new acquisition (whose name has yet to be determined) and then out for a little coffee run to Starbucks ... as only Britney can do:

I can't help but wonder if Britters is trying to fill the void in her life left by the absence of her children (who have been put in the primary care of their father Kevin Federline) with all these new animals she keeps buying. She's gonna be devastated if Animal Control starts to sniff around her place to determine if she's fit to own pets ... but that's beside the point. Britney's last new dog, the Yorkie named London, was the unlucky beneficiary of all of Britney's love and devotion ... I'm sure he'll appreciate the fact that there's a newer, cuter, younger pooch to take up some of Britney's time. [Source, Source]

In other Britney news ... TMZ has new video of Brit stealing a lighter from a gas station right in front of a bunch of cameras ... you know, just because:

Uh ... I dunno why I love THIS video so much but I've already watched it 12 times. The girl is so damn crazy ... I love her ;) I really doubt that gas station owner is gonna get his $1.39 for that pilfered lighter. [Source]

A whole slew of celebs made their way to the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas this weekend to attend the 2007 Spike TV Video Game Awards which were taped last night and will air on Spike on December 9. Here are a few pics from the VGAs red carpet:

Photo credit: Wireimage

It's always very interesting to see who comes out for any of the Spike TV awards because generally it's a mix bag of results. The VGAs this year really attracted a pretty decent group of attendees ... Speidi notwithstanding. Leave it to Spike TV to come up with an awards show that honors video games and has categories like Best RPG, Most Addicting Game and Best Handheld Game among others. [Source]

Oh no ... the usually flawless Kylie Minogue was spotted out and about sporting a new hair do that I find not up to par with her usual fabulousness ...

... I don't know quite what to make of her shaggy bob. It's not a good look for her ... I hope it's just a temporary thing :( [Source]

Kylie looks heaps better in these promo pics for the upcoming Dr. Who Xmas Special which will air in the UK on Xmas day:

Now this is the Kylie that I know and lurve. [Source]

The Spice Girls aren't the only group who are on the road these days scarin' up crowds of devoted fans around the world ... Marilyn Manson is also on tour these days. Here are a few pics of Marilyn Manson on stage at Manchester Central in Manchester, England this past week:

Photo credit: Wireimage

I dunno ... I used to be a huge MM fan back in the day and I really do cherish the memories from all the shows that I've seen over the years (well, as much as one can cherish memories of concerts where life-size angels were impaled on spikes and crucified clowns hung from the rafters) but I don't know that they hold the same fascination for me any longer. I was very unimpressed with the most recent MM album, which is a bummer, but seeing these concert pics does remind me of the old MM that I used to love to see in concert. [Source]

Here are a few costume sketches that were used in the new Johnny Depp movie Sweeney Todd:

They really aren't that much of a departure from other Tim Burton directed films ... but this one has heaps more singing. I'm still not completely sold on the idea ... but I still plan on checking it out for myself. [Source, thanks Kurt]

And finally, here is this week's batch of photos sent in by Pink is the new Blog readers -- Jill and Tom from San Antonio, TX send in an absolutely adorable picture of their newborn son Harris who was born in the 4th quarter of the Big 12 Championship Game last Saturday ... just in time to watch the Oklahoma Sooners defeat Missouri -- Belinda and Jeffrey from St. Louis, MO send in an equally cute pic of their newly adopted Guatemalan daughter Elise who looks faboo in pink -- Jacqui from Detroit Rock City sends in a pic of her daughter and a friend at the completely sold out Hanna Montana concert at The Palace of Auburn Hills -- Tori, who attends classes at St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, sends in a pic with her friends Laura, Allison, Lindsey, Vicki and Brianne showing off thier X-Rings (which is one of the most recognized rings in the world) -- Rachael and Halley from Seattle, WA send in a couple of pics from their harrowing journey up to Vancouver, BC to attend the opening night of the Spice Girls Reunion Tour:

Thank you all so much for the amazing photos ... I especially love the baby pics. It looks like little Harris is going to grow up into a very handsome OU Sooner someday :) As always, I thank you all for taking the time to send in your pics ... I love them all!! xoxo

Les News:
So David finally arrived safe and sound here in LA yesterday morning after having to spend the night in Minneapolis, MN due to a huge eff up on Northwest Airlines part ... we spend the afternoon chillin' together before we made our way out to the Staples Center for the second LA concert of the Spice Girls Reunion Tour. Our seats were much closer to the stage this time, as we were right next to the left stage catwalk ... here are some pics from last night's show:

The show was just as fun as the first show was ... tho, Geri exclaimed that the crowd last night was louder than the Wednesday night crowd. Becks and the boys were not in the hiz last night ... but I did see Kate Beckinsale with her children in the lobby and I understand that the Pussycat Dolls were there as well.

Here is another video from a different vantage point of Vicki B's solo performance during the show last night:

While it's true that Vicks isn't the most talented of the Spice Girls, she is deffo the fiercest one ... I'll give her that.

I got to meet a bunch of Pink readers last night ... and I also got to meet Cammie from Laguna Beach: The Real OC third season who was sitting across the aisle from me:

I have to give much love to Nix, Alexis, Laura, Kaitlyn, Kelsey, Jade, Synue, Morgan, Allison, Jody and Jacinta. It was great meeting you all :)

After the show, David and I met up with Darion, new Paul and Mike at Eleven to dance the night away ... but we ended up drinking the night away instead (hence the headache today). We had a great time nonetheless ;)

The plan for today was to head on down to Disneyland for some Xmas fun but the forecast for rain made us rethink our plans. Instead, a small group of us are doing dinner and then The Golden Compass!

I hope all y'all are having a great weekend ... I'm out.