Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sometimes A Kiss Is Just A BLECH!

You know, as much as Amy Winehouse kinda grosses me the hell out, for some strange reason I cannot stop paying attention to her insane antics (which makes me part of the problem, I realize, but I'm not really paying attention in order to glorify her so much as I'm pretty much horrified by her). Yesterday we saw pictures of the charming houseguest who thought it would be a good idea to break into and then pass out in her garage and today we have a few LOVELY photos of Amy getting a goodnight smooch (and possibly a communicable disease) from her best bud Pete Doherty, behold:

Photo credit: Splash News

In a scene that recalls the famous face-off moment in Alien vs Predator, these equally scary creatures were spotted pressed up against each other last night. And it's hard to decide which scene is more terrifying. Amy Winehouse and Pete Doherty — two of the most infamous and easily the messiest musicians of our time — moved in for a goodbye kiss outside Amy Winehouse's Camden pad. Their hardcore lifestyles were literally written all over their faces, as a close-up photo revealed pimples and scars, as well as a full set of dirty fingernails. Pete was at Amy's place to continue partying after playing a "freedom" gig with his band Babyshambles, to celebrate his recent release from prison. Pete, 29, who wore a suit and his trademark trilby hat for the gig at The Forum in Kentish Town, thanked "everyone who wrote a letter over the last month" ... Unconventional to the last, Pete left the gig upside down in the back of a car — looking like he was inventing a new yoga move ... It was all back to Amy's for another riotous night, as the singer returned home to continue the party.

I wonder what Amy's hubby Blake Civil-Fielder thinks of all of Amy's most recent shenanigans ... that is, if he's able to get word of her antics from inside his jail cell. I'm sure Blake would have no problem with his wife cozying up to these questionably hygienic gentleman (both the passed out garage guy and Mr. Doherty) like any understanding husband (who is currently separated from his wife because of his incarceration on charges of attempting to pervert justice) would be. After all, he might be cozying up to a few questionably hygienic folks in the big house himself. It is so hard to not envy these wealthy rockers and their fabulous lives, isn't it? [Source]