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Friday, February 01, 2008

Eye, See Dead People

Welp, it's been a couple of days since our dear Britney Spears was committed to a psychiatric facility, of her own free will, and things seem to be going OK thus far. There are reports that Britney has been acting a bit manic inside the hospital but she's still there receiving treatment ... which can only be a good thing. Dirtbag turned "good guy" and ex-hubby Kevin Federline seems to be rooting for Britney's recovery ... there is a new report that he is very glad that she has finally been admitted into medical care ... which is just what you'd expect to hear from a dirtbag turned "good guy" to say. Here are a couple pics of K-Fed puffin' on a cig, talkin' on the phone (possibly getting an update on Brit's sitch) and just generally chillin' at his place in Tarzana, CA yesterday afternoon:

Photo credit: X17

Kevin Federline is "worried" about Britney Spears and feels that the psychiatric hospital is the best place for her right now, a source tells PEOPLE. Federline "doesn't want her to get out until she's made progress," the source close to Federline says. "This is obviously going to help her in the end – later, much later." The source adds: "He's worried. ... He doesn't even know what's going to happen next." Federline, 29, was not directly involved in the latest events, "but he was aware of what was happening," says another source, a friend of Federline's. Unlike the first time Spears was sent to the hospital, the children were with Federline, the friend says. "Kevin legitimately wants Britney to get better. He wants her to be in their sons' lives. He wants them to have a loving relationship. He wants her to get healthy so she can be the mother they need and deserve," says the friend ... A third source close to Federline says that getting medical help again for Spears, 26, "has been planned for a long time. Her family is behind this."

I think it's no secret that I am not on Team K-Fed but I can appreciate that he has genuine concern for Britney. I absolutely believe that he really does want to see her get better ... she is, after all, the mother of his children -- who will eventually be spending a lot of time with their sons Sean Preston and Jayden James as they continue to grow up. There appear to be many negatives about The Federline but on this count, I think he's really a stand-up guy. I wouldn't be surprised if K-Fed were actually working closely with Britney's family on ways to get her help. I still do not consider him Father of the Year material ... but he doesn't seem to be a very vicious ex-hubby either. [Source]

Despite the fact that Britney succumbed to being admitted into a medical facility in a quiet manner, there are reports that her quiet nature quickly disappeared once she arrived at the hospital ... which is to be expected, I think. This time around, it appears that the UCLA Medical Center, where she is currently being treated, is doing a better job of handling her than Cedars-Sinai Hospital did earlier this month when she was carted away the first time. Apparently, Britney is in the care of a caring therapist and she is not lacking for visitors ... here are a couple pictures of Cousin Alli Sims as she made her way out of the facility yesterday after spending some time with Britters there:

Photo credit: X17

Sources at UCLA Medical Center tell TMZ Britney Spears has been classified as "G.D." -- Gravely Disabled. That is a huge and dangerous deal. That means the patient is unable to take care of basic needs, such as the acquisition of food, clothing or shelter. Being G.D. is one of the criteria for involuntary commitment. Several health care professionals tell us Britney has fallen into a "manic state" due to her bipolar disorder. We're also told she arrived at the hospital this morning at around 2:15 AM, but wasn't admitted until 4:15 AM because she was causing such a scene in the hospital. We first reported that Britney accused her mother of sleeping with her boyfriend. Now we have more. We're told Britney screamed, "The only reason she's admitting me is because she wants to be alone with her boyfriend! She wants to sleep with my boyfriend!!" Britney never said exactly who she was talking about. When Brit calmed down, she talked about her kids, how much she misses them and how it's unfair that she doesn't have them.

Yep, it sound like Britney's therapist has a lot on her hands to deal with ... fortunately, it sounds like she's the perfect professional to be handling Britney Spears right now:

The psychiatrist who hospitalized Britney Spears is a highly respected therapist known for her compassion, a former colleague tells PEOPLE. "She's an excellent clinician and an excellent psychiatrist," says Harold Young, the clinical director at the Maple Counseling Center in Beverly Hills, where Spears's psychiatrist Dr. Deborah Nadel worked for about five years. Board certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, Nadel graduated from University of California Medical School in San Francisco 18 years ago, and she did her residency at UCLA, records show. Nadel, who has recently started treating the troubled pop star, had instigated Spears's second hospitalization in January, this time at UCLA Medical Center's psychiatric ward, for a 72-hour evaluation, sources tell PEOPLE. Spears chose Nadel from a list of doctors recommended by her lawyers, a source says ... "I think [Britney] is in somebody's hands who will be caring, concerned, compassionate and respectful," says Young.

All of this information is very encouraging. I suspect that Britney has a long road of recovery ahead of her but I'm convinced that under the right care and with the right people supporting her she will be able to get a handle on her disorder. I think we're still a long ways away from seeing the sane Britney Spears that we came to love ... but I'm confident that we will see her again some day :) [Source, Source]


Well damn ... after 45 years of waiting, the new season of Lost finally debuted on TV last night. It really does seem like it was a lifetime since we last saw the Lost gang meandering around on that island looking for rescue. Thankfully, ABC had the foresight to not only re-air last season's finale but they did so with a bit of Pop-Up Video flare by offering running textual commentary and information as the episode aired (on Wednesday night). BUT FINALLY ... at long last, the new season (albeit a very short 8 ep season) debuted last night to much fanfare ... and I think fans of the show were happy with what was offered:

Okay ... where to begin ... it's been so long since I've recapped an episode of Lost. There were a lot of little bits of information offered in this new ep ... many of them coming from the new Flash Forward scenes. The last ep of the 3rd season clued us in that both Jack and Kate definitely made it off the island and last night's ep clued us in that Hurley also made it off the island. Hurley referred to himself as one of the Oceanic 6 -- which implies that 6 people of Oceanic 815 were rescued from the island ... in some way. Jack, Kate and Hurley are 3 of that Oceanic 6 but we still don't know who the other 3 are (it seems reasonable that one of them died ... remember that Jack was pretty distraught over the death of "someone", presumably from the island, in last season's finale ep). A crazed Hurley gets picked up by the cops (one of whom was Anna Lucia's partner before she was lost on Oceanic Flight 815) and begs to be thrown back into the loony bin because he saw his dead friend Charlie in a convenience store. Charlie appeared to Hurley again (interestingly, another mental patient also saw Charlie as well), inside the loony bin, to give him the message, "They need you." It would seem that Charlie's ghost left the island to try and lure Hurley (and hopefully the rest of the Oceanic 6) back to the island ... where the other survivors still are?? Hurley was also visited by a strange Black man who posed as an Oceanic lawyer but more probably was an agent of the DHARMA Initiative meant to try and get info out of Hurley (who, at one point, was inspired to draw a picture of an Eskimo and an igloo -- perhaps relating to that scene in season 2 of those guys in the Arctic looking for the island???) It's all so unclear, we don't have enough info yet. Hurley and Jack both mentioned that they were tired of "keeping the secret" ... which seems to me means that the Oceanic 6 are not talking about what happened to them on the island ... or who is left on the island? In last night's Flash Forward, Jack wasn't as crazy as he was in the Flash Forward from last season's finale ... OY, there is just too much to speculate on ... and I haven't even gotten to the island stuff yet. Hurley became the latest person to be able to see Jacob's shack in the jungle ... and it looked like he got to see Jacob as well ... but further inspection revealed that he actually saw Christian Shepherd sitting in the chair -- Jack's dead father. There was also someone else in the shack that could've been John Locke but I'm not sure. Jack wanted to shoot Locke (and would've had the gun had bullets), the group split into 2 factions (those counting on the ship to save them and those not trusting the ship folk at all) and a new parachuter landed on the island to take Naomi's place (who might be one of the shortest-lived characters on the show) ... and that's essentially where we are. I'm sure I missed a few things but it would seem that Lost is SO back on track. If they keep up this pace, the show is going to do very well. With the everlasting Writer's Strike still in full effect, this new ep of Lost was a sight for sore eyes. I know we're gonna blow thru this season's 8 episodes way too fast ... and I can't wait to see more. [Source]

Alright moving on ... Jessica Alba was on hand last night in Hollywood for the LA premiere of her new movie The Eye which was held at the Cinemadome at the ArcLight. Here are a couple pics of Jessica with her babydaddy Cash Warren and her movie co-star Alessandro Nivola on the red carpet:

Photo credit: Splash News

While Jessica looks great in these pics, I wasn't able to see her with my own eyes last night. David and I attended the movie premiere last night but we didn't do red carpet so we missed out on seeing her. Then, she was a no show at the afterparty ... which is to be expected since the woman is pregs. That said, we had a great time at the premiere. We got to hang out with our friends from Lionsgate Jean and the Danielles and we got to enjoy a very freaky movie ... which I'll talk about a bit more at the end of this post. [Source]

Elsewhere in LA, Hayden Panettiere showed up at the premiere for The Spiderwick Chronicles which was held at the Paramount Theater on the Paramount Studios Lot last night. Here are a few pics from that red carpet:

Photo credit: Splash News

Hayden brought along her little brother to the premiere who, most likely, is a fan of the book series that this movie is based upon. I'm not really familiar with this book series but the trailer made the movie look very interesting. The movie stars kid actor Freddie Highmore who you may recognize from a few different movies ... none of which come to mind right now. I may hold off on this movie ... but I think it's great that movies like this might get kids reading books in that Harry Potter way. [Source]

Speaking of Harry Potter, who is for all intents and purposes Daniel Radcliffe ... the new touring version of Equus (the West End show that starred Daniel in the nude last year) got underway in London this week with Lily Allen's little brother, Alfie Allen, in the lead role. Here are a couple of pics of Alfie Allen, in the nude, with his Equus co-star (and Daniel's ex-girlfriend) Laura O'Toole, also in the nude, on stage during their opening show last night:

Click above to see larger, uncensored NSFW images

Alfie, 21, wowed the audience at the West Sussex theatre on the first night of Peter Shaffer's play, at the start of a four-month nationwide tour. He takes over from Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe as Alan Strang, a disturbed 17-year-old with an unhealthy passion for horses. And like his predecessor, Alfie had to strip naked in front of the audience, which also included actor father Keith. After the show [Alfie's sister] Lily, 22, said she was "really proud" of Alfie. "It was so exciting to see my little brother on the stage." But when asked how she felt about seeing him in his birthday suit, she blushed and would not reply. He left the stage to a standing ovation from the audience, which was clearly impressed by his performance. Another member of the audience, an elderly lady, said she thought Alfie was "very impressive" - but it wasn't clear if she meant his acting. Allen plays the leading part as the troubled, horse-obsessed character at the centre of Peter Shaffer's play, co-starring alongside Laura O' Toole, Radcliffe's ex-girlfriend ... Meanwhile, Radcliffe will be playing the same role on Broadway with his Equus and Harry Potter co-star Richard Griffiths.

Hmm ... well, I gotta give Alfie props for his performance ... I, for one, am very impressed with the way he came off on stage ... tho, I can only judge his performance based on these photos ... it looks like he did a great job to me. I'm pretty excited that Daniel Radcliffe will be bringing this role to Broadway later on this year ... I have to admit that I'm very ... intrigued ... to see Danny boy in this role and in the flesh. See folks, theater can be loads of fun!!! [Source]

Victoria Beckham has tongues wagging again today as she showed up on stage at the Spice Girls Reunion Tour stop in Boston, MA this past Wednesday night with a big ol' bandage taped to the back of her neck. Could it be that the new ink on her wrist (which we got a glimpse of yesterday) isn't the only new tattoo that she recently acquired?

Vicki B. wasn't showing any signs that she was injured so it seems pretty obvs that he bandage is hiding a tattoo that as yet to heal. I suppose it's possible that VB had to have a section of her plastic exterior replaced as routine maintenance but, in this case, I'm gonna guess she's hiding a tattoo. It would appear that the Beckhams went tattoo crazy recently ... Becks had a new tattoo of VB herself inked on his arm and VB got some new ink on her wrist. I can't wait to see what she's got hidden underneath this new bandage. I hope it's a nudie portrait of Becks ... that would rule in a seedy and semi-trashy way!! [Source]

Heidi Klum was on hand at The Mercer Hotel in NYC last night for a special screening of the shortfilm Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton which was presented by The Cinema Society and W magazine. Here are a couple pics of Miss Heidi, one with the man, Marc Jacobs, himself:

Photo credit: Wireimage

See, I love me some Heidi, but was it really necessary for her to kill the Cookie Monster, strip him of his fur and then wear it as a coat? Couldn't she have just as easily worn a nice cashmere sweater? I bet Nina Garcia would never kill a Muppet just to make a fashion statement. [Source]

Speaking of fashion statements ... what message do you suppose Lil' Kim is trying to get across with this outfit ... and new face?

Photo credit: Splash News

The clothes, I like. The lime green dress looks really good on her. The new face, I ain't all that crazy for. I hope her plastic surgeon has a return policy ... I think she needs to try out a new look. [Source]

Essence magazine threw a little party for covergirl Tyra Banks at Room Service in NYC last night ... here are a couple pics of Miss Thang on the red carpet:

Photo credit: Wireimage

Oh, Tyra ... the jumpsuit is far too Charlie's Angels/Bionic Woman/70s chic for you to seriously pull off ... but you do get snaps for the effort. [Source]

Here are a couple pics of Toni Braxton at the Stone Rose Lounge in NYC wearing a Campbells-inspired dress designed by Lisa Perry to kick off the American Heart Association's American Heart Month.

The public voted on three dresses designed by Lisa Perry as part of the Campbells AdDress Your Heart campaign to raise awareness and funds for the American Heart Association, with each vote triggering a donation. You know, Toni looks amazing in anything she wears ... but this special red dress looks especially good on her considering that is represents such a great cause. Click HERE to find out more about the AdDress Your Heart campaign and find out how you can make a donation. [Source]

Michael Jackson and his children Prince Michael Jackson, Paris Michael Jackson and Prince Michael Jackson, II aka "Blanket" were spotted at the Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas this week. Of the entire brood, only Jacko had the decency to cover up and hide his face ... check it out:

Photo credit: Splash News

By any family's standards, they could hardly be described as conventional. And while these casually-dressed youngsters in baseball caps and jeans may look the picture of normality, their life is anything but. For the reclusive father taking his three children on a family trip to Las Vegas was none other than troubled pop star Michael Jackson. The 49-year-old singer usually goes to extraordinary lengths to keep his youngsters under wraps by swaddling them in scarves and masks to prevent them being seen. When in public the trio - Prince Michael I, 10, Paris, nine and Prince Michael II, five - normally view the world from behind their chiffon veils amid their father's fears of a security risk and potential kidnapping. But the singer had clearly let his mask slip as he allowed the children to wander freely without their disguises on this rare sighting. With her caramel blonde hair and piercing blue eyes, Paris showed she had little of her father's traits on the outing to see ventriloquist Ronn Lucas' show at the Luxor Hotel. Dressed in a white quilted jackets, red baseball cap, jeans and trainers, she strode confidently ahead of Jackson with her brothers following in her wake. Like her, Prince Michael I showed a striking resemblance to their mother, Jackson's ex-wife Debbie Rowe, who handed over custody rights to the King of Pop. Only Prince Michael II - who is known as Blanket - was subject to an attempt at a cover-up with a nanny pulling his hood over his face - while he showed a mischievous streak by grinning and struggling to escape. And had it not been for Jackson attempting another "incognito" outfit as the family left the 90-minute show, they might have gone unnoticed. Dressed in a scruffy green anorak with the hood pulled down low, large dark glasses and a scarf pulled across the lower half of his face, it was - well - business as usual as far as the pop star's odd behaviour goes.

Can you EVEN imagine what it must be like to have Michael Jackson as a father? I'm so surprised at how big these kids have gotten ... how long until they realize how bizarre their life is and they begin to rebel or speak publically or something? This family is just so strange ... I'm sure it won't be long until we get to hear from these kids in some way. I can't even begin to imagine what they might have to say. [Source]

In case you weren't aware, the Superbowl is set to take place in Phoenix, AZ this Sunday and celebs of all shapes and sizes are making their way to town to partake of the big game. A few celebs, the not quite A-lister contingent, have already made their way to Phoenix to partake of some of the pre-Sunday events ... like the DirectTV Celebrity Beach Bowl event:

Photo credit: Mavrix

Whew ... it's a good thing that Brody Jenner, Frankie Delgado, Pete Wentz and Kendra Wilkinson didn't have anything pressing on their schedules that might've kept them from participating in this event. Can you imagine a DirectTV Celebrity Beach Bowl without any big name particpants? Had that been the case, folks would only have the Super Bowl itself to keep them entertained. Sheesh. [Source]

Sarah Michelle Gellar is featured on the cover of h magazine:

Now, I've never heard of h magazine but they got good taste in covermodels. SMG looks really nice in this pic ... a little spaced out ... but nice nonetheless. I can't wait to see the rest of the pics from this photoshoot. [Source]

And finally ... Uma Thurman is channeling her inner artiste on the cover of the new issue of Another Magazine:

This cover, I really like. I'm not too keen on the overly artsy magazine covers but something about this one really works for me. I think it's pretty cool. [Source, thanks Kevin]

Les News:
Last night, David and I went out for a quick dinner at Charcoal on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood before we made our way to the Cinemadome for the premiere of The Eye. I had planned on taking a whole slew of photos for posting online but the red carpet set-up was not at all conducive to getting any good shots. I didn't have any luck at the after party either ... which was a bummer. BUT, the movie itself was pretty fun:

The movie had a lot of intensity to it ... and by that I mean, it had a lot of things jumping out at you so that any beverages you may have imbibed beforehand might've been scared out of your body and into your underpants. The Eye follows the original Chinese version of the film very closely but all the subtlety is swapped out for scare-the-crap-out-of-you surprises. As is the case with these "horror"-type films, it borrows a bit from other films ... most specifically The Grudge and Ghost (seriously ... if you see this film, you'll see what I mean). I was very surprised to learn that Parker Posey is in this movie (she plays Jessica Alba's character's sister) ... tho, I was a bit bummed that she wasn't featured very much. I was even more bummed that she wasn't at the premiere or after party last night :( Ah well. As far as really scary films go, this one isn't all that scary (Lionsgate has a plethora of scarier films) but it's a fun popcorn movie that might tickle the fancy of some of you.

The after party was held at Social Hollywood and David and I had a nice time together but Jessica Alba was a no-show and we kept talking about how we had to get home to watch Lost. We did run into Jessica Lucas who played Lily in Cloverfield at the party and we got to chat with her for a bit. I asked her to clarify whether or not Lily died in Cloverfield ... I had thought that her helicopter had been destroyed by the monster ... and she told me that Lily does not die in the movie. As far as can be ascertained, she is the sole survivor. Love it! I'm bummed I wasn't able to get any pics to speak of ... but I'll get some great ones next time, I'm sure.

I have to give a shout out to Brenden from ONTD! who I got to meet at the ArcLight and I have to send out lots of love to Jean and the Danielles for providing us such a fun night.

Tonight, David and I are meeting up with The GangTM in Santa Monica to celebrate Kirsten's birthday ... Woot! Woot! It shall be a blast.

That is all ... I'm out.



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