Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ashlee Does HX Magazine

Ashlee Simpson is featured on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of HX magazine. Unfortch for the mag, the interview with Ash was done before news broke of her engagement to Pete Wentz but there are a few gems worth mentioning from this interview:

In her interview, Ashlee reveals that her gay BFF is a guy named James ("We go out to dinners, shopping, all that good stuff.") altho her bestie Ken Paves is a close second ("Oh, we may have a tie! Ken is definitely up there. Ken is the most exciting person to have around. He's so much fun and brings the best energy, and he has the best heart. Ken is like a family member to me—like the long lost Simpson sister.") ... she also reveals that she didn't actually design any clothing for Wet Seal, despite the fact that her new clothing line will launch on April 22 ("Well, I haven't seen all of [the clothes]. I didn't really design them or anything, which I'm definitely going to do in the future, but there are some that are cute. I like them."). Interesting. Ashlee actually opens up about a lot of things, including personal stuff about her relationship with Pete ("[I'm] more of the gay man in the relationship. He definitely wears the man-shoes in the relationship, which is great. I love that guys love him, too—that's wonderful. It's flattering.") and how he DID NOT influence the sound on her new album ("If he would've influenced that, I probably would've made a totally different record. But there are many other ways that he inspires me—through music, writing, and just watching him. But I would never try to sound like him."). Click HERE to read the full text of Ashlee's interview with HX magazine [Source]