Friday, June 06, 2008

SaTC's Real Mr. Big

At the risk of minorly spoiling a bit of the Sex and the City Movie for those of you who have yet to see it, I present to you a couple of screencaps from one of the most memorable scenes in the movie. Even if you haven't seen the film, you may have heard about Samantha's neighbor ... and now you can see what all the hoopla is about:

Hee hee ... if you really want to see what's hiding behind these stars you can click HERE to see the NSFWness for yourself. The guy's real name is Gilles Marini and he has been riding high on the success of this little big scene in the movie ... according to Extra TV:

The man who put sex in Sex and the City: The Movie came to the "Extra" studios to dish about the role that made him the target of every woman's desire! Gilles Marini, who played Kim Cattrall's gorgeous neighbor, sat down with "Extra's" Terri Seymour and opened up about his new found fame, being nude in a shower scene, working with Cattrall and how he stays in shape. When asked if Marini is recognized in public, he responded, "Maybe if I walk down naked on the street people would be like, 'Oh, there's the guy." He added, "In a week, my life totally changed." The very revealing shower scene was a surprise to Marini's wife. He explained, "She went to see it and woke me up [when she returned home]. [She] said, 'That was shocking. I saw your penis in front of everybody.' It was a big screen, thank God ... I wanted her to be surprised." Marini gushed about sharing the screen with Cattrall saying, "[She] was very helpful. Very giving ... I love Kim. She's just amazing. I can't wait to work with her again." As for how Marini maintains his incredible body, he declared, "I actually don't really work out at all ... I work out about 40 minutes. I play a lot of soccer ... I find myself eating less carbs. Makes a big difference." Although SATC: The Movie is the ultimate chick flick, Marini urges men to see the film as well. He exclaimed, "If you're single, what better place to pick up a beautiful woman!?"

Well, I hope that Gilles is able to cash in while he can ... big dick or not, this 15 minutes of fame cannot last too long. That being said, I hope he does get cast in many more movies from here on out ... and I hope he's required to wear just as little clothing as he does in SaTC :) [Source]