Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Biggest Comeback In History?

It's been a couple of weeks since speculation started to stir that Britney Spears had reunited professionally with Larry Rudolph, the manager who guided her career to superstardom, and now we see new pics of our dear Britney engaged in serious work to ensure that her career can get back on track. Brit Brit, after spending her weekend with her sons at her Beverly Hills home, was spotted this week at a gym AND at a recording studio ... which means that her on-again manager has been hard at work on Britney's game plan. Just a few days ago, Larry professed that Britney is on course to make "the biggest comeback in [music] history" which may sound like a bit of an overstatement but if you consider the heights that Britney reached when she was working with Larry the first time, the statement might not be farfetched at all:

Photo credit: X17

UBER manager Larry Rudolph and Britney Spears have reunited once again, and he has put his most famous meal ticket back on track. Rudolph told MySpace Celebrity, "Britney's doing great." He has met up with the pop tart four times over the past few weeks and says he's seen "huge improvements in her ... she's still got a comeback in her. She's in great shape, I mean really great shape. She's in an amazing position for a comeback right now. She could end up being the biggest comeback in history. The public for a while was throwing darts at her ... was just getting hit. I think the tide turned and people started to understand what was going on with her." Rudolph said that people are on her side now and that "Everyone is rooting for her. Everybody wants to see her get through it ... to see Britney back on stage. She is the world's greatest entertainer." As for her baby steps to returning to the spotlight, Rudolph says that Spears loved her spot on "How I Met Your Mother." "It was a really positive experience for her. She talked about it quite a bit the last time I saw her ... she wants to do it again." He finished up by talking about Spears' health, saying, "She's exercising, eating great, she's doing great things."

I have no doubt that Larry has a plan in place ... mentioning her guest spot on How I Met Your Mother might signal to other TV sitcoms that she's taking meetings for possible guest stint on their shows. Getting her back on a workout regiment might be hinting at the possibility of a tour or at the very least the start of stage performances again (this rumor has been going around for a while now). New visits to the recording studio seem to imply that she's already working the follow-up to her last album Blackout ... back when Larry was managing Britney the first time around, she put out a new album of material every year -- could her next album be ready for release by the Fall ... to coincide with a tour and possibly a few TV guest spots? Sounds like the makings of a pretty significant comeback to me. Rudolph is right that folks are cheering for Britney ... even in her darkest days, when it was de rigueur to lambast the girl as a trainwreck there was a significant core of folks who were rooting for her to get out of the mess she got herself into. I've contended all along that she was capable of making a comeback ... the fact that there has been nothing but positive news to report for MONTHS now is proof that she's got it in her. I think we'll be seeing Britney Spears back on top again sooner than most people think, especially if music svengali Larry Rudolph has anything to say about it. [Source, Source]