Saturday, May 10, 2008

Michelle Trachtenberg Does Entertainment Weekly

Gossip Girl's new bad girl Michelle Trachtenberg (who plays Georgina Sparks) was featured in last week's issue of Entertainment Weekly but since I've been in NYC for the past week and my mail was collecting here in LA, I failed to see the issue until I arrived home ... even still, I think posting the pics of MT in EW is still very much worth checking out:

Hee hee ... even tho I loved checking out the pics, the accompanying article warns of heavy spoilers for the show so I've held off on reading it (but you can read it HERE if you so desire to be spoiled). I just love everything about Georgina Sparks on GG and I am very much looking forward to watching her bring even more havoc on the show. Clearly she has ownership of a scandalous video that Serena doesn't want anyone to see (especially Dan) but there's more ... Serena said something about "killing" someone in last week's ep ... could her secret be that sinister? Is there a twist still yet to be played? What exactly is evil beyotch Georgina's role in the secret? This Monday night, we'll find out -- something tells me it's gonna be a dozy. The GG producers totally got it right in casting MT in this role ... she can do bitchy very well ... I just can't wait to see how far she's gonna take it. [Source]