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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Is Mimi's Emancipation Dunzo?

Access Hollywood seems pretty sure of themselves concerning their new report that Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon have gotten themselves engaged to be wed. I'm taking this report with a HUGE grain of salt since it comes by way of a "source close to Mariah" but Mimi has been sporting a huge-ass rock on her ring finger lately so ... maybe?

It appears Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are ready to make beautiful music together. A source close to Mariah has confirmed to Access Hollywood that the music diva is engaged to Nick Cannon. Reps for both singers were unavailable for comment. The couple sent the rumor mill into overdrive when 38-year-old Mariah (with Nick on her arm) was seen sporting a dazzling new piece of bling on her ring finger at the after party for her Tribeca film, "Tennessee," in New York. When asked at the party what he loved about Mariah, 27-year-old Nick gave a one-word answer. "Everything," he told People. Up until recently, Mariah had been romantically linked to music executive Mark Sudack. However, she never confirmed the romance. Mariah was previously married to record executive Tommy Mottola from 1993 – 1998. Nick was previously engaged to Victoria's Secret model Selita Ebanks in 2007. However, the couple called off the engagement that same year. This will be the first marriage for the "Drumline" star.

I dunno ... there ain't enough info for me to believe this 100% but stranger things have happened. It'd be just like Mariah to rob the cradle for her next marriage. [Source]


Love Sucks

Amy Winehouse seems very proud of the new icky hickey that someone left on her neck ... I suppose it's possible that her incarcerated husband Blake Civil-Fielder is the one who gave her the love bite but who the hell really knows. Here are a few pics of Amy showing off her neck, pointing to the mark with her dirty fingernail:

Photo credit: Splash News

I'm sorry, y'all ... she's just gross. I hope whoever was dumb enough to put their mouth on her neck doesn't live to regret it (can you imagine the layers of dirt that had to be sucked off her neck in order to leave a mark like that? EW!) ... unless it's her jailbird hubby, who kinda deserves what he gets for entering into a marriage with this crazy mess. Blech. [Source]


Christian Siriano Speaks

Project Runway Season 4 winner Christian Siriano participated in a little Q&A with My Space Celebrity about his upcoming guest appearance on Ugly Betty (which airs this Thursday night). Here are a few of his interview responses:

Did you design anything new specifically for this episode or are they existing designs from your upcoming collection?

I did design some of the looks just for the scene for the show! The long gown was something that I would have put in my collection, the other black dress for just for the show and Becki Newton's outfit was just for her and the blouse will be up for auction!

Can we expect anymore scripted TV show appearances like this from you?

I'm not too sure if I will be doing to many more shows but if it comes along I'm up-for it, I'm just not searching for it. I'm really focusing on my collection!

What's up next for you?

Next for me is some great things, Costumes for a new movie with UMA Thurman, collection for Bluefly, collection for September fashion week, dressing celebs like Estelle for her tour, Heidi, maybe even Paris who knows!!!!!. I'm busy doing tons of mini fashion events, some mini shows of my own, working with PUMA, working on a project with GAIA online and the list goes on and on! I wish I could sleep!

Who is fiercer: Vanessa Williams or Heidi Klum?

I think that between Vanessa and Heidi they both take the cake with fierce-ness!!! But Vanessa is a diva and I love it!!!!

Hot! Christian is deffo gonna blow up in the fashion world, I have no doubt, but I'm so glad that he's up for doing guest appearances like this. He is going to have such a stunning career ... who knows, there may be more acting in his future. From the sound of his responses, I think the sky is the limit. [Source]


Wedding Preparations

Chace Crawford and Ed Westwick were lookin' pretty sharp in their formal wear while on the Manhattan set of Gossip Girl this week. The show is currently filming a wedding scene for the show but it still remains to be seen if the wedding will actually take place or not. Hmm. I guess we'll have to tune in to find out. Here are a couple pics of Chace and Ed on set and a couple of Chace and Blake Lively dressed down, filming a different scene for the show:

Photo credit: Splash News

You know, I've been giving Ed Westick a bit of a hard time on the blog for being out of shape and for some of the costumes he's been photographed in but, I must admit, he and his character Chuck are starting to grow on me. Chuck is a total fashionista on the show who has mad love for the man bag -- I love it! Also, Ed has been lookin' a lot better lately. He is officially off my hit list ... I want to see more fabulosity from Chuck Bass. [Source]


It's A 小小世界 After All

The fifth incarnation of Disneyland's It's A Small World ride has just opened at Hong Kong Disneyland but you don't have to fly all the way to Asia to enjoy the ride:

My good friend Michael gave me the head's up that the new Hong Kong Disneyland ride is available for viewing online:

Aww, it looks like so much fun. It's A Small World is currently closed at Disneyland in Anaheim, CA for renovation but at least we have this fun video to watch in the meantime. Head on over to the official Hong Kong It's A Small World ride webpage to hear the song in English, Cantonese and Putonghua. [Source, thanks Michael]


Hilary Duff Does TRL

A very cute-looking, hot pants wearing Hilary Duff paid a little visit to MTV's TRL yesterday to make an appearance on the show to promote her new "grown-up" movie War, Inc. Here are a few pics of Hilary lookin' hawt on the show and a couple of her making her way into the MTV Studios (with her boyfriend Mike Comrie) beforehand:

Damn, she really does look great. I love the outfit ... she looks stunning in that color and in those cute little shorts. Hockey player lurve must really agree with her. [Source]


Why So Similar?

Pink reader Jackie gave me the head's up of this side-by-side comparison of the Batman trailer (1989) and the Dark Knight trailer (2008) showing how similar they both are:

Er, actually, they're pretty damn identical. Are they serious? [Source]


The Birth Of Mayerston

You've heard the rumors, now check out the photos ... celeb watchers have been all abuzz over the rumor that Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer have been hooking up on the downlow in Miami (where Jen is working on her new film Marley & Me). First we heard that the couple were snapped enjoying an intimate lunch together ... which doesn't really amount to much. But then, we heard that the couple was snapped cozying up to one another while sunbathing outside Jen's presidential suite at the Mandarin Oriental ... and now we have the photos to prove it:

Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin

Although they've kept their relationship quiet, In Touch has learned that John Mayer is crazy about Jennifer Aniston. He flew to Miami on April 23 and checked into the Four Seasons hotel, but insiders say that he spent virtually no time there during his visit — opting instead to hang out in the $3,000-a-night presidential suite at the Mandarin Oriental, where Jen has been staying while shooting the movie Marley & Me. And the two were inseparable over the long weekend. When asked how he was doing, after spending four days with his new love, John smiled. "My weekend was good," he told In Touch exclusively.

Well now ... they sure do look all coupley in these pics. I suppose they could just be "friends" but I don't really believe it. They really look happy together ... here's hoping they really are a hot new couple, I'd really like to see them happily joined already. Head on over to to see the full set of photos of Mayerston lurvin' up on one another. [Source]


The TV Guide: Getting Hard

Wee ... I made it to NYC safe and sound and with relative ease. The transcontinental flight from LA to NYC isn't always a fun one but last night's flight was pretty painless. I fed my head with too many eps of Bravo's Work Out but doing so did make the time fly by (pardon the pun). David and I feasted on amazing NYC pizza and called it an early night.

Tonight is gonna be a real fun night ... David and I have been invited to attend Madonna's concert at the Roseland Ballroom to see her perform live and we are both very excited. I'm not sure what the camera situation will be like but I am hoping to be able to snap some pics to share on the blog tomorrow. But YOU can watch Madonna's Roseland Ballroom performance LIVE online at MSN tonight at 10PM ET (7PM PT) so make sure you don't miss it :)

The rest of the week is gonna be real fun, Darion arrives tomorrow night and he, David and I are seeing a midnight screening of Iron Man ... then David and I are seeing Patrick Stewart in Macbeth on Friday night and Darion and I are seeing Xanadu on Sunday. Woot! It's gonna be a kickass weekend. The sun is shining here in NYC and I'm feelin' fine. I hope the sun is shining brightly wherever you are in the world :)


Les News: Nina Going Bazaar? Ling Ling Passes, No More Freebies From Radiohead


It's A Girl For Jamie Lynn Spears ...

... well, according to Life & Style magazine, that is. The magazine is reporting that Mama Lynne Spears tagged along with JL to find out the sex of the baby and it turn out that she's having a girl! Great! Another Spearsling to carry on the family traditions:

Photo credit: INFdaily

Lynne Spears isn't thrilled that her youngest daughter is pregnant at 17. But she was delighted to go along with Jamie Lynn to learn the baby's gender -- and discover she's finally going to have a granddaughter! And she wasn't the only one happy with the news. "I heard Lynne talking about Jamie Lynn's baby," says a witness. "She said Jamie Lynn and the baby's dad [Casey Aldridge] were so excited when they found out it’s a girl." Though the witness overheard Lynne, 52, say Casey, 19, is "a bit nervous about having a daughter," Jamie Lynn is eagerly prepping for the arrival of her mini-me. "She has been buying tons of clothes and is going to do the nursery in white, black and yellow," says a Spears family insider -- who also reveals that the baby is due on June 29. Of course, Jamie Lynn has much more on her mind than just decorating -- like figuring out what to call her baby girl. "Lynne said Jamie Lynn made a list of all the girl family names on both sides of the family and is trying to incorporate one of them as the middle name," says the witness, who also overheard that "Lynne's flattered to hear her name is being considered."

Yeah, I can just see it now ... Bobbi Lynne, Raylene Lynne, Miley Lynne ... anyone of these names is a deffo possibility. You know, daddy-to-be Casey should be nervous about having a daughter ... those Spears girls can be a handful. I must admit, I'm anxious for the little tyke's arrival -- I can't wait to see what Spears: The Next Generation will look like. [Source]


Miley Cyrus Surfaces

Miley Cyrus has been totally out of sight in the past few days since the huge (and, IMHO ridiculous) scandal broke out over her "inappropriate" Vanity Fair photo ... but no longer. Extra TV has new footage of Miley showing her shameful face as she made her way out of a Target store in Nashville, TN yesterday afternoon:

Photo credit: INFdaily

Miley was videoed gabbing on her cellphone while her little sister skipped around, seeming to love the attention from the paps (could she be a Jamie Lynn Spears in the making?). When asked by the photog what she has to say about the Vanity Fair photo, Miley gave a terse "No Comment", said a cheerful goodbye to the paparazzo and then hopped into her SUV. Whatta pro! This VF nonsense is going to shoot her into the fame stratosphere ... right on cue. Yeah, Team Miley knows perfectly well what they are doing. I suspect we'll be seeing tearful interviews on all the major outlets of Miley and her pappy Billy Ray apologizing and explaining how they were exploited very soon. They won't let this story die ... not just yet. [Source]


OH NO! Ry-Chen Dunzo?!

Call me clairvoyant, but I think that something may be amiss between the hot man couple made up of Reichen Lehmkuhl and Ryan Barry. Reichen has just updated his My Space profile so that his headline reads, "You Shady Lying Sack of Shit. You're BEYOND Gross. What an Idiot I Have Been!" and his relationship status has been changed to single. HMMMM. Additionally, Reichen also posted a new blog to his My Space profile entitled Dating Tips for Hollywood:

Tuesday, April 29, 2008 -- Dating Tips for Hollywood

Never believe them when they say they're in love with you.

Never believe them when they tell you where their heart is.

Never believe them when they say they're only going to sleep with you, especially when there is a social climbing opportunity in front of them.

Never underestimate their need for celebrity, money, and fame.

Never believe you can fix it by being true or nice.

Never EVER believe love is more important to them than anything Hollywood.

Don't date in Hollywood. Realize that for them, it's all BUSINESS.

Yeah ... I'm gonna take a *wild guess* and say that Ry-Chen have called it quits :(

I have to admit, I'm pretty bummed by this news. Ry-Chen were my #1 fave gay couple ... not only because both Reichen and Ryan are insanely hot men but ... well, OK, that's the only reason ... but still ... their coupleyness will be sorely missed. Le sigh and boo. [Source, thanks G]



Hmmm ... what do you suppose is going on with Victoria Beckham and her amazing disappearing boobies? It wasn't that long ago that Vicki B.'s breasts were inflated to pornographic proportions but lately she hasn't been lookin' quite so chesty. The Sun has picked up on the phenomenon and begs the question -- has VB had a procedure done to ensure that her fun bags gone for good?

VICTORIA BECKHAM's breasts don't know whether they are coming or going. Either she carries a small pump in her Gucci handbag or the SPICE GIRL'S bras are plagued with inconsistency. Her cleavage has caused many a debate over the years. Posh has always played down boob job rumours and looking at this recent pic, she might start to field suggestions of a possible reduction. Variety is the life of Spice, after all ...

My guess is that Vicki B. did not have breast reduction surgery done to her chest, I suspect that she has one of those inflatable beach ball nozzles fitted to her boobs so that they can be pumped up and deflated at will ... depending on how porno VB (and David Beckham, for that matter) is feeling at the time. My guess is that VB got her boob job done at the same place where Katie Holmes was outfitted with her expanding and reducing baby bump that allegedly carried Tom Cruise's baby (remember that thing? It was up and down and up and down every other week for the duration of her "pregnancy"). Isn't modern medical technology wondrous? [Source]


Crazy, Cool

Let me preface this post by stating that I do not watch American Idol, like, ever. I may catch portions of eps when David watches it or I may catch it on random public televisions but as a rule, I do not watch the show at all. That being said, I did catch a portion of last night's show while on route to NYC on my Jet Blue flight ... and, as luck would have it, I tuned in just in time to watch the part of the show when Paula Abdul got caught babbling in her classic nonsensical way about performances that had yet to occur in front of a live audience, on live TV. I had to laugh out loud right there on the plane ... is this the sort of amazing TV that I have been missing all along?

What the heck was going on last night? With the top five contestants -- Jason Castro, David Cook, Brooke White, David Archuleta and Syesha Mercado -- each singing two Neil Diamond tunes, Tuesday's altered American Idol format must have thrown Paula Abdul for a loop! After the contestants sang their first song, the judges had a chance to quickly give their first impressions before the contestants sang a second selection. At this point, a rushed and confused Paula started reading her notes and told Jason, "The second song, I felt like your usual charm was missing for me. It kind of left me a little empty and the two songs made me feel like you're not fighting hard enough to get into the top four." The only problem: Jason had only performed once! The crowd began to snicker while Ryan Seacrest and the contestants looked a little stunned. Awkward! Finally, Randy Jackson corrected Paula and she said, "Oh my God, I thought you sang twice ... You know what? This is hard!" Seacrest, trying not to laugh, did a little damage control, saying, "Paula, you’re seeing the future, baby. You're seeing the future."

Yeah, I don't think it's the future that Paula Abdul was seeing ... it's more like the bottom of a booze bottle that she's been seeing. Woot! I hope they never boot Paula from the show ... she is so fun to watch ... I might even start tuning in just to see her comments from here on out. In case you missed it, you can watch Paula's nonsensical commentary HERE.

As usual, Paula was left to explain her gaffe so that folks wouldn't think she was boozed or anything like that:

Discussing the small slip of the tongue she experienced while assessing finalist JASON CASTRO's first performance, Paula explains: "It got very confusing ... the producers come up to us in the dark and said, 'We are not going to have you guys judge after each performer, we are going to have all the performers go once, then twice and at the end critique them.'" Surprised by the last minute switch in judging procedures, Paula recounts, "I am feverishly trying to write notes for every performance." And when host RYAN SEACREST asked the judges to quickly sum up the performances, Paula explains that she was trying organize her notes, saying, "I was trying to give my critique for Jason Castro, and scribbled Jason's name, and that was DAVID [COOK]'s! ... We all just screwed up everything." She adds with a laugh: "This is live television. This is fun!"

OMG, SOOOO FUN!!! Whatevs, we love you Paula ... whatever your damage is, we love you. Don't ever change a thing. [Source, Source]

PS: Based on what I saw last night (in my totally unqualified capacity as a one time viewer), I say Vote Syesha! She looked and sounded the strongest to me. I wouldn't mind if David Cook won but I'm on Team Syesha with this guy girl person who was rooting for her in the audience:

Go, Syesha, Go!


The Beautiful Ones

People magazine has just released it's new list of the 100 Most Beautiful People and while some of the chosen ones are ... questionable (I mean, Rumer Willis -- seriously?!) ... most of the usual suspects have made the list (Salma Hayek, Jessica Alba) along with some well-chosen new comers (the Gossip Girl gang, Kristen Bell) ... here are a few of People's Most Beautiful folks:

Heading the list of PEOPLE's 100 Most Beautiful People is a 29-year-old mother remarkably short on her beauty sleep – for which she lovingly credits her active 4-year-old son. The beautiful, sleep-deprived mom? Kate Hudson, PEOPLE reveals in its special issue, which goes on sale Friday. Was she always such a head-turner? Admits the actress: "I was a tomboy. I had three brothers. I was the girl with the dress on that always came back in the house filthy with scrapes and bruises. But I was always very girly. I had to be able to twirl so that my underwear showed." Her best time for looking good, she says, comes "at the end of the night, when everything's soaked in and I'm still up. I like the leftover makeup in the morning. You've got to wash your face but there's always the leftover eye makeup, I love that."

You know, there is no denying that most of these people are very beautiful (with the odd exception *cough* Rumer *cough*) but this list is more about buzz-worthiness rather than bona fide beauty. Every single person on the list has pretty much made an impact on pop culture and celebrity in general in the past year and that is really why they have been chosen for this list. In the end, does it really matter why these folks get highlighted? People mag's 100 Most Beautiful People list is a staple in our celebrity-obsessed culture so we welcome it ... after all, what is idol worship without the eye candy to go along with it? [Source]

Incidentally, there is a Google text ad running on the page at for this story that struck me as really funny:

Take note folks in Hollywood that didn't make the list this year ... you have a full year to try and make the list next time around.


Memoirs Of A Kylie Minogue

It is now just under one week way from the launch of Kylie Minogue's new tour KylieX2008, which kicks off in Paris, France on May 6th, and new promo images for the show are starting to be released. A few weeks ago, Kylie posted a behind the scenes video from tour preparations on her website and we got to see a glimpse of Kylie in full geisha finery as she shot background screen video for the show. Today, we get to see a full on photo of Kylie in that amazing pink geisha costume:

She looks like she's just stepped out of a Tokyo tea house. With her elegant kimono, bird's nest hairstyle and porcelain pale complexion, this lady is classic geisha material. But underneath the white foundation and heavy eyeliner is Kylie Minogue experimenting with her latest look. The singer - known for her stunning costume choices - looks breathtaking in a red kimono as she poses as a geisha in a shoot to promote her forthcoming world tour. The tour begins in Paris on May 6th and will reportedly cost more than £10million to stage. It includes shows in Greece, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Luxembourg, Russia, Latvia and Spain, and has already taken over half a million in sales. KylieX2008 is the singer's first major tour since her battle with breast cancer ... KylieX2008 kicks off in the UK in June at the Belfast Odyssey Arena before moving to Glasgow, Newcastle and Manchester ending at the O2 Arena in London. Meanwhile Kylie is said to have abandoned plans to crack America after her latest attempt failed. She reportedly told a friend, "I gave it my best shot. I won't try again."

Well, if the mountain won't come to Mohammed, I guess Trent is gonna have to go to London ;) As I've mentioned before, I am *very* excited to be seeing Kylie Minogue in London later on this year. David and I will be making our way to the UK in July for my birthday with the trip centered around seeing Kylie Minogue at the O2 Arena. It's gonna be real hard to stay way from tour spoilers (well, too many tour spoilers, I'm sure I'll have to check out the press photos from the tour kickoff next week) but I am DYING to see KM live in concert this summer. I have no doubt that Kylie is going to turn it out ... I've seen pretty much all of her tours on DVD so I know the show will be amazing. Woot! If any Frenchies out there get to see Kylie next week and want to send in photos or reports from the show, please do ... KylieX2008 is bound to be a stunner!! [Source]


Cease Fire posted an entire gallery of behind the scenes photos from the momentous cover photoshoot for the new issue of Rolling Stone magazine which features the 4 stars of the megahit MTV "reality show" The Hills. For one afternoon, Lauren LC Conrad and Heidi Montag laid down their arms and agreed to be photographed together in order to both be featured on the cover of RS magazine (I imagine that support players Audrina Patridge and Whitney Port were just happy to be included and offered no qualms about being photographed with LC and Heidi together ... Spencer Pratt, very smartly, was kept away from the shoot altogether). Here is the alternate RS cover photo, a few behind the scenes outtakes and a portion of the coverstory that accompanies the photographs:

"I wish I got to see what you saw today," Spencer says. He's referring to this afternoon's cover photo shoot attended by Heidi and her three Hills castmates: Audrina Patridge, 22, Whitney Port, 23, and the show's protagonist, Lauren Conrad, 22, with whom Heidi has been engaged in an ugly feud. Once best friends and roommates, the two women have spent the past year and a half bickering back and forth in celebrity weeklies — a rift that, depending on whom you talk to, stems from either a Lauren sex-tape story that Spencer and Heidi leaked to the press (Lauren's version; they deny it), or Lauren's jealousy of Spencer and Heidi (their version; Lauren denies it), or Spencer's overall control-freakiness, or a cabal of genius MTV executives secretly pulling ratings/goosing strings behind a curtain. Whatever the case, the shoot was the first time Heidi and Lauren had been photographed, and not Photoshopped (as MTV has been forced to do), together in more than a year. Heidi says that on her way to the shoot she thought it might be a scam. "I thought I was walking into Punk'd or getting killed or something," she says. "Heidi really wanted me there for backup," Spencer says. "She was like, 'This is a setup.'" But the shoot happened ... as MTV publicists and show creator Adam DiVello nervously looked on, the atmosphere was cordial but chilly. Hills Kremlinologists studied cast interactions, but over the course of a nine-hour day, Lauren and Heidi never spoke to each other. "You can feel it," Whitney, The Hills' doe-eyed Switzerland ("I'm neutral"), told me at a quiet moment. "There's a separation." Heidi is sanguine about the split. Lauren, after all, is why she's on The Hills — Heidi was just a spitfire from the small ski town of Crested Butte, Colorado ("A seven-block town with one main street," says Heidi's mom, Darlene Egelhoff), when she met Lauren at the Academy of Art in San Francisco. "We were the only blondes in the class," Heidi recalls. "We were such. Good. Friends," she says emphatically. "A part of me just wants to go up and be like, 'Hey, how are you?' But the other part of me is so mad ... It's like I'm the odd man out." However awkward the Heidi-Lauren squabbling may be, it has been juicy business for The Hills. This spring's season premiere earned the show a record 3.9 million viewers — the highest-rated cable telecast of the year so far — with an estimated 5 million more views online. Graden believes The Hills is now a bigger franchise than other generation-definers like The Osbournes, TRL or Jackass. "People love feuds," says Spencer, taking a chomp of quesadilla. "Who were Paris and Nicole before they weren't friends? That's when they became superstars. If Lauren and Heidi were friends, people wouldn't tune in." Every rivalry needs its black hat, however, and Heidi, through Spencer, has eagerly, and perhaps too ingeniously, complied ... "It's jealousy, man," Spencer says. "It's human. I'm jealous of Jay-Z, Bill Gates, Rupert Murdoch. I feel for these people who wish they could be on reality television and not in their cubicles. You got to thank your haters." "You have to understand, we have so many fans," Heidi says. "The haters are the ones who ask us for photos. The haters are the ones who are downloading songs." She looks out at the restaurant, which is packed. Don Antonio's has always been a popular joint, but since she and Spencer started eating here on The Hills, it's getting crazy, she says. "The world works on haters now."

All joking aside (about the apocalypse, etc.), I am not at all surprised that both ladies agreed to come together for this photoshoot for Rolling Stone magazine. They are both very smart, very savvy ladies (political preferences notwithstanding) and they deffo know how their bread is buttered -- making the cover of Rolling Stone magazine is a huge accomplishment. Whether they really hate each other isn't even the point ... the fact that we believe that they hate each other and still agreed to be shot together is entirely the point -- it fuels our desire to want more, more, more ... and it's absolutely brills. Regarding the "haters" that Speidi are referring to ... they are absolutely right in their assertion that the haters are what fuel the demand for the show. If Speidi weren't positioned as the foil to good-girl LC then there would be nothing to keep the audience ravenously coming back to the show for more year, after year, after year ... the interest would've waned mid-way thru second season -- in fact, interest was waning and it wasn't until Spencer stepped in to help Heidi forge her own identity on the show that popularity soared. Whether or not it was all part of the master-plan (I suspect Spencer would say that it deffo was part if his master-plan), the vilification of the "venomous Speidi" is what changed the tone of the show and made it the huge success that it is. People love a fight ... whether it's real or not, we love to watch people go at it. That being said, I'm not sure that the separation formula between Team LC and Team Heidi will work for very much longer on The Hills. To me, it feels like it's just about run its course (the new scenes this season of Heidi and LC showing up in the same close quarters [by way of Audrina's intervention] is proof to me that MTV is trying to stir the pot a little to keep the audience interested ... but I fear that stuff won't work for very much longer). I fully expect Speidi to get their own show, maybe one based around their long-awaited wedding (that wedding will deffo happen one day and it will be televised ... I'm utterly and completely convinced) and The Hills phenomenon will come to an end -- perhaps that will be the real first signal of the end of the world. After all, what how will our existence carry on without our favorite guilty pleasure? [Source, Source]


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Shape Of My <3

Now, I'm not trying to say that I'm a trend-setter or anything but ...

... I think Nicole Richie <3s me :) [Source]


The Four Horsewomen Of The Apocalypse

First, LC and Heidi agree on the same political party, then they agree on the same events and NOW they're both appearing on the same cover for Rolling Stone magazine?!?!?

Yep, it's about that time for Armageddon to come rolling right along. [Source]


Annie, Get Your Gum

Norwegian popstress Annie (the woman who brought us the INSANELY hooky track Chewing Gum a couple of years ago) is back with a new album of infectious music, titled Don't Stop, which is due out this July ... but we won't have to be waiting that long for our first taste of her new old sound. Here is Annie's music video for her song I Know UR Girlfriend Hates Me:

Stereogum reports that this time around, Annie and producer Richard X worked up a cover of Stacey Q's megahit Two of Hearts and that folks like Girls Aloud, Franz Ferdinand and Datarock may show up on her new album. Yummo! I absolutely love everything that Annie puts out ... the woman seems to know what kind of music really speaks to my soul. Brilliant pop is always welcome on my iPod. I can't wait to hear more :) [Source]


LG And In Charge

Hollywood's usual suspects made their way out to the Pacific Design Center here in West Hollywood, CA last night for the LG Electronics launch of the Scarlet HD TV Series ... which basically means -- free booze, free food and kickass giftbags. Here are a few pics from the red carpet:

Photo credit: Splash News

HMMM ... LC and Heidi at the same event? They agree on politics and now parties ... one more sign that the girls are in cahoots and I'm sure the world will come to a crashing end. Madden brothers Joel and Benji provided the DJ tunes at last night's affair which I hear was a smashing success. You can always count on Young Hollywood to come out for fun events like this ... whenever there are electronics involved, you best believe Hollywood's elite class of freeloaders will ready to par-tay. [Source]


The Hills: Happy Crappy Housewarming


Meh ... this week's ep of The Hills was another snoozer for me ... nothing really all that exciting took place. The girls hosted their first party in their new home (which isn't anywhere near the Hills of Hollywood ... it's a very nice house nestled in the San Fernando Valley). The big event was Stephen's arrival ... but I was more interested in Justin Bobby's haircut:

The girls' housewarming party looked really tame ... not one single person puked in the pool or anything ... what gives? All the hoopla about Stephen's return was all for naught. The only thing that LC got from his return was closure ... I think she is finally over the boy (which is sure to break Lo's little black heart). Justin Bobby got himself a haircut (and presumably a shower) which tidied him up a bit ... he ain't lookin' too bad, I must admit. Poor Audrina ... forced to live in the servant's quarters out back of the house ... I'm pretty sure she won't be putting up with that for much longer. I bet Heidi could use a new roommate -- wouldn't that be scandalous? Man, I hope something exciting happens soon ... I'm starting to lose interest. Things are much more exciting on Gossip Girl ... which was infinitely more entertaining this week than last week. Georgina Sparks rules, y'all!!! The Hills better step it up. [Source]


The TV Guide: No Time To Breathe

Oy! I've been running around my place all morning trying to take care of last minute shizz, while writing blogposts, before I have to jet for the airport. I'm on my way to NYC for a week so I'll be comin' atcha from the East Coast all week long. I have a few very cool things on the agenda, one event I'm very *excited* for but I don't want to jinx anything. It'll be great to be back in the city again, I hear it's cooler there than it is here in SoCal but I think I can put my shorts away for a week in the Big Apple.

So ... I have a few posts coming your way for the rest of the afternoon, I am just about on my way.


Les News: Rosie Sticks Up For Miley, KylieX2008 Is Coming, Hulk Hogan Is Gross


Pink Reader Juan Carlos Wins It All

Congratulations are in order for Pink reader Juan Carlos for winning Madonna's entire CD catalog in the latest PITNB giveaway ... I asked for folks interested in entering the contest to submit photos either dressed up like Madonna, recreating one of Madonna's album covers or with Madonna herself and Juan Carlos's photo (a recreation of the cover artwork for Hard Candy) was judged to be the best of the bunch:

It was so hard to choose one singular winner ... there were SO MANY amazing entries ... but only one person could win the big prize -- so much congrats, JC!!!

That being said, I really loved Pink reader Leah's photo submission (she, too, recreated the cover of Madonna's just released album Hard Candy) so I will be sending her a prize as well (she wins an iTunes copy of the Deluxe Version of Hard Candy). And, just for fun, here are 3 other photo submissions who I'd like to feature as honorable mentions ... from Pink readers Mark, Matthew and Paola:

I think you'll agree that all of these entries are very fun, very creative. Thank you all so much for participating ... Madonna's new album Hard Candy is OUT IN STORES TODAY ... make sure you pick up your copies!!!!


War Crimes

Hilary Duff, her sister Haylie Duff and luminaries like Montell Williams, Marisa Tomei and others were on hand for the NYC premiere of her new movie War, Inc. which made its debut at the Borough of Manhattan Community College for the Tribeca Film Festival last night ... here are a few pics from the red carpet:

Photo credit: Splash News

War, Inc. is Hilary's first "grown-up" movie wherein she doesn't play a Disney character or isn't courting a teen audience. You may recall this is the movie where she drops a scorpion down the front of her pants and has a kind gentleman fish it out for her. I smell an Oscar!!! Actually, I'm reserving judgment until I see the finished product myself ... but if her Eastern European accent is any indication of the film's merit, well, I'm not really holding my breath for an award-winner.

BUT ANYWAYS ... Hilary's very steady boyfriend, NY Islander Mike Comrie, was also in the hiz last night to support his lady ... and the feeling is mutual. Hilary has confessed that the sport of hockey is her latest obsession. Um, yeah. Here are pics of Hila-rie making their way into and then out of the War, Inc. premiere last night:

Photo credit: Splash News

Hilary Duff can put away her Hockey for Dummies book. She's a full-on fan now, thanks to boyfriend Mike Comrie of the New York Islanders. "[Hockey] has kind of been a new obsession," Duff told PEOPLE at Monday night's premiere of her new film, War, Inc. "When I'm in New York, I'm going to hockey games a lot." And Comrie returns the favor. "He sits through days of press, of me doing interviews, like one after another after another, and doesn't complain about it," said Duff (who stars alongside John Cusack and Marisa Tomei in the offbeat political satire). "He was a good sport today." The 27-year-old Comrie also joined Duff – wearing a black Dolce & Gabbana dress and Christian Louboutin pumps – at her premiere, part of the Tribeca Film Festival. "It's fun to get all dressed up," said the 20-year-old. "I feel like I haven't done it in a long time." After the screening, the two chatted with moviegoers before heading over to Meatpacking District hotspot Tenjune for the after-party.

Ack ... they are so cute, I want to puke on my shoes. Well, at least they're happy together ... Hilary and Mike have been going steady for quite some time now, which is a very good thing. They do make a very cute couple so I can't really be mad at them. As long as Mike continues to stay in line, I'm sure they'll be very happy together for a very long time. [Source]


This Ain't A Crime Scene, It's A Drug Possession Bust

Gary Dourdan, star of CSI: and all around-TMZ hater, was arrested on suspicion of drug possession last night in Palm Springs, CA after police found him asleep in his car ... TMZ reports. Gary got busted with a whole slew of the biggies which means he might actually have to pay for his crime:

"CSI's" Gary Dourdan was busted in Palm Springs yesterday on suspicion of possessing heroin, cocaine and ecstasy and prescription drugs. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ the actor was asleep in his car at 5:21 AM when they approached the vehicle and made the bust. We're told Dourdan was taken to Palm Springs jail where he posted $5,000 and bailed out.

OUCH! Homie is in big trubs, yo! We'll see if any of the harsh drug charges stick cuz you know, he's a celeb and stuff. [Source]


Tour De Force: NIN Announce Pre-Sales

The official Nine Inch Nails website was updated last night with new information concerning upcoming ticket pre-sales for NIN US tour dates later on this year. The first city to go on pre-sale, tomorrow, will be Lexington, KY. It sounds like ticket pre-sales will be cheaper on than they will be at Ticketmaster, etc. and ticket distribution will be handled in the same way that pre-sales for the NIN fan club have been handled in years past ... here is the full text of the latest bit of information released on the site:

Presales for the upcoming tour are about to begin. Presales for the Lexington, KY show will open on Wednesday, with many more shows starting up early next week. We've been working very hard to get the best tickets in the hands of the fans, bypassing scalpers, ticket resellers, and ticketing agencies... This has been a difficult process to bring together outside of The Spiral, and frankly, it's a work in progress. The presale system you'll be using for this tour does everything we set out to do, but as of right now ticket purchasing requires a few more steps than we'd prefer. You can expect a more streamlined system for future tours, but for now, here's what to expect:

First, you'll need to be a member to access presales. If you haven't already, register for free at (click "register" once you're at the site), or log in with your Spiral username/password (Spiral members: If you've changed your Spiral password since November 2007, you may need to use your old password to login).

Then, subscribe to the news feed, or keep an eye on for presale announcements. The first announcement, regarding the Lexington show, will go up tomorrow.

When you purchase presale tickets, you'll need to enter your legal name exactly as it appears on your identification. When you arrive at the show, there will be a designated entrance for presale ticket holders. Present your ID at the entrance and you'll receive your personalized ticket, which will have your name on it (no tickets will be sent out in advance). You'll then have to enter the venue immediately. This process is an effort to ensure that our presale tickets are purchased only by fans who are attending the show, and are useless to scalpers and ticket brokers.

More specific presale information will be posted tomorrow and in the coming days.

P.S. - purchasing presale tickets from will generally be less expensive than from public outlets.

While I'm not *entirely* jazzed about the notion that ticket pre-sales will be open to everyone (mostly because it seems to defeat the purpose of even doing pre-sales) I have to respect the band for being so democratic with their fans. Opening up ticket sales to real fans (and taking the necessary steps to ensure that real fans actually get the tickets rather than have ticket scalpers snap them up instead) shows NIN's commitment to their loyal fanbase. I am *very much* looking forward to seeing NIN on this tour (hopefully a few times) and will do my best to try and update my site when new NIN tour information gets posted online. [Source]


Falling Into Christopher Rice

Last month I attended a book reading and signing hosted by author Christopher Rice on the release day of his latest book Blind Fall. It was at that in-store appearance that I was able to chat with Christopher for a bit ... but because he had many folks to talk to that night, we made plans to have a sit down interview after he completed his 16-city book tour:

About 2 weeks ago, Christopher and I met up for our interview at a coffee shop here in Hollywood but because of loud noise that was going on around us due to construction in the area, Christopher decided to move the interview to his home which was nearby. I think it was very cool of Christopher to open up his home to me so that we could have our interview in relative silence (and with only his kitty Cotton to keep us company). Here is an MP3 of my short interview with Christopher Rice:

It was really very incredible to see the place where Christopher does most of his writing and to get to talk to the man in his home environment. It's not every day that I get invited into the home of people I respect and admire so our interview afternoon was a huge treat for me:

Blind Fall really read to me like a bit of a departure from his earlier work. But, in retrospect, it is easy to see the commonality in his work when taken in as a whole. I really enjoyed reading Blind Fall and would happily recommend it to fans of his work and to fans of mystery novels in general. I was very surprised by how the book turned out ... the ending was one that I didn't see coming. Christopher is a very talented writer and I very much look forward to reading his books for years to come. I hope you enjoy the interview as much as I do.


Trolling For Men

The very single Lance Bass (according to his My Space profile status) inspired a near riot as he emerged from Hollywood hot spot Villa last night when he stopped to sign a few autographs and pose for a few photos:

Photo credit: Splash News

Lance seemed to be enjoying the melee as he pushed himself thru the thick crowd of eager admirers ... which is understandable since he's been boyfriendless for a few weeks now. I'd love to see him settle with a new man already ... it's really Tearin' Up My Heart to think of him spending nights alone, lonely and Ben Thigpenless. [Source]


Proud To Be An American

Pamela Anderson, the very ardent animal rights supporter and active member of PETA who spent part of her weekend in Washington DC as a guest at the White House Correspondents' Dinner, has just announced that she has become a naturalized citizen of the United States of America ... here is a screenshot from the latest blogpost (taken from an article in the Washington Post) on her official website along with a portion of the text:

Pamela Anderson—in her first visit to Washington since becoming a U.S. citizen—will make a personal appeal to her new government to replace a profusion of outdated animal tests with modern technology that is already widely used in Europe. In the shadow of the nation’s capitol, Anderson will hand-deliver a PETA science report—the impetus for a recent front-page Washington Post story—condemning the failure of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to use sophisticated, non-animal test methods in place of animal tests ... "Being a citizen excites me not just because I can vote, but because I can crack the whip on Capitol Hill to defend animals," says Anderson.

Pamela Anderson has finally cast off the shackles of her Canadianness in order to become a full-fledged citizen of the US of A ... so I suppose congrats are in order for our friends to the North. Meh, we'll take her ... at the very least she will be one more vote for the animal-friendly lobby here in the US and we could really use her income tax revenue. God bless America!! [Source]


Made In Manhattan

McDreamy hotness Patrick Dempsey and his costar Michelle Monaghan were joined by guests galore at the NYC premiere of their new movie My Best Friend's Wedding Made of Honor at the Zeigfeld Theater last night ... here are a few pics of the happy co-stars:

Photo credit: Splash News

Okay, so the first time I saw a trailer for this movie was way back around Xmas time when I was home for the holidays back in Detroit and I went out to see 27 Dresses with Sarah, her mom Nina, her aunts Gina and Lisa and her grandmother (yes, it was a gals night out, if you must know). Every single chick in that theater (and, yes, htere were a lot of chicks in that theater) swooned and laughed at the trailer for Made of Honor ... it was then that I knew that I'd be seeing the movie, most probably with Sarah and her family. Now, I'm not sure when I'll be home in Detroit again so I dunno if I'll actually get to see the movie with Sarah but I have a sneaking suspicion that I'll be seeing it anyways. I'm not really big into the chick flicks but this one has Patrick Dempsey so, duhvs, I'll be seeing it. I'm sure it won't be that difficult to get some members of Le GangTM to come out with me ... who knows, maybe Sarah will make a special trip out to LA to come along. [Source]


Another Turn On The Couch

Tom Cruise is lookin' to get his name and face back into the public consciousness these days and there is no greater platform to do that with than on Oprah Winfrey's couch ... altho, this time around, it appears the couch acutally belongs to Tom Cruise. Here is a promo photo, released by Harpo Productions Inc., of Tom and Oprah at his home in Telluride, CO this past Friday where their new interview was taped:

This interview is scheduled to air on The Oprah Winfrey Show this Friday (May 2) ... but Tom will be appearing live on Oprah's show next Monday (May 5) to celebrate his 25 years in films since his breakout role in Risky Business. If the man ain't leapin' on couches in the first interview, he very likely will be doing so in his second appearance on the show. It's a shame that Tom has really toned down his Cruiseaziness in the last few months ... he isn't nearly as interesting now that he appears relatively sane again. Eh, I'll prolly tune in anyways just in case the man decides to flip out at the last second. [Source]


Gold Rush

It's time for a Dannii Minogue update, you know cuz it's been about 24 hours since our last update and she does seem to be the belle of Aussie Fashion Week this year. Yesterday we saw pics of the divine Miss M on the red carpet at the MAC Cosmetics Gold Fever Party and today, Pink reader Kate sends in some photos from Dannii's performance at the after party for the Gold Fever event ... check 'em out:

Dannii just rules. While her older sister Kylie Minogue gets the lion's share of the attention, it shouldn't be forgotten that Dannii is a pretty great performer herself. It's really great seeing her in performance mode ... I hope to one day be able to see her perform live with my very own eyes. But, considering it's taken me about 20 years to be able to see Kylie perform live, well, I might have a ways to go. [Source, thanks Kate]

Soooo ... I guess I'll have to make do with the photos ... like these of Dannii at a fashion show last night:

Photo credit: Splash News

She is a doll. I totally <3 her!!!


Common Ground

Surely the end of the world is upon us ... could it POSSIBLY be that sworn and bitter enemies Lauren LC Conrad and Heidi Montag actually agree on something??? Well, it's not that they would actually admit their commonality (certainly, LC would never do such a thing) but this weekend at the White House Correspondents' Dinner in Washington DC, LC kinda accidentally confirmed that she and Heidi are on the same side ... politically, at least. Earlier this month, Heidi very vocally and happily endorsed Republican John McCain as her presidential choice, revealing to the world that she is a Republican (McCain, in his sad out of touch manner, happily accepted her endorsement because, really, he has been having a hard time counting celebs among his cache of supporters and an MTV reality star prolly sounds better than nothing). When LC was asked the same question, she refused to answer saying that her choice is a private one that isn't meant to be shared. BUT, the wily folks at New York magazine caught LC in the act of inadvertently publicly endorsing the Republican party when she thought no one was looking:

We'll admit, it never would have even occurred to us to ask Hills star Lauren Conrad about her personal politics if her arch-nemesis, Heidi Montag, hadn't come out earlier this month as a McCain supporter. After that, we didn't really have a choice. When we saw Conrad at the White House Correspondents' Association dinner on Saturday, we asked her who would have her vote. "You know what? I believe in a private ballot," she said. "I've done several things to, like, encourage people to vote. But I think when you go in and endorse somebody it kind of affects how people look at you or look at candidates." That's disappointing. But luckily, asking questions is not the only trick up our reporting sleeve. During emcee Craig Ferguson's speech, he said: "I'm a new American so I'm trying to decide which party to vote for." We sensed an opportunity coming. "Should I vote for the Republicans?" he asked. We seized the moment and craned our necks in Conrad's direction. She clapped wildly. "Or the Democrats?" Ferguson asked. Conrad immediately placed her hands on the table and wrinkled her nose to her friend. Aha! What clinched the issue was when, moments later, she totally did not laugh at one of Ferguson's best lines: "What should President Bush do after this? I don't know, maybe get a job with more vacation." OMG, Heidi and Lauren are both Republicans and are rooting for John McCain. They agree on something!

HMMMMMMM ... I smell a rat. If LC and Heidi agree on political parties, what else do you think they agree on? Could it be that the bitter enemies are really very close friends who are playing us all for fools by making us believe that they hate one another so that we stay interested in their every move in the hopes that some dramatic and bitchy fight might one day ensue? Nah. They can't be that clever ... or can they? Is my world crashing in around me? Is everything that I hold dear and true falling to pieces right before my eyes? Man ... the next thing you're gonna tell me is that both of their fashion lines are made in the same Indonesian sweat shop overseas ... by the same tiny fingers of the same children who are forced to work themselves to death for pennies a day :( [Source]


A Peek Into The Future

Pretty On the Outside wonders what the future may hold for little Miss Miley Cyrus, considering the promotion choices that she and her parents/handlers have been making thus far in her career ... could this be the portrait of Miley Cyrus circa 2010?

Ain't it always the innocent, pious ones that end up falling furthest from their pedestals? It just breaks my heart, my achey breaky heart. [Source]


Down With Scarlett

Yahoo! Music has the world premiere of Scarlett Johansson's first music video for her new single Falling Down, which is a Tom Waits cover from her new album Anywhere I Lay My Head ... and here it is in full for your viewing pleasure:

Ten points if you can find Satanic Verses author Salman Rushdie in the vid. Enjoy!!


Monday, April 28, 2008

Lourdes Is A Wannabe

I guess it's true what they say, the apple really doesn't fall far from the tree. Check out this picture of Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon rockin' a pair of Buddy Holly-type glasses as she made her way out of the Kabbalah Center in NYC this weekend lookin' very much like her mother Madonna did when she wore the same kind of glasses back in the day:

In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if Maddy dug those glasses out of her closet and let Lola wear them herself ... it's remarkable how similar both mother and daughter look. Granted Madonna was much older than Lola was when her photo was taken, there is no mistaking that Lourdes is deffo Madonna's child. [Source]


The Circle Of Life

Former teen heartthrob Jason Priestly teamed up with current teen hearttrob Chace Crawford for a little video game action at Nintendo's block party this past Friday in NYC's Rockefeller Center ... by the looks of the photo, Jason emerged victorious over Chace in their friendly game of Mario Kart Wii but in a side-by-side comparison, it's clear who the real winner is:

Ah yes ... the sands of time can be so cruel ... once-upon-a-time Jason Priestly was the one that all the girls screamed for and now, well, that simply isn't the case. Now it's Chace's time in the limelight so it was nice of him to let Jason win a video game or two. I hope Chace enjoys his time in the sun ... it won't be long until he's in the other seat, playing against younger heartthrobs celebrating his video game wins with jubliant glee. Hopefully he'll get to keep his hair longer than Jason has, tho ... that's at least one thing he can work to aspire to. [Source]


Golden Girl

Dannii Minogue looked stunning on the red carpet at the MAC Cosmetics Gold Fever Party in Sydney, Australia last night ... here are a few pics of Miss Dannii glittering on the carpet, ready to kick off the Australian Fashion Week festivities:

I believe that Dannii also performed at the event but I've yet to find photos of her performance. She really looks fabulous in that glittering gold outfit ... Woot!!! [Source]


The Hotness

Welp, another Coachella is in the books as the music festival drew to a close last night. I think it's safe to say that this year's Coachella Music Fest was among the most successful yet ... scoring last minute addition Prince to the line-up really ratcheted up the hype for the 3-day festival and had pretty much everyone talking about it this year. Yesterday, acts like Justice, The Cool Kids, Roger Waters, Spiritualized and more played out the final day of the fest ... which managed to put concert-goes thru the paces of having to deal with the scorching heat. Some attendees needed to take a break for minute, shedding their clothes in an attempt to cool off ... like Shia LaBeouf, for example:

Yes, it got hot, indeed. Again, I must say that I really feel like I missed out on a great weekend this time around. From everything I've seen, it looks like this year's Coachella Music Festival was deffo a good time. Ah well, maybe next year. [Source]


Kathy & Steve Are Dunzo!

Sad news for Kathy Griffin these days ... apparently she has broken off all romantic ties with her extremely wealthy boyfriend, Apple tycoon Steve Wozniak, after many months of seemingly happy bliss. Kathy spilled the beans of her failed relationship while on the red carpet at the 19th Annual GLAAD Media Awards over the weekend:

Kathy Griffin has split from billionaire Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. "He is an awesome guy, but I have to say he is in the friends category now," Griffin, 47, told at the GLAAD Awards in L.A. Saturday. "As a matter of fact," she added, "I got an email last week from him, and he is going to marry someone else... I think he might be married. I don't really know that for sure, though." She insisted there are no hard feelings: He even appears on the upcoming season of her Bravo reality show. "He is really cute and funny on it," she said, adding, "He's totally a life-long friend."

Whaaaa? They broke up AND he's already married or at least engaged to someone else already? Damn, that sucks. Poor Kathy ... I shudder to think about the things she had to do to that man's nekkid body and then it turns out that she doesn't even get to end up enjoying any of the fruits of his wealth! AND THEN some new chick swoops in and marries the guy, ensuring a very nice future for her and her bank account? Bummer. I'm sure Kathy's keeping her chin up tho ... I mean, I'm sure another eligible billionaire will be along any day now to fill the void. [Source]


The TV Guide: A Short Respite

This weekend with David was a really fun one ... I always have a great time when he's here in town with me. It meant a lot that we were able to attend our friend Gillian's wedding together as a couple. As much as I hate getting dressed up in suits and stuff, I love doing so when I'm with him. He always looks so sharp and does a great job of lookin' fly, so I don't really mind dressing up with him. Yesterday afternoon, David and I had a late lunch at the Pho Cafe in Silverlake and then we hung out for a bit in Los Feliz and in Griffith Park. We drove up to the observatory and hung out there for a bit. We had a really great day. David flew back to NYC last night and I will be joining him tomorrow. I leave for NYC tomorrow afternoon for the rest of the week. This latest trip will be a very fun one ... there are a few very cool things on the agenda AND Darion will be flying out to NYC as well. He will be there for the weekend and will be crashing with David and me so it promises to be a very fun time.

As usual, I have a few things to take care of today, lots of cleaning and packing to do. The weather is still pretty hot today but I understand it will cool considerably by mid-week ... hopefully it won't be too cold on the East Coast by the time I get there.


Les News: Amy To Become A Baby Mama, Brit Returns To HIMYM, Ange Swells


On Second Thought ...

Yesterday I posted a few pics of David Beckham showing off his new facial hair during the LA Galaxy vs. Chivas USA soccer match on Saturday night and I came upon one more photo of hairy Becks which has me rethinking my position on his new look ... there is something about this photo that looks much better than the rest:

The look does age him a bit but it's not entirely as heinous as I previously thought. The shaved head doesn't really help the look much but at least it's better than those God-awful corn rows that he used to sport a few years ago. I'm really on the fence about these chin pubes ... should they stay or should they go? At least he looks a lot hotter than Salma Hayek does. [Source]



Whoa ... what the eff is going on with Heather Locklear's face these days? I came upon new photos of Heather on the Hawaiian set of her new movie Flirting with 40 and was completely unaware that it was actually Heather Locklear. Her face was so puffed up that she looked exactly like that crazy woman, Jocelyn Wildenstein, who has had plastic surgery done to her face so that she could look like a tiger. It wasn't until I saw a few more pics that I realized that it was really her:

Photo credit: Splash News

EEK! I guess you can blame the bad photos on poor angles or whatever (since there are other photos from the same day where Heather looks more like Heather and less like the crazy cat-lady) but the resemblance is pretty uncanny ... and extremely disturbing. Blech. [Source]


GLAAD Tidings

The 19th annual GLAAD Media Awards were held at the Kodak Theater over the weekend where special honorees Janet Jackson and Rufus Wainwright were presented awards in addition to a couple of pretty big ABC TV shows that also won awards for outstanding achievement in GLBT visibility. Here are a few pics from Saturday night's red carpet:

Photo credit: Splash News

Two ABC series were in repeats — as winners — at the annual awards honoring good work in media presentations of gays and lesbians. "Brothers & Sisters" and "Ugly Betty" received awards for outstanding drama and comedy series during the 19th annual Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation Media Awards at the Kodak Theatre on Saturday night. Both shows, which feature openly gay or transsexual regular characters, received the same awards last year from GLAAD. On "Brothers & Sisters," Matthew Rhys plays Kevin, a lawyer sibling whose dating life is frequently depicted on the drama. "Ugly Betty" features Marc St. James, the flamboyantly gay assistant played by Michael Urie, as well as Alexis Meade, the transsexual editor played by Rebecca Romijn. Other winners included Bravo's "Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List" for outstanding reality program, Janet Jackson for the Vanguard Award and Rufus Wainwright for the Stephen F. Kolzak Award, in honor of the late casting director who fought homophobia in the entertainment industry. According to GLAAD, the awards honor individuals and projects in media for their fair, accurate and inclusive representations of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community and the issues that affect their lives. The awards are split into four ceremonies, held in Los Angeles, New York, Miami and San Francisco in March, April and May.

What an incredible awards show. To think that for 19 years, awards have been handed out to brave people and companies that have taken up the mantle of portraying GLBT people in a positive light ... which is no small task. If you consider that gay jokes are very present in most comedies and that you hardly ever hear anyone speak up on behalf of gay people whenever someone makes those kinds of jokes, well, it's very easy for that sort of behavior to be accepted as the norm. I love that very popular TV shows like Ugly Betty and Brothers and Sisters integrate gay characters so fully into their storylines without explanation and without comment so that Middle America can see them as regular characters, the way it should be. I thing ABC should be commended for their commitment to positive GLBT visibility. And I really look forward to the day when awards shows like the GLAAD Media Awards are no longer required to exist because positive GLBT visibility will just be an everyday, run-of-the-mill occurrence. [Source, Source]


Geri's Got The Write Stuff

Look out Madonna ... Spice Girl Geri Halliwell is lookin' to conquer your territory. No, no ... not in music (heh, as if that were even possible) but in the children's book arena. Geri's first kid's book, Ugenina Lavender, will hit bookshelves in the UK later on this week and The Sun has our first look at what's in store. Here are pics of Geri posing with her book and her characters Ugenia Lavender ("She is like my inner kid, although she is not completely me. She has catchphrases like 'Ingenius' or 'Inspirational'."), Bronte ("Ugenia's friend and a cross between Hermione from Harry Potter -- that kind of real swot -- and a friend of mine called Anna Kate, who likes everything to be just so. But she's also very kind.") and Trevor ("He is a little bit thick and chunky but has a heart of gold and probably lives on a housing estate. There is a little bit in him of a boy up the street when I was a kid -- we used to climb trees together."):

"YES, I think that's it now," says Geri Halliwell. The singer is clutching a mug of tea and standing in the kitchen of her London home as she talks frankly about the Spice Girls and their recent reunion tour. "We've done it and I wouldn't want to go back, although I wouldn’t say it was definitely the last one ...." So there. Exactly ten years after she quit the band that made her name, Ginger Spice looks set to finally hang up her platform boots and Union Jack dress. Here, in her large open-plan house with its wooden floorboards and view of a leafy garden the size of a small park, Geri is well advanced with other, very different plans. She has become a children's author and today reveals how she has based her quirky new characters on her own days as a schoolgirl. She also explains why she has become a National Reading Ambassador for The Sun as part of the National Year Of Reading. "I'd love it if the average person who doesn't necessarily buy books could discover the delights of discovering a good story," she says proudly of her new role. Geri's infectious enthusiasm is currently focused on the project she has been working on in her upstairs office for the past four years. On Friday she publishes her first children's book, Ugenia Lavender -- one of a planned series of six titles aimed at the over-sevens. She is, it is fair to say, very excited about the project. "I know there is prejudice against celebrity authors but if you read my stories you'll know they're not ghost written -- only I could be that bonkers!" she says, self-mockingly. Her cartoon heroine, Ugenia, is clearly a mini Geri, with a swinging bob of clipped ginger hair, a smattering of freckles and a confident, mischievous smile. She is the child of a dinosaur expert and a breakfast telly presenter. The first story paints her as a classic misfit, struggling to find friends at a new school and suffering at the hands of a bully. "Ugenia is definitely a part of me. She's like my inner brat," Geri confesses, adding that the story is loosely based on her own experiences growing up in Watford, Herts ... Geri describes each plot twist in her new book with gleeful detail. "I try and put heart into it," she says. "I think people can feel it when it's real." We are interrupted as Bluebell, Geri's 23-month-old daughter by former boyfriend Sacha Gervasi, toddles into the room carrying a piece of burst pink balloon. Geri is quickly on her knees on the floor playing with her. "I'm a single-parent mother," she says matter-of-factly. "I'm a statistic. I'm like half of Britain. I'm more privileged than most so it would be an insult and hideous to compare myself to those who are really struggling, but I guess I’m like most working mothers in that I have to juggle everything."

Geri really talks at length about the inspiration for this new book series in the Sun article ... which even offers a chance to read the first chapter HERE. I dunno if there is a market for stuff like this but I'm sure she'll sell a few books. I guess it's nice that Geri is able to turn a passion of hers into a real project like this ... and if Madonna can sell kids books then why can't Geri ... tho, I suspect that someone like JK Rowling doesn't have much to worry about. [Source, Source]



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  • "Pink is the new Blog: Must Star Hazer -- Why This: Trent Vanegas may run the uproarious gossip roundup from his home outside Detroit, but he doesn't need proximity to make riotous observations about celebs -- often typed directly onto scary paparazzi photos." -- Entertainment Weekly

  • "Anyone looking for a case study in the convergence of homespun blog culture and market-driven mainstream media need look no further than and its creator, Trent Vanegas ... It's Not Just a Blog, It's a Brand" -- The New York Times

  • "Finest use of Photoshop: Nothing escapes the keen eyes of Pink is the New Blog, which concerns itself with all types of celebrity lambasting, sartorial style included. Arrows point to flashes of errant celebrity panty; the blog's trademark pink stencil lettering announces "CHER COMES TO TOWN" over photos of a raven-haired Lindsay Lohan." -- The Village Voice

  • "[Pink is the new Blog] offers a hysterical, no-frills treasure trove of photos (enhanced like a football commentator, with arrows and play-by-play markings), gossip and a sweet bank of links directed to stories all over the Web. [The posts are] more like delicious dispatches each day. Vanegas is a concise writer but offers plenty of description to keep things interesting." -- The St. Petersburg Times

  • "The site has just blown up and a Pink mushroom cloud is expected to replace the smog above Hollywood any day now ... Now everyone who's anyone knows that pink is the new blog." -- URB magazine

  • "Brilliantly Bitchy Blogging -- [T]his celeb-obsessed photo blog combines the wit of Oscar Wilde with the wisdom of US Weekly." -- Blender magazine

  • "Hilarious, photo-driven Web site ... covers the trashy trials of Britney & Kevin, Tara Reid, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan et. al with acidic glee." -- The New York Post

  • "If you don't like having a chuckle at celebrity misfortunes or enjoy a good gossip about Britney's latest blunder, then you might want to refrain from visiting this site. This is our sort of gossip - the piss-taking, ass-shaking stuff that'll keep you coming back for more. A mix of scandal and send-up, hearsay and gossip, rumour and fact." -- NZgirl

  • "i <3 your blog" -- Ultragrrrl

  • "Pink is the new Blog ... It's on a whole 'notha level!" -- Josh M.

  • "wanna check out a funny website?, this guy is funny. i always laugh at it at least." -- Joel M.

  • "pink is the new blog is more hotter and tender than jamie lynn spears at her sweet 16 party" -- Thigh Master

  • "I look forward to your update every single day - you are hilarious, my friend." -- Andy Towle

  • "We always loved PINK. Now that we have met the brain of this Magnifique blog, we love it even more ... C'est La Vie en Pink" -- Steph & Alek

  • "[Pink is the new Blog] just passed smoking crack in my top three best ways to pass time at work. obvs." -- Peabs

  • "you can now add Fleshbot to the expanding list of sites that love you" -- Jonno

  • "there must be like 10 trents running your site. it's huge. always great work" -- Spencer

  • "It's hilarious and informative at the same time ... Better than E!" -- Jim Henry

  • "Pink has never looked so good! Rumor has it that even the midgets love him!" -- Christie

  • "Trent is one of the few gay bloggers I could actually get along with in real life." -- Toby

  • "Pink is the new crack" -- Johnnie

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