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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

And Away We Go

Blaurgh ... believe you me, folks, I am still not back in tip-top shape since the disastrous aftereffects from my New Year's Eve revelry overtook me yesterday afternoon. I've been sick after too much partying before but yesterday was especially bad. Thankfully, I awoke today feeling infinitely better than I felt all day yesterday so it looks like I survived another New Year's Eve. The sun is shining here in the very cold NYC today ... let's get 2008 underway ... er, a day later ;)

Mariah Carey, who has recently been seen around town in Aspen, CO, made her way to Las Vegas to ring in the new year. Seeing her out and about these past few weeks is great preparation for the year of Mimi that is sure to come. Here are pics of MC at TAO on Monday night lookin' as faboo as possible in her cute white dress:

Photo credit: Wireimage

With a much-anticipated new album on the way and a new single set to drop any second now, Mariah is poised to launch an attack on the music scene ... which has missed her since she last blast on the scene and took over the world with her last album, The Emancipation of Mimi. I am very much looking forward to hearing new music from Mariah ... it's really great to have her back among us again. [Source]

While MC was in LV, Les Spices were celebrating the New Year in London, England. Pink reader Kara also rang in the New Year in London and she actually ran into David and Victoria Beckham themselves at Claridge's Hotel on NYE and has a great story to share of her encounter. Here are a few pics of Becks, Vicki B. and the rest of the Spice Girls lookin' a little worse for the wear in the early hours of 2008:

Kara writes: My hubby and I were walking down the stairs to the main lobby in the hotel last night around 9pm. We had just returned from an early dinner with our children, put them to bed and at the last minute decided to just stay at Claridge's for the rest of the night (the fact that it was miserable and pouring outside helped us make our decision). If you've never been to Claridge's, the winding staircase that leads to the lobby is gorgeous and they still had up the huge Christmas tree too. Anyway, as we were making our way down the staircase, I looked up and saw a lady with ridiculously gorgeous shoes (Christian Louboutin, bien sur) and shockingly little clothing. It was the robot in all her glory! The fact that I first was checking out her shoes and then noticed that her boobs were spilling out of her cinched in dress (the implants are most definitely still in) makes me laugh in retrospect. All I could think of was that she marched in without even a coat of any sort and her nips were just barely being contained (I live in South Florida and am used to such sights, but it was frazeezzing last night in London). I then somehow dragged my eyes away from the shoes and cleavage and made it to her face. Catty comments about her apparent penchant for needing to be super-cinched in all of her clothing at all times aside, she looked fabulous. Her skin looked amazing without a single line (botox??). Her hair was a bit crazy as it was pulled back in some kind of Elizabeth Taylor-esque headband thing. But overall, she looked like quite the fetching fembot. Now to the best part--Becks!! I was all caught up in checking out Posh when he strolled in about 30 seconds behind her. Just as my husband was saying "Hey, look who it is," my eyes met with Becks. God knows what my expression looked like and Beckham definitely heard my husband's comment. Regardless (or maybe I should say "irregardless"), Becks gave me a huge smile and I honestly don't know if I even smiled back (smooth move, huh?). It was like a dream come true (although in my new version, my hubby isn't there and neither is the robot) as I was gliding down a grand staircase and David Beckham was right in front of me on the bottom stair, smiling at me. He is absolutely perfect in person. All I could think of was that he looks exactly like he does in the new panties ad. His hair was super blonde and super short. He had on a dark suit with an overcoat and fancy scarf. The eyes and the smile were truly intoxicating. Yum. They walked into the Claridge's Bar with us behind them (well, we were then actually behind their two enormous bodyguards who were also very well dressed). They met another couple in the bar (damn, it wasn't us and we're not their new American best friends) and had dinner at Gordon Ramsay's (it's in the hotel too right next to the bar). They stayed for the whole evening. At midnight, there was some crazy loud bagpiper that came through the bar and restaurant so I'm sure they had an earful also. The waitstaff was whispering about them all night, but I had too much pride to horn in on any of those conversations or quiz them about what the Beckhams were doing (fool!!). OMG ... what a really fun story. It sounds like Kara and her hubby were at the right place, at the right time to enjoy a very fun NYE with some new friends. Props to Kara for keeping it together so well, I would've fallen apart at the seams. At any rate ... after the Beckhams hung out with Kara and her hubby they met up with the Spice Girls and kept the party going ... it looked like only Mel B. was boozed enough to take a spill onto the pavement (sadly, I can identify). [Source, thanks Kara]

In the warmer climes of Florida, a bunch of celebs opted to ring in the New Year where it was sunny ... on the beach. Here are pics of Kristen Bell lockin' lips with her new dude Dax Shepard on the beaches of Miami yesterday on New Year's Day:

These two have been creepin' around together for the past few weeks and it seemed up clear whether or not they were officially dating or were friends or what. I think we have our answer. I love me some Kristen Bell ... and while I'm not sure Dax would be my pick for her to be hookin' up with, I'm glad to see that she looks happy. A new year, a new love ... let's see if these two don't end up on the Dunzo recap list by year's end. [Source]

Also in Miami Beach was action-hero hottie Jason Statham showing off his furry hawtness:

Photo credit: Mavrix

Yeah, I guess Jason was down there with some chick ... blah blah blah ... no one cases about that ... just his hawtness. Mmm ... there is something to be said for ushering in a New Year while being wet and half nekkid. I approve!! [Source]

In New Orleans, LA -- Brad Pitt and his newest adopted son Pax Thien Jolie-Pitt spent part of their New Year's Eve toolin' around together on a pretty massive ATV as they did some male bonding together ... before running off to take care of some errands that involved some liquor store shoppin':

Photo credit: INFdaily

Can you imagine what it must be like growing up with Brad Pitt as your daddy? I find it very hard to believe that the Brangelina kids won't be able to enjoy any single thing on Earth that they want to. I'm surprised that Brad didn't take Pax for a ride in a military tank ... maybe some day, when he's older ... come Easter. [Source]

Back overseas, we all know that Lindsay Lohan has been keeping herself ... occupied ... with extra curricular activities when she wasn't bizzy doing whatever the hell it is that she was doing at the 12th Annual Capri Hollywood International Film Festival. L. Lo sent tongues wagging when it was revealed that she was hookin' up with 3 different Italian studs over a 3-day weekend .. but it turns out that one of the 3 lucky dudes ended up being the big winner ... and got to go home with the prize:

Wild child actress Lindsay Lohan showed off her ample pulling skills when she kissed THREE men in one busy 24-hour spell while visiting Capri for a film festival last weekend. But it is not every man who manages to get lucky enough to make it back to Li-Lo's pad. Only actor Dario Faiella, the son of Italian music legend Peppino Di Capri, headed back to her hotel. But Li-Lo was clearly smitten with her choice, as she showed an undressed Faiella her appreciation with a loving hand on his derriére out on her room balcony. Um, hello ... this makes perfect sense. Sure the young hottie bartender is good enough to fool around with and the way older guy is good enough to flirt with but NATCH Linds would be going home with the mature, experienced Italian Stallion who would know how to handle her ... voraciousness. Alas, the honeymoon is already over ... I understand that Lindsay is already back here in the States and has been spotted in NYC. Don't be surprised if we end up seeing this smitten Italian dude following Lindsay here to the States. Remember Calum Best? Lindsay hooked up with him while she vacationed in the UK and he followed her back to the States cuz he thought they'd be a couple. Bless his heart. [Source]

Here is a cute pic of Nicole Richie and Joel Madden taking their ever-expanding baby bump out for its first stroll of the New Year:

Photo credit: X17

2008 will be a very special year for Nic/Joel ... pretty soon this little bump will become a cute little baby and then their lives has a happy family will get underway. I'm sure it won't be long before we hear wedding bells for these two. [Source]

In happy marriage news, Tracy Edmonds finally made an honest man out of Eddie Murphy ... the couple tied the knot on New Year's Day after enduring a fairly short engagement which stemmed from Eddie's break-up from Spice Girl Melanie Brown (and her pregnancy that Eddie denied until the bitter end):

Eddie Murphy and Tracey Edmonds were married on New Year's Day on a private island off Bora Bora in French Polynesia in front of 25 friends and family, their reps tell PEOPLE. In a sunset ceremony on the beach Tuesday, Edmonds walked barefoot down the aisle to Gladys Knight's "Makings of You." The bride wore a custom-designed form-fitting dress by stylist and designer Sugia Nazel and Jill Baracci, designer and owner of Baracci boutique. Murphy wore a cream suit and vest with an off-white handkerchief. Among the guests were best man Johnny Gill, maid of honor Nicole Avant, matron of honor Julie Lev, as well as Edmonds's parents Jacqueline and George McQuarn, her brother Michael, Murphy's mother Lillian Lynch and his brother Vernon. Edmonds, 40, gave her bridesmaids gold and diamond earrings from XIV Karats in Beverly Hills, and Murphy, 46, gave his groomsmen D.Atlantis watches. I suppose congratulations are in order for the happy couple ... Eddie has not really been my fave person after he got Mel B. pregs and then spent an entire year denying that the baby was his, saying some really horrible things in the process. I sincerely hope that Tracy has better luck with Eddie than Mel B. did ... for her sake. [Source]

Ashlee Simpson, who spent her NYE down in Miami with her boyfriend Pete Wetz, has been flashing a new ring on her left ring finger ... which has folks wondering if she and Pete have gotten secretly engaged:

Ashlee Simpson and her boyfriend, Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz, got hot and heavy at a New Year’s Eve party at the Shore Club in Miami, Fla., where Ashlee flaunted a simple band on her left ring finger. Then, on New Year's Day, little Simpson showed off the substantial jewelry with even greater flair, prompting rumors that the couple was engaged. But Ashlee's folks are already putting out statements that she and Pete are not engaged: Ashlee Simpson and Fall Out Boy rocker Pete Wentz are not getting hitched, their reps tell Talk of their engagement started after the singer rocked a ring on her left finger while celebrating the new year at Miami's Shore Club with Wentz. But her rep tells Us, "Ashlee is not engaged" – a denial confirmed by Wentz's rep. Ah well ... I'm sure this won't be the last engagement rumor to come from Ashl33n this year ... so long as they're able to keep it together, you never know what other sort of rumors may come from this enduring happy couple. [Source, Source]

OK! magazine scored the exclusive pictures from Katherine Heigl's wedding to Josh Kelley which took place a couple of days before Xmas ... here are a few of the pics that will be featured in the new issue of OK! this week:

t couldn't have been more romantic — the sun setting over the Rocky Mountains, the dusting of snow on the ground, the gorgeous bride and handsome groom saying "I do" in a Christmas-themed ceremony before 80 of their closest friends and family. But, according to Katherine Heigl, the timing of her Dec. 23 wedding to musician Josh Kelley was initially a matter of necessity. "I don't think either one of us was thinking a Christmas wedding," the Grey's Anatomy star explains in an exclusive interview in the new issue of OK!." Originally it was because I only get two weeks a year for my Christmas vacation... but then we really got excited about it." So excited, in fact, that they chose to have their entire ceremony tied to the holiday. "We wanted to do it in a place that felt like a winter wonderland," Katherine tells OK! about their choice of Deer Valley in Utah, where Josh had vacationed with his family in his younger years. "We incorporated lots of big evergreens in the reception with twinkle lights and Christmas decorations." The holiday theme also followed through in the food, where each guest received a basket of Christmas cookies, and traditional yuletide fare like goose and butternut squash soup was served at the reception. So, now that they've said their vows, do they feel different? "We're elated!" Katherine tells OK!, before admitting that there will be some period of adjustment. "We have never lived together," she confesses, with Josh adding, "we don't even sleep in the same bed when family is around!" They are so cute ... and they look so happy together, I cannot wait to see the rest of Katherine's wedding pictures. [Source]

It seems that wedding bells will not be ringing anytime soon for My Space celeb turned reality dating show phenom Tila Tequila. Just in time to ring in the New Year, Tila revealed that she got dumped by the man she chose to be with on her hit MTV competitive reality show A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila. Oh snap! She totes should've picked Dani, the girl, to be the love of her life:

Tila Tequila's MTV New Year's Eve Masquerade party was as wild as the hostess calling the shots. The bisexual Internet superstar was joined by A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila cast-offs Dani Campbell, Domenic Nesci, Vanessa Romanelli and Ashley McNeely to ring in 2008 — once again single! She explained that she and her reality-show love selection, Bobby Banhart, had broken up earlier in the day due to difficulties with her busy schedule. But the 25-year-old film student posted a message on his myspace page saying that Tila never called him after the hit program's reunion episode aired. He said; she said. No matter: Tila will be sought after by suitors in a second season of the show! Here is part of the message that Tila posted on her My Space profile: Anyway....the night was amazing except for the fact that Bobby had broken up with me a few days before all of this went down. I wasn't expecting it at all because I thought I had finally found someone that I was compatible with, but I guess I was wrong. My hectic schedule was really hard on him and we both were getting frustrated, but at the same time.....I just wanted to find someone who would understand what a crazy lifestyle I have so it's too bad that things didn't work out between us. With that said I just want to make it known that I still think Bobby is a great guy and I wish him the best. Another Shot at Love, huh? Quelle surprise! I can't believe that people can be at all surprised by any of this faux-reality stuff. That doesn't mean that I won't watch it ... I have to know if Tila is going to go back to being a bisexual ... and if she'll pick a girl the next time around ... only to break up again for season 3 (depending on how the ratings go). [Source, Source]

In other faux reality news, it turns out that Justin Bobby was just "Justin" back in his pimpin' high school days:

LOLOLOLOL. No wonder Justin Bobby is so "cool" these days ... he has a lot to make up for. [Source, thanks Tahnee]

Janet Jackson is featured on the cover and in the pages of the latest issue of Prestige Hong Kong magazine:

The full interview can be read online HERE. Additionally, Janet is set to drop a new video for her new single Feedback tonight on Extra! Click HERE to check out a backstage interview with Janet on the set of her music video, wherein she talks about how much she loves her new album Discipline: Only "Extra" was on the set of Janet Jackson's new music video for "Feedback," where she revealed what fans can expect from her upcoming CD. "I love the dance. I love the mid tempo stuff," she says. "I love the slow songs and the baby making songs. It still has that element to it." Speaking of baby making, Jackson admits her songs put listeners in the mood! "You don't know how many people come up to me and say, 'This child was conceived listening to you,'" she admits. Feedback is pretty hot but I'm banking on Mariah having the more successful album this year. Bring it on ... we are in desperate need of new music, y'all. [Source]

And finally, Laguna Beach alum Kristin Cavallari is showing up everywhere these days ... first rumors started to circulate that she may be introduced in new episodes of The Hills, then we started seeing her around town, slowing reintroducing herself back onto the scene ... and now we have word, via Laguna Beach Lovers, that KC will be celebrating her 21st birthday in grand style at LAX nightclub at Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas this weekend:

That's my girl ... she's been away from the spotlight for way too long ... and her time to get back on top is now. Something tells me that 2008 is going to be a great year for Kristin Cavallari. Woot!!! [Source, thanks Bri]

Les News:
Lawdy, Lawdy ... I am chagrined that I am still a bit of a mess 2 days after I partied my pants off. Don't get me wrong, I really whopped it up on Tuesday night but I didn't really think I was overdoing it. I woke up yesterday with a killer headache but overall, I wasn’t doing too bad ... then, a couple hours later I got intensely sick and felt wretched for the rest of the day ... until I finally passed out at 3AM this morning. David thinks I might've suffered a minor bout of alcohol poisoning ... I dunno ... all I know is that the worst is behind me. This is deffo not the way I envisioned starting a New Year ... I think one of my resolutions will include taking it more easy on the drankin'. OY!

So ... the New Year is officially off and running ... let's make it a good one ... I am out.



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