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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Mama Winehouse's Letter Of Truth

The Spice Girls have packed up their fabulous Roberto Cavalli costumes, their cavalcade of male dancers and their very different egos and have departed the Southern California area to take their much ballyhooed Spice Girls Reunion Tour to Las Vegas, NV this weekend. Les Spices played the first of 3 nights at Mandalay Bay last night ... but before I bid them adieu, I have a photo to share with y'all. Pink reader Lily was at the second LA show on Friday night where she had seats close enough to the stage to see pretty much everything that was going on ... and, boy, did she see everything. Here is a photo of Geri Ginger Spice Halliwell in her short, short silvery dress apparently showing off the exact location where her daughter Bluebell Madonna emerged from:

Click above to see larger, semi-NSFW image

What better way to round out the Week of Spice than with a crotch shot of one of the Spices themselves. While Geri may have no problem flashing her naughty bits to the folks who paid good money to see this Reunion Tour, News of the World has no problem spilling supposed inside info about what goes on behind the scenes on this tour:

I can reveal how GERI, POSH, BABY, MEL C and MEL B were at each other's throats in rehearsals for the tour—just like the good old days. The tensions have driven Geri to stick motivational Post-it notes on her head and around her dressing room to keep herself feeling positive. The girls have never quite come to blows, but as our man Ricky Hatton squared up to Floyd Mayweather, Ding! Ding! I heard that:

ROUND 1: Mel B shouted at Geri for mucking up the dance routine for Stop. She yelled: "You've got to keep it together, if you spent more attention on your routines then it would be right."

ROUND 2: Posh had a pop at Mel B for dancing out of time to Spice Up Your Life. She snapped: "Next time we all have to stand in line and get it right."

ROUND 3: The others rounded on Posh for spending too much time chatting with pals TOM CRUISE and KATIE HOLMES when they turned up to watch rehearsals with baby SURI.

Don't get me wrong, I love the Spice Girls. I’ve known them for over ten years and was one of the first to interview them when Wannabe was released in 1996. According to my source, the current tensions stem from the fact there are so many expectations on the girls. I can also reveal what they really really want in their dressing rooms during the tour. Posh gets the Diva Forever prize for insisting on SEVEN clothes rails, a web spy system to check out what’s going on at home, two designer sofas, computer games for her kids, an iMac, a poster of AUDREY HEPBURN, a massage chair, and Acai-Plus health juice on tap. Geri needs a supply of Post-its for her motivational tips such as "Think positive. I will do my best." She also has a big pic of her and pal GEORGE MICHAEL and five clothes rails. Mel B's room is full of safari clobber, while Mel C's has to be floral and homely. And Emma's simply has a cot for baby BEAU and ONE clothes rail.

LOL! Irregardless of whether or not any of this is true ... you kinda wanna believe it, no? Vicki B. has become top dog among the Spice Girls, I have no doubt that she's busting out all the diva demands at every chance she gets. [thanks Lily]

While the Spices were performing at Mandalay Bay, hubby David Beckham had other plans to hang out with a bunch of celebs at the Hatton vs. Mayweather World Championship Fight at the MGM Grand ... here are a few pics of some of the celebs who were in the hiz to watch Ricky Hatton get his ass beat by Floyd Mayweather:

David Beckham led a host of celebrities cheering for British boxer Ricky Hatton in his failed bid to become world champion in Las Vegas today. Becks, who regularly exchanges text messages with the fight star, was also joined by Colleen McLoughlan, Gwen Stefani and Brad Pitt alongside Angelina Jolie in the showdown with Floyd Mayweather. Hatton, 29, was knocked out in the 10th round before the match was stopped at the glittering arena at the MGM Grand Casino. But Beckham, 32, "wouldn't have missed the event for the world", a friend of the LA Galaxy star said. "The two have become good friends now and like to keep in touch," he added The pair met in Los Angeles while the Hitman was promoting his fight with unbeaten Mayweather, 34. Hatton has invited the England midfield ace to be a ringside guest for the what has been described as the "clash of the decade". Unfortch for Hatton and his celebrity fans, the clash didn't really work out in his favor as Mayweather ended up knocking him to the mat twice resulting in his TKO win: Floyd Mayweather Jr retained his World Boxing Council welterweight title with a 10th round stoppage of Ricky Hatton on Saturday, the American setting up the win with two knockdowns. In the biggest match-up of undefeated welterweights since Oscar de la Hoya and Felix Trinidad clashed in 1999, a big left hook from the champion pitched Hatton face first into the ring post and then on to his back in the corner. The Manchester fighter hauled himself to his feet at the count of nine but Mayweather unleashed a combination of punches to send Hatton sprawling back toward the ropes. Referee Joe Cortez moved in to stop the contest as Hatton collapsed on to his back again. "He walked right into it and never saw it coming," Mayweather (39-0) told reporters of the left hook which sent Hatton to the canvas. Honestly, I don't know shizz about fighting but I am pretty surprised to see all these celebs come out for the fight. I dunno why Gwen Stefani chose to rock a Coolio-inspired hairdo but I don't know that I approve. I never would've guessed that humanitarians Brangelina would want to attend a prize fight but ... they were there too. [Source]

In other Beckham news, here are a few pics of Becks chillin' with Snoop Dogg and his children from the new E! reality show Father Hood which revolves around Snoop Dogg's family life and debuts on E! tonight:

When football fan and gangsta rapper Snoop Dogg decided his children should learn the beautiful game, their reaction was – as he might say – cool. They refused to practise unless dad could persuade his buddy David Beckham to provide the coaching. So when Mr Dogg called, Beckham jumped. The former England captain spent several hours with the rapper and his sons Cordé, 13, and Cordell, ten, and daughter Cori, eight, at their Los Angeles home, teaching them free kicks and dribbling tricks. Beckham, now playing for LA Galaxy, is a huge hip-hop fan, and Snoop is popular with many Premiership football stars, such as Rio Ferdinand and Wayne Rooney. A spokesman for Snoop said: "Snoop Dogg loves talking about celebrities he knows. His brood called his bluff when he claimed to know David and insisted on meeting him before they practised soccer. Snoop was really pleased to work with David, as he is a massive football fan. The children loved meeting their hero." In exchange for the lesson, Snoop took Beckham to his favourite restaurant, Roscoe's House of Chicken 'n' Waffles. OMG! I love it! Roscoe's House of Chicken 'n' Waffles is the SERIOUS BOMB! Not only do I love that Becks was hangin' out with Snoop and his kids for a little soccer training session but that they all went out to eat at Roscoe's afterwards ... and it'll all be aired on TV! I love Snoop Dogg, this is one show I'll deffo be watching. [Source]

The couple that Kabbalah's together, stays together ... at least in the case of Madonna and hubby Guy Ritchie. Here are pics of the happy couple as they made their way out of the Kabbalah Center in NYC this weekend:

Photo credit: Splash News

I always love seeing these two out and about doing stuff together. Guy seems very devoted to his wife and her religion, which is a very positive sign that things are going well for the couple. It looks like they like to have fun ... that hat wouldn't really work on most people but it looks great on Guy. [Source]

Jude Law celebrated his his 36th birthday about 21 days early in Las Vegas last night (his actual birthday is December 29) ... here are pics of Jude gettin' some birthday lurve from his buddy ol' pal Jonny Miller at Company American Bistro for a way early birthday dinner:

Photo credit: Wireimage

I had no idea that Jude and Jonny were such close friends ... I wonder what special surprise Jonny had up his sleeve in regards to birthday presents. I hope they took pictures ;) [Source]

Amy Winehouse's mother Janis is apparently so fearful that her mess of a daughter may meet an early end that she has decided to put pen to paper in order to write an open letter to Miss Amy as any other parent of a high-profile celeb might do in the same circumstance. Here is the full text of the very long open letter that was published in News of the World:

Dear Amy,

I HOPE you understand why I'm writing this. We have spoken recently but many people will wonder why I haven't run down to whatever hotel you're staying in, scooped you up and taken you home for a hot bath and a steaming bowl of chicken soup. It's because your father and I know what you're like, Amy. We want to help you, but we know that unless you want to be helped— unless you come to us—anything we tried would be in vain. So this letter is my way of making sure that you know that—that all you have to do is come to us, Amy, and we'll do everything in our power to get you well again. After all, you are still my baby and you always will be. I pile hope upon hope that you will make that decision, Amy, and your strong will can bend for just a moment to make that decision and come home to me. Even when you were only a rosy-cheeked five-year-old singing into a hairbrush in front of the mirror, you had a will as stubborn as a mule. Do you remember? We couldn't ever get you to see things from any angle other than your own. You could swear day was night and Heaven help anyone who tried to disagree. You were never a wayward daughter but you always had a strong will and a mind of your own—qualities your father and I were so proud of. You were well brought up, you had a keen sense of right from wrong and you understood the values we always impressed on you as a family. But you would never be pressurised or influenced into doing something if your heart wasn't in it. I know there's no point in me ringing you, fussing over you or ordering you to do something. I need you to take that first step, darling. I need you to call me, to pick up that phone and tell me what's troubling you. Your father and I would like nothing more—wherever you are, whatever you need, we're here for you day and night. I hope you know that. We were terrified after we saw those pictures of you earlier this week, wandering the freezing streets of London at dawn in your underwear. All I wanted to do was rush into those pictures and wrap you up in a big, warm blanket. Do you remember those Decembers long ago when I used to swaddle you in a thick winter coat? I used to wrap you up and give you a kiss on the nose before you went out to play in the cold. "Don't worry about me Ma, I'll be fine!" you used to laugh. But, like any mother, of course I worried. Just as I'm worrying now. Because I know that however big, grown-up and successful my Amy gets, she still needs the love of her Ma. Do you remember on January 14 this year, when your album got to number one? Do you remember how overjoyed your father and I both were? We shed tears of joy for you that night. And not just because we were delighted for your success, that you had finally fulfilled that childhood dream of singing your heart out in front of millions. But also because finally, the whole country thought our little girl was just as special as we knew you were. Some wonderful things have happened since that night, darling, but also some not so wonderful. Blake, your husband, might not be my favourite person—you know that, Amy—but he's your choice and I would never say anything about him to hurt you. When I was quoted recently as saying "Thank God Blake's inside" what I meant was that putting him in jail might help him to clean up HIS act and change HIS life. It wasn't said out of viciousness or to upset you. If your relationship is meant to be, it will survive. I'm a great believer that everything in life happens for a reason, a purpose. And if you two are destined to be together forever, then so be it. But I want you to love Blake for who he is, Amy. Not because you feel sorry for him, or because he can get you doped up. Not for any other reason than that you have respect for him. I completely understand and sympathise with how you feel heartbroken over your separation and I'd do anything to help you end that unhappiness. No mother likes to see her child suffering like that. Having to cancel your tour, as well, has been very sad. But I know it's happened for the best. Despite disappointing all of your fans, who I know you treasure so much, maybe it will pull you up and make you stop and think and take stock of where your life is going. I pray it does. I hope it makes you realise that although you might be a superstar, you're not superwoman. Early fame has overwhelmed you, it's dizzied you and muddled your mind. For a moment, forget you're a superstar. You're also young and vulnerable. Remember you're just an ordinary human being, no stronger than any of the rest of us. You think you're strong enough to get through this on your own, darling, but you're not. I want you back, and I'll make you fitter and stronger. I'd like nothing better than to have you home and help you put on a bit of weight with some wholesome home cooking. You're at your happiest in family situations, I remember. It's part of that strong Jewish tradition you were raised in. Remember how you spent time with my sister before the gig in Newcastle the other week? You felt comfortable and at ease. That's how I know family is important to you. But I can't force you to do something you don't want to. You have to want it to happen darling, you have to ask for it. Me and your father, and your brother Alex all want you to be happy and quickly restored to full health. For the moment, that's all of our priorities. We are concerned, but we're not panicking. You've got to see things in your own time and I'm sure you will. You are a brilliant talent, of course, and if you get yourself well, you'll be able to go on and fulfil your destiny. You're a true professional who thrives on work and you need to get back into that routine. We know you don't want to let your fans down. We know how important they are to you and how once you're over this present setback you'll give them a show they'll never forget. You know I'm an optimist, and that I think, with our help, you will get back on top of things. But I know you must come to me first for that to happen. I just hope that, because of this letter, you do. Pick up the phone.

All my love, Ma

Wow ... that is a very long letter ... and it does sound very genuine, heartfelt and sincere ... but unless it gets published on a carton of cigarettes, I doubt there is any way that Amy Winehouse is going to get the chance to read it. [Source]

I think it's safe to say that the Open Letter was prolly one of THE biggest trends of 2007.

Milo Ventimiglia has teamed up with American Eagle Outfitters again (after their very successful collabo earlier this year on the It's A Mall World short film series) to produce a few short claymation films called Winter Tales for to get folks jazzed up for the holiday season. Pete Wentz, Lil Jon and Kristen Bell are among the other celebs who lended their voices to some of the short films but here are a few screencaps from Milo's Winter Tale titled Home for the Holidays:

THE HAIR!!! I *love* that they made Milo's claymation self have his sexy emo hair that I miss so much. The little film is really cute and can be streamed our downloaded HERE. The Pete Wentz film is also available for viewing/downloading and the others will be available soon. Check them out :) [Source]

Um ... could JR Rotem be so desperate for a piece of ass that he's resorted to online dating services to try and procure some tail? I dunno about the authenticity of this but it appears that JR has got himself a profile at JDate, which is an online dating service that helps Jews find lurve:

Here is the text of JR's JDate pitch to find that special someone: Hey girls ... Congrats for stumbling onto my profile - you just hit the jackpot! I am Jonathan, an established music producer who is having a challenging time meeting a hot Jewish girl with good values. The success and visibility I have earned in the music industry keeps me surrounded by the wrong girls (gold diggers, cheap chicks, wannabe artists looking to use a guy like me for a music career, money, fame, etc) Some personality traits that separate [sic] me from most of the people I know in Los Angeles is a high moral code of honesty and loyalty. I would never cheat or lie to anyone I’m with as I believe in treating others as you would want to be treated. I think that those values are the fundamental part of establishing a meaningful relationship. That, and intense physical attraction ... What a catch! What's not to fall in love with? If you are a nice Jewish girl looking for a nice Jewish boy then you might want to look elsewhere ... but if you're looking for a semi-sleezy, kinda smarmy player who has dipped his wenis inside the font of Britney Spears than this may the man of your dreams. [Source via ONTD!]

And finally ... it's that time of the week where we pay homage to the ripped abs and the semi-nekkidness of the Hot Dude of the Week. Let's all say hello to a chap who seems to have trouble keepin' his jeans buttoned properly, John:

Photo credit: All American Guys

Sometimes, dudes with insanely perfect bodies like this make me totally hate myself for loving my precious junk food so much ... and then there are those times when dudes with bodies like John's make me forget about pretty much everything else except for those killer abs ... er, that is, when I'm not spending happy quality time with my boo David who manages to keep my mind off of everything else on Earth. But, I thought it would be prudent to present John to all y'all to enjoy since you aren't allowed to go near my David :) [Source]

Les News:
Yesterday afternoon, David and I met up with Kirsten and Darion for dinner at MY FAVE RESTAURANT IN LA Rambutan for a sumptuous Thai meal before we made our way to the ArcLight to see The Golden Compass in the Dome. When we arrived the line to get into the Dome went outside into street. That place was filled to the gills ... we almost didn't make it inside the theater to catch the beginning of the movie:

As far as movie adaptations of books go, this one was very true to the original story. They had to cut some things out for time but overwhelmingly the story was the same. For me, I think the story overall works best when you take all 3 parts as a whole ... the ending of the movie is changed significantly from the book's ending. Each one ends in a cliffhanger but the book takes the cliffhanger a bit further than the movie does. The special effects are amazing ... I never once noticed anything on screen that looked fake. The battle scene between the bears was phenomenal ... the audience actually erupted into applause at the end of it. I quite liked the movie as did David (who hadn't read any of the books) but there was an audible groan from people when the movie ended (a kind of, "That's it?" sort of thing). I'm very dismayed to know that the movie is not doing well at the box office (the word flop is already being thrown around) which doesn't bode well for future movie adaptations of The Subtle Knife and The Amber Spyglass. The movie is a feast for the eyes and I really enjoyed it ... I just hope that others get to see it as well. I fear that controversy might end up killing this movie franchise before it gets the chance to fully realize its potential.

This afternoon, David and I will be running around for Xmas shopping before we meet up with The GangTM + for dinner at Ketchup tonight. It looks like tonight's meal might shape up to be our unofficial holiday dinner party for my West Coast friends ... I'm really excited.

I hope y'all's Sunday is going well ... I am out.



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