Monday, April 07, 2008

The TV Guide: A Vine Frenzy

Yesterday was a very chill day for David and me. I really wanted us to spend a quiet Sunday together ... basically, all I wanted for us was a nice dinner and movie. David got to pick the restaurant and I got to pick the movie. For dinner we grabbed some delish sushi at Geisha House and then chilled for a bit at Cafe Audrey afterwards (which is a very cute Audrey Hepburn-themed coffee shop). Since I got to pick the movie, I decided that we should see The Ruins:

Right off the bat, I have to say that the movie was very true to the book. I loved the book and I really liked the movie. Without giving too much away, the premise is a bit silly for a horror movie but if you just go with it, it turned out pretty creepy as hell. I will reveal that the ending is a bit different in the book than it is in the movie. If I recall correctly, there was a much unhappier ending in the book. That said, both David and I really liked the way the movie turned out. It's not an Oscar contender by any means ... it's just a really great, really fun popcorn movie. There is something a bit satisfying about pretty people suffering thru extremely disastrous situations ... the movie got a bit gross but not too much. I liked it ... I'd even seen it again.

Tonight, David and I are going to try and meet up with our friend Emily for dinner ... and I think that is all we have on our agenda. We have Las Vegas to look forward to later on in the week ... so we can plan on good times to come.